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Leslie Manookian at Weston Price Wise Traditions 2021

Journal of Pediatrics Cardiac MRI Findings In Adolescents with Post-Covid mRNA Vaccine Myopericarditis

Broken heartMonday morning science, in the hope of preventing a family from Monday morning quarterbacking a decision.

Although symptoms were transient and most patients appeared to respond to treatment (soley with NSAIDS), we demonstrated persistence of abnormal findings on CMR at follow up in most patients, albeit with improvement in extent of LGE.

The presence of LGE is an indicator of cardiac injury and fibrosis and has been strongly associated with worse prognosis in patients with classical acute myocarditis.


Persistent Cardiac MRI Findings in a Cohort of Adolescents with post COVID-19 mRNA vaccine myopericarditis

Jenna Schauer, MD
Sujatha Buddhe, MD, MS
Avanti Gulhane, MD, DNB, FSCMR
Sathish Mallenahalli Chikkabyrappa, MD
Yuk Law, MD
Michael A. Portman, MD
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Published:March 25, 2022DOI:

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S.L. Greer, there is a "bad ad" reporting program ( run by FDA that allows individuals to report misleading ads by drug companies. However, most of the corona ads are put out by the feds themselves. I don't know who would have standing to sue... My guess is no one.

S L Greer

Today I heard some of the worst propaganda yet - and my 16 yo daughter was in the car. Someone pretending to be an 18 year old young lady who had had COVID was saying she had severe heart damage from COVID and could no longer even blow out the candles on a birthday cake. An announcer then said that 1/3 of COVID cases turn into long COVID, with problems including myocarditis, even if the original symptoms were mild, and sometimes the problems hit months later (of course the problems perhaps happened to occur after a vaccine?). I wonder if we can sue to stop them if there are no documented cases like this one described?

I don't remember if there was a statement about who sponsored the spot.

Bob Moffit

This "WARP SPEED" vaccine may finally end the scientific myth the BENEFITS of vaccines always outweighs the RISKS


On the HighWire, there was a brief exchange with Del & one of his guests regarding a new CA requirement of the inclusion of an EKG w/ a child’s sports physical. Looks like they’re preparing to trot out the ol’ “better diagnosis” song and dance. Get ready to hear ridiculous claims of, “There is no real rise in pediatric heart conditions, we’re just catching them better” & condescending assertions of “How dare you try to keep your child’s heart healthy or try heal it! You should accept the heart your child was born with”!


I sure wish I had not been scared witless about Rye's syndrome and given my son some asprin - one of those NSaids after his heart swelled up from his first DPT vaccine.

35 years later and here we are.

There are some people that needs killing. And been needed it for decades.

Laura Hayes

Link for Leslie Manookian's brilliant presentation at last November's WAPF Conference below.

I watched Leslie's presentation twice over the weekend. It is important to take a historical perspective on what is transpiring today, as it has been years in the planning and implementing. Here is the link to her impressive presentation (the last 20 minutes of which are Q&A):

I have known Leslie for many years now (she produced the excellent movie titled The Greater Good:, and find her to be a woman of informed intelligence, principled ethics, and good character. Her latest endeavor is the creation of the Health Freedom Defense Fund:

Thank you to WAPF for making a number of the presentations from last year's conference free to watch. If you are interested to attend WAPF's 2022 Conference, here is a link for that:

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