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Freedom to Live As Per Howard Stern

Howard stern 2022By Cathy Jameson

"…I want to get out of the house already.

I want my freedom to live.

I want to go next door and play chess.

I want to go take some pictures."

— Howard Stern

What's stopping one of the loudest voices from the freedom to live?  Who's keeping him from going next door and playing chess?  And why can't he take pictures?  I know things are not as great as they used to be there, but are cameras and photographs banned in New York City now also?   

Those were my first thoughts when I read that quote from Howard Stern.  I don't usually think about him, but I really did stop and think about Stern and what a predicament he must be in to not feel like he has any freedom.  My next thoughts about him and that quote included more questions. 

Covid restrictions are still pretty intense in some localities.  But Stern is a rule breaker kind of guy.  So why is he going along with the most tyrannical of rules?  He's a headline grabbing sort of celebrity.  So why hasn't he used his platform to help get rid of these really restrictive rules?  Why doesn't Stern fight for what he wants — freedom to live — and kick the greedy government and its mandates to the curb?  He's a cross-the-line sort of person.  In fact, he's one of the most famous cross-the-line sorts of persons who ever existed! 

But what you allow is what will continue.

Quarantine and the massive shutdowns that took place in early 2020 did a number on people.  After reading the article that featured Stern’s quote above, I can only imagine they had a negative impact on Stern as well.  The decision to shutter people and to limit daily human contact affected kids, adults, and even pets.  Depression, suicide and addiction rates increased while availability of therapists and medical personnel, trained to address those conditions, decreased.  Over time people raised their concerns about how difficult having to quarantine can be, including other celebrities.  

Many people, both famous and not, want Covid to end so they can get some freedoms back.  Some think freedom, and what they remember as 'normal life' will return after Covid 'runs its course'.  Others insist that a vaccine is the only answer to make the madness stop.  With how readily available they are, Stern brought vaccines up, too.  He had this to say about people who are hesitant about getting experimental vaccines or who are decidedly against them (pardon the language):  

"...people who refuse to get Covid vaccinated are 'imbeciles' who should 'go f*uck yourself." 

I'm not surprised by his harsh language.  It's part of his act.  I was surprised about something else.  If he had his way, in his America, he said that "…all hospitals would be closed to [the unvaccinated].  You're going to go home and die.  That's what you get."  His America mirrors what is actually happening in some parts of the country already.  

If you don't, you won't get life-saving surgery

If you don’t have proof of vaccination, you won’t get into some eateries.  The ‘get it or else’ has even trickled down to the family courts That demand, that vaccines be required everywhere, is one he seems to want to enforce 'in his America'.  

"It's time for you to get it," Stern insists. 

In my America, things would be different.  I would promote freedom of vaccine choice.  You want a vaccine?  Get it.  You don't want a vaccine?  That would be up to you to say yes, please or to say no, thank you.  It's a much simpler mindset and removes the added drama Howard Stern tends to serve to his listeners.  

I haven't cared for much of what this radio and television personality has chosen to say over the years.  I've never been a fan of the show or the theatrics he and his guests typically display either.  A poster child for radio shock jock, Stern’s dialogue is too raunchy for my taste.  Some of it is mean-spirited, too, so I've always steered clear of it.  That recent headline that I saw late last week, though, pulled me in.  

Cj stern die

I wasn't thinking of him when I saw a different quote just a few days earlier in the week, "People who hurt others are, themselves, hurting.  When you come across someone who is rude or mean-spirited, remember that they themselves are in a great deal of pain and you will feel compassion."  I didn't immediately feel any sort of compassion for Stern when I saw that latest article about him.  I felt sorry for him, however, and wondered what on earth could've happened to him to be so outspoken and rude toward unvaccinated individuals.  Could he really be hurting like that quote suggests?  Or could his hands - and therefore his mouth - just be tied to whichever corporation runs and funds his broadcasts, likely one that's promoting a 'vaccinate or else' mantra?  Maybe it's part of his act and he's just being a big meanie who happens to get paid to ruffle feathers as he shocks the airwaves.  I could reach out to him and ask why his message is so strongly worded, but I have more important things to do, like protecting the freedoms I do have where I live.

“Fuck their freedom.” 

Mine.  Yours.  Ours. 

He wants what we have. 

Again, pardon the language in that last quote, but an element of jealousy exists in that statement.  If Stern can’t have freedom, it sounds like he doesn’t want it for those of us who get out of the house, who go next door to play chess, and who still take pictures.  

Cj find joyI snapped this message on a greeting card at the grocery store in early 2020 when life was really difficult. 

I don't actually play chess, but I do take photos.  I haven't stopped snapping all sorts of things I've seen, or things I’ve Cj slidecontinued to do, since quarantine and lockdowns changed the world as we knew it.  Even with and through these ‘Covid times’, I have some really cool photos of us living as we have always lived - without fear.  Like others, I haven’t always encountered positive situations with all the changes, but I will always try to find some bit of joy in each and every day.  If I didn’t find the joy, the pain, the struggles, and the very real suffering I do encounter would certainly eat away at me as it sounds like it’s doing to Stern. 

