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Parents Are Watching: Campaign To Halt Pfizer's EUA For Babies And Toddlers

An Element of Hope

Hope-1By Cathy Jameson

I had forgotten about this image that I found in my writing files last week.  Made by a good friend several years ago, I hadn't seen it in a long time. CJ Hope HelpI hadn't read the piece that inspired my friend to make the image in a long time either.  I'm glad to share it here.  I had a few ideas about what to write as we began another month of April, but nothing sounded exactly right for today.  That image, as simple as it is, said it all. 

Hope Now. 

Help Now.

Act Now.

If you've been reading my writing for any length of time, you'll recognize that hoping, helping, and acting are running themes of many of my stories about our personal experiences.  Some days I veer from that norm.  Even when I share what happened on a really rough day, though, or when I recall a cry-my-eyes-out memory, I try to add an element of hope.



Without hope, there can be despair.

Without help, there can be difficulties.

Without action, there can be apathy.

Acting.  Helping.  Hoping.  Each of those is important.  The element of hope can sometimes be the most important of the three. 

This month and every month, I will continue to hope that what I actively do for my son makes a difference.  I hope it makes a difference in his life and for the lives he touches.  What a blessing to be able to turn some of our struggles into learning moments for others.  Easily, I could stay quieter.  I could let despair creep in on the very tiring days.  I could just flat out quit. 

I couldn’t do that, though, not when we’ve always managed to find a way to bounce back.  We don’t just bounce back.  Other people have also!  What a gift it is to know that, by just sharing our story, some have been spared what we were not.  That alone drives me to continue to do more, to say more, and to want to help others more.  That is what I want to promote this month. 

Acting.  Helping.  Hoping.  Why? 


When we act, we help.  When we help, we raise hope.  When we hope, all things are possible. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Still with Trump

The same people who created the "new Autism normal" are now working on the "next new normal" for the entire planet. It is hard to believe some have taken FOUR doses led by those in DC. Thankfully most have now had about enough.

Sadly many still will not wake up until it happens to someone close to them.


A lot of people think ; a lot of parents think: when we tell our stories, it might cause harm to the child, especially as they age out?

Could speaking about vaccine injuries of those less injured, or higher functioning that to tell their story might be making it harder on the child as it grows up because of expectations ,of those in the community, and family are so low that they actually limit opportunities in social situations, marriage, jobs, and so forth.

Epilepsy is along these lines too. Maybe it should be kept hidden, maybe there will be no seizure some day? Job opportunities will be lost if epilepsy is known about?

Could a parent cripple a child with fear that they are some what disabled, till it causes anxiety, and they feel they just can't ?

Could a parent call attention to a disability that could be hidden, and maybe should be?

I suppose so many at the CDC has depended on this fear.

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