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UK Special Ed Jolts and Joy

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

Loss of Brain Trust Update Dec 6, 2021

Once again most of the stories were from the U.K. where special education costs are putting more and more schools into deficit spending and where they can’t build special schools fast enough.

There’s always the local official or the headteacher who’s quoted saying they are ‘delighted,’ or ‘excited’ about what’s happening.

Despite all the happiness over special ed spending there are jolts of reality.

A new report found that a third of English local councils aren’t providing adequate services for their disabled students.

And Indra Morris, the DfE director general for children’s services, communications and strategy group, revealed that the government was working directly with around one in three councils in the country to secure improvements.

In Leicester, in central England, they’re building a special needs nursery school costing $1.2 million for “up to 34 children.”

Officials are ‘very proud’ and ‘extremely excited.’

Over in Sefton, on the west coast of England, the city council revealed that they’re sending 126 special needs kids outside the borough  for school costing “a total cost of [$8M], with an additional [$1.3M] projected to be spent next year.”

It seems there are more special needs kids.

The report states:“The continual increase in demand for High Needs support and the anticipated increase to the deficit on the HN Block over the next few years is still of serious concern as there is no clarity from the Government over how future / accumulated [dedicated schools grant] deficits will be resolved.”

 In common with the picture nationally, there has been a sharp increase in the number of children identified as having special educational needs in recent years, which has contributed to a huge national overspend of over £250 million [$332M]. In Sefton, it is estimates an additional 194 children will have Education and Health Care plans in the borough over the next five years.

Hertfordshire, near London, has been in the news because of a special ed disaster. In a story where the system is described as ‘absolutely broken,’ we’re told that 240 student have no special school places.

These kids are then relegated to mainstream ed which “cannot cope with their needs.”

A spokesperson for the SEND Crisis Hertfordshire group, who campaign for the rights of children with special education needs, said: "We've got a lack of schools. There is not one ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder] school in all of Hertfordshire…. “


New Addington, also near London, is opening a new autism school for 150 kids. The folks in charge are ‘delighted’ and ‘so pleased.’

In central England, in Leeds, the city council is dealing with the next big crisis in the decline of children: the cost of young adult care.


Officers at Leeds City Council have approved nearly £10m [$13M] worth of funding to go towards building a new home for a learning centre for young adults. The Vine provides education for people with special educational needs, aged 19-25, and is now set to move into a permanent purpose-built home after nearly a decade in exile….

This will be for 60 young people, but this is just the beginning.

Plans for the site first emerged in 2020, as members of the authority’s decision-making executive board were told the numbers of young adults needing services provided by the Vine was increasing.


A document which went before the board in December last year claimed that the annual cost of borrowing the total amount of £10.8m to build the centre would be £374,000 [$494,000] a year, and that it would allow the council to meet its legal obligation to provide specialist learning places….

Here in the U.S. the CDC released yet another huge jump in the autism rate, from in every 54 children to one in 44, with no real press coverage.

That’s because no one has ever been alarmed over autism rate increases. They’re always attributed to “more awareness and wider availability of services to threat the condition” as a brief story from NBC declared.

Autism is now part of being a kid. Just accept it if happens to your child. It’s probably due to all the autism therapy that’s now available.

I’m starting to see stories about schools being built exclusively for autism in the U.S., similar to what’s been going on in Britain for a while now.

An autism school in Canton, Ohio has plans for a $2 million expansion in order to serve 30 percent more students.

“The expansion has been deemed necessary based on a growing waiting list and interest in what our school can do for our students and families facing autism,”says Terry Frank, co-founder and executive director.

In the state of Connecticut special ed costs are going up because more kids have autism.

A decade of rising costs for special education and increased student need are facing a staffing shortage that is frustrating efforts both by parents to provide suitable services for their children and by local districts needing a balanced budget.

According to state data, the total number of students in special education has increased from 63,482 in 2010-11 to 79,058 in 2020-21. Also increased is the percentage of students who are in need of special education — from 11.6 percent of the student population to 15.9 percent over the same time period.

One of the most dramatic increases is in diagnoses of autism, which increased by 79 percent between 2010-11 and 2020-21, according to state data. Autism now makes up 13.3 percent of students with disabilities in the state of Connecticut.

… But the cost of these services presents a huge challenge to districts particularly as the number of students with special needs makes up a growing percentage of the total student population. …

In 2019-20, Lyme-Old Lyme outplaced two special education students, at a cost of about $523,000 in tuition, according to state data. The district was responsible for about $521,000 of that amount, according to the 2021-22 budget booklet. …

In Indianapolis, having more kids with autism isn’t the real problem. They just need more therapists for kids who have “been on a long waiting list.”

Next week I  promise you more of the same. It never ends.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Bully; Well thanks for telling me at this moment in time; after all we have been through that you finally see that the leaders in the Democrat Party hate us; are all in for communism, but, but wait--- but those Republicans are not angels either.

LOL. .


They hide the truth behind the heterogeneity of autism, you have to remember there is no single condition called autism, rather there are multiple autisms caused by different things.

Some autisms are caused by genetics others environmental, by expanding the spectrum to such a great extent, that they include celebrity fake autistics & neurotic attention seekers they corrupt the data so any investigation into causes will come up with causation cannot be proved at the scientific level, because those autisms will bring up a negative being caused by other things.

