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AoA Submission on the Terms of Reference for the United Kingdom Covid Inquiry led by Baroness Hallett

Chess coronaNote: See the Covid Inquiry Terms of Reference announcement on 10 March,  below John Stone's submission.

By John Stone

The consultation closes 11.59pm UK time April 7. Submissions can be made until that time here. These are the substantive points I have made to the inquiry on behalf of Age of Autism on their questionnaire.

Please explain why you think the draft Terms of Reference do not cover all the areas that the Inquiry should address.

Insufficient focus on transparency and openness of decision making, suspension of ordinary human rights, free speech and civil liberties, the creation of an atmosphere of coercion over many matters, cronyism: the apparent wilful destruction of ordinary civil society and its economy
Which issues or topics do you think the Inquiry should look at first?
Why nothing was quite what it seemed
Why we were ill-prepared in terms of hospital capacity, supplies
Why we ignored pandemic protocols apparently already in place
Why we accepted the word of Chinese officials about the genetic sequence of the virus, and why so many vaccine designers/companies were instantly confident of the products they were designing
Why we suppressed evidence - now widely accepted - of escape from the Wuhan lab
Why we gaslighted conventional interventions - disregarding doctors already skilled at treating respiratory viruses - and made a break-neck dash for so called “vaccines” with novel technologies
Why we discouraged healthy lifestyles, side-lined issues such as Vitamin D deficiency which has previously been routinely treated by doctors
Why there was widespread use of midazolam
Why a horrendously expensive drug Remdesivir, without any track record, was preferred to well establish safe products like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin 
How the Coronavirus Act legislation comprising hundreds of pages (and similar to legislation in other countries) appeared from nowhere
How cronyism was allowed to proliferate at unprecedented levels in government 
Why informed public discussion was restricted on mainstream and social media including many highly qualified voices - why public money was used to promote certain views and suppress others
Why the seriousness of Covid was actually downgraded by the CMOs immediately prior to the first lockdown
Why so many un-evidenced measures restricting freedom of movement and normal behaviour were introduced, heightening fears, while not being taken seriously by government ministers and high-ranking officials 
Why people were left to isolate indefinitely and die alone
Why masks were introduced despite there not being “strong evidence” according deputy CMO Jenny Harries
Why normal ethics, the Nuremberg Code, informed consent were abandoned for injections which had limited trial data, less than complete information about ingredients, hidden contracts etc, amid an atmosphere of gaslighting, bullying and restrictions on those who were not compliant - why the issue of vaccine compliance became conflated with the official ID agenda of the United Nation, organisations such as the World Economic Forum (endorsed by the Prince of Wales on a government website), which has never been discussed with the British electorate

From Gov.UK: Covid Inquiry Terms of Reference

Today (Thursday 10 March) the government has published draft terms of reference for the forthcoming public inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic.

This follows consultation with the Inquiry Chair, Baroness Hallett, and close work with ministers in the devolved administrations.

The terms of reference intend to cover:

the public health response
the response in the health and care sector
our economic response

The inquiry will play a key role in learning the lessons from the pandemic and informing the government’s preparations for the future.

Following work with the devolved administrations the terms allow for an inquiry which is UK-wide, but which respects and does not duplicate any inquiry established on a devolved basis. It also reflects the importance of understanding the experiences of those most affected by the pandemic - including bereaved families - as well as looking at any disparities evident in the impact of the pandemic and the government’s response.

There will now be a period of public engagement and consultation. This process is expected to last for four weeks and will be led by Baroness Hallett to inform further changes to the terms of reference before they are finalised.



Thanks Angus; I understand him just fine, he his a fine speaker.
But he scares me. He scares me that all that goes there, is going here. The western civilization and our whole world is being threatened.

One thing that I thought, for the longest time, it has all been on purpose, that our children are being destroyed for population control by unelected and unseen leaders.

