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Defeat The Mandates DC

Yesterday in Washington, DC. #DefeatTheMandatesDC

Were you there?  Remember folks, when the media approves of your message, you are a marcher, exercising your sacred American rights.  Even if you have a Molotov cocktail in your hand, "Hey, it's for hydration!" When the media does not approve of your message, you might be called a demonstrator, an activist, dangerous, and anti-government.  USA Today took a more neutral tone than usual which was interesting: USA Today: Defeat The Mandates Rally

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The big story is that J Kennedy Jr. in his speech mentioned Nazis victims.
They are saying he apologies.

DON'T DO IT J F Kennedy Jr. Don't apologize, DOUBLE DOWN.

You tell them that you think it was bad back then, well just wait what is going to happen to us.

Jeannette Bishop

The combination of "vaccine passports" (justified to "enforce 'life-saving vaccine' mandates") while the global financiers also aim to go with digital "currencies" which will be easily turned off, shaved in value based on "social credit scores," completely deleted if you resist something, whatever, will give the globalist controllers the ability to strong-arm any and all choices pretty quickly, probably in the name of saving the planet, but if they get the entire world tracked this way why bother with any more justifications?

...If these (should I call them PTwannaB or PTB?) people get digital control with passports (imagine even further injected passports or ID codes able to monitor you wherever 5G or S.M.A.R.T. tech devices/satellites are looking for IDs--you can leave your phone behind, but how do you leave identifiable substances implanted in you behind?)...remember all the "rights" in that so called children's bill of rights put forward by Pan in California? That pretty much darkly hinted at much of what the technocrats want (drugs, vaccines, transgenderism, transhumanism, pedophilia-ism...whatever "the children" have a "right" to have).


L land, RFK said that today's "turnkey totalitarian" governments have put in place a technological structure that has made controlling people easier than it was in Hitler's Germany. QSR codes, etc., mean that physically being able to hide isn't enough. That was the extent of the comparison. (You can see the whole 27-minute speech on Rumble.)

I guess the anti-freedom commentators seized on that because they couldn't understand RFK when he talked about the rule of law. Tricky stuff, understanding the Constitution. Definitely not as easy as calling a statesman an anti-Semite.

Jeannette Bishop covered the rally some, in case interested...


USA TODAY: All pictures and no text?

. . .Well, yes, we can see that they are people. How about something a bit more descriptive, like "crowds" or "thousands of people" or "hundreds of thousands of people". . .?

feed for Johnson hearing
Kheriarty just brought up that noone in California can get medical exemption

L land

We’re there really comments comparing mandates to what the Nazi’s did ?


Sen Ron Johnsons hearing with some of the drs who spoke yesterday
on the Highwire

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