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Vaccine Legislation – What’s New in Early 2022?

Experienced Complications. Told No One. Died.

C72B9035-763D-4BB2-8E4E-8C1EF5DF5F3CAfter his first dose, George Jr. experienced complications, which he chose to keep to himself. According to his parents, blood was in his urine after the first shot. He then received his second dose in mid-September, where he experienced flu-like symptoms that did not resolve.

Flashback. PTSD. Our condolences to George’s family. This is likely as painful as a suicide, because of the guilt and regret involved. He didn't tell anyone he was having an adverse reactions - probably because he knew no one would believe him, and the gaslighting would be severe.  That's the environment created by the media, by the CDC, by people on social media who DELIGHT in shaming the unvaccinated and prostrating themselves before the Covid vaccines.

We don't often talk about the emotions we've been saddled with since our own experience with vaccine injury. We're expected to just suck it up, ignore it, don't tell anyone how shattering it is to know that a birth dose of Hep B might have changed the course of your child's life.  Just like George Watts Jr. RIP young man.


“I don’t know what else to do, or where to even go from here.” COVID-19 vaccine to blame for Southern Tier man’s death: Deputy Coroner

LOCKWOOD, N.Y. (WETM) — According to the Bradford County Deputy Coroner, a rare complication to the COVID-19 vaccine turned deadly for the Watts family of Lockwood. Their son, George Watts Jr., died at just 24-years-old after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

George Jr. was a college student. Described as a homebody, he loved playing video games and being with his family.

“[He’s] shy at first, but once you get to know him, he’s a jokester, a quick-witted kid,” Kelly Watts, George Jr.’s mother, said. Read More



This young man appears to have died from his vaccine. For many of us, one of our biggest fears is that their is no desire to care about the vaccine injured, and no desire to investigate it or stop it. Your comments reinforce that. No mention of the young man's death at all. It seems like when we get vaccine injured, we simply are too unimportant to be worth talking about or helping.
You can understand how, particularly for those who have already been injured, this builds massive distrust, and in some cases, anger.
And if you ignore and discount injuries and vaccine deaths, then you know the data has to be wrong.

Meanwhile, Dr Offit, at CHOP has already been quoted in multiple news articles as saying that he would not got his 20 year old son a vaccine booster, because the benefits don't outweigh the risks.
What is he seeing that has scared him so much he made a public comment like that?
From the article
Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist, and Dr. Paul Offit, of the FDA's vaccine advisory committee, stood against booster jabs for teen boys

Why all non covid deaths now up over 40% in young working adults, in a massive increase that was never seen in the first, unvaccinated but covid filled year of the pandemic?
Medicine has to care, or it is not medicine.

Angus Files

F.O.I.`s CHOP nothing to beat them.Someone been messing about at your hopsital?

23 infants infected at CHOP after eye exams with contaminated equipment
The parents of one baby allege that she died as a result of the infection.

Pharma For Prison




I think the official term is called "slow walking."

Frederic Chopin

Emma and Bene,
HIPAA laws weren't created to prevent safety studies - you should read about them.
And the FDA had 10 people processing over 400 FOIA requests. This one involves over 330.000 pages. Processing involves more than just HIPAA concerns.
'The records must be reviewed to redact confidential business and trade secret information of Pfizer or BioNTech and personal privacy information of patients who participated in clinical trials".
So yeah now the FDA will have to waste more time and more taxpayer money dealing with this nonsense. And nothing will come of it, as I said.


"How many people at the FDA do you believe are tasked with processing all that data just for anti vaccine FOIA requests?"

The judge told them they have plenty in their budget to hire more workers to get the job done in under a year.

This info resides in a data base. Extracting names can be easily and quickly done. Duh.

"...just for anti vaccine FOIA requests?"
So you consider accountability and transparency regarding VACCINE SAFETY to be "anti-vaccine?"
ISN'T THAT THE JOB OF THE FDA? Are they "anti-vaccine?"


Ohhhh, Now Fredrick it is all about those rights of the patients.

How about those vaccine passport on the phone stuff that are such good apps - that at the Canadian Border they just wave them right on through cause they picked it up as the truck was heading their way.

So much for those God given Hippa laws.
Which by the way was written to protect big pharma to give them something to hide behind when there was a demand for studies on safety and what not.

Kind of like what you just did.
They don't care about my hippa rights -

Your papers, need never be uttered as any one can read it on their app as you head down the interstate.


