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Age of Autism is Unreadable

6D85D872-078A-48D0-BDAD-4D3731D04B2DCatchy headline, yes? Sadly, while we are very readable, we’re unreachable by name on Google.  They have deleted us from most searches.  And by doing so, blocked valuable information from and for autism families. We’re in our 15th year. Seems we’re a dinosaur. No one is talking about autism and vaccine injury and any mention of vaccine safety during Covid is setting off alarm bells we'd managed to avoid. The young parents will never know about our resources. Children are worse off than ever developmentally. CDC just changed the developmental milestones for babies, akin to adding a curve to testing for the kids who can not pass. It’s sobering. I love our community and I think we are valuable. Google thinks we are dangerous. 


Morag Lyons

Festering Forensics ! with or without communication cauterisation ?
"Cauterisation" Human or Animal Branding! for this that or the next thing ?
Age of Autism is a fab resource service for families as well !

Thanks Angus ,good comments ,
"We are collectively as strong as the weakest link !"
Apparently yon Volksgesundheit ? Public Health Scotland, Global Public Health- Political advisors ? want to cut the bottom off school
classroom doors "Aye right off- it?" as a covid mitigation strategy ?ie increased ventilation in classrooms ? Fire Brigade Scotland ! Just think verbally ballistic, before that idea, gets hauled over the hot coals backwards !
See Scot Squad Police Chief Apology YouTube
Apparently it is "a statement of fact" that laughter travels faster and farther than tragedy, always has done ,always will do !

WHO Vaccine discussion 23 December 2019 - Global Vaccine Safety Summit At:
https// The Highwire with Dell Bigtree
Shocking Vaccine admissions From inside the WHO .
Who is lying to you/
Episode -145

The weakest link in history ? at
The Disturbing Origins of Cybernetics and Transhumanism By Matthew Ehred [111]

Angus Files

stop our thinking as well if they could its a criminal offence in Scotland thinking...

Thanks Kim

Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser, whose constituency covers Ms Murray's home in Stanley, has brought forward a Topical Question so politicians can discuss it on Tuesday.

The Mid Scotland and Fife MSP told the Scottish Daily Express: "I was very concerned to hear from my constituent Nicola Murray that she had been visited by the police and told that they were there to ascertain what her thinking was behind a statement she made on social media.

"There are serious questions for the police to answer here about their actions. This is not yet a police state where a person can be investigated for having the ‘wrong’ opinion.

Pharma For Prison


A concerned citizen and Autism mom

I just typed "age of autism" into Google and it was the first link that came up.


As I mentioned a few days ago, I handed out information slips to people at a rally in Australia. Two of the three resources were two speeches of Laura Hayes. One fellow, around 40 maybe, in response to me offering the slip of paper and saying it was about other vaccines, asked me if it was on video or written form. I quickly remembered that Age of Autism had both the videos and transcripts of the videos. When I told the fellow this, he said, 'I can't read but I'll get someone to set it up for me to watch the videos and took the information slip from me. I said a silent 'Thank you' to Kim for putting up both versions and great site that this is. So grateful.


Right now, it is searchable in google, one of the top results for age of autism in the search engine, and also it is top in resulthunter.
This site is very important. Thank you Kim for keeping it going, and all the work you do..
Maybe someone out there is on our side?


DuckDuckGo works too. My objection to DuckDuckGo is that (from what I hear), they send their collected info straight to Google: thus, they can claim, accurately but misleadingly, that they themselves don't "save" your information. StartPage - formerly called Ixquick - is a Dutch-based entity and I have a little more confidence that they might be telling the truth about not sharing your searches.

Some time back DuckDuckGo had billboards plastered all over town advertising themselves as "competition" to Google. Never a good sign! Those billboards cost money.


I only search with Duck Duck Go.
No problem finding AOA.

Just saying

If correlation doesn’t equal causation then they have no basis for saying vaccines are effective if a vaccinated person does not get covid or get hospitalized after being exposed.

They can’t have it both ways.


STARTPAGE.COM still shows Age of Autism's home website. You can't get it by typing into their search bar, but a search on "Age of Autism" brings it up toward the middle of the page.

I used to avoid Startpage (which bills itself as a "private" search engine) because I considered it vastly inferior to Google. But now that Google has censored itself into a state of inferiority, the switch isn't so difficult to make.


For years I worked in the public library system. Many of my library friends and colleagues love to announce how they are against the banning of books. Yet many of those same people don’t understand that internet censorship is indeed modern day book banning.

I did search by name on Google and age of autism came up second. First was age of autism diagnosis. This was in incognito mode if that makes a difference.

Nelly Y.

