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Long Island Teacher Doses 17 Year Old with Covid Vaccine

Rotten apple for teacherNote:  The New York Times story here isn't simply that a teacher performed a medical procedure in her home on a minor child....  well, maybe it is.  While most of the comments agree that there are many problems with a lay teacher having a Covid vaccine at home AND administering it to a minor, many of the comments  on Facebook are pretzel logic at its twistiest.  If this teacher had had sex with the boy, parents would (mostly) have been appalled.  Had the teacher slapped the boy's face, commenters would be appalled.  Had the teacher given the boy cocaine, commenters would be appalled. If the teacher had prevented the boy from getting a vaccine, commenters would be rabid.  If the thread says "Whoo! Go Laura, vax that boy, his parents must be stupid anti-vaxxers who deserve to have their parental rights shattered and ignored," that's A-OK.  Pass the mustard.  The story is here, behind a paywall. A Long Island Teacher Is Accused of Giving a Teenager a Covid Shot

A Long Island teacher is accused of giving a teenager a Covid shot without permission.

A 54-year-old public-school science teacher on Long Island was arrested on New Year’s Eve after being accused of giving a teenager an injection of what appeared to be Covid-19 vaccine without his parents’ consent, the Nassau County police said.

The police said that the teacher, Laura Parker Russo, administered a shot of what appeared to be a coronavirus vaccine to 17-year-old boy in her house in Sea Cliff, N.Y. The youth later went home and told his mother, who called the police and said she had not authorized the vaccination.

Ms. Russo was charged with unauthorized practice of a profession, the police said. She has been removed from her classroom in the Herricks Public Schools system in New Hyde Park and reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation, schools officials said in a statement. A school website, which has been taken down, said Ms. Russo teaches at Herricks High School.

Ms. Russo did not respond immediately to an email sent by The New York Times. She was released after her arrest and is scheduled to appear in criminal court on Jan. 21, the police said. Unauthorized practice of a profession is a felony under the state education law that carries a penalty of up to four years in prison."

I think when comes to stupid, this really gets the prize, charging someone for vaccinating a 17 year old, to actually save their life. We need to get real if we are going to survive this pandemic.

A 17 year old should be able to get a vaccine on their own without parental consent.

"A 17-year-old student whose parents have fringe and incorrect beliefs about the COVID-19 vaccine feared for their health and safety and reached out to a teacher that provided they help they needed"
Fixed your teaser text for ya.

have a hard time getting too upset about this one. EDIT: I am worried about HOW the teacher even HAD a vaccine, and whether it had been stored correctly, but I am NOT upset that a 17-year-old decided to get vaccinated. Weird mixture of right and wrong.

Of all the things a teacher could be doing to an under aged student at his/her home this sounds not as bad as it could have been

What if said student had anti-vaxxer parents and wanted to stay safe from Omicron? Not saying it's right, but in a few months the kid would be old enough to enlist and die for the country . . .

Well the sad thing about it's the students no longer have the teacher that cares about them. We already have a shortage of teachers. Her heart was there but her common sense wasn't


Doug Stables

Lock her up for life, she's no Doctor.

Pure Evil Unleashed

Needs to include vaccination as a crime.

Pure Evil Unleashed

Long Island NY has got to be NY’s epicenter of evil outside NYC. Children being brain damaged and zombified by vaccines in LI NY is nothing new. But the COVID zombie shots literally have nano networks, hydra-like parasites, worm eggs, and graphene oxide to turn people into parasite-harboring cyborg zombies. Scientists around the world have made these discoveries under the microscope. I’m not joking. And the vaccines cause blood cells to line up like cyborg nano network material…

NY state is the next epicenter of sudden collapses, cyborg zombies, Plandemic baby human alien hybrids with pitch black eyes, 5G and CIA warfare being enabled by Bluetooth connected COVID microchips via vaccines.


Kim I hope you will keep us updated when this person makes her appearance in court. I imagine she will plead innocent and will have an attorney present. What will be her defense?


The only time I was ever in a teacher's house during my entire K-12 years was when the high school Latin teacher hosted a party for the Junior Classical League.