Frederic, I agree with Benedetta that it is not as if the pages have to be hand copied. That explanation is ridiculous. Also, I thought you did work at CHOP because your last pen name Chopin was kind of a nod to the composer and a shout out to CHOP. Isn't this so?

Frederic Chopin

Emma and Bene,
How many people at the FDA do you believe are tasked with processing all that data just for anti vaccine FOIA requests? And you're paying for it you know. They can't release anything that might identify study participants due to HIPAA laws (just for starters). Absolutely nothing will come of it. But I know, I know - it's all part of the conspiracy.


@FC "FDA had previously said that it takes approximately eight minutes per page ..."

So how did the FDA read, verify, and process all those pages in about a year in order to give Pfizer's Covid jab its seal of FDA approval? Are you saying that all Democrat appointed judges are totally biased?


Fedrick you are a liar. You like to twist it all to suit you. That little twist that it was Trump's judge.
No, that is the game the federal agencies are playing since they have not punishment or pain for playing this type of game.

This was well explained to me by Sharyl Attkisson who has had to deal with this little problem of getting FOIA requests. That is REQUESTS plural -- not just trying to get it just for the Covid 19 vaccines.

In an interview called :"How Fact Checking Is Controlled and Faked"

 Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson explains how she has to sue to get her FOIA request. She sues and the court makes the government hand it over. Since it was us that paid for the research, us that it affects. The federal agencies then plays games and says that they can't hand it over right away because there is 3,000 people ahead of her (LIARS) like they have to hand write them out. So the judge not realizing just how much data exist thinks 500 pages a month would be okay. So she has to go back to court and tell the judge it will take 25 years to get it all. 75 to get all of this covid stuff, so the judges gives them a few months and then it is all redacted and they have to go back to court again.

Sharyl Attkisson said these federal agencies are not punished in any way. It is a game or them. The public, or those that want the openness and information has to spend their money to go to court.

The federal agencies playing these games needs to have some type of punishment.

Hans Litten

"And no, I do not."

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | February 10, 2022 at 01:31 AM

Do you think Paul offit should be charged with crimes against humanity ? I do
And I think he is guilty as any one of the nazis in WW2.... Plotkin too

Frederic Chopin

That's 2 questions, but... "In response to the FOIA request, the FDA had previously said that it takes approximately eight minutes per page to process records for a FOIA request, and that it could only review and release 500 pages a month, which is 6,000 pages a year. At that rate, it would take 75 years to release all the data."
(The judge is a Trump-appointed wingnut BTW)
And no, I do not.


OK, Frederic, so as not to overwhelm you with too many questions, answer one: Why did the FDA tell a judge that it didn't want to publicly release data from the Pfizer COVID vaccine study for 75 years?!? Do you work at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where Paul Offit works?

Frederic Chopin

And the gish gallops begin.

Hans Litten

And it’s typical for "AVers"

No no no Fred , the passive vaccine injury reporting system is known as VAERS (just an FYI)

You are all mixed up man - and your numbers are nonsense fairytale lies too .
Every thought about being a stand up comic ? because you are a joke now at this stage.


FC, can you explain this?

PCR Tests To Be Scrapped
January 5, 2022

How does a "lateral flow" test work as compared with PCR?

"Currently, people who test positive on a lateral flow are required to confirm their results with a follow-up PCR check.

But the rule change will mean people who receive a positive lateral flow result will instead only have to isolate from a week starting from the date they test positive – provided they are testing negative on both days six and seven.

This is because currently if people are asymptomatic, they have to start their isolation period from when they test positive on a PCR – which currently may take days to come back, leading to longer staff shortages.

This means asymptomatic sufferers – believed to be some 40% of cases, will be able to return to work faster."

WHAT IS AN "asymptomatic sufferer?" Is it someone who had 2 or three Covid jabs, tests positive, but has no symptoms? Wouldn't this be a FALSE POSITIVE?

Does the "lateral flow test" distinguish between variants? (Delta, Omicron)


When You've Been Fully Vaccinated | CDC
Search domain cdc.gov › coronavirus › 2019-ncov › vaccines › fully-vaccinated_archived.html
"In general, people are considered fully vaccinated: ±. 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or. 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson's Janssen vaccine. If you don't meet these requirements, regardless of your age, you are NOT fully vaccinated."

