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Transcript of Robert Kennedy Discussing Fauci's AIDS Response

Fauci aids
Source: ABC News

God bless our Anne Dachel, the transcription Queen.  She took the time to write out Robert Kennedy's 28 minute interview with Wayne Rohde on his Right to the Point Podcast.  Time is precious, and by reading the content quickly, we hope you will then buzz over to Buzzsprout to listen to this and all of Rohde's interviews.


Robert Kennedy, Jr. recently talked about his new book, The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health , on Right on Point podcast hosted by Wayne Rohde

During the 28 minute talk Kennedy revealed the lengths Fauci went to in order to turn his agency, NIAID, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, from a backwater entity, set to be abolished, into a powerful force controlling our public health decisions.

As Kennedy put it, “He captured the AIDS crisis for his agency” in order to gain access to billions of research dollars, and “that really was the beginning of his power.”

Kennedy explained that Fauci has never been held accountable for promoting the unproven, deadly drug, AZT for AIDS patients.

Instead Fauci went on to gain more power over research and funding from the U.S.  Government.

Kennedy explained how Fauci joined forces with the pharmaceutical industry to the point, as Kennedy said, “He is a partner in the pharmaceutical industry.” This includes dispensing research dollars to universities.

As a result, there is essentially no oversight: “So the whole system is now corrupt. Every aspect of it has been has been completely corrupted by pharma.”

As far as the current pandemic is concerned, Kennedy revealed that under Fauci’s watch, plans to handle a pandemic had been in the works for years.

Before COVID there were a whole series of corona virus pandemic simulations that the intelligence agencies were doing.

It’s all going according to plan, as Kennedy said,

They’re manipulating populations on a national scale. All that propaganda, the fear mongering, the scapegoating, the isolation tactics, the lockdowns to induce this system that the intelligence agencies call Stockholm syndrome which makes people grateful to their captors and leaves them with the feeling that their only path to survival is total compliance and total obedience to the captors, anger at people who anger the captors—and all of these techniques that I talk about.

Wayne Rohde:  Welcome everyone. Thank you for listening today. …

Today I have the distinct honor and privilege to have Robert Kennedy, Jr. on the program. So welcome, Mr. Kennedy. Thank you for joining us today.

Robert Kennedy, Jr.: Thanks for having me, Wayne, and for all your years of work as an advocate on this issue. You are our go-to person at CHD [Children’s Health Defense] when we have a question on the VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System](system. You’ve made yourself kind of the world’s expert on how VAERS works. So thank you, thank you for being such an extraordinary useful resource for all of those years.

Rohde: Well, you’re welcome. I appreciate it. There are so many of us out here that are willing to help and provide it.
That’s what a great thing about our advocacy group here is….

 What’s it like to have the number one selling book out on Amazon? What’s it like there to know that your book is number one?

Kennedy: I’m really happy about it.

We’re waiting to see what happens with the New York Times list and how they handle that because clearly they are going to do everything in their power to keep us off that list.

It’s important. It’s an important statement. As you know, people in our community have been silenced for many, many years.

We cannot speak on mainstream media at all. We can’t write editorials in the paper.

I’ve only been allowed to write letters to the editor.

Now we’re banned from social media.

We can’t do the documentaries.

We do the documentaries, but they are able to block anybody from really revealing them in terms of mass marketing.

The one place where we can still do mass marketing to large swaths of people in public are books, and this book I think, is really important because it’s an explanation, a fact-based explanation about what happened to our country in the last 20 months.

The evolution of agency capture, the evolution of the links between the pharmaceutical industry, our medical regulatory agencies, the medical technocrats led by Tony Fauci, but also these other players that now play such a critical role in that medical cartel, including the social media and the mainstream media outlets which both have their own financial entanglements with Big Pharma and probably most importantly, the intelligence agencies.

That was an ingredient that I really didn’t understand. I had seen kind of these vague shadows of their presence, not really understanding how it happened or why they were interested in public health

As I researched this book, that story—still much of it is obscure—but it become clearer and clearer and clearer, and their fingerprint on the COVID pandemic response is now indelible and clear and undeniable, and it’s frightening.

Particularly, the last chapter of my book, the chapter called “Germ Games,” really drills down on those entanglements by the CIA, by the other intelligence agencies and by the military intelligence agencies as well.

Rohde: I got your book last week… One of the things I was picking up was Fauci and what he did to the HIV community through the AIDS. I thought it was purely disgusting.

What are one or two takeaways that you could tell the listeners with regards to the HIV, AIDS era—I guess he was promoting antivirals there at the end.

I find the whole things disgusting, what he did to the entire HIV community.

Kennedy: I show this in the book….He pioneered techniques and methodologies that we’ve seen him enact or that we’ve seen him execute again and again and again—that was in 1980, so forty years, to promote toxic drugs, high profit toxic drugs over much more effective off-the-shelf, repurposed medications that are actually more effective.

There were all the same techniques that he used.

Here’s the story. NIAID in 1981 was a backwater. It was an agency that had originally targeted infectious diseases, [but] as infectious disease mortality has declined in our country, it became much less relevant.

