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9ABC3CB3-B47C-40CF-AC70-8CD407FBD1E0Yesterday was 5 years that we lost the leader of the Rebel Alliance, Dan Olmsted. Cathy Jameson created that memorial photo on our Facebook page. I think Dan would have been aghast at the state of the world today. The origins of Covid would have piqued his journalist mind. The social rancor would have discouraged him. The sacrifice of children’s education & mental health would have appalled him. And he would have helped us all make sense of the senseless. We miss you, Dan.



Morag Lyons

Thank you Dan Olmsted , you would have been very welcome at "High Tea At Aunty Morag's "
Any day of the week ! We had the best of poached salmon for our sandwiches , because we all know poachers make the best estate managers apparently ?

Eddie Reader Ay Fond Kiss YouTube

Anita Donnelly

I was lucky enough to meet Dan a few times at conferences. His life was a gift to us, as is this blog. Thank you Kim for keeping it going at the same quality as Dan did, which is a very high standard. This site and the community of others who understand, is so very important.

Angus Files

Never forgotten a few messages on FB was all i ever got.The construction and knowledge of Dans beautiful succinct writting will last me a life time.

Pharma For Prison



He did so much for our community. Such a loss.

False Scientists

I remember he emailed me when I first started to be concerned that things weren’t as they seemed. He was a good, principled man.


I knew him through his writing which was off the charts fantastic. My favorites were the one on the Amish from the old days and then the series on Polio. What a great mind he had.

He might get a kick out of this one from none other than Sarah Palin, darling of the Tea Party.

"It will be over my dead body that I'll have to get a shot," the mother of five told a conservative conference last month, drawing applause. "I won't do it, and they better not touch my kids either." She called the top U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci "the biggest shyster out there."

For once, I agree with her.

Jeannette Bishop

Voluntary warrior on the Vaccine frontlines
No particular skin in the game
Except perhaps to save his humanity
Costs pecuniary he wouldn't name
And I'm sure there were more!
"The story of a lifetime!" 15 years later, how right he became!
And how less tangled the path to truth
When studying a post written with his investigative frame
And so kind, even humble, helping someone like me not fumble
Over a scammy email, or giving air to comments that should fail.
He gave that time, and the rest of a lifetime
To our injured's aid!
Poorly sung, for now! Too soon he was dead!!
I hope after the war to better to know him and the price he paid
Not just for us, for all!
All! All might avoid our injured's fate
If only they will not wait, until too late!!!
To follow his work, seek to honestly name
The epidemics around them from man-injected cause
Not just seeking for something comfy to blame
Seeking the quiet hero's bravely forged course
Questioning even the Vaccine...


He passed away before I ever had a chance to know him. But his influence is felt today. Mark Blaxill's book "Denial" is what opened my eyes (co-authored with Dan).

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