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As Omicron Surges, FDA’s Vaccine Strategy Called Into Question

Support the New Poetic Justice Platform for Autistim Creativity & Communication

Lina Hjalmarsson LyonsNote: We introduced readers to Lina Hjalmarsson Lyons' new publishing platform for the autism community: Not the Moms and Dads and providers, but the boys and girls, men and women with autism who may prefer to be called autists or autistics or just by their names. Spelling has been a new road to success for many. Not all. But we have to promote and push and praise all progress.  All of it.  Lina is the daughter of author Helina Hjalmarsson and Skyhorse Publishing's Tony Lyons.  Please share her site widely.  Thank you.


Hello, I am Lina. So nice to meet you here. I am a nonspeaking speller. I am really smart and incredibly perceptive. I want to create a really lovely space for people who rarely find the right spoken words.

With Universal Enthusiasm,

Lina Hjalmarsson Lyons, Editor in Chief

Congratulations– you have arrived. We are looking forward to co-creating with you a community of rebels, creative minds, changemakers, pathfinders, nonspeakers, communicators, spellers. Visit the Blog page to peruse our online publication, meet us on the Rebellious Editors page, or become a contributor on the Submit Work/Contact Us page. Contributors are teenagers or young adults who use some form of assisted communication.

We intend for this site to be a place for spellers to publish their work as well as a forum for real social exchange. Let’s make full use of the comments section below each post to enter into a dialogue about our work and ourselves.

“HELPED are those who create anything at all, for they shall relive the thrill of their own conception, and realize a partnership in the creation of the Universe that keeps them responsible and cheerful.” Alice Walker, Helped Are Those


Morag Lyons

This is just something really good and fantastic getting started from scratch !
Watch this space!

Child vomited 2 pm mother coming up later ? is what was documented in the official legal care plan documents ?

The work that you are doing is already a smashing success!

Fire Brigade Leaders, are supporting this the whole way forwards !

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