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Disabled Children Grow up to be Disabled Adults

D89CBA1B-7CC2-43C1-B4FA-21AB7C072F96Newsflash: Disabled children grow up to be disabled adults

Loss of Brain Trust update

Editor's note on the photo: Cutting edge education hub for traumatised children launched The smiling admin belies the gravity of her mission.

By Anne Dachel

One thing that is very hard for me to understand is how no one in charge in the U.K. (or elsewhere) seems at all concerned about what the never-ending increase in special education numbers means in the long run. Can this continue forever? How many special schools will they have to build across Britain?

Disabled children don’t outgrow their disabilities.

We see the constant news reports telling us that government officials and educators are ‘excited’ and ‘delighted’ to announce another new special school or the creation of more and more special ed places in mainstream schools. Costs are in the millions. We’re told that everyone expects numbers to continue to increase. People acknowledge that more “high needs” students are a big part of this. (And any parent dealing with a severely autistic child knows what that really means.)

I continue to compile these stories which should have officials desperate for answers because when the system finally goes bankrupt, no one will be able to say they had no idea that the situation was really so bad.

Eventually things will have to implode. It’s simply unsustainable that any country could care for massive numbers of handicapped adults aging out of the schools (and in the U.K., since 2014 special ed services are provided until age 25) while at the same time educating more and more special needs students.

There are signs of worry on the part of local government officials in Britain, but their usual answer is that the national government needs to cover more of the cost.

This past week I found several stories from Norfolk County in the east of England. They are addressing special education concerns big time. The plan is to spend $161M on three or four new special schools (depending on the source) for students from nursery school through secondary school over the next five years. They hope to create 500 additional special needs places.

In case anyone is worried, county council members are quoted saying things like this:

“We very much hope this increased capacity with all these new places will make a real difference to the lives of children and young people with SEND and their families.”

There is usually someone smiling in an accompanying photo.

From Wiltshire in southern England is a story a boy waiting over 10 weeks for a special school place after his family moved from another county.

His father said: "He's getting frustrated; he needs to be with children of his ability." Wiltshire Council said it is trying to help but all suitable school places are full.

Tucked into this piece was this line:

 In Wiltshire, the number of children aged 5-15 with these plans has risen from 2,215 three years ago to 3,095 this school year.

That’s almost 900 more disabled kids in 3 years. Shouldn’t someone have to explain why this is happening?

Actually one person from the Wiltshire Council took at stab at it saying, "Many children survive premature birth now who didn't in the past, and we're much better at recognising now when a child needs extra support.”

So, this is just the result of saving more preemies than we did a few years ago and greater awareness.

Wirral in NW England is another spot in the news. A report from the office that inspects schools in the UK “revealed huge problems” when it comes to special education services. It was described by one council member as ‘a litany of failure’ and reform is clearly needed.

In Cheshire, also in the northwest, they’re planning to turn a medical facility into a special needs school for 32 students/15 staff members by 2024. Of course these are high needs students.

The children enrolled would have varied levels of specialist requirements, including autism spectrum conditions, speech, language and communication difficulties and learning difficulties associated with challenging behaviour. …

There isn’t usually a lot on disabled children from Australia, but one story did make the news. It was about a mom with 3 autistic sons, all nonverbal. She has made it her mission to teach the police about autistic behavior.

Every day, police officers will encounter a multitude of people in emergency situations. And just as each emergency situation differs from the next, so does the individual involved - "especially when it comes to people on the spectrum," Kathrine adds….

The piece also champions neurodiversity and the claim of no real increase in autism.

Senior Sergeant Gregory Giles from Queensland Police had also seen a need for front-line officers to have a better skill set and knowledge around not only mental health, but neurodiversity too.

In the past two decades, our country has seen a rise in autism statistics, most likely due to a better understanding of what it looks like and diagnosing ability. …

We have to hold on to the myth that whatever happens there’s never a real increase. Imagine when all this finally collapses.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Stew Peters had reporter Patrick Howley on tonight.

