Air Travel. Autism. Covid.
The Normalization of Disabled Children


Morag Lyons

Adam Smith -Wikipedia .
Why was this not on the school curriculum ? but The History of The Highland Clearances was banned and censored also!
Could he have had a thyroid problem? ie Graves Disease? rather than being "away with the fairies !" -
Letham Glen Fairies - Leven -10 miles up the east coast as the crow flies, from Kirkcaldy!

He left us a perfect description of an industrial strength "Rats Nest Infestation " and a Cairn Terriers approach to getting same demolished and fumigated from the inside out ?
"Smith also warned that a business-dominated political system would allow a conspiracy of business and industry against consumers ,with the former scheming to influence politics and legislation"

Fascinating and only 200 years later ?
Barbie's on the fast- track, factory farmed production line !
Sindy .
Apparently Barbie and Sindy were jealous cash cousins as well?

Aqua - Barbie Girl [ Official Video] YouTube

Will Barbie be getting coordinated covid masks to match every outfit, past and present?
Shove off Barbie ! Let's Go! Brand-On ! Or Off -it! We do not comply !


I like that a lot.

Reading LeCarre this week, I came across this passage, which spoke to my heart. Smiley is at a pavilion in a public park when he sees the sign mentioned in the passage.

"'Punk is destructive. Society does not need it.' The assertion caused him a moment's indecision. 'Oh, but society *does,*' he wanted to reply; "society is an association of minorities.'"

There are a lot of things I'd change about this world, but I would always want to be in whatever association of minorities the AoA folks are in.

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