In fact in 1980, David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s budget director, recommended the abolition of both NIAID and CDC because infectious disease had declined to such a small percentage of the American public that it was no longer a significant cause of mortality. This was because of improved nutrition, improved sanitation, the road systems, electric refrigeration and flush toilets, etc

There was desperation within the agencies, actually there were memos going back and forth saying we’ve got to find a pandemic because it’s the only way that we can save our agency.

In 1981, the first AIDS cases appeared, and they went to the National Cancer Institute. They didn’t go to NIAID.

The National Cancer Institute is another HHS agency, and they went there because the original signal for AIDS was Kaposi Sarcoma, which is a skin cancer and it affects other areas of the body too. And so it was regarded as a cancer problem, and the National Cancer Institute was set up actually, it had laboratories, it could do laboratory analyses, it could do large scale studies.

It could not only identify the cases of disease but also had the capacity to formulate drugs. It had a laboratory to develop cancer drugs. Billions and billions of dollars had been poured into that laboratory. It was state of the art.

Tony Fauci had none of that. NIAID was a tiny little agency with a minuscule budget, constantly under threat, and it had no capacity to make drugs.

Tony Fauci had a battle with National Cancer Institute. In 1983 Luc Montagnier found an organism in about 47 percent of AIDS patients he examined, which was the HIV organism.

He said maybe more studies should be done to see if this has a causative impact on AIDS.

Fauci used that study, which was very ambiguous, to say this is a viral disease. It is therefore in my jurisdiction and not under the jurisdiction of the National Cancer Institute.

He captured the AIDS crisis for his agency. At that time it was billions of dollars in funding that were being poured into this new plague, which was predicted to spread across the population—which of course, it never did.

That really was the beginning of his power.

At that time, he had no clue about how to develop a drug because all those kinds of experiments, all those kinds of developments were what was happening at National Cancer Institute. NIAID was not equipped to do that.

He was promising Congress and promising the AIDS activists, yes, we can get you a drug very quickly, but he couldn’t do it. So he was utterly reliant on the pharmaceutical industry to produce a product for him.

The only product at that time that was a lead product was AZT. Now AZT was a highly, highly toxic human therapy drug. In fact it was so toxic— it was originally developed by NIH. The scientists who developed it threw it on a junk heap because it killed all the mice.

Chemotherapy drugs are designed to kill you. They’re designed to kill every cell in your body, but the hope is that they’ll kill the tumor cells before they kill the rest of you.

This drug was just plain deadly. They didn’t think there’d be any use for it, but very, very early on in the process, Glaxo began doing experiments with a lot of compounds. It took AZT and put it in a cell culture with HIV, and it killed the HIV, naturally, because it kills everything. So they said, this may be useful as an AIDS drug.

They began planning to do clinical trials on it. Tony Fauci facilitated those clinical trials without doing proper animal studies.

The problem was it was supposed to be a year long trial. The problem was when they started giving this to people, they immediately died.

So Tony Fauci had to end the trial after eight weeks, instead of going two to three years, which it should have gone.

The only way he could keep the patients alive during that period was to give many of them daily blood transfusions.

So they were giving almost no blood transfusions to the placebo group, and they were giving blood transfusions to almost everybody in the AZT group. That way he kept them alive for the eight week period. He declared it a huge success.

He said, now we’re going to give this not just to people who are sick with AIDS; we’re going to give it to anybody who tests positive for AZTwith a PCR test.

With chemotherapy you give people the drug for two weeks and hope it kills the tumor. What Tony Fauci was planning to do was to give AZT to people for the rest of their lives.

If you give a chemotherapy drug to somebody for the rest of their life, it is going to end their life quickly.

That’s what happened, and AZT ended up killing a lot more people than AIDS killed.

News reports on NBC and all over the country about the cheating that had been discovered in the upcoming years, but “Teflon Tony” was able to deflect those. That really is one of this big gifts, his capacity to not get implicated in the disasters that have followed him throughout his career.

AZT became a huge success. It was the most expensive drug ever marketed. Glaxo was selling it for $10,000 per year. …The capitalization of the company essentially doubled overnight.

There were a lot of critics who came forward and said, wait a minute, this is poison. It’s not really working.

Those critics, what I show in the book, the strategies he developed for silencing, for censoring, for discrediting, for marginalizing, for vilifying those critics were techniques that he then used throughout the rest of his career.

Those techniques really fueled his long career. It’s a career that has been marked by dramatic declines in American health and by the corruption of science across the board, because he now controls most of the science.

NIAID is no longer even a public health agency. It’s simply an incubator for pharmaceutical products.

So between 2009 and 2016, there were some 240 drugs that were approved by FDA, all of which had gone through Tony Fauci’s shop.

He is a partner in the pharmaceutical industry.

Classically, Wayne, this is what he does. He has laboratories now where his NIAID researchers have tens of thousands of cultures of every viral disease….

They’ll take different molecules, different combinations of molecules and drip them on to the virus culture. If the virus dies, they have a potential drug. It’s an anti-viral.

