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Robert Kennedy Jr in Three Videos "No One" Wants You To See

RFK with bookToday's post features 3 videos that feature Robert Kennedy Jr's author of the best seller that has never seen the day of light in mainstream channels -  The Real Anthony Fauci. The videos are on Rumble - because, as you know, youTube and other media have been brutal in their crack down. The videos are on a program by Steve Bannon. Because, as you know, zero point zero mainstream media would touch this book. If that bothers you, we understand, and hope you'll still dig in to the information. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Covid has taken a back seat in the Trabant. We can't relax and assume the loss of medical choice and all that followed is over and done. It's not. This book is of paramount importance, because the information affects every single American and well, Earthling. You can purchase the book at Amazon or at your favorite book seller. The Kindle Edition is just $2.99 and the Kindle app is free to read on a Smart phone or tablet.





Here is a picture of Rick Bright

He might fit the profile of a TV super villain.

But he claimed instead after making sure no one could get HCQ that he was a victim.
And why would Kadlec demote him for not giving HCQ?
Cause there is no honor among criminals.
Kadlec needed cover from President Trump that want older safer drugs that worked; and so Kadlec threw the Trump/populations smart enough to ask questions - Rick Bright.

Being what they are, never humble Rick Bright played the victim and took whistle blower status for not giving the citizens HCQ and thus saving the rest of the criminals billions for the covid vaccines.

Ohhhhh don't you worry about that criminal getting thrown under the bus cause Biden came in and gave Rick Bright his due respect all back.

One can see why Kennedy's book is complicated.


Julie; It says that it only takes 18 hours to read it.

Perhaps for those that are younger? Stronger? More energy? In the know?

Because I got my for Christmas, and I just finished it yesterday.
The last chapter; I had to read a page or two and stop, and mull over it a while before continuing. There were too many people, doing bad things and I did not want to run them all together.
Plus it was CIA, spooky spooks, and spies and those things always confuse me.
There are people that like the CIA and I am pretty sure that none of the will make it to heaven.

Robert Kadlec is in the last chapter - a lot

I looked him up tonight to see what this guy looks like.
I was expecting something to show how greedy, evil he is.
Just like I expect to see something of horns growing out of Bill Gates head. But no, they in fact appear to be mild mannered - looking - almost blending in to match the wall paper.

However the Wikipedia for Robert Kadlec was not kind to him. It is taking about him demoting Rick Bright in 2020 for the hydroxychorolquine deal. And Rick Bright did not go quietly. And it talks about his Emergent company, over charging the federal government for small pox vaccines; while not having enough medical equipment including masks for the pandemic. So who is writing this Wikipedia article? It is not lying for a change like they do all the time over there.

Bright asserted that Kadlec ousted him retaliation for his "insistence" that the federal government focus resources on "safe and scientifically vetted" responses to the COVID-19 pandemic rather than "technologies that lack scientific merit" such as the use of hydroxychloroquine, which had been pushed by the Trump administration.

So, they put Bright back into his uppity old position . If Bright had any sense, he would have been quiet; cause they are going to come for him.


I asked for one to be ordered in at my local library. I have since realised that I will need my own copy to mark information. Well, at least my library system will have a copy for others. We should try to have it made available at every library.


Jimmy Dore is a great host.
Thank Anne.

I really like Steve Bannon too.

Robert F Kennedy did a great job on both Shows.

I still like the Corbett Report when James Corbett interviewed him best still.

Although I Have missed the four hour interview with Megan Kelly. I have a trouble getting the time to watch them so far.


Reading between the lines....

Addendum to my earlier post:

Autopsy of famous rock drummer uncovers disturbing revelations
"Colombian officials said that the drummer’s heart weighed "at least 600 grams," more than twice what a normal heart would weigh, according to the Mirror."

"Colombian media is ascribing Hawkins's death to cardiovascular collapse...."

"“The National Institute of Forensic Medicine continues to conduct the necessary medical studies to ascertain the cause of death,” the attorney general’s office statement said...“The Attorney General’s Office will continue to investigate and will duly inform the findings of forensic examinations in due time.”

"Hawkins had claimed in a 2019 interview that a 2001 overdose had caused him to turn away from drugs."
RIP Taylor Hawkins


Ditto, Bev. I had to take a break after every chapter and read fiction until I felt able to deal with the next chapter. And this was *after* having read Nicholson Baker's *Baseless* (thank you to whichever commenter recommended that amazing book). The edifice of rotten money-funnelers is massive. I honestly don't see how it can be dismantled. Getting justice for victims? Maybe, maybe, maybe. I don't understand how the 1986 NVIC Act is not considered an "unconscionable contract," for example. But making sure it never happens again? Not possible without 60 percent of Americans turning into Libertarians (or whatever party would actually dismantle the massive edifice that takes my money and hands it to Uncle Tony so he can hand it to Pfizer). NIH isn't authorized by the Constitution, nor is NIAID. None of this stuff should even exist. Congress should have to vote every time it wants to hand millions of dollars to some nutter with a lab, or some drug company underling with a lab. We should know the names of every Congressman who votes Yes on each money transfer; instead, we have a massive slush fund for which no elected official is accountable.

