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The Whole System will Implode at Some Point

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

I’ve been looking at stories about special education for five years now for Loss of Brain Trust and things show no sign of quietly settling down. Every once in a while some story will mention the percentage of kids who have special needs or else cite the current autism rate. I’ve faithfully written about all these numbers.

The latest U.S. autism rate is one in 44, up from one in 54 the year before.

Of course that’s nothing. Over the last few years I’ve seen one in 39 in North Carolina, one in 26 in California, one in 22 in Northern Ireland, and one in 14 in Toms River, NJ.

Those are only a few. I’ve got lots more, but it really doesn’t matter. Autism will never be a real problem and neither will the percentage of kids who are considered special ed.

I’ve been collecting those percentages too, and they’re chilling: Staten Island: 24 percent of students are SPED, Ireland: 25 percent, Rumford, ME: more than 25 percent; Hamilton, Ontario: 26 percent, Clark County, KY: 30 percent, Scotland: 32 percent. It just gets monotonous after a while. None of these numbers matter at all. I don’t know why reporters even mention them. There’s never any follow-up questions or real concern.

There’s one glaring truth that can’t be ignored: With ever-increasing autism numbers and greater percentages of students with special needs, we will see rising costs to society, and it turns out that in the U.K. and Ireland, those costs are disastrous.

A couple of years ago I came in contact with an economist who knew all about what autism will be costing us. Toby Rogers, PhD studied the official reports from NIH. Here’s how he summed things up.

It seemed to me that with rising autism prevalence, you’d also see rising autism costs to society, and it turns out, the costs are catastrophic.

They calculated that in 2015 autism cost the United States $268 billion and they projected that if autism continues at its current rate, we’re looking at one trillion dollars a year in autism costs by 2025, so within five years.

Those are the government’s own figures. No one pretends that things will ever level off or improve.  The numbers are real, yet there is no alarm from officials.

Where is leading medical official focused on autism who makes regular appearances on the news? Where is the expert with all the answers?  Why isn’t anyone asking questions?

The truth is those in charge are too scared to even acknowledge autism as the nightmare it clearly is.

While there’s next to nothing in the American media concerning autism and disabled students, it’s a whole different situation in the U.K.

Autism/special ed is already costing local councils massive amounts, and the national government has had to pour billions into the English education system. Stories are non-stop in Britain and Ireland where schools are also flooded with costly disabled students.

Stories about special ed in the U.K. are evolving.  I’ve literally seen hundreds of them talking about “increasing demand”—something we’ve come to expect. Yup, that demand is always increasing.

 But now there’s a new term I’ve come across: “overspend.” These are stories about local councils in deficit spending when it comes to special education costs, especially “high needs costs.”

This past week I found a truly dismal article from Northamptonshire in the East Midlands of England, and it’s all about those “catastrophic costs” Toby Rogers warned about.

Here are some choice lines:

The north of the county's high needs budget has a deficit £2.3m [$3.1M].

…many of our special schools and mainstream units are running at, or over, capacity…

There is an ongoing increase in the number of Education, Care and Health Plans (EHCPs)…

…having to deal with a £2.1m [$2.8M] hole in the special education budget inherited from Northamptonshire County Council - plus an overspend of £300,000 [$402K] and rising in this financial year.

"Our special schools are running at a very high level of capacity," he said. "Many actually are over capacity as tribunals are requiring them to take over their published number to admit (PAN).

"In recent years there has been considerable growth in pupils identified as having SEND and in those requiring an EHCP, pupils requiring alternative provision and pupils requiring specialist provision. This shows no signs of abating.

"As a result, many local authorities have found that the high needs block has been insufficient to fully meet identified needs….

"Currently, there is year-on year growth in these areas and with this unstainable demand on the HNB."

…"We're having to use high-cost out-of-county special school placements because our special schools are full and that's causing expenditure. There's ongoing growth in the number of EHCPs across the system…

…"Any further work that we do to allocate funds will increase that overspend which will then be rolled into next year," he said.

