Best of: Wyeth 1979 Memo on DPT
Happy New Year



I am so thankful for Age of Autism and the hope and companionship you offer all of us with our blessed special children. (Mine is an adult son already.)


Have I told y’all that Glen Greenwald & Matt Taibbi & Katie Halper & KrystayBall & Saagar Engeti & Jake Tapper have no ability to tell me what amorphous, aluminum, hydrogy, phosphate, sulphate is.
#JusticeForErnestoRanirez #Justice for MaddieDrGaray


Occum is not asking for his razor back on principle. Pretty sure it’s to slit his wrists.

#JusticeForErnesto #JusticeForMaddie

Stop the Shots 2022!

We need a community petition platform, called Stop the Shots (to end vaccine mandates and recommendations nationwide and worldwide), not just COVID but also all vaccines.

End the autism epidemic worldwide.

Angus Files

2022 will have more anti vaxxed (vaccine aware) humans kicking about all being victimised for not having their latest clot shot currently at 4 in the UK.The good little citizens that do have them as told, will become iller or dead before their natural time,sadly.To everyone who refuses vaccines I lift my glass and toast `Slàinte Mhath`(Good Health)

I wish as always Pharma well in hell .

Pharma For Prison


Brian Nomi

Keep up the good work A of A. I look to you for hope, and real news, and sometimes just good stories about life with our precious kids.

Bob Moffit

Here's to a 2022 … with Tony Fauci being indicted for CRIMES AGAINS HUMANITY

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