Then they’ll test it on mice or rodents or guinea pigs, and they’ll see if it kills the animals. If it kills the virus, but it does not wipe out the animal, now they have really a potential drug. They can begin farming it out.

They’ll farm it out to a university to do clinical trials, first on animals, then phrase one trials.

This is the way the clinical trials, a typical way they work, although it’s far from a uniform way they work.

The principal investigator who’s unusually the head of a department at a university medical school, and he is making the bulk of his money and the university is now making the bulk of their money from NIH and NIAID.

Here’s how the deal works:

Typically the bad PI [principal investigator] will have 100 people in the study. He’s a doctor; he’ll be recruiting volunteers for the study.

NIAID will give the PI let’s say $15,000 for every individual in his study.

The university skims off 50-75 percent of that to keep.

That means the university is now onboard in this partnership, and they’re part of it, and they’re going to defend Tony Facui to the grave.

Then they go to phase two and phase three. Now they have to bring in 10,000 or 20,000 people, so they need a pharmaceutical partner.

So they give the patent to a pharmaceutical company, but Tony Fauci is allowed to keep part of that patent for his agency.

With the Moderna patent, they kept half of it. He takes parts of that patent and gives them to his favorite deputies.

With Moderna, there are at least four people in NIAID who will have margin rights for that patent and will be able to collect under their HHS policies $150,000 a year for life on every patent that they own.

That’s how he keeps the loyalties of his underlings, because he can distribute these little sinecures to them.

Then the university also keeps part of the patent, so now they get permanent income as long as this is approved.

Once they get the drug where they’ve passed these phase three trials, of course everybody is highly incentivized to cheat, not notice when there’s injuries, do all kinds of screwed up reporting, now it has to go to FDA for approval.

Tony Fauci always says, well the drug was approved by independent scientists, but if you look at the scientists who sit on that committee, they aren’t FDA employees.

It’s a panel that FDA creates, but it creates those panels mainly out of Tony Fauci’s PIs.

All of his PIs from Harvard, from Baylor, from Berkeley, from Stamford, from Columbia, all the other universities sit on that panel and they approve each other’s drugs.

And if they ever dared not to approve a drug, they’re never presumably, ever going to get another grant from Tony Fauci, and they live on his grants.

The grants are huge. Typically he’ll give $200,000,000. $300,000,000  in grants to these universities annually.

So the whole system becomes corrupt and the pharmaceutical company that owns it also is the major source of funding for the journal, JAMA, the New England Journal of Medicine or for Lancet. Those journals get about 90 percent of their revenue from advertising and from reprints from these pharmaceutical companies.

The pharmaceutical companies can dictate what gets published. They publish the clinical trial saying this drug works great, and then they buy reprints of that trial in the Lancet with the Lancet masthead on it and distribute it to every doctor in America.

Their pharmaceutical reps, when they go visit the doctor now have that Lancet [article].

So the whole system is now corrupt. Every aspect of it has been has been completely corrupted by pharma.

Tony Fauci will never tell you, I’ve been a great success because Americans are healthier since I came here.

When he came into office, six percent of Americans had chronic disease; by 2006, 54 percent. His job is to prevent that, to find out what exposures are causing the chronic diseases and then ending them. He doesn’t do that.

He has a $7.7 billion annual budget. He gives twice away a year what Bill Gates gives. That whole budget goes essentially to developing drugs.

He will never tell you, here is the mark of my success, Americans have less diabetes, they have less rheumatoid arthritis, theyhave fewer food allergies, less eczema, less neurological disorders.

He never talks about that. They only thing he talks about is how many vaccines he’s given and the uptake on all the drugs that he’s developed.

Rohde: …The last couple of weeks we’ve heard a lot of noise about small pox. I was going back to your last chapter, “Germ Games” and intelligence agencies are we going to see something start happening here? Or is this just gas lighting the public for some more fear regarding small pox? I see some posts out there on social media. What do you think is happening there?

Kennedy: I can’t make predictions about what their next move will be. …

If you read “Germ Games,” the anthrax attack and the anthrax germ game, about two months earlier. In fact that germ game was highly publicized, and when the anthrax attacks took place, there were actually hearings that day in Congress on anthrax attacks.

Before COVID there were a whole series of corona virus pandemic simulations that the intelligence agencies were doing.

People are familiar with Event 201.

This tendency they have of telegraphing and telling us what’s going to happen next makes me worry when they say, well, now we have to prepare for small pox.

Two days later we find a bunch of vials of small pox in one NIH lab. So it is worrying, but the bottom line is we know we’re being manipulated.

We know that they using all of this manipulated data, they’re using all the alchemies of fear, panic, isolation, all of the games of the intelligence agencies, the techniques that the intelligence agencies have used for many, many years.

They’re manipulating populations on a national scale. All that propaganda, the fear mongering, the scapegoating, the isolation tactics, the lockdowns to induce this system that the intelligence agencies call Stockholm syndrome which makes people grateful to their captors and leaves them with the feeling that their only path to survival is total compliance and total obedience to the captors, anger at people who anger the captors—and all of these techniques that I talk about. There’s many, many more that the CIA developed through MK-Ultra.

