Robert Kennedy with Law and Liberation: Ripping the Veil Off Big Pharma’s Agenda
Part 2: A Few Nuggets from the New Best-selling Book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

She Deserves Answers, Treatment, “Cure.”

BD7D0E16-D4FA-474C-B0BF-9733B80B02D3A happy young women suddenly feels stressed. She reacts. That’s my hand. The other looks just like it. It hurts. But not as much as she hurts inside. Imagine this happening to a $17 an hour residential staff because I’m long dead. Or short dead. Me? I help her, peel off her hands, talk her down. I am her Mom. I try to help her communicate her stress, emotion. What would a stranger do? We no longer talk about treatments and the c word called cure. And because of that, our children will live in hell until they meet us in heaven. 



Kim, My heart goes out to you and your daughter. Such love for her.
I know the fear of who will care for them afterwards. There are good people though, in group homes who can and will care for people kindly even when they loose their control. It depends very much on the culture and staff of the home. If you ever need to, I know you will find the right place.
With my son, after being told surgeries, certain independent skills, were impossible, it is amazing how several years later, with the right people or the right help, options suddenly appeared that really worked, often more than I thought they could. Prayers for you and your family, and hope you take the advice of others to take care of yourself too.


Three words: Electro-Convulsive Therapy! This has help those with Autism and other conditions like Bi-Polar disorder. Do not use therapy this if your child has epilepsy as it may provoke more serious convulsions. The left and right wing politicians and advocates with their freedom" this and that nonsense and their persecution complex are making this rarely used medical psychiatric therapy out to being some kind of torture device of political prisoners throughout the world. Also try Ketogenic diets as they can help in non epilepsy mental illnesses and developmental disabilities.


Hang in there mom. You are a saint. Never give up. The fight for our autistic children's rights to adequate support staff in hospitals is a long fight. Too often are children are over medicated, restrained and worse without proper supports and treatments. Once such treatment that is overlooked in hospitals for autistic patients is 2:1 support staff and low cost treatments such as N-acetylcysteine.

Angus Files

zystem it looks like a fallen down shack to me ,where I dont see any signs?

Locally I have seen both organisations donate to help much needed Autistic local organisations,infact I was asked by one of the organisations who to donate a couple of thousand to locally, as they didnt want to donate it to one of the many pseudo autism help charities where Autism is the end of the line for any help..

Pharma For Prison



Wisconsin is starting to reject or limit enrollment of SPED autistic students:

Why are there signs of a Masonic Lodge/Rotary Club underneath the Cambridge sign?

Angus Files

Pictures speak more than words,your picture brings it home Kim very sorry.And were told embrace autism empower them?seriously!

Pharma For Prison



I have a similar picture of my face, it's not pretty, and we do deserve cures for our children. They deserve it. The cures are out there, if men and women can develop atomic bombs, cell phones, and penicillin, they can develop cures for autism.

This morning I watched Suzanne Humphries MD synopsis of smallpox and the vaccine disaster surrounding that disease, the link is below. Take aways: smallpox was eradicated by breaking the chain of transmission. Clean water and sewars. MDs have a choice, support vaccines or lose your job. The parents of Leicester, England won the day with their revolt in 1889, against the tyranny of a dangerous and ineffective smallpox vaccine. The same thing is going on today with Covid. The same thing hurt my child after his measles vaccine. thank you so much for all you do with your kids and this site. it's helped me and many others.


Kim- I am so sorry to see this. Is it your daughter's hands that are so scarred like that or yours? This is the result of the stressful and difficult lives we lead with autism that continue year after year with no break from the horror of it all. I have an adult son with autism and I am under constant stress and anxiety, caring for him and worrying about what will happen to him when I am not here to take care of him. The thought of his future terrifies me and I am still praying every day that somehow a CURE will be found for our loved ones before we are gone. God Bless us all for having to live through something that never should have happened to us.

Morag Lyons

Oh My ! very sore looking hands indeed!
Thank you ,this is very private and personal stuff/situation, but is the reality of people living with autism .
The happy young woman, suddenly feeling stressed, does not want to intentionally hurt a helping hand!.
The helping hand is in the essential support position, but ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Autism- Different minds
One Scotland- YouTube 5 October 2020

The Training deficiency apparent is mind boggling !
I wonder what people think about living with autism ? and the perception presentation of this TV Ad
What do the families think about it ?
What does the NHS think about it ??
Please get a health care professional to take at look at your sore hands .
a remote tweetment appointment will be sufficient . zoom zoom !
While supporting a patient to a quiet area ,they dug their nail into the back of my hand .
Stupid days me!, with the constitution of an average Clydesdale horse! thought it was ok to chuck on some Cicatrin powder and then some Anaflex powder once the nail injury started looking a bit septic? Other staff said, you should get that looked at? but I just shoved on some more antibiotic powder on it ,and a sticking plaster! . These powders were not even in a locked cupboard ?and got chucked around like ordinary talcum powder !!??? 1990?
Sore hand healed fine on the surface? ,two weeks later ma wee hand, went down like a ton of bricks!
very swollen arm with swelling in armpit the size of an apple !
Two months on a mixture of antibiotics ,could not drive for two months, arm too swollen!
Autism is not out of sight ,out of mind !.for people living with the situation, and people supporting them also !!!


