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Disappointment in President Biden

Dead-flowersHere's a Monday morning eye opener. It’s a divisive topic, so please comment respectfully. 

By Katie Wright

When the 2020 Presidential election was over, I remember thinking, "well at least this new president will be less divisive." Wow, I could not have been more wrong!!!! Biden sold himself as a genial guy, always smiling, so empathetic. Sure, he sometimes mangled the English language and went off on tangents. Biden would never be a great orator, but he would be a kind and collaborative President.

A year later it is abundantly clear that the individual sitting in the White House is truly a mean old man! In one of the first speeches he gave, Biden blamed unvaccinated people for “stalling the economy” and said “his patience was running out” with those who declined the vaccine. What? Biden thinks he is an emperor, not a president of a democracy. He self-righteously railed on and on about why no one has a right to be concerned about vaccine safety, they just need to do what they are told.

Shortly after that nasty speech, here comes Mr. “My, Body, My Choice” ramming vaccine mandates down everyone’s throat. Mandates are mean and stupid. Mean because you are forcing someone to do something they really, really do not want to do or you take that person’s job away. Since when does President want to take away people’s jobs? To take away a person’s means of supporting themselves or their family is horrible thing to do!! We thank the front-line staff of hospitals for their extraordinary hard work by saying, “vaccinate or be fired!” Mandates are stupid because they only increase mistrust in the government.

This isn’t Sweden. There is a very small safety net for American workers. Taking away someone’s job puts their whole family in jeopardy. If you lose your job, you lose your paycheck, your healthcare and possibly, your housing. Some states are even denying unvaccinated people unemployment! That is so excessively cruel. It absolutely astonishes me that the President, who should be the American worker’s biggest supporter, fully supports these heartless and spiteful policies.

I am so tired of Biden’s Press Secretary Jen “Mean Girl” Pskai. Pskai loves to smirk and speak in the most condescending tone imaginable when demeaning unvaccinated people. Over and over again, Psaki repeats the old man/s false narrative that Covid is the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” That is such a ridiculous lie, I doubt Pskai even believes it, but she shamelessly parrots this inane talking point whenever possible.

I watched Biden have a town hall with Anderson Cooper. Anderson asked if he felt badly about the firing of so many first responders, firefighters, nurses, police. “No!” Biden said with a huge grin on his face. How could an American president literally express glee about thousands of essential workers losing their job?? The amount of suffering Biden is causing tens of thousands of Americans is horrific! Mr. Soft Ball Questions, Anderson Cooper, never brought up the fact that most of the fired first responders HAD Covid, have the antibodies and do not need the vaccine. They resent being forced to have a medical procedure they neither want nor need. Would you get a flu shot AFTER you got the flu? No, because that is stupid.

At no time during this whole mandate business did Biden express ANY empathy at all for all the heroic health care workers he demanded be fired. He never asked them why the reluctance. I doubt he even cared to find out. Bidden just wanted his bidding done!

Then came his state mandated censorship of those who doubted the efficacy of the NIH or CDC’s handling of Covid. People who said the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of Covid where instantly de platformed from social media. Prominent scientists had doubts about the supposed  “wet market” origin of Covid and argued that a lab leak was more likely. As a result, cenosors immediately got to work, deplatforming all those people as well.

People say, “oh Twitter, Facebook, etc are private companies and can do what they want.” That would be true if not for direct government involvement in these censorship activities . As Press Secretary, Jen Pskai says, “the White House is partnering with Big Tech to combat (so called) misinformation.” I would bet ANYTHING Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg receive daily phone calls from the White House about the “misinformation” they must censor. That is illegal.

Of course, all these deplatormed people turned out to be correct about basically everything! Meanwhile the CDC and Chinese govt have tested tens of thousands of animals looking for this strain of Covid and no luck. It is pretty clear we are dealing with a lab leak. At no time did Biden or the people in his administration apologize or urge social media to reinstate those censored accounts. No, those people needed to be punished for not backing the party line! It doesn’t even matter if they were right! Once again, mean and nasty behavior.