I just did a search and lo and behold A of A appeared and the link took me here. Google is playing possum.

Maurine Meleck

why would anyone be surprised at this disgusting action? The question is no longer can we save autism, but can we even save the world?


Board of Directors Google
Larry Page.
Sergey Brin.
Sundar Pichai.
John L. Hennessy.
Frances Arnold.
L. John Doerr.
Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.
Ann Mather

It's just another day in the office for them - rewriting history, destroying competition, promoting dangerous/useless vaccines, spreading propaganda. I mean, they learned from the likes of Joseph Goebbels how to promote and control the narrative. They're powerful, and like Boss Tweed who ran Tammany Hall in 1860, I hope they spend their final days in jail.


I commented on yesterday’s piece and it didn’t get posted. Thought maybe there was something inappropriate, or a tech error on my part, however, now I’m wondering if I’m stuck in the matrix 😜. Trying again (although might not be exactly the same):

As V (the artist formerly known as Vagina Monologues’ Eve Ensler) briefly laments the plight of nurses (bodies) who have to take care of selfish people whom won’t wear masks or get vaccinated & Democracy Now continues to push the narrative that the immuno-compromised are still threatened by the pandemic, which we all know is code for mandates, I can’t help but wonder if the bodies of vaccine injured children will be included with the one billion rising. I also wonder if anyone will have the decency to ask *why* there are so many immuno-compromised people. I remember the late, great, Dr Tony Bark asking as much at an anti-mandate hearing in WA (or maybe it was OR) a few years back.

Here’s to Dr Bark & all the bodies of the vaccine injured and those whom stand up for them!


Age of Autism ; Kim; it is a badge of honor.
The reason there is such things as badges and talk of honor is because
IF fighting evil is very hard. Life would be better for us all with out evil. That would be really nice; but since that is not the case those that are good, and care have to carry this heavy load.

I am sorry.
I am sorry for the Truckers, for those that donated that is getting their bank accounts closed, I am sorr for those families that lost love ones because of a virus - that was lab created by evil people, I am sorry for those trusting souls that got the vaccines - like my neighbors that passed out and broke a hip from heart POTS, and then a few months later they all go covid anyway, and they lost a family member.

But sorry don't fight evil.
Age of Autism is doing something; Kim your work matters. Carry on.

Meanwhile I got to change my email again. AOL was charging me 30 dollars a month for the past 20 years and now I have gmail.

I got all kinds of head hunters filling up my new gmail cause I wanted to look at one enticing fake job, anyway. I think I will move on ad let them have it.

John Stone

I guess the more censorious Google is the more people will move (have moved) to other search engines - the process of marginalising AoA began early in 2017 although they began on me much earlier. No one in the world more courageous than Kim, more cowardly than the corporate bullies. We will prevail.


I think it is outrageous that Google has censored Age of Autism! This is a form of censorship that is not in line with the free speech guarantees written in our Constitution. I read this site every day and have for years and it is a very valuable source of inspiration for all of us parents who have children on the autism spectrum. Seems everything is being censored on so many platforms and this has never happened in our entire history. We are in danger of loosing our democracy and all it represents.


Google has done what the CDC wanted Marie McCormick to do:

“CDC…wants us to declare, well, these things are pretty safe on a population basis.”

(p. 33)

“…we are not ever going to come down that [autism] is a true side effect [of vaccines]”

(p. 97)


Google is dangerous. Youtube uses algorithms to look for key blacklisted words phrases in the comments a deletes the comments. One YT uploaded noted that YT are now deleting comment from his videos going back several years. Dark forces appear to be moving forwards on many fronts faster than we can keep up with. We need all hands at the helm.
Although neither come out and declare that these Covid vaccines are killing and harming more people than the SARS CoV-2 would have done in a normal pandemic, the inference is clear in these two papers. Deaths rise up and slowly decline with each vaccine roll out in all countries studied. The authorities explanations of their own figures lack credibility.
And before anyone mutters ‘correlation is not proof of causation.’ The totality of data we have now, including that by insurance companies, looks to me as meeting the Bradford Hill Criteria for Causation. Yet these papers are ignored as though they don’t exist.

Neil, Martin. Fenton, Norman. et. al., (2022/01/12); Latest statistics on England mortality data suggest systematic mis-categorisation of vaccine status and uncertain effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccination. Queen Mary London University. United Kingdom.
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28055.09124

Beattie, Kyle A. (2021/11/15) Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries. Department of Political Science University of Alberta Alberta, Canada
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.34214.65605


“Sadly, the virus itself - particularly the variant Omicron - is a type of vaccine. That is, it creates both B cell and T cell immunity. And it’s done a better job of getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines.” - Bill Gates

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