I show how those are tied directly into manipulations that have occurred through since the beginning, and how the planning for this happened over 20 years where they were drilling it again and again and again.

To someone who has not read the book I probably sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist, but there’s 2,200 footnotes in the book. I don’t make any speculations. I don’t look in people’s heads. I don’t look into Gates’ head or Tony Fauci’s head and say this is what he was thinking. I don’t do that.

I only tell this story as it can be documented. That story, I think, is revealing about the people who’ve put us in this position.

Again Wayne, I want to thank you for your extraordinary work. You are an invaluable resource to this entire movement, this entire community.

Your choice in really studying the VAERS system has allowed those of us who are  litigating on this issue and advocating too, a deeper profound insight that’s been useful to us again and again and again.

You’re the go-to guy. So Wayne, thank you for everything that you do.

Rohde: I truly appreciate that and thank you very much for taking the time today to appear on the podcast.

This is a remarkable book.  I went to “Germ Games” as my first chapter. I looked at the table of contents and said, I’ve got to get there….

It’s an incredible read. It’s all sourced properly. A lot of people participated in it. You’re correct. It’s facts, no projections, nothing like that. 

This is pure he story supported by all the facts.

Kennedy: I wrote the book, but I had an incredible team of fact checkers, and you were on that team—about 10 people who went through every line and every word….






Amazing lecture by Dr. Raymond Obomsawin:

Immunity, Infectious Disease, and Vaccination
He was talking about this in 2015!

UPDATE ON Dr. Obomsawin
Dec 29, 2021:

"Raymond Obomsawin is dead at 71
Raymond Obomsawin went from perfectly healthy to dead a few days after sending an important document to RFK Jr. Was he murdered or did he die of natural causes?"

"He went from perfectly healthy to dead a few days after sending an important document to RFK Jr. related to the safety of the COVID vaccines. There are people who think he was killed. I’ve talked to his family members and they want to know what killed him.

To find out, the plan is to have a private pathologist extract the appropriate tissue and blood samples and have them, as well as the hospital records, analyzed. He will also be checked with a Geiger counter over all parts of his body.

He was 71. The symptoms was consistent with liver failure, multi-organ failure, so natural causes. He was diagnosed with COVID."


From AIDS to Autism:

"“The World Health Assembly accepted the WHO Global Commission’s recommendation and declared the world free from smallpox in 1980. The following year, the FDA licensed Hilleman’s human-blood-derived hepatitis B vaccine, Heptavax-B. It was the first subunit viral vaccine developed in the United States. While the vaccine proved effective at preventing hepatitis B, concerns about HIV infections gave way to a product in 1986 that did not use human serum."

The first vaccine is the one some have associated with the AIDS epidemic- initially Haitians and gay men. The original vaccine test sites align with AIDS outbreak. Evidently, the vaccine was changed in 1986 and added to the childhood vaccine schedule as early as 1987. Of course 1986 was the year the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed, giving liability protection to all childhood CDC recommended vaccines. This was the beginning of the Age of Autism.


Preliminary AIDS Vaccine Evaluation (PAVE) Sites Pasteur Institutes Wellcome Trust facilities Walter Reed Institute The Bad : Hepatitis B vaccine trials in Haiti (early 1980s) yet HBV vaccine program in Haiti only in (±) 2010 Indonesia's refusal to permit the use 'Indonesian' H5N1 virus strains to make candidate vaccines
(SLIDE 38)

2007: MMR-Autism Project [email protected] (Document sent from McGill Canada to Sudan
(SLIDE 40)

Hepatitis B Vaccine Clinical Trial
Nov. 1978- June 1980

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
Information provided by:
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

To determine the efficacy of a hepatitis vaccine in preventing hepatitis B.
(Phase 3)
Although most carriers of HBsAg are asymptomatic, a substantial proportion eventually develop chronic active hepatitis and cirrhosis. There is also overwhelming evidence that the hepatitis B virus is the single most important causative factor of hepatocellular carcinoma. Thus, mass immunization programs against HBV infection may ultimately affect not only the incidence of acute hepatitis B and the pool of chronic carriers but may also reduce the morbidity and mortality from chronic active hepatitis, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma.
Krugman and his co-workers laid the groundwork for active immunization against hepatitis B in 1970 to 1973. They discovered that a 1:10 dilution of hepatitis B infective serum lost its infectivity when boiled for one minute but retained its antigenicity and prevented hepatitis B in 70 percent of vaccinated subjects. Hilleman and his colleagues at the Merck Institute of Therapeutic Research developed a more sophisticated vaccine consisting of highly purified, formalin-inactivated HBsAg particles derived from the plasma of chronic carriers of the antigen. By 1978, data were sufficient to permit testing in a clinical trial.
The first subject was inoculated in November 1978, and by October 1979, recruitment had ended. In May 1980, all trial events were reviewed and classified by an expert panel. In June 1980 the code of vaccine and placebo allocation was broken.
Randomized, double blind, fixed-sample. A total of 549 subjects were allocated to the vaccine group in which they were treated with highly purified formalin-inactivated virus subunits derived from the plasma of chronic carriers of hepatitis B. A total of 534 were allocated to the placebo group. Both groups received injections at 0, 1 month, and 6 months unless evidence of infection developed before the series was completed.” Identifier: NCT00000583
Is this NYC gay trial leading to AIDS?