In one breath the president would say, “we are in battle with Covid, not each other!” But not long after that he would promote divisiveness and speak to the American public in a stunningly boorish and disrespectful manner. Over and over again, Biden yells “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated!” That is a total lie because the vaccine does not stop transmission. It is a fact that vaccinated people can give each other Covid. It seems like half the vaccinated people I know got “breakthrough Covid.” Why the histrionic blaming of American citizens, who literally, did NOTHING wrong? Where is the blaming of the CDC and NIH for their atrocious leadership? How about blaming yourself Mr. President for promising “once you get the vaccine you won’t get Covid!’

Biden should have acknowledged the extreme sacrifices of families with small children or disabled children. The sudden absence of school and childcare, halted the careers of millions of women, some may never regain their professional status. Covid was his opportunity to be the conciliatory and uplifting Biden. He should have been thanking single Moms, caregivers to the elderly, the families of nurses with small kids etc. for their extra hard work and sacrifice. There is no political downside to being a nice guy. But no, only recently Biden ranted in his latest speech that, “unvaccinated people care costing the rest of us!” No, it’s your vaccine mandate that is costing all of us! Taking away the jobs of tens of thousands of Americans is the cause the worker shortage!  

We need to see a 9/11 style committee look at why we had the highest per capita deaths of any industrialized state, yet massive lockdowns,, closed schools and mandatory vaccination. Why did it take 2 years to provide in home testing kits? Who was responsible for the many smear campaigns on scientists with different points of view? Why 2 yrs in and no therapeutics?? Why vaccination the sole NIH and CDC focus? Why did Fauci deny that natural immunity was real?. Why isn’t the CDC rigorously studying the causes of severe adverse Covid vaccine reactions, instead of dismissing them?

I cannot wait to see the back of that mean old man.



I saw a news clip of a Demonstration, it was not very big; but it was taking place in Washington D. C. I think. The demonstrators wanted regulations between Chinese scientists and American scientists and Universities to be lifted that was put on them all at the end of Trump's term.

Strangest thing was; All the Demonstrators were Asian.
Not American Asian; the ones that were interviewed and spoke all still had accents . I kid you not!


As a soothsayer that I am.

A Cassandra.

Putin is in with Biden, and all the free world of the west that has suddenly, in just the last few decades all became tyrants. These leaders are all in it together; and lead by the One World Order directed by the World Economic Forum, led by Claus Schwab, Bill Gates, and Soros - all more than billionaires. They have set it up till their wealth are trillions hidden away in Black Rock and so forth.

And who is leading the World Economic Forum is Communist China.


Looks like the CDC is following The Political Science......


I think, but am unsure;
That the doctors are all in with the truckers.
IF we want to donate to the trucker convoy
I think - and if that is wrong let me know that we can donated to The Unity Project Online or the

Yes I know Kim I need to donate to Age of Autism soon too. My usually few dollars

I got me a list a going right now.

I wish I could win the lottery (I never play it though) Just so I could donate huge amounts to family and friends with vaccine injuries, Age of Autism, The Highwire, The Children Defense, National Vaccine Information Center Rand Paul - and Maser who are both FINE men of our Congress. Now adding this to this to it all now.


Canuck; and Jennifer you are kind and sweet people that deserves so much more ; starting with respect from their government.


"I saw an article today featuring Paul Offit telling the CDC to come clean on their data showing not so good results for boosters in over 60’s."

@Canuck Check this out:
FDA panelist urges CDC to 'tell the truth'
Voted last fall to approve shots for children despite serious safety concerns

I am praying for the good citizens of Canada.


We all knew the truth on these Republican RINOS. We were not blind to them at all. So we are not surprised that they Did not show up to vote to defund the Biden's vaccine mandates. It was Lost by 46 - 47.

They are:
Mitt Romney
Lindsey Graham
Richard Burr
Jim Inofe

Lindsey we all figured had to go. At first he hated Trump and best friends with McCain. McCain we knew he what a criminal he was, and so thick with Hilary, Obama, and Biden. . But Lindsey came around so nicely to support Trump, when he saw how the wind was blowing. .
This is some one that can pretend; fain anger so very well. That kind of person is a liar and we know it as we watch. OH yeah there is that bit of confusion, and we think well maybe he had a come to Jesus moment, but we doubt it. Lindsey would get on TV and tell us how mad he was at the whole situation of lying, and spying about the Trump Russia link.

I sit there and watch the snake. Well maybe he is mad, he sure has a good act, but there is a lot of doubt there.

