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Hero to Zero in Australia

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How quickly the tide has turned against Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic. He is an immigration detention facility in the former penal colony now Covid penal colony known as Australia.   Two years ago, he was a hero, who donated $25,000 to victims of Australia's fires. Today?

Novak Djokovic spent a day confined in an immigration detention hotel waiting for a court ruling and dealing with the prospect of deportation from Australia because of an issue with his visa application relating to COVID-19 vaccination regulations.

The 20-time major champion from Serbia will spend at least another night in immigration detention, probably even the weekend, with his chances of playing in this month's Australian Open in limbo.

With his visa canceled by Australian Border Force officials who rejected his evidence to support a medical exemption from the country's strict COVID-19 vaccination rules, Djokovic had to trade the practice courts for the law courts on Thursday.

This backstabbing, vicious treatment can and perhaps will happen to you too. Look at healthcare professionals - discarded like yesterday's bathwater. Your sound reason does not matter. Medical. Philosophical. Religious. Natural immunity. Worry about side effects. Common sense. Past history. Friends, colleagues and family (current and former, including my own daughters' father) can suddenly become rabid vaxxers, and see you as a dangerous, unPatriotic enemy, try to force you to make choices for yourself and your kids that you do not want to make. This is how wars begin. The righteous against the dangerous.  Blinded by dogma and mass formation psychosis.


Visitor IH

I was a strong Novak fan before Covid and it shows mentalities transcend the moment. I notice some dislked Novak before Covid and now understand they are enemies of freedom. A man of character against money loving sons of bitches. Bless you Novak.

Visitor IH

I am American and have loved my country. My father was a medic attached to the marines on Iwo Jima. and I have reached such a great shame of my country and its once love of truth and freedom. I am an enemy of what is now America and righteous for it. . America has fallen. Come after me sob's.

Angus Files

No quarter for Novak Djokovic suffer all the way,thats what you get when you stand up to pharma...absolute hero!

Novak Djokovic has reportedly been denied his request to enter America unvaccinated and compete in Indian Wells and Miami, according to Florida Senator Rick Scott. The American politician shared the news late on Friday, claiming that Homeland Security had decided not to let Djokovic into the country and calling on Joe Biden to intervene.

Pharma For Prison



"It's just a little out of whack" - this is the new vernacular at Disney, which owns ESPN and forces all its employees to take a dangerous vaccine that doesn't work. what's next ? It's just a small pulmonary embolism ? It's just temporary multiple sclerosis ? Guillain Barre will not prevent me from achieving my goals in life ? judges get strokes too, it's the third leading cause of death in America ? please spare me, how 'bout I bowed to the new world order, now it's killing me, and I still bow.


Good luck Canuck
I too need luck.


Thank you Benedetta, I heartily agree with all you mentioned, I happened to read that same article! Many have cut up, are not using their Westjet MasterCards now, have heard some interesting refusals to cooperate with the agenda (at certain events no one would download the QR code to enforce for a community manager)…people are realizing that united non-compliance is necessary. Politicians are squirming, one was pelted with seaweed (Dt Pierre and Michelon). One source mentioned questioning the state of ‘emergency’ as opposed to mandates (apparently courts are not so keen on the discovery process). Also I heard that regarding one of the school boards, several trustees have contacted legal advice because they are privately worried about liability in the event someone is harmed by their mandates to staff). This war will be won on many fronts. Sadly, too, it will take more vaccine deaths to move some, my God the FIFA Israeli study was simple and compelling. By the way, we sure are inspired by many of our southern friends and neighbours!
Cheers to you all!

Benedetta Stilwell

Canuck I am so very sorry.

Pam Popper says:

How to Start Your Own ‘Thursday Group’
For liability and other reasons, Make Americans Free Again cannot connect you with already existing groups. You have to start your own, which is what they teach you. Popper explains:

“It's easy. We provide everything you need. My email address is You can email me. I hold conference calls every week during which I share our entire strategy and tell people how to get started working with us ... Get engaged with us, donate money if you can.

Do what you need to do to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind, and starting a group and gathering a group of like-minded people is important ... We can go from having felt quite powerless to being the most powerful people in the country, if we're smart about it.

You start with one other person. People forget, I'm leading a group with hundreds of thousands of people, but it started with two guests. So, you just start with somebody who sees things the way you do. We give you a meeting format. We have training programs for our meeting leaders.

