CDC Milestone Changes And Autism
Part 4: A Few Nuggets from the New Best-selling Book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Children of Ukraine

Kim and Sammy CYesterday, the world awoke to the news that Russia blitzed Ukraine. For many years, I worked with a behaviorist who began to travel to Ukraine as a Missionary for Special Education. She had children of her own with autism. She described the heartbreak of orphanages chock full of children with Down Syndrome, autism and other special needs. She lamented the UTTER and complete lack of basic services and care, even down to a simple vitamin at birth that can prevent hearing loss in babies with Down Syndrome. There were no classrooms for autism - children stayed at home. So few people walk  the walk that they talk - not she. She adopted twin baby boys with Down Syndrome and brought them to New England, where they were treated with the finest medical care and began to thrive. That's a photo of me holding chunk-a-munk Sammy. But her heart was with the thousands of children who had no one to look out for them, for the parents desperate for ways to help their children. She earned her PhD and began seminars across Ukraine on ABA and how to help children with autism. Thanks to her, programs began to sprout up, families had help. Not long ago, she and her family moved to Kyiv. The returned to the USA 2 weeks ago. I'm glad she and her family are safe. But I think of the children - and wonder how they will fare.

Ask yourself, what would MY family do if bombs rained down on my city, if I had to duck into a subway station as a makeshift bomb shelter, if I did not have the ZILLION things my children needed just to get through the day?  Not to be glib, but imagine a day without Wifi?

Keep the families of Ukraine in your thoughts, especially the children with special needs.



Morag Lyons

Really nice photo,
What would happen if politicians "Shout" War ,Conflict ,Battle , Sanctions, and no one -ordinary people turned up to support it!!!
What would they do then ?
"Sorry chums ,sort it out between your own silly wee selvies - we are busy with other important everyday stuff and therefore not available ?"

Runrig - Onar Youtube


Hello, because Russian is the language Theresa uses in her professional work there. And when I did a virtual presentation for Ukrainian families, it was translated into Russian. Kim


Kim why end your post with a thank you in Russian?


"IF your suspicious of the World Economic Forum, of Crypt currency, of Biometric, of clots shots, then Russia fits the bill.


Clot shot worried citizens' is the same as here in the United States.

People losing their jobs in Russia too.
Same story there as here.




We have been lied to, so very much.
What if this is the plan, just the laid out plan.

Russia is to Invade Ukraine; make it look all heroic?
Russians running over a car passing by with a tank.
The leader of the country is not running away, but staying calm; like a really rare, good leader would do. We just love him; we as the human race are a real sucker for that kind of story. You all know we are.

Then again I could be wrong and that makes me a really mean person?
Poor Ukraine falls and Putin marches right on into the Baltics and Poland.

But what if it is a lie, and it is the excuse used by all of the western world that causes the dollar to be devalued, the governments now all control crypto money, and I am now a slave in those futuristic fantasy books I read in my youth?

what did Trudeau do to protesters that gave out coffee to the truckers?


Angus Putin also said last year at the Davos meeting that:

"there is a chance that we will face a formidable break-down of global development which will be fraught with a war of all, against all, and attempts to deal with contradictions through the appointment of internal and external enemies and destruction of not only traditional values, such as family which we hold dear in Russia,

---- but fundamental freedoms such as the right of choice and privacy. I would like to point out that the negative demographic consequences of the on going social crises and the crises of values, which could result in humanity losing entire civilizational and cultural continents.

We have a shared responsibility to prevent this scenario.

Which looks like a grim dystopia and to ensure instead that our development takes a different trajectory; positive, harmonious and creative. "

The phrase that stick out here to me is : "consequences of the on going social crises and the crises of values " Are they the ones pushing crises after crises up on us? And Putin is warning them that it might not come out like they have decided in one of their 201 pre covid meetings?

There was a word he used here: scenario. How many scenarios did this group run by?

That Putin has to say, " We have a shared responsibility to prevent this scenario."

Then of course he could have lost his mind like they are all saying on all the news stations. Oh, he is totally different - acting; his face is all puffy and all of that.

We are done with the covid, Trudeau could not wait to use finance as a weapon, so time to bring on the threat of nuclear war. That ought to keep a crisis a going. Meanwhile all the gals are soundly beaten by a - big backed, muscular man in a swimming contest and you better just all take it. There is the there values - I suppose.



what a coincidence; that all through Obama years giving 7. 8 billion dollars to Ukraine/Hunter/Biden/Pearls on Ambassadors/ that is the very place; the Ukraine that Putin invades, and in doing so it auses the American dollar to collapse as Europe and the west sanctions and can't find oil after shutting down pipe lines in the U.S. probably the North Sea as well.

It is not hard to pluck at American and the western people's heart strings.
Heck if you are human, I was really super depressed yesterday after watching a Mother in a community basemen holding her scared, big eyed baby and tell us she had just said goodbye to her husband that went to fight. The baby - even at that age they know things are not right, and a little four year old standing with her mother, an her eyes all big as saucers . The little boy would not even engage in eye contact at all.

And still it has been Ukraine call at the heart of an unreasonable, crazy impeachment - process. for Trump. Something there that is a deep rabbit hole and dirty.

Angus Files

More accurate reporting

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Benedetta it might be what as known as the big reset where were all going to be the same eating dirt but happy because the Putins Rothchilds of the world say so from the rooms of their Palaces.