There is too many good people in this country to do this job; do we really have to support some one that we have doubts about - that has proven what they are in the past? Their action and attitude has been proven ?

When I read Bobby Kennedy Jr. described how Fauci turned it around, was so very nice, cooperative, and pretended he was going to do right for now on AIDS , I thought of Lindsey.

They got to go.


Oh Benedetta these are soe tough times. Our country is in ruins. Peaceful protesters no matter what the edit says, we’re brutalized. We are under basically marshal law and citizens who have merely given a one time contribution are at threat of having their accounts frozen. It’s all so demoralizing. My own father died only a month after his booster.
You hold your ground on what you put in your body. You know best. I just finished having the virus and did fine by 2 weeks. Lots of quercetin, zinc, vit D etc.
Of course if you haven’t been vaxxed you cannot fly here, and I have business in another province. Just insane. Whyduesnt natural immunity count? It’s old now anyways. Enough rant; hey everyone I saw an article today featuring Paul Offit telling the CDC to come clean on their data showing not so good results for boosters in over 60’s. Interesting.
Hang in there all!

Jeannette Bishop

@Emmaphiladelphia, thanks for the Breitbart Gates article. A bit ominous this part: “'Next time, instead of making it two years, we should make it more like six months,' he concluded."

In one of the Critically Thinking with Dr. P and Dr. T discussions, I heard Dr. T mention that in 2020 the CDC(FDA?) approved an ebola vaccine rather quickly and quietly whilst in the midst of the 6 months of intense vaccination force in the name of stopping hemorraghic fever??? We need to keep pushing for Nuremberg 2.0 IMO.

Carolyn Kylemom

All the Dems, Biden, Trudeau needed was compassion, to think for themselves, to listen to 5 vaccine injured families. To wake up to why. To replace contempt and arrogance with empathy and respect.

They could have had it all.

They could have healed this rift.

They could have healed our vaccine injured.

They could have been the answers to our decades of prayers.

Jeannette Bishop

@Benedetta, sending prayers.

Jeannette Bishop

I worry about the truckers, too. I worry they will meet only hired could-care-less-about-human-or-Constitutional-rights guns guarding fenced up "public" places in a ghosttown that is D.C.!

Many of the "civil servants" of D.C. are still locked out of their work by the lockdowns. And from what I hear, while Biden is supposedly on air, i.e. making many of his "public media appearances" whitehouse flyovers are being allowed, indicating he has not been in the whitehouse as much as some want us to think. So, the "president" also in a form of lockdown in some kinds of senior-puppeting-facilities, (I do believe he is by-and-large a willing puppet--he's always been an active participant in the corruption IMO) somewhere?

Maybe I hope that the truckers can succeed, as those in Ottawa, in revealing more of the nature of things, but I pray for their well-being--opposing hopes. They should probably have a different destination, though I honestly don't know what to recommend they do instead, and we need things to be done! I appreciate their essentially laying down their lives, truly!

Many have done the same already in effort to bring about the end of vaccine harm (and other protected criminal activities). I hope they get the appreciation they deserve, soon, and that many of these live to see the end of such, very soon as well!

Angus Files

You’re welcome Bendedetta Laura has more between the ears than most journalists along with Tucker and co I think too. Pharma Journo Shills need only an Instagram account linked to all the other Pharma zombies regurgitating pharma mantras, brain matter not required. I sincerely mean it I don’t miss the BBC State License here in the UK nor have for the past must be 15 years plus now. Anderson Cooper,your brave, I see his face that’s enough to spoil my day.Kate picks out Basement Biden who stood for nothing because he never campaigned he was stuck in his basement as Trump pointed out.

Pharma For Prison



@Angus Files
Two good links regarding our previous discussion of giant skeletons found in America (and possible link to pre-Columbus Welsh settlers):

Mysterious 'giants' of Bible get probed in new TV series


Disappointment in Bill Gates.....
He failed the elites!

Hear him grovel at the Munich Security Conference 2022:

"“Sadly, the virus itself, particularly, the variant called omicron, is a type of vaccine, that is it creates both B-cell and T-cell immunity, and it’s done a better job getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines,” he lamented."

"“That means the chance of severe disease, which is mainly associated with being elderly and having obesity or diabetes, those risks are now dramatically reduced because of that infection, exposure,” he said."

