The Whole System will Implode at Some Point
She Deserves Answers, Treatment, “Cure.”

Robert Kennedy with Law and Liberation: Ripping the Veil Off Big Pharma’s Agenda

RFk Real Anthony FauciChildren's Health Defense invites you to listen to Robert Kennedy Jr. tomorrow:

FREE ONLINE EVENT: Saturday, January 29, 2022, 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Robert Kennedy Jr. will join Foster Gamble to explore the shocking disclosures of his new book, THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. They will discuss strategies for using the rule of law to defend our children and prosecute the global criminals threatening the well-being and the very existence of humanity.

To attend, just click  GET ACCESS NOW  and you will receive a registration link to the zoom webinar. You can also add that link to your calendar once registered for the event.

Don't miss this exciting FREE event! Spread the word!



An AMAZING sight!

Ottawa: Drone view of freedom convoy truck rally at Parliament of Canada 1-28-2022

Parliament Hill: Climbing atop a car carrier truck in the middle of freedom convoy 1-28-2022

Freedom Truck Convoy Arrives In Ottawa First Wave.

Freedom Convoys Benjamin Dichter: "Phone Was Tracked"


FREEDOM CONVOY CANADA "Trudeau in hiding!" | Irnieracing News

Great video coverage.
Trudeau has isolated himself for five days with the Peterbilt variant.


O Canada!
Looks like we've got us a CONVOY.....

Truckers stage massive convoy to protest Canadian vaccination mandates

"Truckers in Canada have assembled a convoy of their massive vehicles – leaving Vancouver and heading toward their government's seat, in Ottawa – to protest the nation's COVID-19 vaccination mandates."

"50,000 trucks,joined by trucks from the US and 1.5 million people will demand an end to Covid discrimination and Trudeau’s tyrannical grip."

Remember this 70's hit?

Thank you RFK Jr. for standing for medical freedom!


James Corbett devoted a whole documentary on Bill Gates to show how extensive his control over world healthcare has become. Nor to what extent his minions have infiltrated government departments of many nations. We all hear odd snippet of Bill’s involvement here and there but its very hard to piece it all together. James does an excellent job of this. There is an audio down load available just below the video so one has the option to listen when driving etc.

We still have to deal with all Klaus's acolytes, spellbound by his assurance that ‘Tomorrow belongs to them’ and any means of bring this noble end about is justified for the good of mankind. People have noticed the rhetoric is closely reminiscent of Nazi propaganda. Klaus make no secret of his plans or his devotes. Canadian and French Presidents, Tony Blare, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, the list goes on and on… and on.. and on… and on...

Oh gosh. I’m beginning to sound like one of those conspiracy theory nuts. I’d better shut up…

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