We have meeting leader conference calls every other week. We have a meeting leader coordinator in the office ... Every Thursday, we send out the update, what the agenda is going to be, here's the video you're going to show, so nobody has to spend all day researching what am I going to talk about. We follow the same format every week, so we make it as easy as possible. And that's how you start.

I heard a lot from people when this all began, ‘I don't know anybody and it's too hard, this is outside of my comfort zone.’ The longer this has gone on, the more people have said, ‘What's going on is so far outside of my comfort zone that starting this group seems like it's easy by comparison.’ So, I promise you, if you do this, we'll support you in every way possible, and you can't mess it up if you just follow our format.

We have a strategy that means we win at stuff. We don't take on things that don't result in winning. For example, I don't have any particular objection to petitions and declarations, but I haven't seen them solve this.

The Great Barrington Declaration got half a million signatures and tens of thousands were doctors and well-respected health professionals. It did nothing. Great statement, but it doesn't change anything.

The biggest protests in the world are in Germany and Australia. Take a look over there, that doesn't change anything. Protests are great for people to get together, but when you promise people that it's going to make a difference and it doesn't, it demoralizes them.

We have people who are demoralized. They need to feel like they're winning, and when people come to our groups, what they see is winning. You save a business, you win. You get a kid out of school, you win. You raise money and file a lawsuit, you win. Winning is what we need for people to feel good. Getting them involved in more stuff that results in failure, not so good. So, we're really focused and disciplined.”


I should add that they are mischaracterizing the numbers in hospital in different ways. They got caught in one province lying about a 14 year old young man’s death (which the sister rightly corrected as having been from terminal brain cancer) and our prime minister has funded our media so there is zero objectivity in most. Our universal healthcare is not properly supported despite us paying very high taxes. He has given it all away to other dubious causes/foreign interests. Many staff have left over mandated Covid vaccines although surely most health providers have had it. The only proctologist serving a large rural area quit…the brain drain is very real and this is largely why we are in crisis. We may have beds but not enough staff…


Novak is a hero and many others too, but this is getting scary. In Canada Quebec pretty much has marshal law in force, unvaccinated cannot buy at certain stores, we cannot fly anywhere in Canada unless fully vaccinated (if it was about health there would be allowance for rapid tests), schools turned into laboratories, children being terrified…our Prime Minister recently incited hatred toward those who feel it is an unsafe option (calling us racists and mysogenists). Boosters are being pushed but many are scared now as they see where this is headed, never mind that they don’t work. Thank God for those who speak out.

Angus Files

Descendents of jailers do, as descendents of jailers do, LOCK HIM, UP!

'Really bad' Andy Murray in staggering comment on Novak Djokovic's Australia Open saga
ANDY MURRAY has addressed former rival Novak Djokovic's current situation in Melbourne.
Since arriving from Dubai on Wednesday, Djokovic has been held in an immigration detention hotel, which Murray believes is a 'really bad' look for tennis.

Pharma For Prison


SOS from Canada

Benedetta, let’s hope you are right about the global totalitarianism destructing fast. Canada is fast becoming a very dangerous, frightening place to live. We cannot fly interprovincially with out a vaccine proof. Indeed, a hairdresser asked recently if we were not allowed to use proof of health (negative rapid tests) and I assured her we cannot. Which tells one that this is not about health but control. Dr David Martin revealed that the Trudeau government allowed Accutis/Arbutis/UBC to break anti-trust laws (a felony offence) in developing their lipid nano particle portion of the vaccine. Trudeau federal government bought 10 times the vaccine needed for every Canadian and gets kickbacks on every vaccine used. He recently invited hatred of those who feel it is not a good or safe option for them by actually saying “we are racist, mysogenistic to question them and we take up space…should not be tolerated”. And now on top of all that the federal health minister says provinces can and should mandate the vaccine for every single person. There are NO exemptions even if they mention them. Doctors who have given them have had offices raided and I personally know people who have asked and turned down; the doctor simply said they cannot or the ‘health’ services will shut them down.
It’s all surreal. My elderly fatherly nearly died after his booster, he will not get another, so weak he cannot shop since having. Many are saying they will not get ‘boosted.’ Quebec has now said citizen’s vaccine passports are null and void if they haven’t had 3 shots. They can no longer buy liquor or marijuana at most stores there and are under lockdown, police state. Help!
I see some hope in exposing of their own damning data such as I have linked to. Also the US enforcing Pfizer to reveal their data in 1 year, not 75.
I thank God for our US friends. They seem a lot more freedom-loving and most Canadians. And people like Novak etc, they are all heroes. This is all really bad :(

Kate C

Re: Roslyn Ross’s comment
How can anyone defend Australia after it moved its indigenous population to prison camps last fall? How could any government do that after the revelation of the harms it caused with the residential school system?
The indigenous people weren’t in there because they had the virus. Two escapees were tracked down, tested, and found to be Covid free.


