The Norm
Parents of Kids with Profound Autism Completely Ignored by IACC


Jeannette Bishop

@Sher deGenova,

@ 17:10 particularly

Sher DeGenova

As a layman (laywoman), I wonder and kindly ask if someone can summarize the report so we regular folks can understand it. I would be very appreciative!


Remember this story?

metabiota rosemont seneca



One man's "misinformation " is another man's Truth......

Surgeon general demands Big Tech hand over data on COVID 'misinformation'
Dr. Vivek Murthy says it's 'about protecting the nation’s health'

"The surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, wants to know "exactly how many users saw or may have been exposed to instances of Covid-19 misinformation." In his notice, he also asked for aggregate data on demographic groups that may have been disproportionately affected by the misinformation, the New York Times reported."

False Scientists

Even better is the whistleblower lawsuit moving forward by the brave woman who called them out after seeing two weeks of wreckless, fraudulent behaviour.

Angus Files

PHARMA PUPPETS WRONG?WRONG ?N-E-V-E-R-As my son says "Ahh! oh well! you see"..wrong because they failed to predict Britons would change their behaviour??have I gone mad?

ANOTHER doomsday SAGE prediction that was wrong: Expert admits forecasting 6,000 Omicron deaths a day when it only reached 306 were wildly wrong because they failed to predict Britons would change their behaviour
Professor Graham Medley answered questions from MPs on Commons Science and Technology Committee
The SAGE member said experts on the panel presented the Government with range of Omicron scenarios
In their best-case scenario, they predicted deaths peaking at 600 a day but said they could reach 6,000
Deaths from the then-new variant of coronavirus instead peaked at less than 306 on January 1
Professor Medley said the experts were 'inevitably' going to have a 'worst case above reality'

Pharma For Priosn


Angus Files

9 pages of adverse events but nothing seriously err..nothing to worry about go on have the jab help pharma profits..

5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports
Page 29
Review of the available data for this cumulative PM experience, confirms a favorable
benefit: risk balance for BNT162b2.
Pfizer will continue routine pharmacovigilance activities on behalf of BioNTech according to
the Pharmacovigilance Agreement in place, in order to assure patient safety and will inform
the Agency if an evaluation of the safety data yields significant new information

5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports
Page 1
1p36 deletion syndrome;2-Hydroxyglutaric aciduria;5'nucleotidase increased;Acoustic
neuritis;Acquired C1 inhibitor deficiency;Acquired epidermolysis bullosa;Acquired epileptic
aphasia;Acute cutaneous lupus erythematosus;Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis;Acute
encephalitis with refractory, repetitive partial seizures;Acute febrile neutrophilic
dermatosis;Acute flaccid myelitis;Acute haemorrhagic leukoencephalitis;Acute
haemorrhagic oedema of infancy;Acute kidney injury;Acute macular outer retinopathy;Acu

Pharma For Prison


jessica mcgovern

How many in those 8 pages of no spacing.
1600 different adverse reactions?

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