Mass Formation Psychosis
Support the New Poetic Justice Platform for Autistim Creativity & Communication

People's Coalition New York State Medical Rights Rally January 5

Kids rally nyChildren's Health Defense is Providing free bus transportation to this event at 10:00am at the Capitol in Albany, NY.  Click here for all details.

Advocate Speakers
Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense
Kevin Jenkins, Urban Health Global Initiative
Rev. Aaron Lewis
Rita Palma, My Kids My Choice
Donna Schmidt, New Yorkers Against Medical Mandates
Sujata Gibson, Children’s Health Defense
John Gilmore, Autism Action Network
Trammell Thompson, Progressive Action
Cait Corrigan, Students Against Mandates
Paul Schweit, Bravest for Choice
Mo Oliver, Educators for Choice

Michael Kane, NY Teachers for Choice
Cara Castronuovo, Liberate NY
Jo SpeaksTruth, NY Freedom Rally
Abbey Ballard, Mom’s for Liberty
Bobbi Anne Flower-Cox, Uniting NYS
Daniel Vila, Manhattan Green Party
Julie Maury, NY Freedom Rally
Yvonne Gasparino, New York State Children’s Educational Rights
Molly Parsons, 13, NYS Public School Student
Carmela Borrazas, Concerned Immigrant, American Patriot, & Parent


Angus Files

I dont know why i keep reporting these nightmares of what our kids lives are- could be like,and maybe Im being tricked into well if you dont look after him this what will be waiting for him.If every one of our kids cost the goverment 10 million pounds in care before they reached 44 years old maybe their vaccine policy would have to change .Such as remove vaccine damage indemnity put in place by Regan 1996 .Who is going to run with that to get elected?Dr David Kelly(never forgotten) was the last man who stood up to Blair and the UK Pharma Goverment and he was found dead under a tree for reporting no weapons of mass destruction to Blair when Blair wanted the opposite.Blair by the way is going to be Sir Tony Blair for his services.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Our son has been locked up like an animal for 21 years... for being autistic': Second family gives shattering testimony of their battle against a hidden injustice in our care system
Pam Hickmott's son Tony, 44, has been locked for 21 years in a private hospital
His 'crime' for being incarcerated for more than two decades is being autistic
Tony's parents want him in better accommodation near their home in Brighton

Pharma For Prison


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