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Ukrainian Orphan Update


Read this good news about several orphanages in Ukraine that my friend Dr. Theresa Cianciolo posted yesterday. “No workers have left them and they have food.” Praise be to God. What beautiful people. Below is the Amazon Wish List that Theresa has put together for her trip to Poland later this month.  Many people have sent items - thank you.  Using the Wish list feature seems to work best from a laptop.

1) Click Amazon Ukraine List
2)Sign into the list
3) Add items to cart
4) Check out
6) Pay

  If you have issues, let me know at [email protected]. Thank you.


Good morning. My dear friend Dr. Theresa Cianciolo (in photo) moved her family to Kyiv last year, to devote herself full time to helping the children of Ukraine - orphans with special needs and children with autism.  She and her husband Scott, a Pastor, adopted orphaned twin toddlers with  Down Syndrome & autism themselves.  They had moved to Kyiv last year and returned to the safety of Vermont a few weeks ago, as the danger escalated.

Theresa is going to Poland within the month, to bring much needed supplements, supplies and medications.  We're using an Amazon Wish List - that Theresa's team has compiled. Items ship to Vermont.  I realize not everyone is a fan of Amazon, but for expediency, this is our method of ordering.  Thanks.

This is something we can DO - so much more than being a keyboard cowboy or cowgirl.  For a few bucks - we can help a child get a good night's sleep, daily vitamins.


Morag Lyons

Thank you ,just fantastic and great stuff, and while United Nations and other organisations are looking for their boots and shoelaces ? Ordinary people will mobilise to help other ordinary people and children in acute need !!

News from Heaven
Runrig - Searchlight YouTube

People may remember the Romanian similar orphanages on TV early 1990's we were so demolished by what we saw on TV .
Big Heartet and Steel Heartet NHS would not pay our wages to go to Romania for Three months to help with care plan basics ? They did suggest we could apply for unpaid leave if we so wanted !
Aye right, who can just up and leave commitments .at short notice, with mortgage commitments ?
One of the staff's husbands was a long distance lorry driver [ Really big trucks ] we got a truck load of stuff away to Romania , which was well received !!!

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