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Cade Larson has Advanced Cancer

by Ginger Taylor

JenCadeCade Larson has cancer.

Jennifer Larson of The Holland Center, The Canary Party, and Health Choice has shared that her beloved son Cade has advanced cancer. Cade is 21, he has autism with a severe communication impairment, and has only recently had his world and his relationships open more broadly through the Spell to Communicate method, starting college classes last fall.

It has been a shock to learn that he has testicular non pure seminoma cancer that has advanced into his lungs and kidneys.

Yesterday Cade began recovering from surgery, and will begin chemo and alternative therapies today. Jennifer will be completely focused on him until until he is healed.

For more than a decade Jen has done selfless, intense, and impactful work on behalf of both our affected loved ones, and the entire medical freedom movement. Everything from providing individual treatment to children, to bringing members of Congress into our fold. Most of the work she does is out of the spotlight, and I can attest to the fact that everyone impacted by autism, vaccine injury, and vaccine mandates owe her more thank yous than they will ever know. We can pay her back now with loving, positive, and encouraging support by giving her the two things she has asked for:

1. Prayer for Cade. Aggressive, frequent, and passionate pleas to God for his healing.

2. Sending her all the information on alternative cancer treatments and alternative medical providers we can think of so she is assured of being able to consider every avenue possible for his healing. Respond to this and we will make sure she sees it.

Our love for our special needs children has inspired us to set aside many of the life long ambitions that we have had in order to serve them and protect others from sharing their difficult fate.  Cade's mother's love for him has driven her to to become one of the leading change agents in our movement, creating and supporting multiple companies, coalitions, platforms, projects, and people in order to advance our rights and our children's health, The Age of Autism among them. What she has done, she did because she loves Cade.

When you look at the most prolific activists in our movement, you are often seeing someone who is merely in the employ of the child they love.  Those children are so powerful that they force their caregivers and loved ones to turn their lives and careers upside down for them without ever making such a request.  Most will never understand the impact that they have on the world because of how they are loved.

The true and uncredited power brokers behind the Age of Autism include Bella Stagliano, Gianna Stagliano, Mia Stagliano, Michaela Blaxill, Chandler Taylor, Jamison Handley, Christian Wright, Noah Goes, John Dachel, Matthew Obradovic, and Ronan Jameson.  We are just their puppets.

Cade Larson is of the most powerful men in our movement.  Please pray earnestly for his total recovery from cancer.

Please forward and share this widely.




I was wondering if there are any updates on Cade? I think about him often. One of the things I have read that can be helpful for cancer are high dose Vitamin C IVs. I started those after my traditional treatments. Hope they can find an integrative oncologist in their area to help him. I also started taking Green Tea extract because I could not stand the taste of the tea itself, but is is supposed to be good against cancer. Our prayers are with Cade and his family.

Morag Lyons

It's a pig of a situation, and it's not fair, why us ?

Requests acknowledged sorted and settled
Prayer is optional!
Do prayer, big, hard, and often, or don't bother with it at all .

This treatment plan is not a sprint it is a marathon.

I was lucky enough to have my training modules with Kenneth Calman in Gartnavel General Hospital
Late 1970's.
If you can find a similar quality oncologist to work with
then you have found a gold watch to start off with !


"Prayer for Cade. Aggressive, frequent, and passionate pleas to God for his healing."