What does it mean to be fully vaccinated?
Feb. 3, 2022
"During an interview with PBS NewsHour chief correspondent and substitute anchor Amna Nawaz, Moderna chief medical officer Dr. Paul Burton agreed that people shouldn’t consider themselves fully vaccinated unless they had had three shots. Boosters are “what will provide maximal protection,” he said."


We could be vastly overestimating the death rate for COVID-19. Here's why

Changes in United States Data following the new CDC guidelines on "Case" and "Death" definition

Honk if you love freedom!

Benedetta Stilwell


Isarael nuff said.

A concerned citizen

Frederic, good to see you commenting again with truthful statements/links.


Frederic, This vaccine does not even prevent infection or transmission. Why did the FDA ask a judge to not publicly release data from the Pfizer COVID study for 75 years?!? Why did the FDA approve Remdesivir for treatment of COVID when it had already been shown to be causing organ failure, including kidney failure in another study? And they based it on "a" person showing improvement in COVID from Remdesivir? So because ONE person showed improvement, the FDA will approve it even though it's been shown to cause kidney and multi-organ failure in another study?! And why did Biden's HHS take control of monoclonal antibody distribution, a treatment that helps people with COVID? And is prioritizing it by race against people if they're white? And why does the FDA try to suppress the human version of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (that's taken with zinc and azithromycin)? And why does the government and mainstream media not cover all of the many injuries and deaths that have happened following this vaccine? Or all the other vaccines for that matter?

Frederic Chopin

It’s over 900,000 US Covid deaths (not 800,000) and rising. And it’s typical for AVers to say they died due to treatment in the hospital rather than Covid, or how ineffective quack treatments would have saved them. Anything but vaccines, even though the unvaccinated are 10X more likely to die of Covid.


Jennifer it hurts when it is close to home. I am so very sorry.
Maybe with what is going on now; she will finally see but be prepared that she will not.
That hurts though, hurts more than anything else.
I don't know why?
Maybe because your family is suppose to have your back no matter what, but she chose her man made religion over you, and her grandchildren.
Maybe she can come out of the cult. I sure did. But I was darn slow. Too darn slow.


I am deeply sorry for the death of this young man, and sorry he had to suffer because of a culture where talking about vaccine injuries is not acceptable even to save lives.
Frederic; 800 000 deaths resulting from using the current CDC protocol for COVID treatment in hospital is horrific. Why is the CDC, some of the government, and many hospital administrators forcing compliance with a covid care protocol that kills so many?
Other doctors using different protocols have reported extremely high survival rates, yet these treatments result in physicians being banned?
It is obvious the current treatment, which seems to mostly be stay at home without treatment until you can't breathe is a massive failure in terms of medical care.
Forcing a failing protocol instead of trying to improve it seems particularly cruel.

Meanwhile as Benedetta points out, there is a huge upswing in deaths from non covid causes in an age group that should not be dying. How many of these are the result of short or long term vaccine side effects causing clotting, strokes, myocarditis , or heart attacks? Who can we trust to give an honest assessment of these figures?
One thing that is obvious, in Israel, where fully boosted means three shots and they are now pushing a fourth shot for everyone, the vaccine and the booster , and next booster, hasn't "flattened the curve".
What they have discovered is that vitamin d deficiency is linked to covid severity.

It feels like what is going on now is playing with people's lives to support a narrative and increase profits.

