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Health Freedom Defense Fund Inc, et. al. v. Biden, et. al.

Mask litterHealth Freedom Defense Fund Inc, et. al. v. Biden, et. al.

Health Freedom Defense Fund, the lead plaintiff in the case that resulted in the lifting of the federal Travel Mask Mandate issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Department of Justice’s announcement that it would appeal:

The Justice Department issued a statement in response to the ruling stating that it will appeal if CDC determines that the mask order “remains necessary for the public’s health[.]”

DoJ’s statement is perplexing to say the least and sounds like it comes from health policy advocates not government lawyers. The ruling by the US District Court is a matter of law, not CDC preference or an assessment of “current health conditions.”

If there is in fact a public health emergency with clear and irrefutable science supporting CDC’s mask mandate, does it not warrant urgent action? Why would DoJ and CDC not immediately appeal?

HFDF is left with no option but to conclude that the Mask Mandate is really a political matter and not at all about urgent public health issues or the demands of sound science. While DoJ and CDC play politics with Americans’ health and freedoms, HFDF trusts individual Americans to make their own health decisions.

HFDF is confident that Americans possess ample common sense and education to understand that there are real questions about mask efficacy and risk and that CDC’s policy reflects neither.

What is clear is that Americans have already cast their votes about continued masking as evidenced by the multitude of videos and photos taken by passengers on airplanes showing the smiling faces of the vast majority of passengers responding to the overturning of the mask mandate with cheers as they happily exercise their freedom to remove their masks.

HFDF is confident Judge Mizelle’s ruling will stand.

The case is:

Health Freedom Defense Fund, Inc., et al, v. Joseph R. Biden, et al, Case No. 8:21-cv-1693 (M.D. Fla.)

Click here for press release.



It’s frustrating watching intrepid reporters like Glenn Greenwald just now getting it. Catch up damnit! We all remember Offit from 2015, during the measles apocalypse, calling Mary Holland a crazy conspiracy theorist, telling us all that the courts are not the preview of science, largely in part because he knows science will never get its day in court.


and then there is this:

Says there is a string of fires, explosions and the like atleast 12 central food processing factories.

Millions of egg laying chickens are being killed and wasted because of some fake bird flu.

and railways are now saying they will not be delivering grains to dairy cattle, or fertilizer to raise those grains, or to fertilize our hayfields. We have to have fertilizer to raise even grass for beef cattle.
It is the difference in not enough hay to last the winter.

Just because you are a Davos Man; doesn't mean there ars no laws? right? In this day and age does money of billionaires go that far?

It sure looks that way.

Laura Hayes

In an email I received yesterday from HFDF, regarding the DoJ's response to HFDF's legal victory, a link was included to this excellent article by Jeffrey Tucker of The Brownstone Institute:

You might want to click on the links in that article, also, as there are some good reads (including under "read the science" and "Zoom class got Covid", which are links in red ink).

Also, please consider making a donation to HFDF, and becoming a member for $10, if you haven't already. They are fighting for our health freedom, and need our support. Thank you for your consideration of this request.


The Department of Justice would do well to enforce the basic laws of the land that has been on the books for decades. Oh, like the Rico laws,, MURDER, maiming, any thing the government puts out that smacks of being against the Bill of Rights.

But who knew that you had to wait for an election or laws to be enforced, if we have an election.

But I see the poor Canadians have got it from both parties. Caroline Anne Mulroney Lapham ; she has dual citizenship, Canada and the United States. She gets up and says she hears and sees the truckers, but now it is time to go home.

Yeah , time to go home so she can continue the way she likes to do things.

Durham and Barr - Wow! When you don't do your job. In the end either the Davos men will destroy their lives as well.

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