If Howard ever wants to see those photos, especially the ones that bring me joy, I'd be more than happy to share them with him.  As trying and crazy as life has been these past 2 years, being able to document life in photos usually puts a smile on my face.  Maybe they'll put a smile on his face, too.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.    


Morag Lyons

Thank you Cathy.
Long Live Freedom of expression
Bob Moran's new poster is "Just Fabulous!"
This poster is supporting a Canadian Charity .The Democracy Fund . # We Are Awake

This posters sentiments would make a good mandatory mask statement ,with a co-ordinated T-Shirt to match perhaps ? Meaning very clearly ,masked but not gagged or silent !

Poster states,
We Are The Resistance. We Are Many. We Are Independent Thinkers . We Are Truth Seekers .
We Are Unconvinced. We Are Passionate . We Are Informed. - Plus many more "Statements of Fact!"
Ending with We Are Free .
I think Bob Moran's daughter has Cerebral Palsy ? I read he got sacked from his job as a newspaper cartoonist recently .
So if Electronic Communication gets cauterised? people will just go back to using a pencil and a jotter!


I am with Emma.
Stern was a rule breaker - against decent people.
Harder to be a rule breaker against tyrants.

My Mother's cable station has Spectrum news station that gives the state news.
Corbett Report mentioned them a few weeks back - Spectrum is another shrill - for the globalists

But this morning they said that so many people in Kentucky were in the ICU and of them there were so many on a ventilator and of those on a ventilator 28 percent were unvaccinated.

So there you have it; that is what will happen to you if you don't get vaccinated.

But don't that mean that 72 percent on the ventilators are vaccinated?

Apparently we all cannot do math? They think we can not?



Didn’t Stern once demean autistic children? I never liked him. Too ignorant & mean spirited. Not funny or entertaining. Lame, phony act. Good riddance, sorry old loser.

Morag Lyons

Thank you Cathy , some people are sounding rather frightened and lost ,is their ignorance fuel for their arrogance or vice versa ?

bad cattitude/ Substack.

Article - bob's cartoons- January 21 2022
Bob Moran's Roaring Lion cartoon
Response to the movers and shakers ,and pushers of the totalitarian mandated envelopes, for this, that, and the next thing !
Self determination can easily fit onto the back-side of a postage stamp ! "Just Fabulous !"


Howard Stern is a jerk & idiot, IMHO. But yeah, a very sad, hurting, wounded boy-man. I don't give him any space in my life. Im too happy to ruin my life with Howard Sterns crap! Flush him & forget him! LOL!

Stern has sucked for a long time

It's not complicated. He's a big mouth, woke liberal whose constant message is...."do as I say, not as I do." The Hollyweird crowd" (which Stern became a part of long ago when he married his current woke wife imo) are so predictable. They all literally seem to follow some sort of cult rule book.

He's a dirtbag and has been for a very long time so his endless rants about those who choose not to vaccinate against Covid is not shocking. After all his job is to "shock" and there's not much left for him. He's old. He needs to take his millions and get out of the business.

Anita Donnelly

I watched don’t look up and thought it (accidentally?) made an excellent argument for about those of us alerting to the dangers of liability-free vaccination and what followed for the last 30 years, including how it has decimated our families and inevitably will harm others. I am sure many watched and thought it applicable to climate change or pollution or covid but honestly I found it cathartic. If you watch it be sure to see the credits at the end.
It boggles my mind how clearly right we are about censorship, corp control of the media, how their denial of what happened to our families starting decades ago literally created the resistance and the movement they so hate today.
A bit of compassion. A bit of doing actual investigative journalism. A bit of realizing that when thousands show up at your state capital begging you to keep exemptions that only 2% used —that just maybe you might want to hear them out. Maybe you might want to ask why. Mayve you might want to see their struggle with their vaccine injured child (some even in wheel chairs). Howard Stern had exposed himself as a terrible phony and he is just trying to get his audience back he has lost commuters . He is losing money fast. So why not pick on people who are hurting if it gets him kudos and publicity? He couldn’t care less who he hurts. I miss IMUS . And I am a Democrat and found much of what he said frustrating. But he heard us. Stern is just a vacuous blowhard. Sorry. I like that you suggest we treat him with compassion. I want to be more like you Cathy!


Howard Stern has always worked for the Globalists.
He is a professional demoralizer.
I pray that he repents before he faces the Great White Throne judgement.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Cathy. This is what I do, find joy in living every day. What a sad human being Howard Stern is.

Andrew Foss

Thanks Cathy!
I am continually blown away by those on the left who spent the 60's and 70's fighting for free speech and the freedom to live their lives however they want. 40 to 50 years later seeing them embracing totalitarianism. Just unbelievable.

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