Angus Files

Ireland has a smaller population so the ammount of plantation/migration is on fast track.Theres a young man I watch who is doing his utmost to stop the removal of the Irish people from Ireland. (if he speaks to fast slow down the you tube speed in the settings)

Barroness Hallet has lots of experience but its going to take a brave person to stand up to Pharma as we all know.She might be a Dr Wakefield but people of Dr Wakefields standing arent that common sadly,as we all know.

There are plenty of Ray Epps in the UK and around the world it .The prerequisite seems to be at least two faced,ability to stab people in the back as well as in the front,and be totally compromised plus other abnormal imbalances the more the better.

As many on here have found out as they say 'Your enemies sometimes sit alongside you as opposed to opposite you'

But our day will come.

Pharma For Prison



Quote from Dr. Malone

"If you wish to understand how democracy ended in the United States and the European Union, please watch this interview with Tucker Carlson and Mike Benz. It is full of the most stunning revelations that I have heard in a very long time."

I find it interesting that on the James Corbett report that as he delved into the Oklahoma federal building bombing and of McVeigh that did the bombing; that the military tested him and he tested high.. He told his sister. Does the military have test that tells them what people will do anything that authority tells them to do?


Here is Tucker Carlson's interview with Mike Benz.

It was on Dr. Malone's email.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Benedetta f Stilwell

I see Ireland is upset with immigration.

Plantation; Wow! Your definition for that word, is the better definition than a large farm. An excellent word for what is going on.

Scottish Nationalist Party, we keep getting surprised how these groups keeps showing up world wide.

With in them all, worldwide; I expect are low moral, truly tested for their mentality to take orders, scumbags of the CIA, and the nations of the five eyes keep showing up everywhere. Do you see the likes of Ray Epps? A capable man, with talent of appearing some what of a leader, but really a follower, just taking orders. How many Ray Epps are there in the world?

The questions that John Stone has in this article, are the very same things being asked over here. Congress has taken it all behind closed doors now.
They have Fauci behind closed doors. Both Ray Epps and Fauci seems to be safe enough from legalities, even for things that they should be hanged for treason for.

Baroness Hallett is he an Andrew Wakefield?
There are some true statesmen but so far they are at a disadvantage.

Dr. Malone had a great article by email with a video Tucker Carlson, interviewing Mike Benz. He traces it back to our military. Home Land Security a new federal agency designed by President Bush the Younger after 911 was well involved.

What I have seen in censorship of vaccine injuries for years must have been research for what works best by the military.

Angus Files

It makes my skin creep.Its erosion of democracys as I see it.In Scotland we have the elected Party The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) The SNP are change agents who deliberately and actively endeavor to dismantle the democratic rules of the game.They are actively legally trying to split the UK.There is no legal system in place where the SNP can be prosecuted.The Lord Advocate which is the law advisor to the SNP and COPFS is the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, (the organisation that prosecutes people in Scotland) and investigates deaths.Both posts are held by the one person which by law is illegal totally loosly Goverments arent meant to prosecute. 17000 Covid deaths have been reported but not one private prosecution has been accepted to take the Scottish Government to court to challenge a death, as the SNP control the prosecution service.100 premature baby births suspected covid no prosecutions have been allowed.The Police have 22 open Police investigations into the SNP and no charges or arrests,why?because of the conflict of the two posts being held by an SNP appointed Government Minister.Where it will end I dont know, but its an elected un democratic Government in Scotland just now.Like America Migration or Plantation as its known as a new population is being planted in countrys, is a problem too.It wont be the first time that countrys /forces at war used stealth armies /insurgents to defeat enemies.Leads eventually to a New World Order with a one ruled world with a few elete at the top.

Pharma For Prison



So, U.K. is also having a justice crisis.

What in the heck happened?
We have all the western nations justice system in tatters.

