UK Special Ed Jolts and Joy
Report Thy Neighbor

CamelCloudsWith the loss of Ed Arranga this week,  I've been thinking about Ed, Teri and what Autism One meant to, and did for, our community for so many years. Autism One was much more than a conference. Sure, we learned about the newest, sometimes controversial treatments.  Glass of helminths anyone? We launched books, a political party, products. We let down our hair,  danced in our stocking feet and slept on soft Westin beds.  One year I emptied out the mini-bar to take a funny photo, not realizing it was a newfangled weight-regulated minibar so that by removing EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE OF LIQUOR they all went onto my bill! A quick trip to the front desk took care of that mistake. I didn't drink a drop, I swear! We were stalked by old school bloggers who circumvented security to spy on us. I'm talking to you, HeraldBlogger Ken Reibel. I miss those days. I miss it all.
Who remembers seeing CAMELS in the parking lot and going, "What in the Mid-west meets the desert are THOSE doing here?"
This crazy story below reminded me of that year. 

Over 40 Camels Barred From Saudi Beauty Contest Over Use of Botox Authorities discovered dozens of breeders had injected camels' heads and lips with Botox to make them bigger and made other cosmetic enhancements

Yes, as we live in a world where camels are getting Botox to have prettier lips.  I'm not sure I can add a thing to that statement.


Angus Files

The worms are now hijacked by the pharma ,read from that ,they work and do did cure Crones etc. Pharma rule of thumb so lets destroy the part that does work and brand it.

1984 looks tame these days but in the past Im sure everyone,me includded thoght it would never happen.

Pharma For prsion



Another victim?

Former NFL player, Georgia Tech standout Demaryius Thomas dead at 33

"ROSWELL, Ga. — Former Georgia Tech standout and NFL star Demaryius Thomas passed away Thursday night at the age of 33.

Roswell police confirmed to Channel 2 Action News that Thomas was found dead in his Roswell home Thursday night. Channel 2′s Michael Seiden obtained a copy of the incident report from Roswell Police. The report states that Thomas died from “cardiac arrest”."


You deserve every bit of those lively, wonderful memories, Kim!.
And == and all the adventures are still coming.

Bob Moffit

"I'm not sure I can add a thing to that statement."

How mad has our country become … John Gilmore posted the following:

"They are telling the unjabbed to take the jab because the jab works.

and .. telling the jabbed to get a booster because the jab doesn't work

All while telling everyone the unjabbed are putting the jabbed in danger

by not getting the jab that didn't protect the jab"

Botox for camels makes more sense then getting a jab that doesn't work


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