The United States' Celebration and Simplification of Autism Helps Whom?
Imagine Having Kids With Autism In The Middle of a War

Another Autism Drowning

WeepThose who sugarcoat history are doomed to repeat it, and children will die. Autism, wandering and drowning are the tragedy of the diagnosis. A diagnosis that has been whitewashed and the public brainwashed into thinking it is something much more benign than the reality. Not every person with autism, or autist, is severely affected or impaired.  Not every person with autism, or autistic, is non-speaking and without a natural instinct to return home or a sense of self-preservation. Not every person with autism, or neurodivergent, is riddled with sleep, GI and seizure issues. Not every person with autism, or #actuallyautistic will face a life of rape, beatings, seclusion, restraint and exclusion from society.

Those who have DSM-V autism, diagnosed as a child likely will.  God bless this, and every person  with autism, who drowns. We are so sorry.


Cops: 4-year-old with autism wanders away from DeKalb apartment, drowns in pond

A massive search for a 4-year-old ended in tragedy Tuesday morning when the boy’s body was pulled from a pond behind a DeKalb County apartment building.

DeKalb police asked for the public’s help to locate Kyuss Williams after he wandered away from his family’s home in the East Ponce Village Apartments off Juliette Road around 6:30 p.m. Monday. They called off the search eight hours later when his body was recovered from the community’s retention pond.


Jeannette Bishop

The energy of water, often just coming out of the earth, is so much more attractive to me now as a not-so-young adult, feeling like I'm descending into some sort of helpless babyhood. Sometimes it's the only relief I can seek from the EMP assault, attempts to briefly reset (my head mostly) to healthier energy in a bath or shower or just running water on my face... I've often prayed deep gratitude when a heavy rain dampens the toxicity of the air and ground and structures around our home on some extremely bad days. I can't describe the torture of just trying to live sometimes with the energy of life polluted so much, especially when this problem also tortures one or more of your children (weekends almost always bad, sometimes starting Thursdays, extending through Mondays... and most especially holidays--has most everyone been online gaming, zooming, video data streaming during the scamdemic the most on these days? or do the tech companies get more invasive on these days?--holidays are often the worst to live through...a fairly consistent pattern I've experienced in more than one state/several towns the past 2+ years...of course the 5-G satellite numbers have ramped up over the same period)... At one point, with a multi-day headache intensifying, the spot on the floor where the plumbing entered the house, that was the only place I could sit/rest to get some relief...

So, I frequently think how compelling water must be to a child who maybe never has formed a concept of how to communicate what's going on inside his/her head, how to get to a positive feeling once in a while in life, loaded with Al, Hg likely too, probably some other metals, irradiated, ennervated(?) by wireless tech in varying ways everywhere, messing with the cellular energy of the mind and the way everything in the body that is impacted by the brain functions...(somes a strong EM frequency kicks me in the gut and I feel queasy, and break in to a flushing sweat--ironically, the brain first, then the gut?--seems to be the second place in the body I get strong symptoms).

Also, now, I can see how this radiation might contribute to driving some children to just keep on the move inside a place, change things up, get out just to be some where else for while...sitting to type this comment gets toxic too fast for thinking clearly (probably too apparent), and an electrically charged knots starts fritzing in the base of the back of the head for me...ADHD? that what I now have? (I'm too old for the H really, whatever I'm dealing with, but I do now have to keep moving around to keep some pieces of me from experiencing more damage than can easily be recovered from...apologies for a another long post...I keeping saying to myself to knock off on the putting these out...I don't know if my experiences help our injured any...but just in case...)


Ohhh, I get it.

Watch the Water is a metaphor.

It is on the end of the book "Ghost in the Machine" written back in 1967 of how to depopulate .

Do it by adding toxins that mess up the DNA; making men feminine, and women masculine, through diet (Ohhhh so that was what the low fat diet was really all about. Yeah, sugar is great, but don't eat butter, or coconut oil and if you do eat those veggie oils like corn, and soy). OH and grains on the bottom of the food pyramid. And Kelser goes on to say put stuff in the tap water.

Watch the water is a metaphor of that book.


Bill; Every one is to late, too lazy, not paying attention, attention is demanded some where else : at sometime in their life. Unless you are super man.
it is what it is, Bill. Some people do their best and put forth an effort and still get bad results. Some never seem to even care and just skate by; yet do okay. . Then some that skate gets a child hurt like on a slide. But you know all of this.

Still when you hear something like this, there is this knee jerk reaction of real outrage, and sadness; that some where, some how, some one should have done better. When it fact it is not the case at all.

On the other hand there is pre planned murder.
They did not care that the DPT vaccine would maim and kill. They don't care that the covid vaccine can kill and maim. And both would do that at a rate higher than if they did nothing.

As a matter of fact, I am going further than that. I think they plan to kill as many of us as they can.

So back to the what is in the water. - what is in the Ukraine bio labs, what did they make in the Wuhan lab, what did or did they not release, Will Fauci get his come uppings and what about the rest of the ilk involved in all of this, cause Robert Kennedy named names.

Is this graphene oxide, just carbon, oxygen, hydrogen; then it sounds like basic organic chemistry to me., and what is to be so amazed about. Yet when I look around on these science websites, why all the science papers going in every direction with grapheme oxide? It has taken the science world by storm as I have slept, I am amazed at all the things they are thinking they can do with it.


