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Gayle Louise DeLong 1958 - 2022

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Today, we share the sad news that Gayle DeLong, Mother, Wife, College Professor, Autism Advocate, and friend, passed away after a battle with breast cancer. Many readers will recognize Gayle from events, conferences and rallies. From her family:

Gayle Louise DeLong, 1958-2022

 After a seven-year struggle with cancer, Gayle DeLong passed away peacefully on January 5, 2022, at home and with her family. She proudly wore the badge of “Warrior Mom”. She worked relentlessly to lift the burdens of autism from her two daughters, Jennifer and Flora, and to help an entire generation of vaccine-injured children. She was not a physician, but she was an expert statistician, and she was able to calculate both the vested interests of pharmaceutical companies and the human toll their products were exacting.

A Zoom memorial service is scheduled for Sunday, January 16 starting at 3:00 pm EST. You can obtain a link from her husband, Jonathan Rose, at In lieu of flowers, we would be grateful for a contribution in Gayle’s name to Children’s Health Defense.

Gayle always said it was a shame that one couldn’t have a funeral before death: that way you could hear all the nice things that folks would say about you in their eulogies. Her daughter Jennifer Rose (author of It’s Not a Perfect World, but I’ll Take It) decided to write just such an advance eulogy for her mother, who was deeply touched when it was read to her while she was in hospital. We reproduce it here, with affection and admiration.

Editor's Note:  We will add the eulogy as soon as we have it.



I did not know Gayle, but her good works and sacrificial love for her family are a crown upon her head. May the Lord send peace and comfort to her husband and daughters.

Doug Stables

Such a sad loss of a dedicated Mother and fighter for the Autism cause. Condolences to your Family RIP Gayle.

Maureen McDonnell

So sad to hear of Gayle’s passing! Such a longtime, strong, dedicated & brave warrior in this fight against medical tyranny.

I’ll pray for her family & I send loving gratitude on the wings of the angels to Gayle ✨



"more important than the vaccine controversy"

Perhaps we can get "Every Green" over here to build those facilities. That company are good at building empty cities in China.

And unlike China that can' not fill up those buildings, America can do it. We got the ingenuity cause we know how to "MAKE" disabled people that will live there.

So, let us not stop making disabled people and get rich until there is no one left that can function.


Jonathan & all, I'm so sorry to hear about Gayle, she represents the best of all of us and will be missed dearly.

Donna L.

So very, very sorry to hear this! My deepest sympathy to Jonathan, Jennifer and Flora.


It is time autism parents to plan for what happens after they dies sooner. To lobby the state/provincial and local government for the reopening of the Developmental Centers and Intermediate Care Facilities (these facilities may have a different name where you live). This and similar topics are more important than the vaccine controversy.

Linda Englander

So sorry to read this. My sincere condolences to Dr. Rose and family.

Dave Weiner

Sad to hear this. What a big loss.


Aw, I remember her well. I am very sorry to hear this news.

Laura Hayes

Gayle’s voice will be missed.

My condolences to her husband, daughters, and loved ones.

Gary Ogden

What a great tragedy. Condolences to all.

Angus Files

So sorry to read that RIP Brave Warrior Mom..

Pharma For Prison


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