This year's NNC budget for out-of-county placement top-ups was £7.2m [$9.8M], but projections show the actual cost may be as high as £9.3m [$12.6M] - a £2.1m [$2.8M] difference.

…"We are always going to need to use out-of-county specialist placements because we simply can't meet the needs of every child locally.

"However, our special schools are full…

…the high needs funding panel meant that 'water behind the dam was building up.'

She added that 'needs were piling up.'

Amid rising numbers of children who needed EHCPs, the committee heard there had been 'deep concerns' around high needs funding, which was introduced in 2017. The education sector told the committee that the funding levels were 'unsustainable' and had not kept pace with increasing demand. 

 "Unless we can address the issues about SEND funding, the whole system will implode at some point.”

Of course whoever wrote this doesn’t ask the obvious: Why are the special schools in Northamptonshire “full to bursting”?

Here are some other stories I found over the past week.

Norfolk: Currently half of disabled kids wait over 5 months for a special ed plan for school. (But hey, it used to be 92 percent of kids waited over 5 months.)

Hartlepool: There’s been ‘significantly increased funding’ for “high needs block” amounting to a $2M “boost” from the national government.

A member of the council said, ‘It’s welcome’… ‘It’s pleasing’ …

It’s only a short term solution, however.

Danielle Swainston, council assistant director for joint commissioning, said: “We know that the pressures in terms of special educational needs and disabilities continues to be a challenge.

“Even though we have had an increase in funding we do know that we have got pressures that continue to be seen across this budget.”

Although the funding has seen increases for the past three years, the children’s services committee previously had to submit requests to the Secretary of State to transfer funding from other school budgets to balance the high needs costs.

Northern Ireland: Almost half of education funding increase goes to SPED, $25M out of $54M.

Suffolk: The county council pays $43K to parents for failing to provide SPED help.

570 parents lobbied for change.

…"These complaints are but the tip of an enormous iceberg of injustice. Only a few parents have the resources to push their complaints this far."

It called for "drastic action" to be taken.

The county council said the higher level of pay-outs reflected the greater demand for SEND places and increased number of complaints....

Scarborough: “Strong demand” for SPED places.

Ireland: Education report shows SPED numbers “have risen substantially in recent years.”

the number of pupils with special educational needs in mainstream primary have risen substantially in recent years, from 4,836 in 2016 to 7,510 in 2020, while the number of special needs assistants (SNAs) has increased from 12,634 in 2016 to 17,713 in 2020...

Cork, Ireland: $3M will be used to convert a primary school into a special school. The principal is ‘very happy’ and tells us ‘there is clearly great demand.’

Also from Cork: There is a desperate situation for many parents of special needs children who don’t have a school place. We’re told, “In the whole issue of special education, the lack of places is quite stark.”

“The most important figure provided by the NCSE is that 193 primary schools have ASD provision for students and only 70 are available at post-primary level,” Mr O’Sullivan said. “There is nearly a 3:1 ratio of ASD provision in primary schools compared to secondary schools.”

I can guarantee that we’ll be seeing many more reports about these county councils going into the red (AKA “overspends”) because of the “increasing demand” due to “high needs students.”

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Laura Hayes

David Weiner,

Excellent question by you to Mary Holland.

As often as I hear the term “public health”, I try to jump in to explain that there is no such thing, only individual health. So often, people have never questioned the concept that has been indoctrinated into them.

David Weiner


Thanks so much for your comments and your recommendation.

I agree with what you said about public health. This is a concept that needs to be critiqued much more vigorously by the health freedom movement.

I attended a presentation by Mary Holland at the WAPF conference in November 2021 and I made a comment to this effect in the Q&A period. She largely agreed with me. Here is a recording of her excellent presentation. My comment is at about the 1 hour 2 minute mark.