What on earth was a teenage student doing in a teacher's house (presumably alone with her)? Or did she maybe gather a herd of them and vaccinate 'em all?


How did the teacher get this vaccine?
Did she take him to a drug store to get the shot?
That kind of tale has happened before here on Age of Autism. I remember it was either a grand parent, or a baby sitting - sister - I can't remember; but they sneaked off and got the children their vaccines.

He was 17. I had a 15 year old that was brow beaten at the school to get her DPT which they said was a tetanus shot. IF I had known at the time it was a DPT vaccine, when my daughter first mentioned it; I would have taken her out of school instead of just telling her don't get it, (I did not know how serious these little school nurses can be) ;

or I could have gone to her peds and told them that they allowed my son to be damaged, and pussy footed around about her Kawasakis disease; so now step up, and be men: And give me some kind of exemption. I would have enjoyed doing that by the way.

I am curious if they would have done it for her? They were willing to do it for my son, well they told me to never give him another pertussis shot; but they never helped me out with knowledge that there was no such thing as just a tetanus shot. now did they.

I think about that time in my life; I had these men looking guilty all the time when I came in with my kids. They looked like sheep killing dogs; or dogs getting caught killing the chickens.

L land

Who has vaccine at their house? How many doses did she have ? They aren’t single doses vials right? Who was her supplier?

So many more questions ignored in the news reporting


"The youth later went home and told his mother"

This story is very odd.
If the 17 year old did this in defiance of his parents, why did he tell them?
Did he have a habit of going to the teacher's house?
And even more importantly, how did the teacher get the jab? Is her spouse a pharmacist?
Initially, the product had to be kept at a crazy cold temerature.
Where did she get her training to give the shot? Did she just wing it?

Maurine Ellen Meleck

Doesn't anyone wonder what the kid was doing at the teacher's house to begin with? Maybe I'm old fashioned but I went through many years of school and don't ever recall being at a teacher's house.
Laura Parker Russo for jail.

Anita Donnelly

When are they going to get the concept of “slippery slope.” Here are people who see Handmaid’s tale and what can happen when the govt gets to control bodies, but can’t connect that the way the govt gets that control is by doing it on the edges with the people they have been taught not to listen to, the people they have been taught are a threat. If a teacher can give a vaccine in her private home the teacher can molest a child impregnate a child give birth control to a child or take a child to get an abortion to cover up molestation she arranged or participated in the way Ghirlandaio Maxwell did . I strongly doubt this is the first child this teacher did this with OR she has some past history of abuse as this is crossing a boundary. And she thinks it’s okay to cross a boundary: And she must have someone who got her the vaccine. But again the media is partly at fault. Do people not see the connection beteeen forcing birth control or forcing no birth control to forcing vaccination? Once you give people the rights over others’ bodies you are giving them the rights to YOUR body. Whatever right you give away to someone you think of as benevolent imagine losing that power and that right to some bureaucrat simply following orders. The lack of imagination by the left (usually my people—usually the first to recognize power abuses and slippery slopes — has been literally astounding to me .


Ms. Russo must have lost her mind from covid shots and watching too much TV to do something that stupid. I don't always support the police, like when they kneel on someone's neck, but in this case I support the thin blue line. Book her.

Angus Files

forgot my link

Would have been good if an old timer beat them all that have been vaccinated-but then "it wouldnt have been tennis ".

Australia's PM says Novak Djokovic will 'be on the next plane HOME' if the tennis World No 1 cannot explain his 'medical exemption' from being vaccinated that allows him to play in Australian Open

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Deja -flu we`ve all seen this before.As the Covid plays out Autism, was the practice run.
One of our friends has been vomiting constantly for the past 3 weeks since her 2nd Covid jab.Shes had everything the Quack can give.The Doctor is looking into itzzzz.As he says were having many with the exact same gastrointestinal symptoms.Wasnt there a brave Dr Wakefield who tried to highlight a novel virus found in vaccinated children.

But vaccinating a child without parental consent with yet another uuntested liability free vaccine is just fine Mam!

Pharma For Prison


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