I am asking in Jesus' name for COMPLETE healing for Cade.
Matthew 9:18-26


I agree with Simon Baron Cohen who is the Borat actor's cousin. This man is a scientist who is involved in autism research. He said something about an extreme male brain and autism and what makes an extreme male brain? Excessive Testosterone. Rare forms of testicular cancer over producing Testosterone as one of the signs of the disease such as the form of cancer is poor young man name Cade has. I think such uncommon tumors are called neuro-endocrine or something like that these tumors more common in Tuberous sclerosis and multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome. Actually diseases that are abbreviated as MEN1 and MEN2 and TSc. among other diseases. More common testicular cancer produces feminine hormones like Gonadotropin and Estrogen according to the Mayo clinic and Cancer.gov. Get your child check for MEN and TSc and maybe Neurofibromatosis which I have. These conditions kill those people with and without "autism" by the hundreds every day and there is not cure and chemotherapy is less effective than in general population. I have a 21 year old female cousin on my mom's side and she is dying of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma that started in her spine a very rare place to start that kind of cancer and Lymphoma is rare itself in those under 60. She was diagnosed stage 4 about 3 months age after suffering from back pain and other issues for at least 2 years she was ignored by doctors and then finally the doctors guessed lupus or rheumatic arthritis when it was obvious something was wrong with her immune system. Then the doctors finally said lymphoma when she almost died a few months ago but had a surgery to remove one of the most dangerous tumors and she almost certain will die soon even with the treatments that expanded her life a little. She has a Go Fund Me page under Kassy Schuenke or something like that her mom's name.


Praying for a total + complete healing for Cade. God bless Cade + his Mom, Jennifer. There are so many alternative treatments for Cancer. I highly recommend the website: The Truth About Cancer.com

Angus Files

So sorry for the lad and all always worse when its a young person..GCMAF with oversight from a practioner will help.As I was told Cancer is nagalase (the bad guys) Maf (the goodies) kills the nagalase. Not enough Maf and the bad guys wins. Get the Maf right the good guys win.

Pharma For Prison

Zoey O'Toole

Oh, no! I'm so very sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to Jennifer and her husband. Jennifer has done so much for others, I hope that karma will be paying her back. I will certainly be praying for Cade and his family.


I am sorry for your son's diagnosis. I have a son with autism and I am a special Ed teacher. I hope you listen to the professionals and not a bunch of hookahs that will give you unsound information. The internet is not the place to find credible information. Dee

 Carolyn Kylesmom

I pray for Cade.
This is so horrible. And so terrifying. I pray they find the right treatment.
Joy: saying “I am not an antivaxxer” is a way to set someone up for a Socratic method argument. I get you and I hear your anger but it is often a technique and the only way to reach some people is to first seem to agree with them. Then you step them through the arguments and they are more likely to hear you. The first time someone suggested mercury in vaccines was a bad idea to me they inferred that they were provax. This disarmed me from ignoring them. This helped me not shut them down. Please realize that those of us who have certain thinking styles need to be led to the truth gently. And forgive those of us who use these techniques to persuade. I hear and understand your anger.


I have an adult son with autism and I am so sorry to hear of Cade's cancer diagnosis. I will keep him in my prayers and hope for a full recovery for him. God Bless and Heal him.


So sorry to hear about Cade's diagnosis. I'll be keeping him and his family in my prayers.

I suggest reading Joe Tippen's inspirational story of how he treated his stage 4 cancer with a canine medication called fenbendazole. Many links are available when you search for his name. His story, blog and protocol can be found here here https://www.mycancerstory.rocks

Here is a version of his protocol I found with links to scientific backing for the various supplements https://cdn.website-editor.net/4dcb0b7185374fe5898d4ec7af91eb8d/files/uploaded/Joe%2520Tippens%2527%2520Protocol%2520and%2520Scientific%2520Backing.pdf


Heavenly Father our prayers are for Cade that he will receive healing and that you bless the hands of his doctors guided by wisdom. Bless and watch over his family, his loving mother and grant her in this difficult time peace and strength. Lord hear our prayers.

Joy Garner

In the nationwide 2019/2020 Control Group study, (SEE: https://www.thecontrolgroup.org/ ) we could not find a SINGLE entirely unvaccinated person (of any age) who had contracted any form of cancer. Based upon our sample size, this means that, in the entirely unvaccinated American population, (about 832K people) the RATE of cancer could not possibly be higher than 0.001%. It is in fact, a mathematical impossibility the rate is higher than this in the entirely unvaccinated population.

This lack of cancers within the unvaccinated TRUE "controls" doesn't mean that vaccine-exposure is the only possible cause of cancer. It just means that if you avoid ALL vaccine exposure, your risk of cancer is less an 0.001%- whereas the lifetime risk of cancer rises to about 50% (actually higher now) if you've been exposed/injected with vaccines. Obviously, the more exposure/s, the higher the risk, and the lower the exposure, the lower the risk.

