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Response to the Consultation on the “Reform” of the UK Human Rights Act

Supplies & Support for Ukraine Families with Medically Fragile Children

A1A5711D-EDFB-49E8-8CF0-53D1137029F2I wanted to update readers on your generosity at work. Here’s a photo of some of the supplies we've sent to Dr. Theresa Cianciolo in Vermont for Ukrainian orphans and families with special needs children. Thank you! The Amazon wish list seems to work well, if you ignore the constant emails for other folks' joining and departure activity.  You can visit Theresa's website here. ScottandTheresa4UK

1) Click Amazon Ukraine List
2)Sign into the list
3) Add items to cart
4) Check out
6) Pay

Here is an update from Theresa: We need your help. We are making a team to help individuals first of all get to a safe border, help to fill out visas (this is extremely important as we have many children who are medically fragile and have special needs). We need those individuals who have time to one on one get with a parent (most of the time Mom’s as Dads are fighting) and build a relationship, pray with them assist them with paperwork. What a wonderful opportunity to build those relationships. We continue to collect resources and I have so many to be thankful for some I have never met 🙂 future plans are for Scott and I to go out to Poland and Romania within the next 5 weeks (where we are supporting ministries taking children with special needs and their families) bringing those supplies and resources right to them. We also have items that we can get through the border of Poland directly to our ministry leaders who use their gifts to get them to military hospitals and for their communities as their currently are not pharmacies that are stocked. 

Email me at [email protected]. Thank you. Kim


Kim for Debbie

Hi, Debbie, I just clicked from the live post and got in - but I am already ON the list. Try again please? Theresa added a number of products. Amazon can be wonky - I wish I could smooth the bumps. As an alternative, a reader sent a check to me and I placed an order on her behalf. I know it's a lot of work.... I appreciate the effort. Thanks. Kim


When I click on the Amazon link, it says it has expired and I need a new link. Am i doing something wrong?

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