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Is our Federal Government making Religious Exemption lists of its employees?

Mccarthy listsBy Wayne Rohde

Sarah Perry and GianCarlo Canaparo of the Heritage Foundation on Jan 12, 2022, reported our Federal Government, specifically the Biden Administration has been collecting religious exemptions filed by federal employees across at least 19 federal agencies.

The Departments of Transportation, Justice, the Treasury, and Health and Human Services just to name a few have been secretly obtaining the religious exemptions of its employees.

It appears that many agencies are not just collecting the exemptions, but also consolidating them while preserving personal information.

First noticed in October 2021, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt is demanding answers from the Biden Administration in hopes that others will inquire as well.

The federal agencies announced their intentions using the Federal Register, with a very small following by the public, thus none of the announcements attracted public comment.

I personally scan the Federal Register on a weekly basis, using key word searches for petitions filed in the NVICP or proposed rule changes to the program. Anyone examining the daily amount of listings in Federal Register must be prepare to review several thousand pages. Just not going to happen.

Yet, the Missouri AG was paying attention. He even submitted his comment back in November by stating that the Department of Transportation did not wait for public comment on the matter. Instead, the DOT announcement became effective the day of it was announced.

But why are these agencies creating these lists? It does appear these actions were done to comply with President Biden’s COVID-19 Executive Order on federal employees.

There are over 4 million federal employees, military and civilian. And they have filed over tens of thousands of religious exemptions.

Now what will these agencies do with this information? It is highly probable that a collection of the exemptions includes names, addresses, reasons for the religious exemption filing, date of birth, etc.

Ok, it is acceptable that as a federal employee, your employer would retain certain information on the employee. But to collect it in aggregate form with thousands of other employees within the same federal agency reeks of privacy violations. But the administrative rules that are now in effect will allow the agencies to combine into one database or shared amongst many federal agencies clearly violates the Privacy Act of 1974. That Act established rules on what information can be stored and shared within an agency.

With the recent Supreme Court ruling that President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on large employers might have made some of this mute, the federal agencies did in fact collect the data and are cross sharing it with other agencies.

The fall out of the Supreme Court ruling to allow the mandate to remain in force for health care workers is still very troubling on so many angles. Many of the health care workers are federal employees and their data will be continue to be collected.

But if the federal government is doing this, are there state governments engaged in this practice as well? Let’s start asking and demand those answers.

I recall President Biden’s Inauguration Speech promising his Administration will be the most transparent. Heard that before. President Obama in 2008. And soon after, FOIA requests to government agencies became extremely difficult.

Now this plus many other examples from the last year. Not to be surprised, President Trump’s pledge on transparency fell short as well.

The take away, the message to all of us. We must be vigilant. Not just of our local and state governments, but our federal government as well. They all cannot be trusted.

Keep learning, keep challenging yourself and always, always question authority.

Wayne Rohde is the author of two books, The Vaccine Court and The Vaccine Court 2.0, plus the host of The Right on Point podcast.



Dr. Malone said he spoke to Peloski ; in length- last year and got no where with her.


Pogo; it may be off topic, but I have go through my chores - feverishly - trying to get back to it to watch it all --I can't take my eyes off of it - just like I had to watch every last minute with Dr. Plotkin.

I made hubby watch the part with - the list of medicine not allowed to give - and to really stick it to him - they included ascorbic acid. It was so funny; until he wept - and we both wept with him

So we have that And we have another FOIA request after going through the courts that the Levy Economic Institute was able to get from the government on how much did we really give back in the Day of TARP. Was it just 750 billion for Tarp, 750 for infrastructure, and then a few billion to bail out the banks.

It turns out that the banks each got - trillions about 12 of them.

All and all they told us it was about 5 trillion
And while they were bailing out the banks they gave a bunch away to other countries as well.

It is 29 trillion guys!

So now they are out sniffing around for 600 dollar bank transaction --
Is it Greed - all of it.

The doctors seems to think so. Even down to giving a too small dose of steroids - so the pharma companies can have some lead way in making a newer more expensive steroid later on.

