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Don't Punish Progress

Don't Punish ProgressMore than 30 years, ago, I worked for a wise woman, who taught me many skills that have been useful in my day to day life, and especially as an autism Mom.  The most important piece of advice was, "Don't punish progress."  I thought of it recently, when one of my girls began using half a roll of toilet paper a day. And plugging the toilet. This is the first time she has tried to use TP and that's a life skill, one that will ensure her safety when she is with staff. It takes a lot more steps than you'd imagine. Gross motor, fine motor, crossing midline, twisting the torso, holding, grabbing, tearing. If this were 2020, when TP was scarce, I might be less cheerful about it. But I have told myself, "Buy more TP, Don't Punish Progress!" 

So.....     Our old "nemesis" Paul Offit was quoted in The Atlantic regarding Covid boosters and I immediately said to myself,
"Don't write something snarky and mean, Kim, don't punish progress." 

Paul Offit, the director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, told me that getting boosted would not be worth the risk for the average healthy 17-year-old boy. Offit advised his own son, who is in his 20s, not to get a third dose. Even with Omicron’s ability to sidestep some of the protection vaccines provide, Offit said, he believes that his son is well protected against serious illness with two shots, so a third just isn’t necessary.  Should Teen Boys Get Boosted? The Atlantic

At AofA we don't wish ill on others, or gloat when the worst happens.  Take Covid, vaccines and death.  Just in the last couple of days I saw people on social media cheering that Sarah Palin has Covid. Happy that Aaron Rodgers lost the Green Bay playoff game because of his stance on the Covid vaccine. Even tearing into singer Meatloaf in backstabbing memorials after his death last week - with Covid but said to be unvaccinated.

I applaud Dr. Offit's desire to protect his child. I'm also glad Dr. Offit was able to join us anti-vaxxers so openly. Maybe he will respect our vaccine choice a teensy weensy bit going forward. We all want to protect our kids from injury. That's it. That's the crux of why AofA still exists. To protect our kids - to make up for what happened so many years ago to so many of our families.  And to shout forever, into the darkness, the wind, the rain, that vaccine injury is real. And we need to be able to say, "No."   This Atlantic article sure isn't perfect - but it cracks open an important door.  


Benedetta Stilwell

Worried, yeah these little snots took the money; after all it is just a small thing- no one will notice; a little corruption; and now all shocked at just how really bad it is. Even these little snots never thought it would go this far. Well, they did.

Every body is amazed at how far they are willing to go. Crazy insane stuff so corrupt that it way out of control.

Benedetta Stilwell

Jeannette Bishop:
Hortez name is on the list of the big Kahunas of the army of PIs too.


I am grateful that Dr Offit is willing to publicly tell everyone that he does not recommend his son get a booster shot; in this day and age, any comment by a doctor that isn't "We love all vaccines, and all boosters, all the time, for everybody" takes courage, and Dr Offit is in a position to be listened to.
What scares me is why he is so worried. If he who manufactures vaccines and has supported vaccine mandates in the past is worried about risks for his son, then what is he seeing?
This article also mentioned for what seems like the first time in mainstream media, that even "mild" cases of myocarditis can result in "fatal arrhythmias" that cause sudden death. What an admission, even if it is somewhat buried.
If you type sudden death or suddenly died or unexpectedly died in the google news search engine, you will get a collection of obituaries of people, ages ranging from teenagers to 50 and 60 year old people who are in apparent good health and who are suddenly dying. Principals, EMT, teachers, young mothers, sports stars all being mourned as dying far too young .Most of them aren't dying from covid. Sudden deaths, no explanation, over the weekend, while shopping, while sleeping, and most of them work in categories that we know have been forced to vaccinate.
Meanwhile most of the media is spinning obvious correlations away for all they are worth.
The USA article today
While they agree that the New York Time editor was boosted and died on the same day by an aortic aneurism, they say that a different man was videoed speaking about vaccines, (fine, correct this, but basically irrelevant to the issue) and that there is no proof the booster and the death are connected.
Apparently they have not done even the most basic research into myocarditis, which as the Mayo clinic states
Severe myocarditis weakens the heart so that the rest of the body doesn't get enough blood. Clots can form in the heart, leading to a stroke or heart attack.