"“It’s sad we didn’t do a great job on therapeutics, only two years in, and we have a good therapeutic. Vaccines have took us two years to be in oversupply. Today, there are more vaccines than there is demand for vaccines,” he said."
See entire video clip

He seemed a bit nervous.....


The American truckers are in Ohio, now. All moving toward Washington. D.C. Picking up more as they go along.
One trucker called Glenn Beck today from Alabama - or Georgia. .
He was scared.
He was worried.
He said does he chance his 30 years of trucking, his family home and substance knowing how it turned out for the Canadian truckers.

Glen Beck asked how he was leaning.
He said that his church had said they would help finance him. They all prayed hard and he will probably go.

Such misery and sadness;
My nephew dead, so many friends, or their loved ones in the cemetery, so many have gotten so sick. My neighbor was putting in a battery back a couple of months ago and passed out. Woke up to a broke hip.

So many more scared of losing their job, scared of losing their health.

. I was even harassed in the doctor's office two months ago when I was trying to renew my thyroid medicine.

I called the pharma last week when I saw I was running out and it was not there, I called today, it as not at the pharma again; they had not responded. I called the doctor's office. Oh dear, I lost it, and I got mad; now I probably won't get it.

Come to think of it this big, bull, tall woman of a doctor was mad I had not gotten the flu shot the covid shot, the mammogram, and refused the statin drugs. I just wanted the thyroid.

I am too emotional. I get to mad to quick, I get scared too quick, I cry to quick. I was crying all over myself today when Glen Beck got the call from that trucker, he is so scared to go, but too patriotic not to go.

Still with Trump

Thanks again Katie, as always you make your points very well. The news media and government is owned by El pharmo. The hospitals are swimming in two years worth of endless “liability free, emergency Covid treatment” money from the Federal government.

Science is a zoom call with 8 of Fauci’s friends who vote 8 to 2 to debunk the two lab leak experts. No one knows anything about Simpsonwood, Dr. Thorsen, or Dr. Thompson & the MMR. The “good people” have removed nearly every vaccine injury clip from YouTube they do not like, they need to be located and re-posted in another site.

Not one interview on the mainstream news of those who have lost family in hospitals they were not allowed to visit for weeks, while they receive the deadly Remdesivir / vent treatment which remains unchanged for two years with no thought of any improvements.

Should the Moderna stock go to 10 cents due to fraud, it might be the beginning of the end of what many of us have known for nearly 25 years. At present there is simply too much money to be made with the glorious fraud of the vaccine industry.


I saw the quote below as a comment on Matt Taibbis blog. It's a variant of the "lesser of two evils".

"Our elections have acquired an unhealthy sameness, every cycle we get to choose between polio and syphilis. It makes me wish "common cold" would at least appear on the ballot..."

Steve Kirsch wrote, "Do not expect any help from Congress".

My new Republican Representative Cliff Bentz appears to be born with out a spine. (Isn't it amazing how many get elected as our representatives have that attrabute. Its almost being spineless is a requirement.) His predecessor was Gregg Walden who took lots of pharma money and signed onto whatever Adam Schiff had to say about vaccines/vaccinations.

Not only will Congress me of no help but the people will be punished for seeing the emperor has no clothes, which also happened to be a Ted Kuntz Age of Autism article from 2018

Ted you are so right then and now.


Thanks Angus.
Ingraham like Tucker has been honest and forthright all through these years.
Sharyl Attkisson too.

Time to turn off Anderson Cooper for good.


There seems to be a consensus among Bernie Sanders’ supporters that the Dems cheated during the Iowa primary and handed it to Buttigeig. Of course it’s politically incorrect to bring that up anymore because then one will be (m)aligned with the January 6th “stop the steal insurrectionists”. Biden’s approval is the lowest of any president ever. His own party constituents don’t want him. It’s almost a certainty that Dems are going to get crushed in the mid-term. Who knows what two years will bring but if Dems continue to support Pharma & tech over the people, and don’t walk back their pro-mandate, surveillance push, in my mind there, couldn’t be a better time to primary a sitting President. As too many Pharma brain washed useful idiots trade in informed for manufactured consent, I can’t help but continue to silently scream… Run Bobby Run!


