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Where words fail music speaksBy Cathy Jameson

I’ve usually had the chance to create a long list of inspirational songs by the time the month of April rolls around.  Whichever tune has put a pep in my step, or whichever artists remind me to fight the good fight, I jot that info down in a little notebook I keep in my car.  Over the year, thought-provoking songs and artists’ names fill a few pages.  To prepare this post, which is more of a covid-playlist than an autism action month playlist, I tried to recall from memory some of the songs.  I couldn’t partly because I’d bought a new-to-me vehicle late last year and never put that notebook in the new car. 

Something else happened, too. 

Midway through the winter, I stopped listening to music.  Even at home.  I craved complete silence instead of my usual musical motivation.  With all the crazy changes, and with how quickly life got flipped upside down, I was feeling kinda numb.


We’ve witnessed the absolute strangest things these last two years. 





Those things have changed people.  And not always for the better. 


It was too much for a lot of people.  The news and all the doom and gloom it brought were getting to be too much for me, so I extended that quiet time through Lent making it a point to not listen to anything, even talk radio, while I was driving.  

Once Lent was over, I started to crave music again.  But nothing too crazy or too loud. 

There’d be time for dancing in my kitchen again, but not just yet. 


Too many people were going through tough times for too long.  Feeling lost, broken and under so much pressure, my heart ached hearing how tough life was for others.  It was time for me to get that beat going again.  It's only been a few days since turning that music back on again, but every song that flowed out of my speakers echoed something I’d heard about or experienced.   


With life interrupted and dreams crushed, it’d been tough, especially after being told that we’re all ‘in this together’. 


We’re not in this together.  We weren’t before covid.  And we’re certainly not now either.   

I love it when my favorite bands from the 80s step up with good lyrics, dark lyrics, and perfect lyrics, like in this song from Depeche Mode.  Let’s get that revolution going, people!


Some brave souls (Josh, Karen, Mary, Polly, Kim, Laura, Del, Bobby, and so many more) are already leading the change a lot people desperately need because it isn't the profiteers paying the price; we are.  So are our children. 

Children, beautiful children, watch out for the fools.  Please!  And do the opposite of what they tell you to do.


Thank the Lord some can see through the garbage and are fighting for our families.  It comes with a heavy weight and is tiring for sure.  The truth is out there, though, and they won't give up on it.   


If only the truth could be the top priority, I believe much of the last two years wouldn’t have placed such a heavy toll on people.  To share the policy of truth, it’s such a simple ask, but it's the last thing people in seats of power wanted to share.  Fight for it.  Promise me you will. 


As always, please share a song or two that inspires you.  I don’t always respond to the comments, but please know that I read them all.  If there’s a song linked, I check it out, too.  And if it’s one that has a great beat, I will dance to it in my kitchen. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 



Me Too Cathy!

it is just one story after another story of how the government gives to this company that is linked to this other company, that is linked to yet another company doing very bad things.

--- and that subject that has come up on this very website hundreds of times that maybe what it is really about is that those in authority over us, in positions of power does want to get rid of us ; Except now for me there is no doubt.

Every time I listen to the radio I want to run out and buy yet another bag of rice and put it in a mylar bag.

I have built shelves to hold all of our can goods from the store, reorganized can goods. I have been reading on how to process meet by canning it.

I need to plant more green beans this year.
The best and easiest green beans to raise are called Blue Lake. We can't get them here at our loacal feed store. Every body is asking where are those seeds?

Fertilizer is 30 dollars for a tiny bag. I rethought on things and decided that I would order field peas and try companion crops for the blackberries.

Meanwhile life goes on. Mother wants to stay in her home, so I live with her and go home during the day when I can. The barn is still not fixed and the side building is going to fall down on a cattle hauler and I cannot find anyone to help with that?

I too have turned off the news of any kind lately, and when I turn it on again is to hopefully to hear that there is a bunch that have been arrested. So I guess I won't be turning the news on any time soon.

Did you know you can can butter? yeah, you can do that.
They say you can can black walnuts,; dry can them.
A decade I ran into a woman that said she put her's in jars, and they got wasted. I would love to know if she put them in jars and pressure canned them, or just put them I a jar? This is what happens when you don't ask detail questions. .


For King and Country is one of my favorite groups. At the beginning of C19 they partnered with singers Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly to sing “Together.”

The lyrics speak to me about how ordinary people — not govt apparatchiks, academic-medicine-media complex elitists — rose to the occasion. I still believe that ordinary people, ordinary families can rise together to combat the evil that was perpetrated on us.


Morag Lyons

Thank you Cathy Jameson - Great article - Take a respite break! .It Is totally allowed!

And anyway the music has a lot more historic skills knowledge and experience than strictured criteria and guidelines !

The Sound of Silence [ From The Concert Central Park]
Artist, Simon and Garfunkel YouTube

Cat Jameson

Andrew - we LOVE that song! As soon as I clicked the link, Ronan's siblings came over and started to sing the song. It's a childhood favorite of theirs. Thanks for sharing it!

Andrew Foss

I so love a great playlist! Please accept my contribution.


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