WHO | Hepatitis B › biologicals › vaccines › Hepatitis_B › en
The WHO requirements for the first plasma-derived Hepatitis B vaccine were first formulated in 1980 and revised in 1987. These requirements will continue to be in force until plasma derived vaccine is no longer manufactured. Requirements for Heptatitis B Vaccine prepared from Plasma, Annex 8, Technical Report Series No. 771, 1988 pdf, 2.46Mb
NOTE: “Revised in 1987” the year HepB was added to CDC schedule for newborns and enjoyed 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act liability protection.

Medical Virology of Hepatitis B: how it began and where we are now
“Human experimentation
All attempts to identify the pathogen were unsuccessful for more than eighty years. The problem with viral hepatitis was so big that there was even human experimentation done at several places before and during World War II [3], and among so-called volunteer participants who were, in fact, prisoners in the 1950’s in the USA [5]. Even more ethically problematic were the studies in a large number of mentally handicapped children carried out until 1970. (Allowed under NYC, Gov. Jay Rockefeller, Senator Robert Kennedy ended it) Using targeted infection, New York pediatrician Saul Krugman showed 1967 that there were indeed two separate pathogens causing hepatitis [6]. However, even this experimentation - unimaginable by today’s ethical standards - did not lead to the urgently needed break-through.”
Hepatitis B Vaccine Experiment On American Gays
In the period from 1978 till 1981, the Centers for Disease Control conducted a hepatitis B vaccine experiment on homosexuals living in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
HIV/AIDS was first detected among the participants in the CDC hepatitis B vaccine trial and quickly spread throughout the gay community in those cities. A body of evidence, including a detailed statistical analysis of the documented timeline of when HIV infection was detected in the men’s blood and reported to the CDC.
Dissidents who have studied the available published data are convinced that this ill-conceived experiment precipitated the devastating AIDS epidemic in America’s homosexual community.
The gay men in the experiment were injected with a vaccine that had been made using human hepatitis B infected blood which was injected into chimpanzees known to be infected with the cancer-causing simian virus 40 (SV40); the virus that had contaminated the polio vaccine.
Before these CDC experiments, there were no reported cases of HIV or AIDS in America. The AIDS epidemic was officially declared by CDC in 1981, at the conclusion of the experiment.
Yet, in the New England Journal of Medicine published report researchers proclaimed the vaccine “safe and incidence of side effects low,” and claimed a 96% success rate.
They failed to mention the emergence of a new disease affecting some of the subjects.
The men in the 'Manhattan experiment' had the highest rate of HIV ever recorded for that time period: 20% were discovered to be HIV-positive in 1980, and over 40% in 1984.
In addition, a re-examination of the stored blood samples from an AIDS trial in NYC by epidemiologists at the National Cancer Institute found that one out of five gay men (20%) tested positive for the new KS herpes-8 virus (Kaposi’s Sarcoma virus in 1982.)
Before 1978, no stored blood anywhere in the US tested positive for either HIV or the Kaposi’s Sarcoma virus, which was not identified until the mid-nineties.
An extraordinary PBS taped an interview with medical historian Edward Shorter and Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Merck’s foremost vaccine developer acknowledged that the polio vaccine, manufactured by Merck, had been contaminated with SV40.
He also indicated the likelihood that SV40 is the source of AIDS: “I didn’t know we were importing AIDS.”
Hilleman nevertheless defended the contaminated vaccine stating: “it was good science at the time because that was what you did. You didn’t worry about these wild viruses…” But in fact, the taped interview was never aired for fear of liability, but it was submitted to the Library of Congress and in 2011 posted on YouTube.
In fact, two main questions remain;
How did these two viruses of primate origin get into the gay male population to cause AIDS and a contagious form of cancer?
Can the AIDS epidemic in the US be traced directly to this CDC’s experiment?
Given the lethal nature of these two combined viruses, it is likely that many, if not most, of the men in the CDC experiment eventually died of AIDS.
The actual number of AIDS deaths among the men in the experiment has never been revealed, nor have their medical records were studied. Efforts to obtain this information have been rebuffed invoking the “confidential” nature of the experiment to deny access.
Alan Cantwell, MD., Gay Vaccine Experiments and the American Origin of Aids, 2011; The Virus Cancer Program, 2005”
VIRGINIA: HepB Vaccine licensed
FDA, November 16, 1981
“Prepared from highly purified surface antigen derived from the plasma of human donors who are chronic carriers…”
Clinical trials began 1975, more than 5,000 persons.
…Field trial results were obtained in groups of high-risk male homosexuals in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Denver…”
America’s HIV outbreak started in this city, 10 years before anyone noticed
PBS coverup? Actually shows all places HepB vaccine was given: Haiti, NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles- to Africans and gays.
AIDS documented in Haiti:
How Two Notre Dame Alumni Have Helped Lead the Battle Against AIDS
““I realized if I was going to be any good in this field, it had to be more than just research,” he says. “I needed more clinical skills.” He moved to Seattle to oversee a clinic at the University of Washington Medical Center for refugees from Vietnam, many of whom suffered from malaria. 