Angus Files

Your welcome John.I think the COVID inquiry tricked them into a false pretence by having the interviews in Scotland.Liz Lloyd Sturgeons right hand woman and head of Law was so blassy in disclosing Sturgeons WhatsApp because she thought in Scotland there was nothing that the law in Scotland could do (true).But they forgot it seems the inquiry is running from England under English Law-I hope.Time will tell.

Part 2

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


Thanks, fascinating.


Angus Files

You wont find this in the Main Stream Media a watch before its removed just released this morning.

Roger Livermore ex Crown Prosecutor laying the law into the Scottish Goverment.

Pharma For Prison



Shanghai; Tucker Carlson played the tape of all those people yelling from their apartments. Well that is China.
But what about Australia; and they are dragging people to those camps.

And the vaccine Nazis hospitals and medical staff at doctor offices.

Did you know that bird flu was on the rise as they kill millions of egg laying hens?
The last time they sounded the alarm - my little flock of chickens , that have plenty of black birds flocking in to still their food went right on doing fine. Eggs; one more food to disturb the supply line.

So we share on this planet; decent people and evil people?

Now, I have to go from is there really a virus? Or is it snake venom?
Has the virus been isolated from a sick person?
And given to a ferret?
Is that too much to ask, or did they kill all the ferrets, not just in Denmark but every where so they would not be vectors?

Well, okay; cats then. I know there are still cats and they said this virus could spread to cats. Have they given this virus isolated from a sick person to a cat and it got sick?

Looks to me that there are too many spooky people wit time on their hands. What is in those bio labs in the Ukraine? More snake venom factories or something?

Oh and pharma companies had to dump out some more paper on their vaccine studies two weeks ago.
Wonder what little nuggets or big ones we will find there.

And Oh, by the way the Chinese did not give Fauci all the genome of the covid virus - or rather they did, but then Fauci erased or deleted it because the Chinese wanted them to. What part of that genome went missing? Genome ? So, we don't have the complete genome of the covid virus?

Is the spike protein of the covid virus; there is suppose to be a rabies virus component in this chimera. Oh, and there is also the twisted wrong protein so called prion then?
Oh and it has the HIV part of it in there too, except Two chapters in Robert Kennedy Jr.'s book has me convinced that maybe HIV don't cause AIDS and is just a harmless retrovirus that just don't cause disease cause we have gone through millions of years of evolution and our immune system can handle them.

Oh, and apparently there are two snake peptides, or 19 peptides from snakes and that is the real reason it is called covid 19.

Oh, and it came from a wet market in a cross between ---
no, it is from bats, and the Bat lady, Fauci, and tons of Americans are all in to making a chimera virus., so it is from a lab leak.

But it could be in the water. It for sure is in Remdisivir and for sure in the vaccines.

Clear as mud.

Science is pure.

Many of those questions are just as applicable in the US. Why there has been such a consistency pf failures across the developed world is beyond the scope of the enquiry but fundamental to understanding how things truly work in the modern world.

I would have added another question: Why was the decision taken to give children an unnecessary medication with an unknown safety profile? Adults protect children, not the other way around.


Meet Jim Rogers- Soros' former hedge fund partner......

The Globalists always tell us what they are going to do. Jim is playing his part. He knew the money and action would move to the East-China, so he packed up his family and moved from New York to Singapore mid 2007. We should pay attention to what he is telling us. Here is an article on him from 2009:

In this recent interview, he tells us the Globalists' plans for the U.S.:
Jim Rogers Issues Warning: U.S. Dollar Being Used as “Instrument of War," It’s the Endgame
Buy silver
Buy food.