As in this 29 trillion is so we can put it on a plane and take it over to the Ukraine and Biden can get his son over there to pick a lot of it back up and bring it back on to Daddy.


Off topic.
I predict that this Thursdays episode of Del Bigtree’s Highwire will feature Sen. Ron Johnson meeting on Jan 24 with a large panel of medical experts who have experience of treating Covid patients. Some speak about their experience of being prevented in giving life saving treatments. Others, about what they have found these vaccines do which is more harmful than the disease itself. Also, a representative of three high ranking military staff who have come out as whistle blowers (with evidence) about information being deleted from the US DOD military medical database — one of the worlds largest and most important. Some details: Miscarriages increased by more than 300%, almost 300% increase in cancer, neurological disorders by more than 1,000% (hey don’t some of these guys look after our nuclear arsenal?). This is based on the five year averages. The department of Defence has now been put On Notice that this database be frozen to be used as evidence. [haven’t seen that splashed about on MSM]

The most important information from a practical point of view, was confirmation that if the patient can receive appropriate treatment in the first 72 hours, the disease doesn't advance to a serious stage. It doesn't have to be ivermectin and/or HCQ when treating early. One doctor gives a link to COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 1,352 studies listing and ranking most of the useful substances.

I found this webcast by far the most comprehensive and detailed picture as to where we are now, what is known and understood and what is still needs to be discovered. If Del Bigtree covers it as I’m sure he will, then no doubt he will edit it down to the most digestible parts, leaving out testimony which by its nature is heavy on scientific jargon.

For those who want to watch the whole webcast (and lucky enough to find the time):
COVID-19: A Second Opinion
(Discussion begins around 40 minute mark so skip to there)

At the same time I read, that a FOI request has found that by February of 2021, Pfizer had already received more than 1,200 reports of deaths allegedly caused by the vaccine and tens of thousands of reported adverse events, including 23 cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders. Withholding of such information is a criminal act.


The only purpose I can see for this information is to force elimination of religious exemptions by delimiting reasoning. I remember reading in the past that in certain states, it was like going through the inquisition to acquire the exemption.
I first read about it in this article:
The Pope as religious agency is captured.

From lifesite news:

"This week, Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina introduced legislation to deny federal funding to any such system, Fox News reports.

Norman’s Religious Freedom Over Mandates Act declares, “No Federal funds may be used to establish, operate, maintain, or support any system of records on religious accommodations requested by, or granted to, an employee, detailed, contractor, consultant, intern, applicant, volunteer, or any other person with respect to any COVID-19 vaccination requirement.”
I wrote my congressional reps.


I want all of this to go away.
I wish that the election comes and there are millions of watchful eyes, just like they did in Virginia of people driving up and dumping ballets in some drop box.

Do they know how nervous and afraid they have made us all out here in middle America.
We are humans too. We can figure out things too. Do we have the power to do anything about it? Not alone.


All cause deaths closely tracks Covid jab uptake in New Zealand.

This is an important study because New Zealand has been totally locked down from the beginning. They have had very few Covid cases and a large population-wide vaccination rate.


I think your observations are spot on. They want to bring in an official "Global Church" via vaccine approval by them. Only Globalist church members count. In China it's called the Three Self Church.
Nothing new under the sun.

Morag Lyons

Show us your covid- vax papers !
Do you own a bible, or have you ever read one?

Christian Concern. Home
Article- Strong pushback against Scottish assisted suicide proposals .
Article By Carys Mosley 7 January 2022.

Dragonflies Eddie Reader MP4 YouTube

Jeannette Bishop

Good to know. Thank you! (The religious exemption has seemed to be a particular target for some time. They want to tie it solely to the already captured organized religions. We saw the organized religions totally cooperate, uphold, and even promote the official narratives. It may be that a broader religious/personal belief codified stands in the way of many things the technocrats and globalists want to do?)

We also know they are recording even what lot# the vaccinated have had, so it seems to me an unvaccinated person will be easily identifiable in the fed systems are accessed.

So why compile personal data of those using a religious exemption? Unconventional warfare? Pockets of resistance to eliminate?

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