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Old Gray Lady Says "Nyet!" To The Real Anthony Fauci Book Ad

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Sounds  like a melodrama from the 50s, yes? No. The New York Times,  nicknamed The Old Gray Lady, turned down a full page ad for Skyhorse Publishing's book The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy, Jr. Below is a link to the story straight from the publisher Tony Lyons.

We Tried to Run an Ad for ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ in The New York Times. Here’s What Happened. Skyhorse Publishing tried to place a full-page ad in The New York Times for ‘The Real Anthony Fauci,’ Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s bestseller. The ad salesman was thrilled — until he understood what the book was about.

The NYT would not run an ad for a book, here in the United States of America. Let that sink in for a moment. We're sunk. Or are we? We can fight Goliath. And the Gray Lady. We can fight for our freedoms. Here's a quick way to help.

MAKE AND SHARE MEMES DIRECTLY FROM THE BOOK! Amazon creates a nice little ad with just a few taps.  Send me your Meme at [email protected] and I'll share them too.  You can use the memes as your social media cover page and profile picture to avoid being censored, at least for a while. Just keep changing them back and forth. They'll end up on your wall and people will see them. They're public.  We need to keep the pressure up - Fauci is not going to let up on us, pharma is a greedy SOB that must be fed and fed and fed. We are in the eye of the storm. Hang on to your hat and make memes.

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Morag Lyons

Middle of 19th or 20th century ? exact same industrialist's style of behavioural flunkies at work.
Different style of shirts', shoes, and haircuts ,but same old colour and pattern on the wallpaper!
Not a personal opinion ,just a statement of fact!
The lackeys of lackeys always have been and always will be a hundred times worse than the servant of a servant !

Examples of same :
Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance-Home- FLCCC.
FLCCC Alliance at Videos & Press
FLCCC Weekly updates March 9. 2022.
The Forces against Ivermectin . Andrew Hill and Ivermectin .

Yuval Noah Hariri -Wikipedia
Views and Opinions "by 2050 a new class of people might emerge -the useless class. People who are not just unemployed but unemployable"
The real Fauci .
This book is a best seller locally ,nationally and internationally ! And .But ,and So , Mercantile middle men ,organisational lackeys and medical mercyless mercinary's "Blockade-running Barra Boys !" No longer of any worth or use to the general public perception!

The Message Runrig YouTube


John Stone is mentioned in Robert f Kennedy Jr's book.
On Page 361.
It is about John Stone's article in 2007 about Crying Wolf"

Very nice.
How this much detail is packed into one book is unbelievable.
How it was written in such short order? A miracle from God.



I believe you, and I also believeTony Lyons about the ad. in the New York Times. .

Did you hear about the news media being given 1 billion dollars of our tax payers' money, and with it came government control ? I bet you did.

They seem to love that control through our pocket books.

Does a man's heart that stands in front of army tanks beat just for money? We all know that answer. Our governments around the world have found a way of denying us food, shelter, clothes, warm, comfort and dignity, and even information so that we can make good decisions.

Health insurances I see are charging airline workers 200 dollars extra a month if they don't get the vaccine.

Anyway; how do I believe two people at the same time is easy cause it is all about timing.

"It is all about timing!"

For me when some one says that I think always of the example of microbes that uses up all the nitrogen so it can break down the mulch, and then when the time is right will dumps loads of nitrogen into the soil. . Will the timing be right for when young plants are going to need it for a burst of growth, and needs that nitrogen? It turns out pretty bad or the plants when the timing is off.

That Grey Lady before the election refused to do honest reporting about Hunter's lab top, and it did involve that old Biden. . Did you hear about that?

The timing was sure off for that one.

IT sounds to me that they have been mean to Tony Lyons, tried to aggravate him and Robert Kennedy Jr. Are you sure you want to spend money on that rag whose timing is way off?

Money is better spent on the New York Post. Their timing on the truth seems to be very good

The Epoch - I get that through the mail. It is a good newspaper. I can tell that it has some of those Chinese reporters, editors that have stood out in front of tanks rom the way, what , and timing of what they are writing.

False Scientists

The media is all illusion. A Yale law professor recently commented that law is not about truth anymore, but rather popular opinion—or at least the opinion that media and a small interest group want you to think is popular opinion.
Sad days really, I hope it turns around.

Maurine Meleck

Let me work on a way to post it here. It wasn't hidden by any means. Obviously the NYT found the money too hard to turn down.


Thank you Kim, so I up load the app on my phone and then buy the book on kindle and then I can share it from there on face book and some who the two communicate? I will ask my daughter; she is really good at all this.

I was just allowed back on face book - two days ago. They banned me for seven days this time. What did I do now? Well--- I copied and pasted a bunch of the single space medical terms that happened to be reported injuries from the FDA released data for covid vaccine. .

There must have been some thing else there cause face book knew it came from the vaccine website I got it off of. I don't see where I broke up the word vaccine on the very end too.

JFKennedy's book said that face book was started by the government. Yeah, it is our United States government's idea and baby.

Bob Moffit

Looks like NYT put RFK's book in same hidden draw as Hunter's lap top …. all news fit to hide


Maurine, maybe this was a recent attempt that had more truths and that's what cannot be allowed. Truths!

I don't subscribe nor will pay to read the NYT. Would like to see the add from December 19th. Also, I don't do FaceBook. Have given up on family and friends who are primarily of democrat persuasion. They prefer to not hear, read or listen to anything which challenges the narrative fundamental to their believe.

Its an understatement that the propaganda has been very effective, that they are unreachable; and I'm tired of trying to carefully select the best words which might penetrate.


Benedetta - I have a Kindle and the free app on my phone - the phone app has the MEME feature. I assume also a tablet.


Maurine Meleck

But they did run an ad. Looks to be a half page ad. I have the paper and cut out the ad. It ran on Dec 19th.


Down load the app on a kindle? A cell phone? A computer?

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