Well done, John. And as we all know these inquiries are an attempt at whitewashing, not looking at genuine answers, really.
In Canada at least one of our provincial chief medical officers is now in court answering to all the Covid insanity. Her salary is approximately 650k/year.
As for Canada we seem doomed. Our health care has been run into the ground on purpose, I think, to justify further intrusion by WEF, WHO. Perhaps it is the same in Britain.
It has now been revealed that the reason we are prisoners in our own country (we cannot fly anywhere within or out of Canada unless vaccinated, even if you have natural immunity) is because of some treaty we have signed with the WHO—can we be the only signatories because no other country has such punitive, inhuman, unscientific restrictions? Not surprising that the Prince of Wales signed on to WEF —I used to be naive about the royals; no more. Even Kate and William can’t hide their association to agendas like that.
Our government pays the highest amount toward healthcare than any other country (22% higher than most nations according to Fraser reports) and comes in last on almost any metric—acute care beds, wait times for surgery, medical technologies…it’s shameful, no excuse. A friend visiting his elderly parents from Thailand cannot believe how bad it is, says we should be ashamed as Canadians.
Not only that but our Prime Minister Trudeau has formed a coalition with the other minority party and they are sinking us further into debt, medical tyranny. But fight on we all must!


Close encounters of the Covid Kind?

White House: Joe Biden Kissing Nancy Pelosi Not Considered ‘Close Contact’ for Coronavirus

"The White House on Thursday argued that President Joe Biden did not need to quarantine or wear a mask after interacting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on multiple occasions this week after she tested positive for the coronavirus.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki argued that none of Biden’s interactions with the Speaker were considered a “close contact” by the Centers for Disease Control.

Biden interacted with Pelosi on Tuesday and Wednesday, at different White House events, at one point even kissing the Speaker of the House."

Jen had it twice. Now Nancy.
More evidence the jab is a fail.

Angus Files

Thankss John filled that in we have all done in the past together.We fight on

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

I have just read my comments and must apologise for the spelling mistakes. My sight is failing and it is difficult to read what I have typed!

susan welch

Great response, John.

I, too, completed it yesterday and, although I missed many of your points, I did cover the PCR deacke abd enogasused tge 49/45 cycle.

Between all of us who submitted responses I am hopeful that the government will be in no doubt that the general public is a lot more educated about what has happend over the last 2 plus years than they anticiapated.

The Together organisaion had sent info out to those on their list, which I suspect is huge, and they did nag everyone to get a response in before the deadline.

It will probably be a whitewash but at least they will be aware of the strenth of feeling and the fact that they have not managed to brainwash the whole of the UK population.

Morag Lyons

Thank you John Stone . The Inquiry can easily pin-point the where, when, why, who, and how !
Health and Social Care Standards ,Criteria and Guidelines [Rapid Response Guidelines] became set up, for such brutal selective slaughter !

League of Nations cartoon , Why the League failed .
This cartoon by the British cartoonist David Low appeared in the Evening Standard newspaper ,11 November 1938 . Two figures sit on a cracked stone ,which carries the inscription,
"League of Nations . Foundation stone of a New Order . Peace hath her sacrifices"
The cartoon is called Silence?

Original League of Nations January 10, 1920 -disbanded April 1946 as a failure of flunkies ?
Morphed into The United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals- 2030 built on an already "Fractured Foundation Stone!" Don't let them know, but it's all over bar the shouting for them?
Way past their" Best Before or Use By Date " A humanitarian disaster from start to finish !
The NHS is not The World Health Organisation's Handmaidens or Lackeys!
WE do not recognise the head of the united nations as his or her excellency either ,when did it become it's own nation state ?
Guidelines and Criteria for In -Voluntary Non-Voluntary euthanasia is "Murder!"
Who is responsible and accountable for the un-named Rapid Response Guidelines NICE Produced?
NICE National Institute Clinical Excellence

John Stone

I missed off by accident the PCR testing nonsense though it certainly comes under the disruption of civil life and cronyism.


This is why we fight.....

UK: Covid Becoming CHRONIC, like AIDS, and Will Take us Down
Bye Bye, "Vaccine Immunity" and "Hybrid Immunity".


Excellent list!
Americans can use it with their so-called representatives.


YIPPEE! LOL! AoA hits a home run yet AGAIN! I, too, filled out this survey, but wish I had the BETTER ONE AoA presents here, to submit instead of my own snarky comments.....

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