And the USA article from Kim states that even mild myocarditis can cause fatal arrhythmias. How many people are quietly dying of vaccine injuries to the heart? And how many more are going to follow them if we keep boosting? When Dr Paul Offit is starting to worry, I think the rest of the world should be, too.

Jeannette Bishop

@Anita Donnelly, possibly you are conflating Offit with Hotez?



Will Cheryl Hines have to live in corrupt, dark, depressing New York , as does Phil Collins?
Does one volunteer to go to prison?

As far as the lives and relationships of statesmen. I so wish it was all clean and simple.
But right now; in the middle of a health crisis of mental illness; the assault on all of our hypothalamuses -- I can't afford to care or be picky.

I will keep in mind: "by their fruits you will know them"

After viewing the temple on Epstein's island - and it looking like a replicate of some Moor trade slave bath house and a loose connection to child eating god Bal. WHEW!

There is a lot of talk about the secretive Free Masons are satan worshippers. Well they maybe now.

Bush Sr. was I am thinking probably all that, CIA spooky guy.

They then start pointing fingers at our founding fathers - 13 of them were free masons.
My thoughts on that is their labor, their work on the constitution was and is such a beautiful fruit that Satan and his followers would love to eat. So I will leave that to God, as I do with people totally messing up their personal lives.

And I sorry that people's personal lives are a mess? Yes, but perhaps they can still be productive and fulfilled in important work?

6 kids and four with out a mother - is tough. I hope they have grandmothers that love them beyond measure.

Anita donnelly

I meant a o a not aka of course!

Offit is a puzzle. Did he realize vaccines did cause his daughters autism then get faced with a Fauc-Ian choice: go to the dark side if you want to have the wealth you will need to care for her or speak up and be wakefielded?

Anita Donnelly

Wow one brilliant comment after another. If only our media had the curiosity and thinking power of aka readers


At this point, I have a hard time seeing good in Paul Profit, Merck's leading salesman. He spewed self-serving lies for 20 years and caused so much damage. My son and many others were maimed or killed by his actions and there's been no justice. Perhaps after he atones for his sins and serves time I'll come around.

My jaded side tells me he works primarily for Merck. Covid vaccines are Pfizer and Moderna products, therefore he's not vested. Also, he's afraid. He's seen enough bodies brought into his hospital in Philly, enough inexplicable cancers in small children and young adults to know his grown children are at risk too. He's at risk himself.

I lost another friend last month, this one to an aggressive brain cancer. Sudden. No one in our circle even considered the covax but after reading Dr. Seneff's paper about toll 4 receptors, dna repair, and Interferon, I'm changing my tune. It's not just stroke and heart attack, it's cancer too. And the whole range of mysterious neurological diseases from ALS to Parkinsons to MS to CJD. Spike protein is doing a number on anyone who took it, may God help them all.



I can’t lay claim to invisabilazed. I exploited that word to point out that there are a lot of ppl that are ignored by the Ben Collins of the world who want to claim the RFK Jr is anti semetic , & that Anne Frank can hide from Bill Gates.


I think Offit is forgoing the Covid booster for his kid’s booster of Hep B?


Cheryl Hines’s opinions are not a reflection of her husband’s. Is that because she has no idea who Stanley Plotkin is?



Everyone knows Cheryl Hines is trolling for a spot on SNL

This is how the game on CNN is played.

Stay tuned.


bRIAN Mom;

You and I are decent people. We have never had real money temptation in our lives.

The Lorder's Prayer of keep me from temptation; is rather important after all. Now that all this has sped up these past few years; there seem to be a real understanding of some of the things in the Bible that I never thought much on before. They just keep popping up

JF Kennedy Jr. 's book; "The Real Anthony Fauci"

on pate 136 and 137 and on to the end of that chapter page 143 there is the tale of the PIs
They are the pharmaceutical industry surrogates . There are many, all in the right positions.
Offit is one of them.
It tells where all of this army is placed, it tells that they know what is expected of them, and it tells how they are compromised with serious money.