At the same time, Quinn started seeing gay men admitted to the hospital with “bizarre” infections. “I was so overwhelmed with curiosity,” Quinn says. “What is this? And how can I help these people?” 

Tapping into his tropical medicine expertise, Quinn led an NIH team on a trip to Haiti after reports surfaced of an outbreak in that country. The group determined that AIDS was being transmitted through heterosexual sex, and they documented how rapidly the disease was spreading in Haiti. 

Watching so many infected patients die within just months, Quinn decided to devote as much of his energy as possible to this growing health crisis.”

“Curran rose through the ranks, becoming the chief of research into sexually transmitted diseases at the CDC. In June of 1981, he was working on vaccine trials for Hepatitis B when he was assigned to handle the CDC’s earliest inquiries into the condition that would eventually become known as AIDS. Just days after he received his assignment, the CDC published its first report detailing the cases of five previously healthy gay men whose immune systems had failed for unexplained reasons.
As more and more cases popped up, the CDC established a task force to focus solely on AIDS, and Curran was chosen as its leader. He and his team studied the spread and effects of the disease among different populations of gay men. Quinn and other doctors from around the country who had treated these patients presented their findings to the task force. Soon, Curran and his staff realized women also were being infected. They quickly identified how the disease was spreading -- sexual contact, intravenous drug use, from pregnant women to their babies -“

The Complete Guide to Vaccines

“The World Health Assembly accepted the WHO Global Commission’s recommendation and declared the world free from smallpox in 1980. The following year, the FDA licensed Hilleman’s human-blood-derived hepatitis B vaccine, Heptavax-B. It was the first subunit viral vaccine developed in the United States. While the vaccine proved effective at preventing hepatitis B, concerns about HIV infections gave way to a product in 1986 that did not use human serum. 1981 was also the year the attenuated chickenpox vaccine was licensed in the United States. The first vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) disease was licensed in the United States in 1985. Two year later, a conjugated Hib vaccine was licensed. First developed in 1975, the Ty21a oral typhoid vaccine was licensed for use in the United States 1989. Low vaccination rates in the late 1980s caused severe measles outbreaks across the country, especially in Philadelphia where 1,500 children died.”


@David Weiner

A great article.
HepB vaccine trials: THE KEY TO EVERYTHING.

David Weiner

Very interesting article by Ron Unz makes the case that Kennedy's resurrection of the dissident critique of the standard AIDS narrative may very well lead many more people to question the standard scientific/media narratives about Covid and vaccines in general.


Mass Formation
Dr. Breggin wrote a book and addressed it.
I like Dr. Breggin.

Mercola shared a video of Joe Rogan interviewing Dr. McCullough. Dr. McCullough went over mass formation.
I see finally cause I am so slow.

There are corrupt, evil people; playing on fears of the masses. They should not be able to get away with it because there are so many other people in the same field that are really smart. We are talking about academia, millions of medical doctors, nurses, researchers, virologists, microbiologists, Statisticians. These guys should listen to the guys in charge at the federal level and say; these guys are nutty idiots.

But that is not happening. That is where this mass formation comes in.

Are all these above mention guys on the take too? Are these guys ALL corrupt? Are the guys running the ICUs deciding to let the patients die, and not even try to make protocols to treat them? Instead there are no protocols, no early treatments, no three pillars just vaccine. Are they all in on it?

That gets me to a video of our own local doctor. She has a brother for a doctor too
20 years ago this little beloved doctor got really sick.
No one knew exactly what her problem was.
But there was talk of a heart transplant
She reduced her load. She became less active. She is called on often at the nursing home - call only and she dispenses meds from her home.

Through the grape vine; I have heard that she has told that she loves - her family that vaccines are dangerous. But that is not what you are going to hear from her.

So now I ask. As in the Harry Potter Books about the imperial curse, when Professor Moody was explaining it - "How do you separate the ones that were under the curse, from the ones that just claim they were under the curse.


I usually prefer a hard copy book, but am enjoying the ebook for the easy access to reference links. Click, click, click...
The book has removed some of the ambiguities of the differences in moral climate involved in the setting and execution of strategic goals by our governmental institutions.



Thank you for directing me that way.


Mercola had another video of Malone explaining just the mass formation alone.

I see.
Fear - and the government is making them focus on that fear.
Focus - focus - focus.

And the only way to get them off that focus is to scare them about something that is worse.

Yeah, probably right.


Pogo; I finished it
It sound good.
Malone decided to buy into it as an explanation as good as any other of why you can't talk to people and get then to see facts, make rational decisions. .

