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Air Travel. Autism. Covid.

FAA don't make me turn this  plane aroundNote: We've been reading stories of unruly passengers wreaking havoc during flights.    "Don't Make Me Turn This Plane Around!" says a female pilot over her shoulder, as a message from FAA to travelers. No one wants to have to use a coffee stirrer to subdue a violent passenger. But what about for people with autism? And in this case, a toddler with autism. Is this a form of discrimination or Covid-induced protocol.  Do you think anyone on the plane fears getting sick with Covid from a tot? Toddlers are often runny nosed, coughing germ factories. Always have been. I sure relate to a tired autism Mom wanting to get away for a few days.  The only fault I  was going to find with Mrs. Minsky was her knowledge of geography.... turns out Cancun IS in the Caribbean.  Autism Moms have enough hassles to fill the Caribbean Sea, we do NOT need authority figures (real or self-annointed) shoving rules down our throats when we are already doing the best we can. With a small boy with autism. If you disagree - do so nicely. I have a coffee stirrer at the ready and I know how to use it.


Mother angry, humiliated over JetBlue's treatment after 2-year-old with autism refused to wear mask

There was chaos on board a JetBlue flight from Cancun to Newark over a 2-year-old with special needs who wouldn't wear his mask, CBS New York reports. The boy's mother says the airline's treatment left her feeling angry and humiliated.

After two years working as a teacher through the pandemic, East Orange mother Jennifer Minsky, her husband and two young sons took a dream vacation to Cancun.

"This was a really big deal to go away on an airplane to a Caribbean destination," she said.

"And you knew about the mask policy, right? So you had prepared the boys, 'this is what we're going to have to do'?" CBS New York's Jessica Moore asked.

"Yeah. Ezra wears a mask at school all the time with no issues," Minsky said.

After their return flight to Newark was delayed for three days, the Minskys finally boarded a plane home, where their travel nightmare continued.


Jeannette Bishop

Take them to court and let them bring forward the amazing amount of science that justifies them attempting to put a toddler--already under oxidative stress and struggling to deal with the air pressure changes associated with flying while likely having more Al in his brain than anyone else on that flight inside a metal tube with tons of people running their microwave devices being amplified by the structure of the airplane and acting upon that metal in his brain (along with the rest of the body), who knows what current taxations going from diet and hyper-active immune systems otherwise--in a carbon dioxide concentrating mask!

Idiots!!! (OK, christians aren't supposed to call the whole human race idiots and many of the less vaccinated do seem less idiotic, so maybe the rest can hardly help being so, but...) The only purpose I can see in the autism epidemic is if it wakes people up to how toxic their environment was becoming, particularly in terms of inflammatory metal pollutants, how dangerous the form of injection for introduction of these, and the dangers of EM radiation, all along and rising. The (human?) race in general refused to make any positive purpose out of the torment of 1-6% of infants in this way, rather preferred to attempt behavior modification and leave it to authoritarians, unrecognized as corrupted and/or captured, so... now the level of "vaccine" injury and deaths in adults is rising (and they have been getting tons of adversive behavior training ironically--stop rewarding the technocrats and authoritarian slaver-class disaster crapitalists with your behavior, please!) and I think many of those adults would rather have a perpetual sickness and "safety" festival than figure things out...maybe Hg and Al in an irradiated brain tend to make you this way... but we came here to exercise agency, in rejection of Satan's plan to make sure "not one soul would be lost," choosing to become good under experience of the physical, rather than be forced in all things...for eternity I guess was (is?) the plan...I don't think Satan has enough of a clue... or there's much more to the story...but, anyway I worry that it appears the human race will get about the same level of "protection" they've afforded our youth...

Linda Englander

Remember expecting a 2 year old to be unpredictable and to refuse to cooperate as part of normal healthy development? The terrible twos?

It's like their minds were erased.


Those monsters would rather have violent screaming autistics destroying school property and attacking people - than have healthy unvaccinated children. Sick.


Even food isn’t safe anymore.


What a shame, the poor family. We have lost all common sense and have evolved to a zero risk model in many cases and not by democratic process! Mikko Packalen writes about it in his recent piece, Canada’s Accidental Biosecurity State. There is talk that one of our major airlines is walking off, tired of being ordered what to put in their bodies, perhaps have heard of more pilot vaxx injuries…not that media will report anything truthfully


I drink green tea but do have a healthy fear of coffee stirrers and warrior moms. Jet Blue is under complete control of the US Government. They turned a profit in Q3, 2021 with substantial corporate welfare from the Biden administration (186M). Furthermore, airports are owned by city and state government, so any business leasing gates at an airport can be shut down in a New York minute. There's also this organization called the FAA which can ground them whenever they want, forever. Essentially, without government support, Jet Blue ceases to exist. They fear the government.

With this level of control, they must enforce a mask mandate in a draconian manner. I'm sorry to see Ezra caught in the crossfire, he's a cute guy and I wish him and his mom the best. Shaming is no fun, most of us have been on the receiving end many times. That said, whenever you step into an airport, you take your chances. It's not fair, but it's reality.

This morning I also feel compelled to remember Bob Saget who took his chances with the booster shot and passed away. rest in peace

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