Howley says that the University of Pennsylvania where President Biden worked between 2017 to 2019 for 900,000 dollars a year is also the home of Biden's think tank. That is where all his administration is in and out and about. Blinkin is the managing director.

Biden's think tank is called Penn Biden Center.

U Penn has signed agreements with BioNTech, (that is Pfizer right?)
The money is flowing in to U Penn and U Penn is directing it to Penn Biden Center.
Every time that the FDA approves of a covid vaccine- as in adults Comunity or Spike vax they are getting -- billions? Yeah he said billions.

Feb 15; the FDA is meeting for the 6 months old to 5 year old covid vaccine to license it.

This is it guys the golden goose for them. They get this one into the childhood vaccine program then the can't sue the companies - have to go through the tax payer vaccine court - crap kicks in.

Now as soon as President Biden finishes his presidency he can go back to work for U Penn and his loaded down Penn Biden Center.

You know every thing that has happened with vaccine reactions for this covid 19 vaccine, has pretty much been the same for the DPT vaccine.

Morag Lyons

This is not a test ,as there are no correct answers ?
Public /Private Partnerships, Stakeholders, Government regulators of basic health and safety assessments of everyday products, let industry write their own exam papers and award their own glowing pass marks ?
It is a Local, National and International implosion of basic health and safety risk assessment "Standards!"
https// Grenfell Tower Inquiry .
9 things we now know about the cladding 23 March 2021

These Anti-Cladders were" Stamped , Accused , and Branded?" as ignorant trouble makers and anti-cladding, anti- science, Rebel Rousers? That include British Fire Brigade. Fire Prevention Officers! Same situation , similar" Industry Behaviourals going on " different topic ?
The inherent Racism of Anti- Vaxx Movements-The Conversation - 15 July 2021 Author Paula Larrson .
Covid -19 has brought the conversation to boiling point overspill ?
Government totalitarion tweetment plan of the experimental models? imploding !
See Tileaga Cristian [2007-12-01]
Ideologies of Moral exclusion .
A Critical discursive reframing of depersonalization, delegitimization and dehuminization.
British Journal of Social Psychology .

The public will not drop their true north principles to match government's leadership standards !
Social responsibility -Wikipedia
Getting promoted/sold as" The New World Order Superimposed Religion!" . Follow the UN 2030 Sustainable Goals and Guidelines or else!

Barry Stern

The U.S. has 80,000 new chemicals introduced into the environment since WWII, including a couple dozen new childhood vaccinations that weren't recommended previously by our CDC and which in their totality have never been proven safe. (I'd be happy to have my numbers be corrected by a knowledgeable authority.) And now we are being led to believe that electromagnetic pollution is not a problem for people's health, especially the new 5G which is far more powerful than its 4G predecessor. Moreover, most Americans feign ignorance that their daily diets do little to build their immunity and physical fitness and often increase harmful inflammation in the body. The result of all this chemical and electrical pollution is the highest rate of chronic disease in history, including among our youngest and most vulnerable. High time we asked our federal health and environmental agencies to focus on improving health and not merely attacking the latest disease of the moment.

Angus Files

Thanks Anne delighted with more special ed schools being built says it all right there targets are being met...loooook how well were doing!

Genocide by stealth via vaccines.I guess when they cant sustain the costs anymore, if money has any value these day.The pharma et-al print as needed.As last year with COVID they thought they were on the homeward sprint and couldnt be stopped.Whats de railed it people power.Soon we will see the bare face agenda as we all seen with China Uyghurs,TheWHO chief Tedros Ghebreyseus genocide in Ethipoia on behalf of Bill Gates and many more to many to list around the world. Here in the `democratic` world its the same result genocide by Stealth and removal of peoples conscious mind and spirit truely evil.What can people do about it refuse anything corporate however small that might be and refuse vaccines.

China committed genocide against Uyghurs, independent tribunal rules

WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyseus is accused of aiding genocide in Ethiopia: Nobel peace prize nominee lodges complaint with International Criminal Court

Pharma For Priosn


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