Laura Hayes

David Weiner,

I just finished watching your excellent, clearly-stated Freedom Hub presentation that you linked to below. Here is that link again for AoA readers, as I highly recommend watching and sharing it.

It starts at about the 7 minute mark and goes to about the 41 minute mark:

Here are some brief and cursory notes I jotted down as I listened. Great job, David, thank you!

My notes:

So glad you covered licensing as part of what went wrong! Ron Paul did a great show on the terrible downstream effects of licensing a few years ago, which I posted here on AoA at the time. I think he would wholeheartedly agree with what you stated.

Loved this quote of yours: “Medical licensing is used as a weapon and it is the original sin of our medical system.”

Also loved your inclusion of burgeoning Public Health as yet another problem. I contend there is no such thing as "public health"…there is only individual health…which is supported and improved by public sanitation, and by seeking and determining to invent, create, and maintain products and methods for societal needs that support and improve our health and planet, versus the opposite.

Some enlightening and important quotes throughout, including by our Founding Fathers.

Interesting argument you proposed with regard to Liberty…”I oppose the Government Vaccine Program”...because it violates informed consent and free markets on many fronts...true! opposed to using the terms pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine.

Great point you made that even with all the liberty-and-liability-eliminating breaks Pharma gets, they still are not satisfied with their vaccine markets, always wanting more!

Love your comment that several things have gone down "the memory hole” with regard to polio. Agreed!

Great points about measles, including how public acceptance of the draconian response to (contrived) measles hysteria paved the way for Covid tyranny.

Your argument from your 2015 article is brilliant, specifically, that the Government Vaccine Program threatens ALL our liberties, and you eloquently explain why.

“Covid Tyranny” has imposed a massive assault on our Pursuit of Happiness...AGREED!...and excellent examples of this fact.

Helpful info as to why many libertarians have been a disappointment with regard to health freedom. Interesting thoughts on private property rights, too.

Loved your last point under The Long Term Solution for Vaccine Tyranny…i.e. "With freedom, it is likely that that many other promising options will come to light over time."

Fabulous ending regarding What We Need to Do. Hope others will watch and share!


Medical boards taking license away

This was on The Children's Health Defense site.

"Medical Boards Get Pushback as They Try to Punish Doctors for COVID Misinformation

Politico reported:

Medical boards and other regulators across the country are scrambling to penalize doctors who spread misinformation about vaccines or promote unproven cures for COVID-19. But they are unsure whether they’ll prevail over actions by state lawmakers who believe the boards are overreaching.

In Maui, the state medical board filed complaints against the state’s chief health officer and another physician after they supported COVID-19 treatments federal health officials warned against.

States like Tennessee and North Dakota, for example, have restricted state medical boards’ powers. And now legislators in 10 other states — including Florida and South Carolina — have introduced similar measures"

Ending that quote.
Did you all know that states legislators have the power over state medical boards?

Dang I should have been writing and taking more to my local guys than I have been. Who knew!
Local is every thing like a lot of people has been saying.


There are certainly microchips and even robotic parasites in the COVID vaccines. If video says “format is not supported” click it’s reload button.

From Greg Reece and numerous scientists worldwide such as The 5th Column.

There is also 6000% increase in abortions caused by the vaccines of all brands. Babies that do survive their parents being given the IOT cyborg jabberwocky do not fully look human or/and grow abnormally fast with pitch black eyes without colored irises nor conjunctiva (the white eye parts). COVID jab exposed babies can hold their heads up as soon as birth, very strange. At least one grew a tooth at/shortly after birth. They can somehow climb up refrigerators and countertops without getting hurt - while still in diapers.

Even more scarily, some cyborg shot babies are born with extra limbs, animal features, or resemble ‘grey aliens’ with lots of blue blood vessels on their foreheads. Fauci isn’t the only criminal behind this.


Dang! Brian Hooker in a question and answer thing on Children's Health Defense said that the stuff in the covid vaccines looks like self assembling nanoparticles that might or might not be a chip.