But psychology always sounds great when they are just blowing smoke.
And that is what I think, when at the very end he tells me that mass formation comes about, not because the people really believe stuff , but it is just they want to bond.

I being a rebel. NOW that it is too late to make in difference

look around at my cousins -the - younger ones that are finally adults with all their OCD, bipolar, seizures as children, can't handle their life mental problem; even though they all fled my state to the south, the north and the west, and in doing so took their auto immune diseases with them as well. . Ohhh all that inbreeding. Yeah right.

--- and the drugs, Oh my, my, my the whole community around me; started happening here first, and then on to the whole United States of ruined lives, and deaths from drugs.

Society has been nuts for the past forty years, not a recent mass formation of isolation and anxiety (immune damage to the hypothalamus is what that is)

Not mass formation, but people have been chugging along from a successful society of the past, but slowing down more and more as brain power dimensions us all to a stand still. What happened on a minnie scale of the Appalachian mountains as they vaccinated with the three in one typhoid shot (one of the more dangerous vaccines from WWI) on top of the small pox, the D , and then the T and then the P then putting them all together and shook them all up, is causing the mass formation.

I swear I see vaccine injuries every where But once you see inflammation - do you ever un see it?


Thank you Pogo.
I listened to half of it and as soon, will finish it.
I still am not understanding.
Why is our society so full of anxiety?
Oh suppose they are all on the internet.
Vaccine injuries - brain injuries, immune injuries have been reported to cause anxiety?


@ Benedetta et. al.
Robert Malone indeed comes out with much wisdom and I too recommend people can find the time to watch this interview.

For those that find Roberts description of Mass Psychosis (or Mass Formation to use the proper term) interesting and seek a fuller understanding, then you can hear it from the horses mouth (so to speak) as Professor Mattias Desmet (who teaches this very topic) who Robert is quoting from, has been interviewed several times. As English is not his first language and has a thick accent, I have found an interview which included a transcript if you scroll down the page. The audio can also be downloaded if you can’t spare the time to sit and watch the video. Most importantly, Desmet has sensible suggestions (some mentioned by Robert) of what we can and MUST do.

Donna L.

Thank you so much for transcribing this, Anne, for those of us who don't get a chance to listen to podcasts or watch videos.
I'm soooo grateful for RFK, Jr. and all the other brave voices out there who continue to expose the BS behind this entire Covid scam and all its perpetrators.


Hera; Mercola has a video of Malone being interviewed, and he is saying it is mass hysteria.
He said it was exactly what happened in Germany back in the day of my parent's youth.
I did not understand it though.

I will have to listen to it again tonight.

One thing that caught my attention was; he found himself confronted with computer specialists thinking they were virologist? It was kind of funny, but also very aggravating that you can't present facts to people and they at least consider them and not instead get mad and ignore them. I have trouble with that myself.


Hera; I sure do hope so. I pray so.

Bully; Rober Kennedy Jr. is convinced that the CIA was involved in his father's death, and he probably thinks so about his uncle too. His grandfather was given a commission by Eisenhower to look into the CIA; and what he found was horrible, he suggested that all they should be able to ever do again is just gather information and take away the ability to manipulate and other evil stuff. .

That said, I don't think you have the complete information about Regan. Probably not Nixon either or Trump for that matter. We are constantly manipulated into what we think, but our information about most stuff is limited. The CIA learned from the Kennedys you don't murder, but kill reputations instead.
Regan was trapped into the signing of the 1986 vaccine bill. both the House and the Senate passed it easily, and the whole, entire population of the United States thought it was a good idea. Manipulated again I am sure. How much the CIA is able through education, false narratives, are able to manipulate the public is any one's guess.

Robert Kennedey Jr said in one of his interviews that during the writing of this book , his research took a turn that surprised him of how much the CIA/intelligence is really involved in vaccine, and medical corruption, I can't wait to read it, but right now the book is wrapped up , and under the tree.

But if you are going to wanting to lay blame to Republicans then put it at the right feet. Head of the CIA would be Bush the Elder, right? Not far from the tree, or Bush the first, would be his son Bush the Second. To be very fair you must include Bill Clinton, good friends with the Bushes. Let us not forget Obama that was in lock step with the Clintons.

To be fair to the Bushes, or rather the voters that elected them; it was either Al Gore or Kerry, or McCain, or tight breeches, high heel cow boy boot wearing Mitt. Not much of a choice. Except maybe a slower march to where we are now. Trump was answer for the voters, not a savior; but at least if nothing else a bump in the road. I am so thankful. I wished he had fired Fauci though. Done more in that area. I see though it is bad all the way around on a lot of fronts.


Dark forces are un doubtably at work around the world to ensure all governments are all singing the same song. Unlike like Toe Knee Fau Chi who enjoys the limelight, most dwell in the shadows.

JOHNNY VEDMORE wrote a very informative article back in OCTOBER 1, 2020.
“Daniel Korski: The Intelligence-Linked Mastermind Behind the UK's Orwellian Healthtech Advisory Board”

Morag Lyons

Dear grannie ,they are still at it, doing the same stuff ! Should we suggest that they go Far -cough with it !