Putins biggest threat will come from his bodyguards I`ve heard.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Benedetta it might be the re-start where they are going to take everything from us all and we will all be the same ,whilst they sit in Palaces telling us were happy.

Biggest threat to Putin will be his bodyguards Julius Caesar -esk would be good.

Pharma For Prison



Yeah, Angus; I have a college friend first generation polish gal.
She is such a liberal, progressive .
She visited her people back in Poland several years ago, so she has bound to have some feelings for them.

when the U.S. ambassador t told the Ukrainian investigators that they cannot prosecute the corrupt Hunter's company, makes sure they can't get visas; and then when Trump fires her has the nerve to put on her pearls and show up in Congress in the impeach struff ---

My friend brags on her and says she puts on her pearls, and straightens her spine to do what ever.

"Russia already put down a huge riot, demonstration in Kazakhstan. I saw a video of it-- huge, huge crowds. Come to think of it there was a huge crowd protesting against Putin was it last years - right in Russia? That is when Putin arrested his political rival when he returned from Germany - after going there to be treated for being poisoned.

How can humanity save itself from evil leaders.

Putin said last year at the WEF Klaus has mentioned the conversation I had yesterday with the US president on the extending the New Start.

What New Start?

What did he mean by:

Angus Files

My son got stem cells twice in the clinic EmCell, Kiev lovely people and a beautiful country.Very sad to see the Russia bullying.I see Putin is now gathering his tanks on the Polish border Poland next?

Most business`s cook the books no doubt the Bidens et-al just bomb and burn the books as we seen in Iraq..

which paid Hunter Biden $1 million a year to sit on its board, according to the email

REVEALED: US diplomat in Kiev sent classified email in 2016 warning that Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine 'undercut the anti-corruption message' his VP father was advancing

Pharma For Prison



Ahhhh, Wednesday Trudeau lifted the Emergency - marshal law crap that Monday the Canadian Parliament past it. But that frozen bank accounts - to the tune of 8 million is still frozen. Much more than what the United States did after 911.

I missed it since Putin invaded Ukraine.

The Canadian emergency act was right in the middle of the debate in the senate when Trudeau lifted it. Although nothing had changed. How do they manage to get this bunch of stupids in the House to do their evil bidding?

Fox News is minute to minute, wall to wall stuff that is making me feel really bad for Ukraine. Ukraine soldiers giving a finger to Russian forces before being killed, people piling into trains, and families huddled in underground subways. The Ukrainian leader saying he is the number one target of the Russians.

Meanwhile: if you gave 20 dollars to the truckers you bank account just might be frozen.


Glen Beck talks with Daniel Turner on fossil fuels punishment


Del Bigtree is suspicious like I am that Putin is invading Ukraine to help the Sh** heads of the western governments to change the subject of taking our freedoms, closing our bank accounts when we are able to side step censorship.

Yeah, Putin , Trudeau, Biden and Kaus are all in it together.
The WEF is lead by China - that is how it is going to come out. China holds the purse strings which is all that a lot of these types of elites understand ; like Biden, CLinton, Gates, Kaus, Trudeau

Del Bigtree played a speech that Putin gave at the WEF; his thoughts on a talk that he had with Biden the day before. I copied it down. I might type it here tonight if anyone is interested in seeing it.

We have had all of our oil production shut down here in the United States.
The USA has been buying Iran's oil - way back in April of last year, and going to make an Iranian deal.
They are making a war on oil just like they did coal. Let me tell you I have never had a 800 dollar electric bill - well I had one this month.

Kim Found out the news item that Bill Gates is in with Liz Cheney in some kind of nuclear power plant deal in Montana, and Russia is taking over among other things in Ukraine, including the Chernobyl power plant. My baby boy was born about the same time it melted down. It must not be totally shut down? But if you are going to go with nuclear why not just restart a place that is already a mess for the next million years.

They are really just punishing fossil fuels, the green new deal is just insane.
We have been taken over by mad men, that is not one bit scared of nuclear power. Not one bit. Which is evil and insane.


Guess where they are studying the “most dangerous viruses in the world?"


We might not have to worry about the orphanages.....

John Stone

It is dismaying to see all this - humanity only comes into this if people stand up for it, not from any of our deranged governments for the moment. How quickly they switched off Covid nonsense and switched on Ukraine nonsense - we are being told in the U.K. that we should be prepared to go to war over it. Two of my grandparents came from the territory and I am quite sure we don’t.

Super-cute picture.


Not long ago I watched a documentary on You Tube called "Finding Banni" about a reporter from Ireland whose family had fostered Banni, a young autistic boy from Ukraine, but then was forced to give him back eventually. The family desperately tried to adopt him but they were denied. The reporter, now an adult (he was one of the siblings in the family who fostered Banni and they all adored him), made the trip to find him again at one of these facilities in Ukraine. I worry about him and all of the kids trapped over there. Please watch it. It's heartbreaking and so informative about what is going on over there regarding all disabled individuals and their caregivers. Now their hell is about to get even worse.


No one thinks of the disabled in war and other natural disasters. When all of these countries signed some disabled treaty for the United Nations one country not at war nor at war any time recently signed a specific op-out of the provisions of this disability treaty dealing with natural disaster and war and that country was Mauritius. Imagine the Ukraine and Russia violating provisions of that disability related treaty while claiming to ratify the treaty in it's entirety. The US is not party to this treaty and it is one of very few countries to not sign the treaty makes you wonder.
In Rumania children where under such neglect in orphanages and they like that they developed developmental disabilities and autism artificially for only minimal human contact.

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