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Response to the Consultation on the “Reform” of the UK Human Rights Act

Action alertBy John Stone

The British government consultation for the revision of the 1998 Human Rights Act grandiosely re-entitled the Bill of Rights closes at 11.59 pm GMT Tuesday 8 March. It is a somewhat elusive document to encompass and after months of indecision I decided on brevity. Unsurprisingly the Johnson government seems more interested in its own rights than the rights of citizens, but it is not always clear where law comes into it. Anyone wishing to comment can write to the email address [email protected] 

Dear Justice Secretary
Until it can recognise its own failings the government will have no useful contribution to make in the field of human rights, not least because it has itself abandoned humility and common sense.  
The government should bear in mind the old legal adage “hard cases make bad law”. In order to remove the inevitable hard cases the danger is that government restricts the public’s access to the courts even further, bearing in mind that for the ordinary citizen justice is prohibitively expensive anyway, and generally unavailable - for a long time and increasingly governments have considered justice for the citizen an expensive luxury while continuing to liberally fund its favoured enterprises from the public purse. 
Beyond that one can certainly see that the old Human Rights Act has been woefully inadequate at protecting citizens’ rights, notably in the last two years when it turned out time after time that the government advisors who were limiting our lives over what we were supposed to do or not do mostly got things momentously wrong, whether by design or accident. A stock taking of the last two years would suggest objectively that any protection against the use of arbitrary executive power has largely failed. The government scarcely inhabits the moral high ground in trying to extend its rights over citizens, not least because it has performed so poorly in the recent past, and does not seem to realise it.

The government’s claim to support freedom of speech is particularly moot given its moves in the past two years to swamp mainstream media with cash in pursuit of state health propaganda, while leaning on social media to limit or stop legitimate comment - it is not a desirable position when people may not  talk about their health predicaments or criticise government policy in public, being often subject also to foul abuse if they do from government funded sources. It is equally horrifying to see the same machine move into action over Ukraine. The government’s position, both in terms public policy and science, has been the opposite of “open” leading to autocratic behaviour, divisive social policies, economic catastrophe and the compounding of error at human expense. Please allow the public to speak.


Morag Lyons

Thank you John Stone, good grief, holy smokes and gee whizz! Don't let them know, we ain't going to be dropping our true north, standards ,values and principles to match theirs ?!
In-voluntary non-voluntary euthanasia "Is Murder!!!"
How much immeasurable suffering situations could "Still" be avoided for families anguish, to see loved ones "Off To The Land O' The Leal " way before their time?
Silly Wizard Live - Land O' The Leal YouTube .

A Template for forensic flunkies .
See - https//
Fire Brigades Union /The Voice of Firefighters .
Article- Grenfell Tower Inquiry . Government Knew that cladding shouldn't have been used from September 2002! 21 Feb 2022?
Resulting in ,
Failure of regulators
Failure of assessment
Failure to treat
Failure to act
Failure of UK government and advisors .

See -https//
The Daily Sceptic News Round Up 10 March 2022
Article -"Who Changed The Scientific Conclusions of a Paper that Could Have Saved Millions ?"
At Last .We May Have a Name " FLCCC says the changing of the conclusion of Dr Andrew Hill's Ivermectin paper is a "Scandal of Immense proportions ,that warrents an immediate investigation "

University of Liverpool ?
The thumbprints ,the fingerprints,the handprints and the footprints "Aw Oer It !" of the pen flickers prescription pad ? where Ivermectin got slapped banged and walloped with a DNR Order - Do Not Resusitate . this medication ? for people !
Ivermectin -got shunted and shoved ,sideways, straight onto "The Liverpool Care Pathway !"
for "A Good Death !"
Vet's Record it in animal medical records as "PTS " meaning Put To Sleep!

The Ivermectin judgementals ,will they get hauled over the hot coals backwards ? The Covid Public Inquiry ? better be up to the job for it!


As always, well put! From what I understand good ol’ Rupert Murdoch lackey Brian Deer put out another hit piece on Dr Wakefield, this time a book. Sycophants & groupies in Hotez’s TL are giddy with the notion that Dr Wakefield must be confirming Deer’s screed for want of lawsuit. The claim being Dr Wakefield (as they put it) has ample resources for such a suit so it all must be true. I laugh openly when I see such drivel in light of RFK Jr’s book. The assertions of Fauci’s horrendous crimes in Mr Kennedy’s incredibly well sourced document should garner an investigation let alone a law suit by someone who is clearly not only quite amply endowed, but obviously also backed by empire.