Like your comments Breana...I also see criminality with very awful reality that the defined "cranky" Joe Biden is facilitating oppression of our liberties. Who in their right mind who have thought we would deprive people of their livelihoods for not wanting a vaccine when it does not stop the spread. Since it cannot be mass psychosis then it is just fearful people feeling secure by believing authoritarian actions will give them security and the more sinister elements intentionally accrue coercive and abusive power.
Greenwald has seen both sides and I echo his words here. Here is a quote, but reading it all is recommended. It is a sad day when I feel paranoia in even reposting and sharing this.
"The Neoliberal War on Dissent in the West"

"It is, after all, based in the central recognition that there is mass, widespread anger and even hatred toward the neoliberal ruling class throughout the West. Trump, Brexit and the rise of far-right parties in places where their empowerment was previously unthinkable — including Germany and France — is unmistakable proof of that. Rather than sacrifice some of the benefits of inequality that have generated much of that rage or placate or appease it with symbolic concessions, Western neoliberal elites have instead opted for force, a system that crushes all forms of dissent as soon as they emerge in anything resembling an effective, meaningful or potent form.

So many of the controversies over the last decade, often analyzed in isolation, have been devoted to this goal. The pervasive surveillance systems constructed by the West — revealed during the Snowden reporting but only partially reined in at best since then — are crucial tools, as surveillance powers always are, for monitoring and thus stifling dissent. We have now arrived at the point where the U.S. Government and its security state is officially and explicitly clear that it regards the greatest national security threat not as a foreign power such as China or Russia, and not as non-state actors such as Al Qaeda or ISIS, but rather “domestic extremists.” For years, this has been the unyielding message of the DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA and DOJ: our primary enemies are not foreign but are our fellow citizens who have embraced ideologies we regard as extremist."

Benedetta Stilwell

TOB. Thanks I will go over to Substack Cause I would love to understand why some people are surprised -while I am not, cause that surprised me, they are surprised. .

Another thing I would like to understand is how come people I have not seen in a long while - good friends; come to my house and start asking little sneaky questions to see if I am prejudice?

People from the North east, North, Chicago, Colorado; even my good friend from down in Greensburo, Alabama, I had to with stand a bunch of questions that I knew darn well what it was all about.

I don't ask them sneaky questions about what they think about people of different same skin color or culture. But they do me? Is it because I have a heavy accent from the mountains? It never bothered them when we were young?

Is it because I have chosen to live in a special area, or how I decided to live? Or has there been some propaganda being going on for a long time from the Democrat leaders, and I have not been in on the listening what they were telling others about conservatives or libertarians ? But really my friends up till 2016 did not know what party I belonged to. I never discussed it.

I got a feeling there has been some hate speech going on for a long while from Democrat leaders about common folk from another party?



L. J. Ruede
No not mean, just business.
As in he sold you out years ago to the credit card companies.
To Ukraine, the Iranians, to China and to the pharma companies.

You do some research on all that, and you will find it ain't that Hunter is just a brat, it is more like Hunter does his Daddy's bidding.

But I will help you out with the pharma connection.

Biden got 900,000 dollars from the University of Penn. in his job there from 2015 to 2020.
It is there he has his think tank. It is under Biden Penn or something like that.

Pharma is paying huge sums of money to U of Penn right this minute. HUGE. They funnel that money into the think tank. It is now all there waiting for Biden to return .

Biden is more than mean, he is a criminal.


So many excellent points!! I love the feedback. I was naive. But I remain shocked that a sitting President would make a joke about taking away tens of thousands of Americans’ jobs out of spite! Most of those fired have natural immunity!


I thought your mom's comment was well worth reading, Breana. For people who did not vote for Biden, his actions may not have been a surprise. However, for people who do view themselves as "progressive," there must have been a lot of disappointment over the past several months, which Katie describes very clearly above.

I thought Dr. Toby Rogers had a really insightful piece on how the current "left-wing" politicians (in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) have sold out their progressive voter base. It's not just about "Trump would have done better" or "an ideal Republican would have done better" (which are both far from proven assertions), but also about "Biden hasn't been true to the ideals he professes to hold." Selling children out to Big Pharma is the opposite of caring about working families, taking care of people, etc.

Here's Dr. Rogers, who gives some useful background on framing ideas, then gets into what America's "liberals" have historically been about, and how the coronavirus policies have been untrue to that.