Bully Gates

Think Republicans are angelic saints? It’s not just Demoncrats who are fueling the evil vaccine industry.

Bully Gates

Tucker Carlson and Newsmax, a jingoist vaccine-defending “vaccine freedom” news channel, stayed completely silent about tragic cases of autism, let lone vaccine injuries and deaths by vaccines both during and prior to COVID.

In fact, I believe Tucker Carlson cheered about how America would “rise again” and magically “become a superpower and great country again”.

With the exploding numbers of chronically ill, violent, and neurologically impaired autistics and related youth of Gen Z and Gen “Alpha” I highly doubt it. Jingoism (extreme nationalism) cannot magically make an entire generation of vaccine injured youth suddenly qualify for military, domestic jobs, or astronomy service, all require high intelligence and normal social interaction and communication.

What about violent autistics battering adults and destroying property? Is autism “wonderful and mysterious” after all?

Get real America. China is taking over the world as American youth are severely injured (and many times, deceased far too soon) by Ronald Reagan’s vaccine rules (and vaccines themselves) since R.R. ended vaccine liability in 1986. He was an evil man who destroyed our nation’s health and its youth.

Bob Moffit

"Here in the U.S. the CDC released yet another huge jump in the autism rate, from in every 54 children to one in 44, with no real press coverage."

1 in 44 with autism .. "no real press coverage"??? Obviously .. media has no time to report 1 in 44 with autism because their priority remains COVID .. as evidenced by massive coverage of 9 people in country that have OMNICRON .. indeed .. this variant has received more media coverage in two days than AUTISM HAS RECEIVED IN TWO DECADES.

Amazing how little mention is given to growing reports of VACCINE INJURIES FOLLOWING COVID VACCINATION … a total BLACKOUT .. even as many "conservative" personalities .. TUCKER CARLSON, SEAN HANNITY, LAURA INGRAM, GREG KELLY … all condemning MANDATES while remaining SILENT ON THE ONE ISSUE … VACCINE INJURIES .. INCLUDING DEATH ..


Angus Files

And when they finish school then what? and there are no places for them in Adult accomodation or whatever they want to call it..Over the past year Ive noticed that more than a few establishments for adults with autism have been closing due to lack of carers or damming reports from inspectors etc etc..So the Big plan of having homes for them hasnt worked now what Pharma most of the parents are unable or dead now what Pharma..

'Absolutely disgraceful': Vulnerable residents evicted from care home with five hours' notice
Vulnerable adults were given just five hours' notice before being evicted from a special residential home in Kent, their families say.

Two Kent families were left in shock and anger after being told the home where their vulnerable adult children lived in Sittingbourne was being closed down.

Achieve Together, who ran the site, have apologised and say a thorough investigation is underway after Berkeley House residents' families complained.

One autistic resident's family says he panicked and had to be 'sedated' due to the sudden disruption caused by the move.

Pharma For Prison



The Cloward-Piven Strategy: Orchestrating A Crisis So Government Can “Solve” It

Thirty years of Autism has proven to be devastating to individual families as well as creating an ever increasing tax burden on local public schools, who are tasked with educating these children. The vaccine manufacturers, of course, make no real contribution to the long term cost of these injuries. A Cloward-Piven "crisis" appears to be where we are headed. "The end goal of the Cloward-Piven strategy is the creation of a political crisis leading to a guaranteed annual income.[1] Essentially, the Cloward-Piven strategy would lead to the complete control of citizens through Socialism/Communism." "Their only solution is a “federal program of income redistribution” to “elevate the poor enmasse from poverty.”
"The solution of a guaranteed income to end poverty also must be free from
any sort of conditions, like work requirements."
Is the Government solution a guaranteed MINIMAL income for ALL, including citizens with autism?
This has been a long term strategy.

Bully Gates

This new American autism school makes me literally want to vomit 🤮. No summer breaks. Open 12 months a year, so AUTISM students can’t enjoy summer breaks.

And they claim to fight segregation?! NT kids can enjoy summer school breaks but not severe ASD kids?

Bet kids have to get shot up with aluminum and other deadly adjuvants just to attend the school. Don’t be surprised if that school gets in trouble for violent ASD rages and restraints.


Will there be any forests left in the UK if they cut all forest down (to make special schools?)

Is the actual U.S. autism rate already 1 in 2 kids? Same with Britain perhaps? No way this massive construction building would manifest with an autism rate of a mere 1% of the population.

1 in 44 statistic is a gross undercount from 8 year olds studied in 2018 several years ago. It’s no less than 1 in 14 I believe. Why are the true numbers (and hardships of autism) being hidden from the public?


I think there's not enough money or time or staff in this world for all the specials schools they'll need in the next 20 years, following the vaccine assault on children. The government will have to convert the so-called regular schools in special schools or just drop public education all together. Perhaps convert the whole thing to online with one cyborg teaching every student in the world. No more classrooms. Justified by the covid fraud.

I also think God has on us in this world to stop it, and we must. I will not comply.

Thank you to all the truckers and longshoremen and airline pilots everywhere who are not complying. Screw the government, bankrupt your employer, and long live freedom.

Thank you Leigh Dundas, and especially, thank you Anne Dachel.

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