Jeannette Bishop

Knowing the way I was, the young man maybe didn't want to assume he was experiencing vaccine complications as they were took months to decide BC pills might be behind the repeating headaces I started having, some worse than I ever had known, even though they started within three days of starting "the pill." I don't remember headaches being in the package insert (though I heard of research confirming the pills can cause migraines a few years later...of course one might have to have certain dental work to combine to cause the type of problems I've been experiencing and that type of "professional" connection has been a little difficult for the system to want to make) and besides, why would doctors even prescribe something that might cause something so bad, just like that, not to mention these were plugged with no cautions by my soon to be fil and husband-to-be, so I wouldn't even consider it--that's where I was in my head in my early 20s. The headaches lessened in frequency, but never fully went away when (after more than 6 months I called the doctor about the change in me) I changed to a "mini-pill" so I was pretty convinced I had the cause at that point. It's taken decades of prayer and internet "research" to find effective lessening remedies against the worst ones that continued to occur, nearly like clockwork, decades later. I know those pills took 10 years life expectancy from me, and I've suffered torment for approximately 10% of my days since trying them, and they were dismissed by my fil immediately as just "part of being female and aging." It sounded like baloney immediately, but I didn't say so, and then I'm surreally sitting there while my mil says, almost as if happy to have companionship, a misery-loves-company kind of way, something like "these pills aren't the perfect solution, are they?" So, I'm sitting learning but not really facing that my fil is willing to risk things with my life to benefit pharma, and my mil is willing to educate me, post-experience, that this is just what you "lovingly "accept as part of life. I haven't been able to bring it up to them (and I'm pretty sure they forgot that conversation) that I still suffer with this, trivial compared to how my daughter(s) suffer, level of suffering, because of them, and because of me. I don't have the confidence they won't just immediately punish me in one or more ways. Why didn't I wise-up fast enough at that point to save my daughters' health and get out and find someone else before my children were even born!? I kept giving them "the benefit of the doubt" as I slowly realized they were religiously loyal to a system disabling a growing percentage of infants and sickening a growing percentage of, well, everybody about this until I had to face I was dealing, among some worse things, with the psycholgical impact (mercury and probably aluminum enhanced) of having been personally assaulted by "family," maybe made harder by the natural inclination to not want to admit that a sneaky kind of assault was what it was. I've been waiting for them to do the right thing by their granddaughter or at least acknowledge the truth of what's happened and open up political family barriers to pathways for restoration of health, for too many years! Even as I was struggling to restore her health with limited resources and assistance, I felt the guilt of complicity of doing the opposite for years, trying not to do wrong, trying to give them a chance, but not daring nor feeling equal to attempt it by verbal persuasion (something very limiting for me that I can't help credit my sensitizing childhood vaccines as playing a role in)!

Medical worship (I think out of deep-seated fear of medical situations) and kowtowing, often blindly, to white-coat "authority" maybe should be assigned as the true #1 killer and source of much morbidity, and this is allowed to continue and grow because of medical worship/kowtowing, IOW we're just letting it happen. How do we get out of this vicious, humanity-crushing cycle?

Jeannette Bishop

Excess death higher in 2021 than 2020?

And the hyped "same-iants" have all been milder than the original SARS-Cov2?

No good reason for any of us for a "top-off" vaccine, let alone the first one or two.

Horror stories of medical kidnap abound, people given "treatments" against their will (that is assault) and then dying, with monetary incentives giving hospital emergency units, the only units open in some parts, bonuses for Remdesivir use, any descent into ICU care, ventilators, and with the hospitals now run by CEOs that sound like they are steeped in the corporate perform-for-big-shareholders-by-any-means culture.

Overall, I have to assume that the medical system (held to be the #1-3 killer in the US in the past) has now been incentived to turn those dehumanizing mechanisms towards making people die of "COVID," i.e. we have a pandemic of medicide, pure and simple, and FC seems to be steeped in it, also.

Sick of fc

Note that AOA’s editor is not afraid to let FC speak (even when he quotes distorted information) because we know the truth. In fact we continually know it about 6 months ahead of the MSM.
First they ridicule us then they find out we were right and spin the truth to be a good thing.
Example: “ vaccine immunity will wane quickly” was ridiculed and called misinformation. Then it became known. Then it become fun “step right up and get your cute booster —oh a term from your childhood how nostalgic” can I revive a valley girl saying that comes to mind?
•Gag me with a spoon”

Sick of FC

Frederic do you think it is reasonable to make the vaccines as safe as possible? Do you think the vaccine manufacturers should take some of their vast profits and share them with injured or families of the dead? If not who should cover this liability? You? If your relative became disabled by a vaccine injury would you commit your life savings to their care? Because that’s the risk you are imposing on anyone with a child. We know . We all have lost homes lost live savings coping with the tragic aftermath of our child’s injuries from vaccines . Then the ridicule of self-righteous like you who have never changed a 12 year olds diaper or watched their lovely daughter have seizure after seizure or buried a baby from a medical intervention that was barely tested. You think you are doing a great thing reminding so many excaxxers that there is disease. But what you are doing is magnifying the pain of hurting people by refusing to help us fix those vaccines or find alternatives.
Tell me are you trying to promote better health? Or are you just so obsessed with the mighty vaccine that it’s all you can even perceive as a solution ?


During Ron Johnson's five hour round table meeting "Second Opinion"
Lawyer Thomas Renz brings in whistle blower DOD data base and it shows the damage for the mandated vaccine on our military .

Did you notice that one. .

Of course Pfizer does not care; they have indemnity.