Let him play.

Angus Files

Thes sons and daughters of the jailers and the jailed in Australia are going to have a busy time.No need to be the best anymore vaccines count more.

Neither Pfizer, nor Moderna... The sports stars who refuse to get vaccinated
Many have decided against revealing whether they've received the jab.
Several high-profile athletes have expressed their opposition to mandatory vaccination policies and have openly refused to get the COVID-19 jab for different reasons, despite various vaccines being available at the time being.

Pharma For Prison


Morag Lyons

Don't dare anyone mention endemic Ross River Virus that virus is a coughing nail for the tourist industry as well?
https//, au>2001 ross-river-virus-tricks
Ross River Virus tricks immune system/ Fresh Science .

Multi- faceted forensic flunkies apparent, when Government leadership lacks the competency or capacity for even the most basic of health and safety risk assessments ?
See - Duration of Wearing of Face Coverings - GOV-UK 15 September 2020
A No Name Soup of The Day of Evidence Based Standards? .What a Piggery of paperwork to get sorted and settled !
Perfect examples of pandemic/endemic "Government Criteria and Guidelines" that could not find the hin-end of their own perceptions? with both hands, a torchlight, or a flashlight!
Field sports left at the mercy of government "Pen- Flickers with a tick box assessment form " Dachau style apparent !


Oh dear; I don't know about a lot of these Supreme Court Judges, unmarried, no children. With out children (in such high places) does one care about the future generations?


I have been trying to find some information on how it is going with the Supreme Court and the mandates.

Looks like the judges are way behind the learning curve on every thing?

Some think that 100s of 1000s of children are on ventilators.
Sme think that 750 million people came down with covid just yesterday in the United States. .
Some think that the Omicron is way more dangerous than the Delta.

Pray for the lawyers presenting the cases.

Pray for the justices cause? Some has gotten in there - some how? With no brains?
Must have been their good looks and smiles that got 'em where they are today.


It's gratifying to see that someone has referenced as a valid source of information regarding the Covid-19 plandemic. While many people avoid it due to its relentless demonization by a threatened mainstream press and social media monopoly, and there are a number of other reliable "alternative" news sources around, no other project carpets the bleak landscape with truth bombs quite so effectively as Infowars and its affiliated sites.


My daughter noticed her co workers were short tempted after their covid vaccines.
Not feeling well, your immune system will do cause you to have a short fuse.

One hopes that it does not mean forever?

Dr. Pol after getting a rabies vaccine when he was bit by a bat, in his own house -- are those bats always carriers? If I get bit could I have it tested? I wonder? Anyway Dr. Pol that whole season he was a grumpy, short tempered man and not is usually self.

30 million. a day! Do they still have those drive thurs? That t sounds like so many? If they are doing that a day -- why is Biden all upset that he needs to get on TV and run his mouth off like some gangster boss threatening about getting your vaccine "NOW" ? If 30 million a day is being vaccinated looks like he would assume they all are in line?
I am not in line.
My family is not in line.
Of course my little family is at the end of their line.

Roslyn Ross

Yes, it is ridiculous, yes it is wrong but can we downgrade the hysterical hyperbole?

Australia former penal colony, sure just like Canada and the US also former penal colonies. You make yourself look ridiculous with such exaggerations.

Australia has issues of concern but is little different to most other countries and not as bad as some like Austria. Ignorance fuels hyperbole.


Zombies are no longer fictional. Thanks a lot vaccine industry and big pHarma.

Nigeria is the least vaccinated country on this list. So called “free western” countries such as Japan and Australia are no longer safe and the UK, UAE, and Japan will soon have very catastrophic zombie outbreaks.

Stop The Shots

Australia really wants its own nationwide population turned into microchipped cyborg zombies. All the COVID vaccine brands contain microchips connected to BlueTooth.

Worldwide banks want us being “given” behavior-based digital currency, even “free” nations such as Japan and Mexico. MFP (Mass Formation Psychosis) is causing violent, aggressive and destructive behaviors (we’ve long associated with autism) in “neurotypical” people worldwide esp. if they’re vaccinated (whatever “neurotypical” means now in the vaccine infested, hivemind, human CAFOS known as cities).