It is different than anything they have ever seen. Different from aluminum particles,

So now I am getting spooked again.
What does that mean?


@David Weiner
Caveat emptor!
That Covid Control Group Card seemed to me to be missing a lot of details. The Companies House listing looks very suspect with an unimpressive track record.

Googling their Company number I found this:


The liberal legal and medical definitions of "disabled" is apauling, these liberal definition include "autism". That definition change is a major reason behind the increase in autism.

Laura Hayes

David Weiner,

I look forward to listening to your Freedom Hub presentation, hopefully today! Thank you for drawing my attention the link you provided below!

Laura Hayes

Kathy Sincere,

Brilliant comment you posted online and shared with us here at AoA! Thank you for your many years of tireless, often thankless, work to educate others about the immense dangers, endless failures, and complete lack of need for vaccines, in addition to the vast webs of corruption and propaganda that have been used since their inception to falsely and wrongly justify/mandate their use.


Jeannette Bishop They have scared us.
There are rumors and rumor of rumors of the technology they have advanced to, but we don't know it.
How advanced are the liars? I have no doubt there are bigger lies than we could have ever dreamed of out there, but on the other hand, the gas motor is still the best; and cheapest. They do not control nature although some ones to say they do. Windmills and solar panels now may be bigger, but are still big fat losers that belong to a by gone age when we used oxen to pull things along. they are just lying about it all.

These liars are just a few human beings with no more brains than the rest of humanity; the only thing they are good at is lying. .

I remember Mary Holland in front of a state senate meeting one time trying to make sure we are not facing mandates, when a rather innocent politician asked kind of making fun of Marry of "What do you think we you do to you, anyway?"

Mary said, "I do not know what you would do."

That is it, isn't it. We don't know and all of our imaginations have run wild on us.
I have even questioned a spiritual gift I received back 5 years ago.
I don't know why I so gifted by it, but if they have made a God machine out of 5 G we will be happy till we die. LOL. Cause I don't know what they will do, and my imagination is endless.

Corbett on the Corbett Report said that like those billionaires we too as a people also have and can control the narrative. If We think of the future we want, we too can create it.

Mercola had a video saying about the same thing, but the man speaking could say it so much more beautifully, I would just mess it up. He talked of us meditating, and focusing are energy on a window - that we too can achieve a higher plane of thought, of creativity. Then we connect with each other - good people like Laurel or you Jeannette., or David.

I was certainly thinking of what to do with the CDC that day I received my spiritual gift.
I don't have to do anything. It has come to pass. The people with in the system is doing it.
There are still good people and five years now, their greed, and corruption has caused so many good people to wake up, and fight. First it was just poor William Thompson, Now it is McCullough and Malone. .

As far as small me goes. During this past meting I held each speaker up to God and prayed for them, each person that spoke at the Senate hearing, I prayed for them.

What I wanted was a pitch fork in hand, and in the end, it was not the ones on the outside, but the ones on the inside.



David I watched it.
You did a lot of hard work and an excellent presentation; and I loved that when you answered a question you said 'well I have written a paper on that very problem'? I am Paraphrasing. .

End the end there was the problem with medical boards controlling not bad behavior but their very scientific thoughts.
Which of course we have known about forever.
As one allergy doctor told his young doctor shadowing him; we know of this, but to acknowledge it can ruin your career. And there I sat, with a sick, but beautiful little boy on my lap! I was already thinking that as well, but he voiced it. .

And it continued on down through the decades with hubby,both children as they grew, and even myself.
Of course like every one here, I had to keep up with Dr. Wakefield enraging situation .

Doctors complied didn't they. For decades.
And look were they are now.
They complied so well; that the drug companies, the hospital companies, the insurance companies, the health federal agencies, government medicare has all converged, and have taken yet more.

