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justice kagan doesnt understand that "vaccines" dont prevent transmission.
no mention so far about natural immunity from anyone.
missouri v biden heavily relying on effect on rural hospitals.
many mentions of no comment period being problematic.
one of the justices mentioned fda approved vaccine, didnt realize its not yet available.


Justice Roberts gets it, mentions "the workaround".


Sotomayor is hopeless.
She claims unvaccinated are a risk to themselves and others.
She has no understanding of the risks of the vaccine, including permanent disability, death, strokes...
a childlike understanding.


oral arguments Missouri v. Biden. friday, January 7 10:00 CT streamed live on C-SPAN .


I just hope the California Regional Centers or whatever name your state or province calls the organizations that gives outs funding and referrals for goods and services the developmentally disabled opens the sheltered work-shops and day programs ect., to their full capacity this year. This issues is more important than "vaccines" the issue of services for the disabled.

human heart

you're right Benedetta, it's not that straight forward. if it was just spike protein hitting the heart then why would the DPT do it too ? And to John's point, if adenovirus alone can cause thrombocytopenia, why use it as a vector at all ? Makes no sense from a safety standpoint.

Under this cloak of censorship, I wonder about each high profile death or illness now. did John Madden receive the shot, or Betty White, or what about George Lopez having a medical issue on stage ? I know he has kidney issues, but after reading Suzanne Humphries book, I know that can happen too.

I don't think they care about people's health or how much money this bs costs. The government just prints more money, and they are, just look at inflation. The middle class is becoming the poverty class while our real debt with China is decreasing. Anyone on a fixed income, ie senior citizens, are destined for abject poverty. Also, with a devalued dollar, we can look forward to a Chinese owner of the Dallas Cowboys or perhaps the Freedom Tower.

Morag Lyons

From the other side of last year ?
Mallaig Chrideil agus Blaidhna Math Ur, Mo Choullans .
Hope you had a Merry Xmas, and have a good New Year, ma dear ones !

https// -we -thought-dr- sucharit-bhakdi- -mike yeadon 55765883.
Article /Discussion . How to Break Free of Fear Addiction - Excellent conversation Dr Joseph Mercola and Dr Mark McDonald . 2 January 2022

New Year -Time for some Fast- Track, Kitchen Kardex, Care Plan Co-ordination , Tutorials ?

Xinao Meaning "Wash Brain" Eg,
China and the Korean War- Wikipedia .

https//>the -present> yuri-bezmenof interview, 18 July 2018

All hands on deck ! Busy year ahead !

Runrig The Message YouTube


Happy New Year to the most beautiful community of people ever!! You are all heroes!!! Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!!!!

Great interview I wanted to share.

Still with Trump

Thanks for all that everyone does for AoA.

Clearly we now have a medical system where everything first starts with you covid vaccine status. Any care anyone receives is evaluated from there, and with the covid box checked, no one can be held responsible for anything. Treatments that make money are chosen over those that actually work.

Some are waking up to what we have known for a few decades.

John Stone


No, I don’t think so either although I am sure it could make it worse. A particularly disturbing aspect is that it had long be known that the Adenovirus component of the AZ, J&J and Sputnik vaccines was known to cause clots even before they started, and yet they began and were permitted to



Benedetta Stilwell

Human Heart;
I have heard several doctors on the internet, and of course the one on Mercola that is a nursing professor all say it is all because they put in the hypodermic needle , don't draw back to check for blood to see if they got it in a vein. If it gets in the vein and not the muscle then there is going to be trouble with the heart, the circulatory system, and blood clots.

Surely it could not be that simple?

My daughter had Kawasakis. Inflammation of every small blood vessels in her body - 7 weeks after her fourth, DPT vaccine. My son on his very first DPT vaccine had that heart swelling left ventricular deal. So I guess they hit the vein?

Except all the DPT vaccine they were reacting too-- so they hit the vein 100 percent of the time?

I don't know what to think.

susan welch

Sincere good wishes to all the great people at AoA for a 'House of cards collapsing' 2022.

In addition, I hope that this is the year that honest research is done into the causes of autism so that further research can be done to alleviate the suffering that has been caused.

It is a ;privilege to be a part of such an honest and caring group.

Special thanks go, of course to Kim, Cathy, Anne and John for keeping us informed.

human heart

Really happy to see such an outstanding group standing firm in the face of dark and evil forces.
While autism and the MMR shot are usually the focus of my attention, I've become more interested in cardiac adverse events of late, since several of my colleagues and relatives have suffered career and/or life ending events lately and they were recently vaccinated for covid (or flu). None of their injuries or deaths were attributed to the shot. I believe otherwise, however, have no proof.

So below is the baseline on cardiac events from BMJ. It tells me that heart attack is rare below 55 years old and increases with age. For those in the younger groups, comorbidities play a greater role in the event. In other words, if you are under 55, chances are good that your heart attack was due to smoking, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, or the new one, vaccination with the spike protein. For the older cohort, the more likely reason is your heart just wore out. Notably, I do not see playing world class professional football as a co-factor. I look forward to updated research from world class cardiologists regarding these risk factors, however, I will not hold my breath. Thank you.
Objective To assess age differences in risk factors for incident heart failure in the general population.

Design Pooled population based cohort study.

Setting Framingham Heart Study, Prevention of Renal and Vascular End-stage Disease Study, and Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.

Participants 24 675 participants without a history of heart failure stratified by age into young (<55 years; n=11 599), middle aged (55-64 years; n=5587), old (65-74 years; n=5190), and elderly (≥75 years; n=2299) individuals.

Main outcome measure Incident heart failure.

Results Over a median follow-up of 12.7 years, 138/11 599 (1%), 293/5587 (5%), 538/5190 (10%), and 412/2299 (18%) of young, middle aged, old, and elderly participants, respectively, developed heart failure. In young participants, 32% (n=44) of heart failure cases were classified as heart failure with preserved ejection fraction compared with 43% (n=179) in elderly participants. Risk factors including hypertension, diabetes, current smoking history, and previous myocardial infarction conferred greater relative risk in younger compared with older participants (P for interaction <0.05 for all). For example, hypertension was associated with a threefold increase in risk of future heart failure in young participants (hazard ratio 3.02, 95% confidence interval 2.10 to 4.34; P<0.001) compared with a 1.4-fold risk in elderly participants (1.43, 1.13 to 1.81; P=0.003). The absolute risk for developing heart failure was lower in younger than in older participants with and without risk factors. Importantly, known risk factors explained a greater proportion of overall population attributable risk for heart failure in young participants (75% v 53% in elderly participants), with better model performance (C index 0.79 v 0.64). Similarly, the population attributable risks of obesity (21% v 13%), hypertension (35% v 23%), diabetes (14% v 7%), and current smoking (32% v 1%) were higher in young compared with elderly participants.

Conclusions Despite a lower incidence and absolute risk of heart failure among younger compared with older people, the stronger association and greater attributable risk of modifiable risk factors among young participants highlight the importance of preventive efforts across the adult life course.

Bob Moffit

AOA community … strong, united, defiant, proud going into another year .. KEEP HOPE ALIVE GOING FORWARD.

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