Hans Litten

They are dying in droves Katie from vaccinocide (as reported by the life assurance industry).
400k at least in the US alone , globally is going to be millions I reckon.
Who is president is of no consequence with a globally orchestrated holocaust going on.

68,000% Increase in Strokes as FDA and NIH Secretly Study Reports of Neurological Injuries After COVID-19 Vaccines

Maurine Meleck

If only he were just a disappointment. He's a disappointment rolled in a blanket of self love, covered with a sheet of disgust, painted with an layer of self rightousness, pulled by large corporate puppet strings or else a total ignorant creep.

will he pull this article once I post it on FB?


Thank you for sharing. As someone shocked that anyone would vote for Biden, this helps me understand where you all were coming from. My mom felt the same way. She said, 'Trump would trample you, Biden would take care of you." I was like, huh, what about how Trump says no vaccine mandates and he's made the world a safer place by making it less likely my sons would have to go to war? I didn't love Trump for many reasons, but when I read a little meme 'A vote is not a Valentine, vote for the person you think offers the best future based on policies,' I did vote for him (not in 16, just in 20). My number one reason was definitely to avoid vaccine mandates. It's interesting to see you had a very different thought about who Biden would be and what he would do. Now I'm wondering why you and I had such different pictures in our heads of who Biden is? How can we avoid such a divide again?

Jeannette Bishop

It's like the deep state actors, who've picked the presidential candidates for the strangle-hold-two-party system for decades, don't even want to hide now that the president of the U.S. has no power, is not running things, with who they put in this past "election." Maybe they hope people will accept a "higher" solution, one-world government type of "solution," and we've essentially had that already with the global response to the scam-demic, so we see, somewhat, what that would be like.


It's easy to see where Joe came from, part of a generation groomed by big Pharma into thinking terrible diseases like smallpox and polio were eliminated by miracle vaccines delivered by heroic healthcare workers on dog sled teams. It's not true by any means, but even my dear mother, a registered RN believes the same thing, in fact, many seemingly rationale people believe this to be so. So much so they took three of those darn shots and are now silently suffering the consequences like a million others who suffer from their vaccine injuries. After the famous Omicron strain, it became very clear that Pfizer's product, contrary to their claim of 95% efficacy, did not prevent transmission and its primary biological effect was to induce blood clots which cause a range of side effects, from amputations to paralysis to dementia. Unfortunately, I believe Joe falls in the latter category, yet this will never, ever be admitted publicly, no more than the cardiac carnage we're seeing with young people today as a direct result of the covid vaccines. Joe was never the sharpest knife in the drawer and the covid vaccines didn't help.


I didn't used to be this way, but the battering and abuse of decades of government leaders, officials, celebrities has taken a toll. The current short, very short list of "fingernails on the chalkboard"--Joe Biden's face and voice; Donald Trump's face and voice; Justin Truedeau's face and voice; Gavin Newsom's face and voice; Kate Brown (governor of Oregon) face and voice; Whoopi Goldberg's face and voice. Past abusers include Adam Schiff's face and voice.

The longer list is available on request.

L. J. Ruede

I don't blame Biden for this, and he's not a mean old man - nothing worse than cranky sometimes, as many of us are. Biden has had the public health establishment shouting drug industry propaganda in his ears and has acted on it, just as far too many other people have. They have all been duped, as many of us sadder-but-wiser people have been in the past, leading to the loss or irreparable injury of our loved ones. Far too many people have not realized, yet, that there is no appreciable difference between our public health establishment and industry - the public health reps are, in fact, reading off industry-written texts, including that poisonous "pandemic of the unvaccinated" bs. This is a far bigger problem than one person, president or not. People naturally want to believe that our public health people are trustworthy, and it goes against the grain to mistrust them. Moreover, the mythology about vaccines has been in circulation for many decades now. I, too, am very disappointed that so many people have fallen in line, but we shouldn't be surprised.

Angus Files

Joe has a probelwm with the word Freedom its a dangerous word..

Laura Ingraham: This was never about the virus

Pharma For Prison


L Land

I am disappointed with Biden’s comments and behavior but not surprised. There are so many people that believe in Pharma and parrot their advertising.

L Land

I am disappointed with Biden’s comments and behavior but not surprised. There are so many people that believe in Pharma and parrot their advertising.


To me he has always seemed like no more than a script reader, even before his dementia

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