As we are told very plainly in Ron Johnson's Senate meeting by Dr. Marrick "And just to stick it to me, they added ascorbic acid to the list". He no longer even needed to be there.

Unions seems the only answer. Unions eventually end up buying their own politicians on the way of being corrupt too. I guess that is what goes on.

Dr. McCullough might have the answer. He and e 17,000 doctors plus more - many more fleeing the medical establishment might be the right answer too. Even still the medical boards can take their licenses. And they addressed that in the senate hearing this past week.

David Weiner

Greyone / Susan,

You are very welcome. I feel very fortunate to have been able to participate in a forum where we could interact in this way with Dr. McCullough.


It was nice to see people asking questions, I was starting to forget what having dialogue was like. Thank you for the links.

Kathy Sincere

Laura Hayes,

Spot on! I agree with you one hundred percent.

I recently posted this comment at an online site lauding Joe Rogan and Dr. Malone:

"What is amazing are all the well-known doctors and talk show hosts going on youtube and social media to complain about toxic shot effects, how people are getting sick and dying from these shots and how how people are being forced to get the jabs. These are doctors who in the past GAVE lots of vaccines with little to no thought about possible long term side effects. Many of these doctors/scientists developed vaccines. Dr. Robert Malone invented the Mrna technology being used in Covid jabs such as the one that almost killed him (his words). In the past, many talk show hosts and journalists like Joe Rogan and Alex Berenson have derided non-vaccinating parents (most often parents of vaccine- injured children), referring to them as nut jobs, tin-foil hat people, anti-science anti-vaxxers. Now THEY are the tin-foil hat people.

NO ONE, AND I MEAN NO ONE is talking about the fact that non-vaccinating parents of vaccine-injured children have been talking/writing about these very same topics for years and have been ignored, ridiculed, branded with hate terms because they aspired to educate the public about the growing problem of our children being sickened with toxic vaccines required to attend school. Vaccine mandates for children that adults did not bother to care about. Now the vaccines mandates for very toxic shots are directed at them. Suddenly they care.

The rate of autism per the CDC in two years has gone from 1 in 54 to 1 in 44 (some estimate it is as high as 1 in 36). No one cares. No headlines, no talk show hosts to discuss this. Obviously toxic exposures are to blame, not genetics. CDC adamantly claims vaccines do not cause autism, or alzheimers, or autoimmune diseases and cancer. Nothin’ to see here folks, just keep movin’.

These doctors and scientists who have been developing/dispensing toxic vaccinations for generations are now suddenly our heroes?! No – never. My heroes are Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Paul Thomas, Dr. Larry Palevsky, the late Dr. Toni Bark, and all the wonderful doctors who have worked to bring toxic vaccines and toxic mandates to the forefront, only to lose their careers, medical licenses and personal health in this fight.

Instead of Joe Rogan and Alex Berenson, try Age of Autism where Truth is popular and always has been."

David Weiner

Thank you Laura.

It has been disturbing to see so many insist that they are not "antivax" in this fight against Covid tyranny. It pissed me off when the cyclist made a comment to that effect at the DC rally. I was also very surprised that Simone Gold did not speak at that rally. Maybe getting arrested after the 1/6 rally had something to do with that?

You might also appreciate the presentation I made to the Freedom Hub working group last March. I put a link to it in my response to Benedetta.

Laura Hayes

David Weiner,

Thank you for the link, and for your astute question to Dr. McCullough. It was so nice to put a face to such a valued member of our AoA family :) I have heard from another source who communicates with Dr. McCullough that he is apparently coming to understand the ugly truths that apply to all vaccines. Hoping that is so, and that he will begin to include those ugly truths, too, in his public presentations and public statements.