PI Offit was fine with this for years as he voted himself rich.

Put right now; what has happened, is that these bosses like Fauci, and Gates and the Great Reset bunch are asking even more from them. They are asking for unreasonable stuff, stuff that they have bound to be caught at. Stuff that it is bound to come a day soon of a judgment and a reckoning.
Offit is a corrupt man, but not a foolish man. He is scared out of his wits on just how far things have gone.

It has gone to far, and here he is a foot soldier; kind of like a mafia foot soldier; that finds himself looking around in bewilderment and finds it is not just about getting rich anymore. No, the King pin mafia bosses have gone stark raving insane; are about to shoot up the whole city; and the cops are finally going to come.


Is this the game Offit is playing?

Tracking the globalist propaganda shift on COVID
Exclusive: Scott Lively interprets Fauci's words from Davos, notes Boris Johnson jumped the gun


Offit must have missed the memo....

Government data show 'vax-free' LESS likely to get COVID
Rate of infection more than twice as high for vaccinated people

"Data released by the Scottish government shows people who have been vaccinated with two or three doses of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are more likely to become infected, be hospitalized or die than people who are unvaccinated.

The Public Health Scotland data from the past four weeks showed a rate of infection of 866 per 100,000 people for the double vaccinated and 481 per 100,000 for the boosted, or triple vaccinated.

The unvaccinated had a rate of infection of 413 per 100,000."

Autism Mom


wow, just 20 years late for my son. Will all newborns get it... like the Hep B shot? Will vaccines be delayed or suspended for those identified?


invisiblized-what a descriptive term for an enormous systematic wounding of our scientists, healers, and humanity itself.
not permitted to see it, read it, say it, do it.
what an important time for an uptick of critical thinking and observation.

i have seen Dr Offits frustration at soometimes not getting a straight answer to questions he asked in advisory committees.
if only Dr Offit could - hear this well.

Jeannette Bishop

@b. n., I'M ON AIR?

This story of Offit's was probably already dictated by or discussed in terms of messaging details with the likes of Fauci, Plotkin, whomever is actually giving the marching orders here. I don't think so poorly of Offit to think he believes the implication he made of being "well protected" via two of the injections. He's far better informed of the vaccine literature than the average pediatrician, as one often finds out when bringing up the research that contradicts something he has just said.


This may be hard to say in AofA, but I think Offit truly means well. He's not a corrupt villain like Fauci or Gates. I consider his stance good news. People can make change for the better


Rhyming History:

Plotkin under oath admitting the experimentation on infirmed children & infants born to imprisoned women.

The mass grave discovered by Dr Ferber of foster children Fauci experimented on.

Children from impoverished non-white communities in South Central LA given a defective vaccine resulting in the death of some in the 80s/90s, as documented in Harriet Washington’s book Medical Apartheid.

Mass protests in Austria, Germany, Australia, etc of people protesting medical apartheid, ignored by media.

Maddie De Garay -and all the injured people- ignored, gaslit, & demonized. If vaccines were as life saving as claimed these people would be heroes, not pariahs whose existence is denied.

Thousands upon thousands dead because they were denied a life saving medication ridiculed by the media as horse de-wormer.

Doctors threatened with the removal of their licenses.

Teachers, artists, athletes, nurses who dare to speak out against the orthodoxy shunned.

People whom choose not to participate in the experiment denied healthcare, access, & education.

Brave Jewish people speaking out against the tyranny they’re experiencing being invisibalized by the community that claims to represent them.

The loss of bodily autonomy.

The obliteration of informed consent, the rule of law, & human rights.

And Mr Kennedy is exactly right.! In the technocratic age, there is no where to hide if you’re caught on the wrong side of Mengele’s Mini Me’s world. The synergy between corporate interests and state powers is exactly what fascism is.

For the millions of maimed and murdered
I do not apologize.
I do not consent.
I will not comply.

