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Life With Autism In Pictures But Banned on Facebook

Brandon 2022 1Note: Our friend Michelle Guppy has shared her journey with Brandon for many years. She has a raw, honest blog called Life With Autism In Pictures. Yesterday, she tried to post one of her blog entries on her Facebook page, and Facebook would not let her.  We're running an excerpt today, and hope you will click over to her blog to finish reading, and bookmark the site.  The crackdown on showcasing the often grim side of life for and with our loved ones with autism is depressing as heck. I couldn't even Tweet Tanner Welsh's obituary from AofA because Twitter now marks ALL of our Tweets as "sensitive."  I even Tweeted a Bundt cake - a sensitive Bundt cake.  But we all keep going - including Michelle and her family.


Life With Autism In Pictures Silent Surrender

In many ways, the last few months have been a series of Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events"..... as well as the usual series of "unrecoverable's" as Todd so fondly calls the insanity of certain incidents we could never imagine in our "Life with Autism, Seizures, & a side of PANDAS"...

I have to chuckle at my ignorance...silly me...I thought the rules of life were that if you already have one lifelong challenge, you were somehow magically exempt from all other hardships that can happen in life. To say that I've felt suckerpunched is to say that "autism" is simply a "quirky behavior." Not many will get that, but those who do, deeply get it.

As I have desperately tried to navigate this unfamiliar and unwanted bump in the road so to speak - I am deeply grateful for the NDCQ motto that I have embraced thanks to being introduced to the Navy SEAL world of FORGED warriors and their NEVER QUIT mentality - not to mention the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape (SERE) training of Matt's Navy journey that began ten years ago...

"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday" has been proven to be true in my life in so many ways..... except I might add, for warrior families like mine, there seem to be no easy days.........

(I mean really, don't we warrior moms wish upon wishes that our "Hell Week" lasted only a week?)

Which brings me to this picture I captured a few days ago while driving my son to his Adult Day Program...  Read more here.



Personally, I don't think Facebook can tell us what to do and what not to do.
We are all adults, not to be treated as naughty children.
Especially considering that most of their employees are of our children's age.
I closed my Facebook account.
Bye, my online friends community!
See you on Telegram or elsewhere


I see you. I hear you. I am you.
My son will be 23 tomorrow. I appreciate and understand why you share. It breaks my heart seeing all these beautiful young men (and women) so very obviously injured by pharma.
It’s like living in a nightmare… both because days are often that difficult… but also… when I enter a space (class room/day program etc) and see all the beautiful souls imprisoned in their damaged bodies and their eyes are pleading to be seen and there are so many.. and everyone acts like … nothing … just damaged people to be kept. Our children have become an industry. My heart is forever broken.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for continuing to take pictures, blog, and chronicle your family’s journey with “autism”, the misnomer purposefully continued by those who wish to hide the truth that it is the vaccines which they manufacture, administer, mandate, and profit from that are wreaking havoc, resulting in chronically sick, permanently disabled, and prematurely-dead children and young adults, in numbers that should horrify anyone with two functioning brain cells.

This morning, I read through a few of your blog posts. I decided to post the link to the one below, as perhaps it will be the warning needed for someone to make the wise decision to say NO to any and all vaccines for their precious child, from the get-go, and for life.

Hang in there, Michelle. As believers, we can take great hope in the promises of Revelation 21:4:

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away.”

Morag Lyons

Fab article, but is it possible, social media is still going through it's developmentally young playing about with it's own "selfie!" stage of development? and would prefer people in the learning difficulty /learning disability ,and elderly care sectors," stay out of sight out of mind !"

A Review of life stories in learning disability research and practice.
Sue Leger, Noelle McCormack, Jan Walmsey , Elizabeth Tily , Ian Davis
09 July 2021

Life Story Books are an essential part of person centred, care planning !

[Original] Man in Nursing Home Reacts to Hearing Music From His Era YouTube

See -Lennox Castle Hospital A Hidden History [I/4 ] You Tube .


Raise your hand if know what Rubella is. Why are we injecting 1yr olds with a rubella vaccine? Why are we going to inject 6mos olds with a Covid vaccine?


Michelle Guppy;

If you get some time, tell us more on that PANDAS deal?
I was way behind on that one and unsure if we will be facing with another strep infection. IF it was a strep infection; maybe it was and maybe it was not. We treated him for strep two months before. I am wondering if it might have been covid? First there is the virus and then the second stage is the inflammation. I have all kinds of questions but not good answers.

I have a few friends whose family members that in the past few months have come down with cellulitis - new word for me. Some have died. It is suppose to be hooked up with strep too, well maybe.

Angus Files

I remember Polly and Jon Tommy i think it was,tried to have a poster campaign in the front of busies in the UK. .Just as you enter the bus there is/was a poster size space taken up by an advertiser usually some poor animal looking sad and not at the top of health.They werent allowed approx 20 years ago to have a picture of an equally looking depressed autistic person as it breached civil rights/ liberties of disabled people.More like it brought to the attention of the damage caused by pharma and they just might donate.

Well done Michelle anf family.

Pharma For Prison



Is there any other severe condition in this world that is censored? That we pretend doesn’t exist? Stage 4 cancer? Amputation level diabetes? (Dare I say) Ventilation level Covid?
Censorship a concession. We did this. This is man-made.

Kate C

This is unacceptable. How do we contact Facebook to tell them that?

Jill in MI

These pictures need to be seen. This story needs to be told. Not everyone with autism is Sheldon Cooper. Somewhere in the next seven years (?), autism will climb to 50/50 - if nothing changes. How can things change if the stories are not told? Sensitive? No shit sherlock. I pray for you Michelle. I pray for Tanner's family.

P.S. I live in Michigan. The bridge to Canada has been closed to truckers going into Canada for four days. Trucks have instead been rerouted to the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron. But that has come with its own headache as the bridge is unable to manage the surge in traffic that would usually drive through Detroit and into Windsor. Access on the bridge was partially open on Wednesday. But protesters on the bridge have now blocked both entrances. Several dozen demonstrators could be seen outside Thursday morning. Many were hovering around space heaters and grills, with big rig semi-trucks in the background. A sign read "Leaders Don't Hide." The tide is turning. I have hope. One battle at a time.


Michelle-I am also the mother of an adult son with autism and epilepsy and completely understand what you are going through. Our lives are too difficult and impossible for other people who don't have a child like this to even begin to understand. Every day is a struggle and it goes on year after year after year with no break for us weary moms who must care for our precious sons and daughters. We love them dearly and just wish that somehow a miracle cure will someday soon be found to end our very demanding and heartbreaking lives. God Bless all of us and our special children.

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