I am impressed by the strength of character Bobby Kennedy has shown, lo these many years. I'm also impressed by the work his researchers did. Everything he says in the book is backed up with an original source. If only more people did the difficult emotional work of reading the book.

Bev Johnson

I found the book at Barnes and Noble a few weeks back. Then, I ordered it from amazon. I got impatient and went back to Barnes and Noble and found it front and center with Gift type books. It is worth every penny; but don't expect to read it over a weekend or be uplifted. It is hard to see the many years of mis behavior that we have denied or over looked . It will not be fast or easy to get this made right.


Shorten that long thing of mine:

Obama as a senator when to Ukraine to see the bio weapons
Then as president had defense money

So Obama's defense money was given to Rosemont Synica that gave the money to Metobiota and Eco Alliance and both were funneling the money to Ukraine bio labs.


I am having to take forever to get through the last chapter. I can only get through a paragraph and have to stop and read it again and then stop, and think on it for a while; then sleep on it. It wants to get all mixed up in my brain.

But it is sticking in my brain some what. .

I heard yesterday while listening to some talk show host that mentioned an article in the "The national Pulse" that the computer from Hell (Hunters lab top he left with a repair service) had stuff on it like Rosemont Seneca ( he is a board member of that company along with Christopher Hines (John Kerry's stepson) That company had given Obama's defense money to Metabiota and Eco Alliance .

I know pretty much about Eco Health Alliance by now as do we all.

Metabiota though?

It is where Dr. Michael Callahan makes his living. it is his company. It tracks infectious diseases. Well and passes money along to bio labs I suppose? Callahan is in the last chapter o Kennedy's book. Callahan is in the CIA, he works for Kadlec.

Who is Kadlec He is every thing and also in most of the last chapter of Kennedy's book. Kadlec makes sure that the company El-Hibris gets plenty of money rom the government by stock piling - way over stock piling small pox and anthrax vaccines for the nation; to the tune of billions yeah a B yeah.

They used all the money up and did not buy the machine that was suppose to make the 9 mm mask that you can't breath in .
So it was not that we gave up manufacturing them to China - but bought tons of - way more than we needed for every person in America anthrax and small pox vaccine.

Kadlec made sure that that company El-Hibris got to make the Johnson and Johnson vaccine(which they messed up big time and the FDA was all over them) Johnson and Johnson had to come into their factory in Maryland to take over the production of their Covid 19 vaccine. El-Hebris they have a vaccine plant in Michigan too they - bought out Michigan's factory that made a DPT vaccine. They were going bankrupted because they made a very dangerous DPT vaccine or Michigan ( Autism are pretty high in Michigan just from me looking around at the neighbors and all for the few short years I lived up there. . El -Hibris was going broke but was saved by their special relationship with Kadlec.

Back to Callahan : This is the guy that contacted Dr. Malone from China and told him there was this epidemic a going on .

Well here is the quote.

"Callahan told Malone that he had been treating "hundreds" Of Covid-19 patients, Callahan subsequently described to "National Geographic" how he had pored through thousands o case studies at the outbreak's epicenter. He giddily reported his amazement at the virus's "magnificent inectivity," and its capacity to explode "like a slient smart bom in your community."

He escaped by boat when China quarantined Wuhan.

He also repeated this story to Brenda Borrell a writer for "Science"

Davis Hone a DTRA scientist warned Malone that Callahan was a liar.

He very well could have been. He has money riding on it somewhere.

It looks like to me that Biden is able to sniff out any money being stolen from the federal government and then able to get in on it. Biden sniffed out Kadlec, and thus Callahan.



Riveting videos. Thank you for posting.

Angus Files

Keep going Mr Kennedy hope you run for President.15% of Trumps vote was reckoned to be as called "anti vaxxed" et-al...

Pharma For Prison



Surprised YouTube has kept the Megan Kelly interview up this long. Jimmy Dore’s Kennedy interview is another good one.


Another Covidcidence?

Wasn't this the first band to reopen in NY to play to a Covid jabbed audience only?

Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Dead at 50
"There were no immediate details about how Hawkins died, though the band said in a statement Friday that his death was a “tragic and untimely loss.”

Foo Fighters were on tour in South America. They played a festival in San Isidro, Argentina on Sunday and had been scheduled to play at another in Bogotá, Colombia on Friday night."

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