I sent emails to both Dr. Simone Gold (CA doctor) and Dr. Ryan Cole (ID doctor) last April, after listening to presentations which exposed their lack of knowledge and understanding about the dangers, failures, and lack of need for today’s multitude of vaccines. I did not hear back from either of them. I will include those emails here:

Dear Dr. Gold,

My name is Laura Hayes. I am a longtime advocate and activist for medical choice freedom and parental rights, and against any and all medical mandates, including vaccine mandates. I lived in CA for 37 years, and moved to VA a year ago. I was very active in fighting against CA's AB2109 and SB277.

A friend sent me this link to one of your speeches on behalf of America's Frontline Doctors:

While I found your speech compelling, your comments beginning at the 54:30 mark lead me to believe that you think vaccines currently in use have been tested and approved properly and ethically, and are not "experimental". After stating that "this is not anti-vaccination", that you and your children have received many vaccines, and that this is a human rights issue, you stated, "We cannot mandate that human beings take experimental agents." Does that mean you support the mandating of vaccines that are not labeled as "experimental"? Do you support CA's current vaccine mandates for daycare, public school, private school, and a growing number of occupations, colleges, and universities?

Additionally, if you are open to learning that not one vaccine currently in use has been tested or approved properly or ethically, I invite you to read or watch my 2 comprehensive vaccine-related presentations: (given in UT in 2018) (given in AL in 2016)

Laura Hayes

Dear Dr. Cole,

A friend recently sent me this link of you speaking:
I was impressed until the 21:52 mark, when you stated, "I'm not anti-vaxx, not tinfoil hat...I've had lots of kids have had vaccines...that's fine." At that moment, you lost your credibility as you exposed your ignorance about vaccines currently on the market and in use, which have harmed and killed too many to count both here in the U.S. and globally, and not one of which has been studied or approved properly or ethically. As a parent of 3 vaccine-injured children, one to the point of severe and permanent disability, I was offended by your rude comment, and sincerely hope that you will make the time to read or watch 2 comprehensive presentations I have given regarding the dangers, inefficacies, and lack of need for vaccines, and the corruption that underlies them from manufacture to mandate, and beyond. (given in UT in 2018) (given in AL in 2016)

My 2 presentations are different and complementary, and will hopefully challenge and change your belief that those of us who speak out against vaccines are "tinfoil hat wearers".

Laura Hayes

Jeannette Bishop

On Dr. Malone:

I think it possibly brings a positive factor into the truth discussion that he was deeply involved in the development of this "technology"--Dr. Michael Palmer doesn't believe "mRNA vaccines" can work as vaccines, so it shouldn't be given the status of a technology—and speaks out against the current "vaccines" against spike.

But Dr. Northrup posted (on something to the effect that he's currently developing a vaccine with the CIA, a new revelation among her colleagues. I know he declared two current projects at Sen. Johnson's Second Opinion symposium, but I was unable to look up the groups he cited to see if they are connected to the CIA. Probably, we should at least expect that Dr. Malone is going to have blind spots about his "baby." Though maybe he's part of a group with an agenda that includes having him speak out against some things among some of us (saying "us" loosely as I'm pretty disconnected from all of this), and caution is warranted?

My biggest concern about him is that while he's saying we shouldn't give this "vaccine" to children, he sounds like mandates are probably ok with him at some other point in time, or maybe for other vaccines.

A confusing point for me: What seems to me may be the driving factor for using this mRNA approach is the lipid nano-tech that many seem to think is necessary for stabilizing/protecting the mRNA, because it also happens to be reproductively toxic--possibly the fact that it may be more dangerous than spike for the vascular system (if there is truth in the graphene oxide/hydroxide concerns) may be why they wanted a "virus" with a dangerous version of spike. But, from history and current evidence, I think that reproductive toxicity is likely a major goal here. What I'm confused about is that Dr. Malone, on The Highwire, said he found out you don't need this technology to stabilize the mRNA delivery. He got the highest antibody response in his research with just the injected mRNA alone (if I'm relaying all of this correctly). So, if that's true, how did the "need" to stabilize mRNA "vaccines" become the science lore in this field of study, a "need" which possibly facilitates the mRNA traveling to all kinds of places in the body but seemingly particularly to the ovaries and testes? Why did Dr. Malone tell us this piece of data, if he has a nefarious agenda? Did he just get too into the weeds at that point? ...I don't know that he's not sincere overall, though clearly he has potentially blinding/biasing conflicts, and he's probably not very studied in vaccine risks/limitations.