Back in the fall of 2019; in the Somerset, Kentucky newspaper was an article about a nasty kind of strep.
It said that the doctors were reporting it was causing a large number of school children showing up in their offices with OCD.

Could this be grapheme oxide in the water?

Arsenic made a great poison cause most times it came off as illness. Well we all know here - more than anywhere else synergy stuff.


Dear: Mrs Karma Danger
I have volunteered in a class for severe autism while in high school at Willemburg special center in San Pedro near Los Angeles. There was a graduation requirement at Long Beach Unified School District in which we needed "services learning hours" which was basically volunteer work. I saw 6-9 year old kids in diapers, eating rocks, throwing tantrums, and the whole nine yards. This community services volunteering I did was in 2007 and I graduated high school in 2009. Being a legitimate high functioning autistic myself and also a patient with the rare genetic nerve tumor disorder Neurofibromatosis, I as a 8 week volunteer worked a little better with the kids than the assistants with years of experience. There was fencing and anti-elopement training at that special education school and escapes and injuries/deaths were rarer compared to other schools specialized and not. This Willemburg SEC school was shut down and a failed vocational high school for those youngsters 16-21 with mild disabilities was put in Willemburg's place. The failed vocational school in place of Willemburg SEC seems to have shut down or reduced its capacity a few years before the Covid-19 pandemic.
I have seen young children get hurt disabled including a near drowning of a cub scout friend about 5 when the harbor patrol had to save him in San Pedro's Cabrillo beach he was in a small boat screaming. This child has ADHD and autism I heard years later. I myself get hurt on a slide at age 4 and 5 three time with a minor head injury and LBUSD did nothing for years to fix that metal slide danger for years.



Speaking of water:
And not about drowning , but more on the lines this new snake venom of watch the water.

They long said for decades that they were studying venom and some day it could be the miracle stuff. We all know that.

But the water? How would they make all that stuff that it would not be so diluted, and chlorinated goes a long ways.

Speaking of chlorine reminds me of an on going problem with our own water.

They stopped sending out those bi yearly reports on our drinking water status 10 or 15 years ago. We always had high trihalomethanes. THMs causes cancer.
Our water is lake water. We have trouble with algae. When treated with chlorine it still leaves a bad taste, and THMs that cannot be filtered out. . This has been a problem in two different places that we have lived.

Then on top of that over growth of algae in the summer, there is what they call water turn over -- that is when the water on the bottom of the lake comes to the top - when the temperature changes. Be it late spring, or late fall.

As I stated above; The bi yearly reports in the two different places I have lived always had high trihalomethanes. THMs, that can cause cancer .

We also get radon in our water from the surrounding rocks in just this area.

Let us look into the newest thing for water filtration graphene oxide.

If they have it for our water plant, which they may not: although several years back every one has long been aggravated about the horrible taste and smell of our water; they said they were going to spend millions to fix it. One thing was to have a monitoring system,and if a cluster of algae got close to the dam they were going to just shut it off for a while. I just wish they would buy the farms on top of the mountain that is over the lake, or catch the runoff from them. Millions would go a long way on that.

There is also an expensive treatment of ozone; they never said in the newspaper if that was their plan as well? I don't think it is.

If their plan was graphene oxide well it has not taken care of the bad taste.

Google grapheme oxide and water treatment or what ever and see what comes up. Tons of stuff.

We get our water from a spring , by the way. So far as I know we have not had covid, although we did have a strange illness in Jan of 2020 that hurt the back of my neck and my son was really sick for five months.

Karma Danger

I would never tempt Karma by making a statement like yours.
I remember when our local school set up a preschool for young kids with autism etc. I begged the principal to set up a double gate system around the school (like you see in DOG kennels) and he scoffed at me. Sure enough the next month they found an escaped autistic toddler 1/2 mile away. Safe but a lucrative lawsuit. People do not understand these children. They don’t have an instinct to return to the parent. They follow their curiosity and they are escape artists.
What a creepy thing to say Bill. What a creepy judgmental clueless thing to say.
How about you volunteer at your local special Ed severe autism classroom fot 8 hours some day soon? Then post your apology.


Bill; many decades ago a little boy took off, with his baby sitter close behind; his grandmother. He made a bee line to the pond. That was all that was on his mind. They came home from grocery shopping, he entered the front door and exited the back; she was no more than a few minutes behind him.
It was a distance away from the pond, she and her other older grandchild was close behind him, and yet she could not get there in time. When they get an obsessive thought in their heads it is rough.

Plus you can teach them to swim as soon as possible and when off they go, you hope.
In those cases I often think that seizures are in the mix.


If only the pond had adorned with blue ribbon! I had to look it up - has it really been *six* years since Vaxxed was released?! April 1, 2016. How many lives could have been saved?

Keep your April showers,
and your funeral flowers!

Deepest sympathy for the Williams family!


The child in this article was 4 years old! You as a parent or babysitter should keep an eye on any child under 8 to prevent even a no disabled child from suffering some kind of fatal injury. Age of Autism should get in the business of helping parents prevent this from happening. Fencing, safe and humane restraints, alarms and so much more could alert someone to the child eloping from safety. This is why institutions are needed they prevent excape from safety.

Maurine Meleck

We have retention ponds all over Florida. Enclosing them with fencing would help, but of course, we know the answer is to confront the real reason for the autism pandemic to put an end to it and help all those already afflicted with real answers.

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