Absolutely Julie and I would also say the corporations all have far too much influence with awful to no regulation.


Canuck, I think you need to add Australia and New Zealand to your list. They are at least as bad as Canada.


It is not that Robert F. Kennedy' Jr's book is hard to read. It is that after I read a paragraph, I have to read it again - cause that can't be right! Then I have to take the time to think on it.

First; Make people think there is some deadly disease that will kill them.

Second; mad a drug that is suppose to be a cure, but in fact it causes the very symptoms of the disease that "that the powers that be" scared them about to begin with.

But it has to done, coming from a part of society that has done great things in the past for humanity.

I cannot believe that Arthur Ashe a Wimbledon Champion, knew - even wrote that ATZ was probably killing him, but he just kept taking it cause he did not wish to go against his beloved and trusted doctors. And so thus he died?

The psychology there - is so deep and murky.


I think the phrase needs to be, brevity is the soul of brilliance, as Mr Stone so perfectly proves here. As far as human rights are concerned, it’s profoundly disturbing that Peter Hotez is touting his Noble Prize nomination because his products will be patent-free. No one knows better than he that the real money, fame, & glory, lie in liability protections, as he is able to push his products off on the most vulnerable populations in the world that have even less of a chance of garnering justice should those products prove more harmful than good. Due to the success Pharma has had covering up vaccine injury in countries where injured populations at least had a chance of being noticed, I believe Hotez understands something Pfizer didn’t. You don’t need a declaration of liability protection, the promise of military control, you just need to be able to easily silence people, and a good PR firm - which is essentially what all of media is today. Who’s more easily silenced then impoverished people in theGlobal South. Well, perhaps, impoverished, orphaned children one wishes to test dangerous AIDS drugs on, as Fauci has proven. Hotez, learned well how to pull off greater ambitions. The shameless clown is now even touting “Noble Laureates for Ukraine”, in the same Twitter feed that he has excoriated the Noble Prize winning medication Ivermectin as a horse dewormer. How noble it must be to contribute to the denial of life saving medicine to get away with harming millions.


Britain, Canada, the US seem to have the same challenge: massive government overreach, lying, complicit mainstream media. As far as the Ukraine goes, you’ll have to pardon my skepticism on what most leaders and media are saying. I don’t need to think Putin is the most normal or benevolent guy in the world to still wonder about bad elements/interests (global ones) in the Ukraine—
Oh as an aside Naomi Wolfe did a great interview of former Blackrock whistleblower, Edward Dowd. Very encouraging.

Angus Files

The unofficial motto of the Establishment a rule for thee but not for me is as strong as ever.When Boris was busy telling us all to not meet with family members and others, he was busy organising a Bring Your Own Booze Party for ministers et-al in Downing Street.Pet projects requiring legal defence get money thrown at it as we all know on here. We must always ask what makes our leaders fit to lead us and scrutinise their hypocrisy when they mislead us.When they mislead and loose our trust that trust is hard to win back if ever.
The best Boris could come back with was Jimmy Saville,but now hes got Ukaraine and hes a leader?

Pharma For Prison



On the Corbett Report:

Riley Waggaman, aka "Edward Slavsquat," joins us today to dissect the propaganda myths that continue to swirl about Putin and Russia in the so-called alternative media and the sobering reality that Russia is neither singularly evil nor singularly good and that Putin is not a freedom fighter valiantly battling the globalists

IF you listen to Riley who is an American living in Russia; he will tell you that all the stuff going on with vaccines here in the United States and the UK is happening in Russia too. Exact same stories of criminal activity and making dangerous vaccine for the world - for profits.

IT is amazing at just how similar it all sounds and is worth a listen

Riley Waggaman, aka "Edward Slavsquat," joins us today to dissect the propaganda myths that continue to swirl about Putin and Russia in the so-called alternative media and the sobering reality that Russia is neither singularly evil nor singularly good and that Putin is not a freedom fighter valiantly battling the globalists.


Vaccine making companies - did fraud, as explained with truckers in the back ground.

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