On a darker note, possibly a pizza-gate scandal note/speculation:

The pfizer vaccine was packaged in trays called "pizza trays" and boxes called "pizza boxes." Now they've given the "approved" version a horrible name I can't stand to type that sounds much like "come here, naughty!”

If no woman can sustain pregnancy because her immune system attacks the menstrual lining, and they're already promoting the incubating of babies in machines...and the vaccinated attending fertility clinics are now showing significant decline in egg and sperm health post spike protein "vaccination"…well, will they harvest all women's eggs while they are young (to protect them from "COVID!" ...or something) and while each woman who happens to want a family will only need one, two, or maybe three eggs (or maybe a few for each "pregnancy,” hopefully truly her own if that's expected) to have an "appropriately sized" family (as far as the technocrats are concerned), what will they do with all the other eggs that they harvest, probably largely unknown to each woman? This speculation of what is in the minds of some for the future should probably involve sperm harvesting, too.

I do NOT like the idea of underground (or under our noses, if they feel so empowered) labs growing slave babies for "research" and probably worse.


David; that was a very good presentation. All that stuff takes so much work and time.
Unfair treatment of workers.
The answer is unions.

They always work well, till they get corrupted.


David, I think you have given everybody a bit of a lift today. Thank you for asking the question and thank you for putting it up here. I agree that it is certainly encouraging. I had wondered how these people could possibly do all the work they are doing without coming across information that could make them question their own assumptions about other vaccines or vaccines in general. So good to hear. We are making inroads. Good for you.
I will watch the rest of the interview tonight (and the new youtube that you added (I'm in a different timezone).

David Weiner


Thank you. The host asked the first set of questions, then I was the 3rd person from the audience to ask a question, at the 24 minute mark.

I also did a presentation for the Freedom Hub webinar a little while back that you might appreciate. It starts at about the 7 minute mark and goes to about the 41 minute mark:

susan welch

David. Thanks for the video link


David; are you the third questioner?

Peter McCullough said that he was surprised about "ALL" vaccines, that he had no idea.

Good questions David!
I am so impressed!
Thank you so very much!

David Weiner

Julie (and others who may be interested),

I am posting a link to the recording of the webinar that I referred to in my earlier comment.

The question that I posed to Dr. McCullough about vaccines can be found at the 24 minute mark.

I found his response to be very encouraging.

Hans Litten

I hope you all saw the incredible London Protests on the 22nd of Jan.

In particular the Nurses throwing their uniforms toward the gates of Downing Street.

In the UK the nurses know and are rebelling. I wonder have they known all along and kept quiet.


Thanks Laura. I will definitely use that information. I only have two arms but I have relatives to carry more signs.
David, that was music to my ears. When I watch these scientists and doctors talking about the Covid-19 vaccines on shows e.g. Highwire, I often cross my fingers that, at the end of the interviews and off-air, Del and all the other interviewers prevent them from leaving the studio, sit them down, strap them in, and force them to listen to information about all the other vaccines. I'd put a smiley face here but I don't know how.

David Weiner


I agree with what you are saying.

That said, I was on a webinar with Dr. McCullough a couple days ago and asked him a question about vaccines more generally. As you know, he has been absolutely laser-focused on Covid, and hasn't really expressed concern about the rest of the jabs. Though, by his response to my question, I think that this is changing. I think that he has started to become red-pilled on this broader issue. I will post the recording when it becomes available.

Laura Hayes


I appreciate the comments you post here on AoA.