Jeannette Bishop

(I personally have a hard time believing any child of Offit has had doses 1 and 2, but...no way of knowing...)

This sort of indicates to me that "the booster" (did I hear it had higher levels of ?something?) raises concerns of pushing too many people too far in terms of injury awareness, or that talk like this, to the effect that you won't need a third might reconcile more parents to getting doses 1 and 2 to "get it over with."

In the most recent Critically Thinking with Dr. P and Dr. T, Dr. T said the number of countries that have removed all travel restrictions recently is significant.

So, possibly this is part of a wider pulling back and probable regrouping for a new onslaught, maybe not through a microbial threat, but if we go to a hot war, or something like a major existential threat of a climate crisis, I wouldn't be surprised if vaccine passports are still necessary for "national security," or "human survival," or something like that.

It does feel like they want to turn the temperature under the pushback down a bit, but we're still much like a frog in a pot on the stove, IMO, and there is plenty warranting significant levels of prosecutions for significant numbers.


There's a lot to be said about Offit's very firm stance that most healthy young people don't need a third mRNA injection. Part of me thinks that he and the other VRBPAC members were like many of us in fourth grade--laughing at the dirty joke to prove we knew why it was funny, even when it wasn't. Some of these people, like Offit, understand virology; others are pediatricians or other types of doctors. None of them knows jack about hijacking the body's ability to manufacture proteins with injected mRNA. But they all sat there and nodded knowingly during the presentations from the injection sponsors, asking their trivial, surfacey questions, and then ultimately voting to authorize the products, and in the case of Pfizer/BioNTech, to approve the product.

The blithely repeated refrain of "most adverse events are in the short term" was repeated again. As untrue as it is for actual vaccines--if you don't look at the long term, you won't see any adverse events! duh!--it is lunacy to assert that anything we know about actual vaccines would absolutely be true of injectable mRNA products. It's a bizarre extension of a phony truism from the world of live attenuated viruses to the world of Frankenscience. But VRBPAC swallowed it.

Now, I think, Offit feels he has been had. He sees the "protection" evaporating. He wants to believe the two injections his kid got were worth the risk. But he also must feel a feeling common to so many of us parents who believed a lazy or dishonest or ignorant MD: the guilt of having been fooled, and the determination not to let it happen again.

And I agree with you, Kim, that that is progress.

Part of me, of course, sees Offit pragmatically distancing himself from a crap product, so his own product doesn't go down with the ship. Frankly, I welcome that, too. Although I'd love to have people wake up to all the garbage society wants us to put into our kids, if they just wake up to one completely loony product, it will also be progress. And Offit saying that not everything Pfizer tells you is true--maybe that will help parents think critically.


"....he believes that his son is well protected against serious illness with two shots, so a third just isn’t necessary."

And on what science is his opinion based? We all know that the shots wear off after 6 months or less. Of course, the original shots do not target Omicron and therefore do not protect against it. Someone in their 20's has a very low chance of getting a serious case of Delta or Omicron WITHOUT a vaccine. Just more CYA. They know they have lost the propaganda war.


A crack in the door, with an eye peeping out is quickly slammed shut; will just make you mad.
Do the snarkly while there still a chance it will hit home and not be a glancing blow.

Of course that will get you banned

MeatLoaf's vaccine status is unknown.
He did voice opposition to the mandates, but we do not know what that means.

Did he get his vaccines like Kirsch (nagging cough like President Biden) did, or Malone (heart beating over fast at times) , or even Robert F Kennedy Jr (after a flu shot and his voice) then raise opposition, after an injury?

Meat Loaf's status is unknown, and his reason for his opposition are also unknown. And that my friends is a shame.

I guess we should all write down our reason, but we are not the celebrities so no one cares about our reasons. Is that just not logical?

But it has been going on forever. As in the law suit at the turn of the century that they often talk about. The Father that refused the small pox vaccine, and the court gave him a small fine. His reasons was because his son had an adverse event; and he was told to pay a small fine for not doing it. What is wrong with people?

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