Schools for the Blind
Time to Tap Out on Restraints and Seclusion


39B9201C-FEC7-4733-8864-51365540F0C2No clear treatment from diagnosis going forward. No cure (forgive me for this awful 4 letter word on a family site.) No response to the devastating affects on lives. Genetic risks.

Hi, Covid, we're the trailblazers called Autism. We've been here for decades living this life of ambiguity, scorn, confusion, worry, doubt and media and government beatings for our choices. We will now show you the secret handshake. Raise this finger....



susan welch

4Bobby. Please give Bob my best wishes and I do hope to see him on here soon. I always empathise with his comments because I am a grandmother who is in a similar situation to him.

Jeannette Bishop

Don't Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine help by getting the zinc into the cells? Maybe there is something about the bioweapon that binds/traps/blocks normal zinc usage? Does it disrupt the blood iron/hemoglobin oxygen transport in a related way, if that is the case?

Of course, we have some experience with mineral channeling disruptions with autism or at least the mercury poisoning part of the epidemic from what I understood...was that largely from microbiome depletion? I have an incomplete understanding, and probably this is a different situation.

False Scientists

Yes, the secret handshake as their story is crumbling at every turn now. UK ending mandates, troubled Boris claiming his baby had Covid…I notice the babies are now their preferred fear porn in the saga. There was a child death recently and although it’s very sad when anyone dies, especially a child, most commenters wondered aloud if s/he had been vaccinated or simply remarked that unfortunately sometimes babies, children die from colds, flus. Of course the irony is we know that ‘they’ couldn’t care less about the children.

John Stone

Yes, I hope we hear from Bob soon. John

Benedetta Stilwell

4 Bobby:
I hope that Bob Moffit is going to be okay?

Bill; Thank you for the suggestion. IF a person is on Keto diet; I know they do make those shakes low carb as well.


@Two Cents:
I think you are referring to my father-in-law who is an early morning poster on here and often quotes that phrase. He is dealing with some things right now but I will share your post with him.


I've had Covid three times now, and with the first round two years ago, lost my sense of taste and smell completely for well over a year. I thought like you, Benedetta, that zinc may help restore it, but it never did. What finally brought it back for me was Ivermectin, (which I used very successfully for my second bout with Covid). I've also seen some mention that alpha lipoic acid can help for some people.
Bottom line, like Kim said, this whole mess is ending up exactly like the past 30 yrs of vaccine-induced autism, with idiot and corrupt 'medical experts' declaring "No cure", and open-minded, brave patients and doctors operating under the radar to find appropriate treatments while being gaslit, mocked, ostracized, and so much worse by society.
I feel like a pro by now. Humans are horrible, that's all I've got to say.

Angus Files

Thanks for always sticking up for us

Pharma For Prison


Benedetta ,
I lost my sense of smell and taste for a while with Covid-19 and. I took Ensure,Boost and, Nestle nutritional shakes for more vitamins and nutrition in general and I like the taste of Boost regular the best. You may have a point about Zinc because legitimate doctors have said Zinc is low in severe Covid-19 patients and it is lowered in mild patients but Zinc is no miracle cure. Many parents with children and younger teenagers with autism should use these nutritional shakes such as: Pediasure and Boost kids because it has DHA and ARA and obscure nutrients not found in Ensure or Boost. You can get coupons and offers online but do not buy Pedialite because it cost too much considering Pedialite only has electro-lites and some flavors a small amount of Zinc and not vitamins including a large amount of Zinc that Pediasure and Boost Kids has. There are organic and less processed versions of these medical foods. This is not an advertisements giggle.

Two Cents

This song title has been mentioned for so long by an illustrious poser to this site I desire to pay homage to the patron. I echo the patronage.

The Band Played On by Guy Lombardo

Jill in MI

Secret handshake. Ha! Kim you are the bomb! I’m still laughing.

Bill Bradford

When I'm walking around town, and some idiot driver almost hits me, I often sound my 1-finger pedestrian horn. LOL


I can only surmise the money managers below don't have young children.

Overall, Vanguard manages $7.9 trillion globally, BlackRock $9.5 trillion, SSGA $3.9 trillion and Capital Group $2.3 trillion. Fidelity administers $10.4 trillion and manages $4.1 trillion.

As America prints more money to pay for corrupt covid responses, inflation continues to soar. The money managers have already flocked to blue chips and real estate (like bill gates). Anyone on a fixed income is in dire straits, rising interest rates to combat inflation make home ownership out of reach for most Americans, homeless populations abound in every major city. Apparently the ceo of blackrock is a man named Larry Fink, American government and the fortune 500 report to him. And the band plays on....


My grandmother had typhoid twice.
Once some time in her 20s, and again when she was close to 50 years old, back in the late 1940s.

She said she would lay there in her bed and just dream about drinking cold water.
My parents at the time of this second illness; were married and living in their new house that Dad had built by then. The doctor came - and told them if they could buy Lysol to clean the house it would not infect anyone else. They did - and no one else became sick, and that alone was a miracle..

From then on out, my grandma claimed she could not smell, never again.
It later became a worry when she was living in her apartment up in Hamilton, Ohio; and her daughter had to take her to live with her just for that reason.

My understanding is that it takes a lot of zinc to allow our ability to smell work.
That having this virus depletes all of our zinc in our body; fighting off covid.

I wonder if my grandmother and the people that can no longer smell after covid; could just take zinc every day and get it back?


Thank you for that laugh this morning.

I have been doing this secret handshake in private for years! Exactly!

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