In answer to your call for additional slogans to encourage people to think about the dangers, failures, and lack of need for any and all vaccines, here are three, which include the titles of my 2, comprehensive, vaccine-related presentations, whose links I will also include:

1. Why Is This Legal?

2. Vaccines: What Is There to Be ‘Pro’ About?

3. Vaccine-free is the way to be.

Keep up your important work of educating others!


I assume you are talking about Robert Malone? Every time I hear one of these doctors or scientists say they have nothing against the other vaccines, or that they have taken every other vaccine but object to this one, my heart drops. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who is not 'anti-vaccine' (or not 'vaccine free') has not read/listened to/viewed enough information. Almost every month, in my city, thousands are marching for freedom. The people marching are the ones who are open to information so I am now trying to think of slogans to encourage these people to think more about other vaccines; not just the Covid-19 ones. "It's not just the Covid-19 vaccines."; "This started decades ago with other vaccines" etc. Any suggestions gratefully accepted. If this whole saga ends, I don't want things to go back to blind acceptance of the other vaccines. We need to use this time well (in my humble opinion). On a positive side, it's great that chat groups on Covid-19 etc are now becoming great places to promote questioning of other vaccines.


Pasteurize milk is why TB is no longer a problem in the United States.
Rethink just that one thing.
Other than that, yeah; looks that way. .


No one cares about autism's cost because the economic system will implode anyway. Entitlement programs will run out by ~2026 and the debt-ridden global economy may collapse before that happens. The COVID hoax was apparently ordered by the Deep State because the economy started to tank in 2019. The Fed printed $4.5 TRILLION to bail out Wall Street in Q4-2019 BEFORE COVID and they used "COVID" to cover up more bailouts in 2020.

The COVID lockdowns were fake and meant to prevent inflation due to all of the money-printing!

Get Outta The Zystem

Why did Apollo Ceiling Trump refuse to “Fire Fauci” as he “promised”? Why is Fauci so highly paid ? I wish Trump would’ve built organic food farms everywhere, end raw milk bans, and ban all vaccines, especially baby vaccines, pregnant vaccines, and childhood and teen vaccines for causing violent and explosive rages, autism, mental illnesses etc.

Will we have enough workers even after vaccine mandates end? With such a sickly and dependent population? Even the NT kids are increasingly violent, mentally institutionalized, and aggressive and dumber and dumber, at least those in CAFO human factory farm “schools” that can now also “teach” literal Satanism, sex acts, vaccine praise, BLM BS and literal pornography aimed at kids. Schools have “Satan Clubs” now.


Awesome reporting Anne.

In my opinion, this is the fallout of a long haul war waged against Americans. This war is being fought through Pharma and the government "health" agencies. Fauci has overseen research dollars since 1984. This "epidemic" has been allowed to continue. The pharma propaganda flows unabated. Now they want to give all children a Covid jab. Is this the final solution to permanently remove them from the budget? They have already successfully targeted 65+ age group who would have been drawing their SS and Medicare. Look at who the Biden family has received "loans" from. The writing is on the wall. Americans must repent and ask God for mercy on our country.


Malone was not all the way with understanding the numbers of autism, and the complete picture of vaccine injuries (not always autism) ;, as smart as he is. That was kind of clear in some older interviews.

It seems in this meeting yesterday and a few interviews back that he has grown a lot though.
He is now talking about shaved points off of the IQ .

My cousin says this morning that his daughter is really smart, but not wise.

I know what he means. She maybe be working to learn her third language; employment is no problem, but she and her young son lives with him, so he can help her with her personal life.

That is not exactly IQ that is a mess.


I think they want it to implode.

It's a $ 500 billion dollar industry and the Bill Gates Foundation is supporting the privatization of public schools. The Walton and Broad foundations are also involved. The idea is to use taxpayer money to fund Bill's new schools which serve upper class children. Lower class children will receive nominal online education similar to what they received in the past two years. The man has no conscience.

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