For yourself little hurt mother; those fingernails have a lot of dirt and germs and gets infected. Hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointment. Take the time to doctor yourself.


Jeannette Bishop
Pine needles.
If you look close at the branches, you will see needles are bundled together.

Mostly in twos and fives.
It is the ones bundle in fives that has been used from the = time -of = the frost giants; LOL for people of the snow to get their vitamin C.

We use to drink it as children.
You just boil water, and pour it over washed, cleaned and chopped needles. Put a saucer over the cup to keep the vitamin C and what ever else from escaping as it seeps.

I don't think suramin is in it the shititic what ever acid they say; I don't know what that is really though. .

Kim what have you tried?
Gluten free for sure
Milk I am sure.

That stuff makes a difference for sure.

What about N acetyl Cysteine twice a day? It is working pretty good for my crew. You can get it in powder form and put it in lemonade or some sour drink, or make your own popsicles and put it in that, or a bowl of fruit, or what ever .

A few years ago Age of Autism had that sulforaphene article.
Growing your own broccoli sprouts are very easy. Do they like salads? You can put it on them.
Also you can put them on sandwiches too.

We east some form of cabbage or turnip or rutabaga every day.
I grow it.
I ferment some of it.
Even in the winter I can get the turnips out of the garden - just yesterday I did and made cole slaw and mix in some sauerkraut.

We do intermediate fasting every day.
We do a hard keto two times a week.

I think part of the problem we found ourselves in with our son two years back now - was not only the immune suppressing seizure medicines, but the fact that he got away from the diet. His Dad and he went to HVAC school together and he would sneak off to buy honey buns our of the machines. That craving started when the HVAC class made a field trip to the nearest large bakery to see their heating and cooling machines. They gave away a whole bunch of free honey buns.

honey buns is my son's kryptonite. It sets off addiction type cravings.

They all think we are silly for the heavy lifting we do - but once health is gone



Your hands have the scars of sacrificial love. Jesus understands:

You can trust Him with your daughters future.

Jeannette Bishop

"soaked" might be a better word than "stewed" It didn't seem like he said you had to cook these plant parts, just drink the fluids they soaked in for a while.

Jeannette Bishop

So, sorry, Kim and daughter! It's painful to see this evidence of the pain that we know is too often there in our injured...

Dr. Tenpenny ( had a free interview with David Avocado Wolfe that comes to mind. Since she has revamped her site, I don't know if I can find it, but she asked him what might help with spike protein, and he recommended shikimates(?spelling?), most specifically pine needle tea (from which they extract the substance that is used in Suramin if I remember correctly, which is why I'm hoping this info will help some on the spectrum more or as much as that drug seems to) or stewed sweetgum? seeds?. I remember he said some evergreens are toxic, so you need to know you have a pine tree and the most concentrated source is in the growth tips. I know nothing about sweetgum trees. All I know about how to identify pines I learned as a kid in northern Utah is that the needles come in "packages" of more than one (p for pine/packages, spruce...s for single needles...something like that...but there seems to always be exceptions to these things). He also mentioned some other plants high in shikimates that I'm even more reluctant to trust my memory to convey correctly. I remember he said high amounts were in carrots, but my daughter's well-being use to tank with the smallest amount of carrot (and that may actually indicate there is something to this, but also that it may be tricky for some). Anyway, hope this info isn't too inaccurate. I haven't had a chance to try stewed pine needles in my family at this point...sharing just in case this strikes a chord with your sense of mommy-intuition, or maybe with a desperate-to-the-point-it-can't-hurt-too-much-uition...

autism reality

Oh Kim I'm so sorry. I understand though. 100%. Not to get personal but where's her deadbeat dad in all of this?

Autism Mom

Thank you Kim. More people need to see this ugly reality. In particular, people who are supposed to care about others - doctors, nurses, social workers and all the bureaucratic agency workers behind them. What is their explanation of the cause and remedy - when our sweethearts go haywire.

L land

I know those pains. 💙


Lost for words. So sorry that you and your daughters go through this.

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