People worldwide (from videos I saw on Humanity’s Vault on Odysee) are suddenly collapsing on TV and camera after being jabbed, massive bursting pus-filled sores at injection sites, a UK “alien movie feeling” woman with bubbling skin after vaccine, and mysterious “plandemic babies” with pitch dark eyes, abnormal fast growth, newborn teeth, and one now-deceased PB from Switzerland resembled a human-alien hybrid suffering from progeria and strange rib cage.

Kate C

Novak Djokovic tested positive for Covid in late June 2020, as did his wife. CNN reported on it at the time.

he had natural immunity!
they took his belongings!


It's not going to be much of an Australian Open with the best tennis player in the world in covid jail, thanks to Scott Morrison. I'm glad to see his parents supporting him in this debacle.
Then there's that poor reporter from Brazil who had a cardiac event on air in Brazil, he was 36 and received his booster just days prior.
The one that got to me the most was the 13 year-old boy in New Jersey who had a heart attack while playing with his friends and subsequently died at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). That particular hospice is home to Paul Offit MD, the most prolific vaccine liar in history, except maybe Anthony Fauci MD.
It's an avalanche of death, not from covid, but from the vaccine, government, doctors, and Pharma.


Dr. Mercola had and article on this morning that I think needs to be repeated, and remembered in the coming , very dark days.

"Mattias Desmet,43 professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, says that : totalitarianism differs from dictatorships.

Since totalitarian regimes commit their worst atrocities once dissenting voices have been silenced, many planned horrors can be kept at bay by keeping the pressure on, and by vocalizing dissent. By speaking out and uniting in the fight for freedom we also provide a better alternative to those who otherwise would simply go along with the program, for fear of being ostracized.

“In my opinion, it is not an option to stop speaking,” Desmet says. “It’s the most important thing we can do.”44 We also need to create parallel structures — businesses, organizations, technologies, movements and creative pursuits that fit within a totalitarian society while being morally outside of it. Once enough parallel structures are created, a parallel culture is born that functions as a sanctuary of sanity within the totalitarian world.

According to Desmet, totalitarianism will always self-destruct in the end. The psychological underpinnings are so self-destructive that the system ends up killing its own. That’s the good news. The bad news is a totalitarian system can survive for long periods of time before petering out, and there tend to be few survivors at the end.

That said, Desmet believes this new global totalitarianism is more unstable than regional dictator-led totalitarian systems, so it may self-destruct faster. The key is to survive outside the totalitarian system while we patiently resist it and wait for its self-destruction."

In short: totalitarian regimes commit their worst atrocities once dissenting voices have been silenced, many planned horrors can be kept at bay by keeping the pressure on.

I have no voice, I am not good at much, it seems all I can do is pray. So fervent Prayers everyday for those that keep speaking out and being censored. I pray they don't tire, or get discouraged and quit.

Revelations 15:2
English Standard Version
And I saw what appeared to be a sea of glass mingled with fire—and also those who had conquered the beast and its image and the number of its name, standing beside the sea of glass with harps of God in their hands.

Angus Files

And another hero..
Renata Voracova

Novak Djokovic joined by second player in detention hotel with damning 'documents leaked'
ANOTHER tennis player already in Australia has had their visa cancelled by border officials after leaked documents revealed that Tennis Australia ignored government instruction over medical exemptions.
A second tennis player with a medical exemption has had their Australian visa revoked and been detained in the same hotel as Novak Djokovic. Renata Voracova had already competed in a Melbourne event but has now been informed that she must leave the country. Djokovic announced he received an exemption to compete in the Australian Open but had his visa cancelled when landing in Melbourne, and is now awaiting an appeal hearing while staying in a quarantine hotel. It comes as leaked documents show that Tennis Australia wrongly informed players of the criteria for a medical exemption.

Pharma For Prison


Michael S.

Bill Gates dubbed 2010 to 2020 the Decade of Vaccines.

I guess this incident and all the discrimination against the un-vaccinated is the culmination of that decade.

In Bill's terms, I can see it was pretty successful.

Angus Files

Novak (no-vac?) sorry!He just got himself a big bunch of new fans me included total fan for life.Probably the problem with the penal colony is not only the convicts but also the sons and daughters of the jailers.But meantime.

Scott Morrison
For Australia’s prime minister, his visit to Cornwall is a homecoming — of sorts.

Pharma For Prison


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