Long Island Teacher Doses 17 Year Old with Covid Vaccine
Gayle Louise DeLong 1958 - 2022



This morning my husband informs me that Steve Ducey had covid again, after three covid jabs.

Gerardo which has come on and insulted the none vaccinated -- degraded them; pounded on that people should get their vaccines -- Heee, heee, heeee got covid, after three jabs. He said he had a pretty bad case of it. I going to tell you guys; my husband and I gave a high five to that one, this morning. I am sure they both got monoclonia antibody treatments, which the Biden administration under the control of Fauci is limiting.

So here is some important information for us all.
Dr. McCullough said that a friend of his was just getting worse with the covid in spite of treatment back in the fall. His friend was going to have to go to the ER. So McCullough told him not to tell them that they did not get the vaccine.

So when the doctor asked McCullough's friend said he rather not say.

The doctor gave him the monoclonal antibody treatment in the ER. He started feeling better, and was able to go home.

He asked his doctor before he left what would have happened if he had said he did not have the vaccine. The doctor said he would have admitted him to the hospital. Once in the hospitals the option for monoclonal antibodies is taken away.

Dr. McCullough said that is when you get on an ventilator, and given remdeiisivir that does not work and then die.

We live in scary times.

I told my husband about "I rather not say" HE says that is like telling them you have not been vaccinated, and one should just out right lie.

I told my daughter the same thing. She said the same. She said they don't know since you could have had it at a local pharmacy and unrecorded. We got it made in that case.

I hate to lie though, always did. I rather not say. I like that answer better, but maybe it is not the best answer. I don't know what I should do if caught in that situation.

But mean while; Gerardo worshipping at the foot of the three and more covid jab got covid.
So did MS victim - from pervious vaccines Cavetto . Yeah talked down to those not getting the vaccine on his news program and then ended up getting covid too. I am sure he got monoclonal antibodies. Did he eat his humble pie? Nope. he is still on there spouting the evilness. Oh he got it but it was mild, cause he got those vaccines, never giving monoclonal antibodies the credit.

We live in a time of idiots.


one bright spot was an advisory person, female, who questioned the suitability of available data, as most of the age group she referenced, including her family members, were only receiving their second shots in late dec or jan, thus based on supposition, which they cleverly call immunological bridging, (guesswork from other age groups).


I couldnt find it.
It seems they are trying to reduce public interface as much as possible.
Dorit was groaning about the late notice given to those chosen to comment, so even their servants are discomfited by the process.
At the beginning, there was a notice from an admin that I interpreted as CDC would be operating more independently from ACIP in the future, but I couldn't fing the recording either to verify it.

Still with Trump

Is this ACIP meeting archived anywhere? Or is it a "watch it live" only event?

never to be seen again ?


The slides are up, and one of them finally includes race information (https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/meetings/downloads/slides-2022-01-05/02-COVID-Su-508.pdf).

As I am still waiting on my FOIA requests--I asked for the data three different ways, and am appealing my latest denial--it might be interesting to do a back-of-the-envelope calculation on race and risk for reported adverse events in children.

Do we know the race breakdown of the "vaccinated" children ages 5-11 and ages 12-15? The breakdown of VAERS reports for these age groups is on slide 8. Of course, it's not broken down into serious vs. non-serious, so wealthy white children with fever may be overrepresented, but it would be interesting to see if there is any pattern.


Wasn't able to watch the whole thing through. If you hit pause to copy a slide, you can only resume in real time. ACIP members are afraid to show their faces, LOL! Voice and slides only until they voted. Then they showed them voting in miniature zoom squares on the side of the main screen. They definitely don't make it easy for the public to carefully view.

The takeaway is the meme that the Pfizer jab was a 3 jabber ALL ALONG. And of course, #3 will do the trick. They explain away the VAERS myocarditis numbers by saying that the original 2 jabs were too close together and caused a "spike." But of course no worries with #3 as it is given much later. A nursing org. commenter wants them to start getting the kiddie jabs onto the CDC recommended list with legislation mandating them for school right away. No surprise.

My conspiracy theory:
I think the Omicron variant was released. As I have documented in other posts, it is markedly different. It attaches to lung cells differently than the original and Delta variant. As a result, few hospitalizations and almost no deaths- if any. Because it spreads quickly, it has already just about replaced Delta. The net result is like giving the population an attenuated vaccine (minus adjuvants). This could be a potent countermeasure strategy. Fight fire with fire. It could also still be used to the globalist advantage. With a controlled media, fear can be generated to get parents to vaccinate their children. If not fear of a severe disease, fear that it will be used to shut down the schools. This is already being done.

With todays' approval by ACIP, the CDC is on its way to the ultimate goal of a triple Covid jab added to the CDC RECOMMENDED childhood vaccine schedule, delivering a liability-free product to Pfizer with TRIPLE the profit! After the fear mongering has done its job, the mostly benign Omicron will END THE PANDEMIC. They will then focus on using environmentalism to continue to push the world domination agenda, including vaccine passports. If they continue with the pandemic narrative, too many will be awake and more details of their deed will come to light. Better to pivot in the near future.


I am watching, with pauses.

CDC rep reports with slide (early in the meeting):

"Reports to VAERS of myocarditis after Pfizer-BioNTech Covid 19 vaccine among children and adolescents ages 12-15 yrs (as of Dec. 19, 2021)

# 265 reports of myocarditis verified to meet case definition
- 265 reports of myocarditis verified to meet case definition
- median age: 14 yrs (1QR: 13-15)
- median time to onset: 2 days (1QR: 1-3 days)
- After dose 1 = 41 AFTER DOSE 2 : 221
- 238 (90%) MALES , 27 females (10%)
* 251 hospitalized patients (241 discharged home)
* 224 patients with known outcomes
-208 (92%) recovered from SYMPTOMS at time of report (Me- heart cells don't regenerate)
- 16 (8%) improved or resolved symptoms, but ongoing physical restrictions or still under
investigation. (Me- how can myocarditis resolve?)

#Doses given = 18,707,169 (ages 12-15 from May 12 - Dec. 16, 2021)

My comment: Prevailing variant changed from Delta to milder Omicron between May - December.
The already zero risk for this group IS EVEN LESS NOW.

According to slide presented by first person after the break after the community comments:

What is in these new formulations? Why was it reformulated? According to the slide, the Long Island teacher giving home Covid jabs to students is using dangerous behavior:


2 formulas for ages 12+
Both use ultra-low temp freezer, 6 months, and 9 months
Once at room temperature, must be used within 2 hours of dilution, and 12 hours prior to puncture (including thaw time) for other formula
Discard after 6 hours for first, and discard after 12 hours for second formula.



An official request to be “a voice shouting in the wilderness”. What an opportunity. (with apologies to John ch.1 ver.23)

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