Then there is the VAERS report.
More deaths and injury are being reported for the Covid vaccine than all the vaccines in the past put together.
But this time it is not just 1 percent being reported.
Kirsch; you can look up his stats and read all about him is pretty sure it is only 41 percent being under reported and not the usual 99% .

See how fair the good, guys try to be.



Fredrick you now it is not just that alone.

There is the Indiana life insurance company "One America" that their CEO Davidson tells us that working people - not homeless, unemployed, we know that cause this company don't pay out for none working people in these factories and companies-- but working people between the ages of 18 to 64 are at a 40% high.

Then the CEO explains how extraordinary that is . If it had been only 10 % high it would have been considered

Davidson says, “Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.”


Concerned and Fredrick Did you know that a mark on Cain's forehead was not his punishment, but his protection?

His punishment was this:

. 12 When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.”

13 Cain said to the Lord, “My punishment is more than I can bear. 14 Today you are driving me from the land, and I will be hidden from your presence; I will be a restless wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.”

15 But the Lord said to him, “Not so[e]; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance seven times over.” Then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him. 16 So Cain went out from the Lord’s presence and lived in the land of Nod,[f] east of Eden

His punishment was that he could no longer look at nature and come up with reasonable cause and effect. As in a damn study that was suppose to be looking at any - ANY ANY signal of danger.

See if you can figure this one out.


A concerned citizen

Thank you, Frederic.

Frederic Chopin

I assume you’re referring to
None of the deaths were related to the vaccine (or placebo).


So sad. The pressure to not say anything must have been heavy. Look at what was done to Eric Clapton who TOOK the vaccine but spoke out about his adverse reaction. There is no sympathy from the pro vax crowd.


Really disturbing photos of cyborg nanotech and Moregellons Disease (typically caused by SAIs/aerial spraying) in the jabberwockies:,-microtechnology,-and-Morgellons-in-Pfizer-vaccine:1

Even though I never got any COVID jabberwockies I felt physically sick and flu-like around masked customers in shops, many of these local customers had these transhumanist cyborg jabberwockies. The jabberwockies spread the illness, they don’t prevent anything except good health.


Only 65% of British children (in 2019) were proficient in reading/writing/math…

Why so many staff for so few students?

Why is the police intertwined into the world of ASD?

False Scientists

Poor guy. I believe my father’s catheter and hemorrhoid bleeds got a lot worse. He recently died a month after booster. Mother’s bowel cancer which was fine is possibly back. Cannot wait for Pfizer and Moderna data to be fully released. It’s coming.

susan welch

Fred, Apart from the fact that the vaccines are 'an abject failure', (see link above) FOI requests have proven that people who died with ONLY Covid are a small percentage od deaths which have been attibuted to 'Covid deaths'.

Bother of the above you are, I am sure, well aware of and yet you still push for people to play Russian Roulette with their lives.

I have no idea what your motives are for such misinformation. Maybe you are paid (not much, though, because you are not very effective) - or maybe you just hat the human race. Whatever your reason, I must agree with Gary.


On the off chance your pocket book is not filled by pharma gold, and you really are just a brain washed from your education fool

Here goes:

Pfizer's data shows that if you take the covid vaccine, you have 21% increased chance of dying over the next six months, not from COID, but from other side effects especially heart attack For every COIVD death the shots prevent they cause four excess heart attack deaths.

That is from PFIZER"S OWN DATA. The data that they just wanted to give out slowly for the next 75 years, but the courts are making them release it over the next several month.

Stick that in your mouth and chew on it a good long time , unless they are paying you then spit it out and continue.

Gary Ogden

Master Frederick: You are truly sick in the head.

Morag Lyons

So sad ,and another family left grieving .

GP News ,Articles , Views and Learning /Pulse Today

Editor's Pick
Adverse effects of Covid vaccines 16 April 2021
Article Revised and updated 16 December 2021

Apparently around 80,000 NHS staff remain classed as Un-Vaxed /Non-Vaxed with any gene therapy injections?

[MHRA] apparently still pleading poverty of budget finances allocation? can not afford to pay approx £600 per autopsy /investigation ?
Post-marketing authority for safety and efficacy? ' Head office for mayhem and bedlam ?
A repeated failure of "Vioxx in a Vortex " Safety signals of Vioxx showing up 2001 .
Vioxx not removed from the market until September 2004!

Frederic Chopin

Meanwhile, US Covid deaths have topped 900,000. Get vaccinated and boosted people.

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