Take your pick I guess- a 0.001% risk of cancer, vs. over 50% risk. Oh, that's right, we've lost the right to choose (no "consent" even when we ARE "informed") because our politicians have decided they can practice medicine on the general public WITHOUT a license, i.e., they've prescribe unavoidably-unsafe drug injections (for the general public), which is a CRIMINAL act in ALL 50 states.

It's a criminal act to prescribe drugs to ANYONE without a license. It doesn't become less of a criminal violation by clothing it as a "legislative" act, which only puts MILLIONS of people at risk from drug prescriptions written by the body-politic. The laws prohibiting the practice of medicine without a license are to protect PUBLIC HEALTH. The government cannot claim a competing or compelling interest which trumps the CRIMINAL codes put in place to protect the public from the unlicensed practice of medicine.

I am DONE listening to people who begin all of their objections to the vaccine mandates with the words: "I'm not an antivaxxer". Well I for one, am a PROUD "antivaxxer". And anyone who ISN'T an "antivaxxer" BY NOW is either CHOOSING to remain WILLFULLY ignorant, or a pharma shill, and/or a complete MORON, or all of the aforementioned combined.


Believe Big. They have funded research into mistletoe and just passed phase 1 trials at Hopkins. My husband used it after radiation and chemo failed to fully resolve his cancer. Thr founder had stage 4 colon cancer and flew to Germany for treatment. When she recovered she started an organization and began fundraising for the trials. Our GP was able to order and administer thr IVs and they were covered by insurance and I do injections for him 3x per week. Syringes covered by insurance, but subcutaneous mistletoe is not covered so it costs us $90 per month. Believebig.org.


So very sorry! All the love to the Larson family! Perhaps Dr Shelia Lewis Ealy could be of some help?

Robin Summers


Robin Summers



Prayers for Cade and her son! I hope he makes a full recovery. Intravenous Vitamin C is my first thought in the battle against cancer. https://www.markstengler.com/intravenous-therapy/intravenous-vitamin-c/


Many people with autism have Cancer predisposition syndromes like Neurofibromatosis Tuberous Sclerosis and Van Hipple Linda's syndrome. I have NF and autism myself. It is so sad that the medical establishment ignores the symptoms and signs of cancer in young adults especially those with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities until it is too late and it is stage 3 or 4 and almost certainly terminal. My cousin Isabella from the bay area of California is a 21 year old lady who does not have autism but she has terminal non Hogkins lymphoma. She she was ignored her so called doctors for months with a main complaint of back pain because the cancer was on her spine a very rare place for lymphoma to originate in. She was accused of drug seeking or fibromaylga early in her complaint about her back pain
Late last year when it was more obviously that something was wrong the n the diagnosis it was misdiagnosed as Lupus something that is also serious. Tje final terminal Lymphoma in early 2022.

G. Martinez

Hello. I am so sorry to hear about your son's cancer. I have a now 15 year old with severe autism, mostly nonverbal. The few alt treatments for Cancer, I have read about are- Vitamin C IV treatment, Giving Tumeric and Also, Hyper Baric Chamber treatment to help the damage cells. Praying for you and your family during this difficult season. Prayers and Love from Texas.
G. Martinez and Sam.


Of course I will pray for healing for Cade, and strength for him and for Jennifer.

The two resources that I would mention to anyone with a cancer diagnosis are Kris Carr's book, *Crazy Sexy Cancer,* and "e-Patient Dave" (https://www.epatientdave.com/about-dave/). Both of them challenged their doctors, and both of them talk about how to do that. (Carr talks about how to get insurance to cover as much as possible, too.)

Dave, in particular, talks about "extending science," and has a blog and links to different patient communities.

I don't agree with everything either one of them says, but both of them have some useful information, and Dave's blog and patient communities might be ways to find alternative treatments that are emerging.

Maurine Meleck

I am so saddened to hear this news. Continued prayers for his total recovery.

Kathleen Tanenbaum


God Bless Cade and Jennifer.

Kathy Tanenbaum


So very sorry to hear this. Praying.

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