News Round Up 15 /12 2021
Nicola Sturgeon announces new Covid -19 advice or Scotland . for Christmas .
Ma dear grannie Georgina Gunn Born 1894?
One Christmas card still on the mantle piece every year !
Dear Georgina Gunn, have as nice a Christmas as you can possibly manage .
From Lady Pettigrew [ Grumpy Auld Witch !] xxx


Sometimes, I thank God for the fact that it often seems that evil plans have a tendency to go awry.
I think anyone hoping that stockholm syndrome is going to make people bow down to cruelties, torture and abuse, probably has not studied psychology, or stockholm syndrome, as well as they think.
Stockholm syndrome tends to only occur in very specific circumstances, and only with some people.
Generally, for example, as seen with prison riots, those in positions of power who are perceived by those in their control, as having abused the power, are not at all adored by the people they mistreated.
Similarly, in the concentration camps, people hated their cruel captors.
The idea that if a group of politicians treat people badly enough, the politicians will be adored is probably, thankfully , very far off base.
In fact, the massive unpopularity of our current president and vice president may be part of what is protecting us from mandates. Also, people like DeSantos who are standing up for freedom and offering an obvious alternative to mandates, and a place where people can move to, if necessary, are helping keep basic freedom of medical choice alive.
The google newstreams are full of young people who have "suddenly died" or "unexpectedly died", and soccer players, football players , etc are experiencing fatal and non fatal cardiac events in never before seen numbers. If this does turn out to be linked to the vaccine, then causing horrific harm to people who comply is going to work against those pushing mandates also.
In the Swedish case where Stockholm sydnrome was first identified, the police were seen by the hostages as having threatened to shoot through the hostages to kill their captors, and one of the hostages said a captor saved a hostage from the crossfire.
Children may bond with parents who treat them cruelly, but most of us do not have a child parent relationship with any of our politicians.
I think it is extremely likely, if this is part of an agenda, that it will not work out in real life as well as it did on paper.


Today we had a Senate health hearing, and it's good to get things out in public and discuss. You know, sometimes it's a little contentious, but for the most part it's really a very positive situation. So I've done it many, many, many times over the years, and I've always found them to be very helpful for getting information out.


" I went to “Germ Games” as my first chapter"-yup!
QR codes for updates give me the willies though.

Morag Lyons

Thanks to Age of Autism and Robert Kennedy's team . The landscape presentation is not at all complicated !
Same landscape, but different style of shoes ,shirts and haircuts ,but still same old colour and pattern on the wallpaper!" Meaning 1920's style old dogs for the hard road and the handicapped pups for the pavements ?

The pyramid selling scheme / protection racket , self implosion due any time soon !

An Sabhal Aig Neill + Drums [ Hebredian Celtic Festival 2010] Runrig YouTube

Stop the U.N. and NWO

Uncle Sam’s not going to save anyone either (except freemason and zionist vaccine globalists and U.N. elites). Don’t believe me? Think I’m an evil commie bot? Here’s proof.

The WEF is a sibling of the U.N. :

The White House’s DC property is laden with masonic monuments (such as the obelisks) and globalist elites always pick who gets elected - we have no say at all. Their job’s not to improve anyone’s lives.

Whatever our seized “united states” was built on, it was never built on a F nor L, but something starting with D… someone help me out?

Stop the U.N. and NWO

With massive autism and infertility rates, this is what the U.N. wants to do to America, Japan, the EU and the entire world.

They disable in the cradle (with vaccines) unless deaths are performed before birth (via unnecessary abortions) or sterilization before birth (through sterilizing intersex disorders such as AIS likely caused by prenatal vaccine induced AR gene mutations in XY offspring).

The U.N. wants to eliminate 350,000 people EACH DAY to fulfill depopulation agendas and they claim to champion human rights, but the U.N. doesn't give a dam 🦫 about Native Americans other than killing them with vaccines and Agenda 2030/Agenda 21.

Bully Gates

The vaccine loving NWO U.N. has seized control of a Salt Lake City Utah building:

If we remain silent and allow the vaccine depopulation globalists to totally invade America (they have already partially invaded us for decades), expect horrific Unit 731 style experiments performed on U.S. citizens of all ages and races imaginable. They already destroyed entire generations with childhood vaccines, long predating COVID.

The U.N. is an evil organization! What else do they do that tramples on our rights? Just curious.

Bully Gates

Ronald Reagan, Anthony Fauci, and even Donald Trump (yes, he’s no savior either) remind me of Emperor Hirohito, the Kamikaze movement, and Manchukuo doctor Shiro Ishii.

If you’re still in a love affair with Trump and his freemason zionist pals on all parties, remember his Operation Warp Speed vaccine movement? This man has nothing against vaccines or the vaccine holocaust.

Millions of American jingoist humanist sheeple are convinced that presidents and countries are flawless saviors who can do no wrong.

That is how the innocent yet deceived Japanese citizenry thought, back in the days of the Japanese Empire.

No information about Shiro Ishii’s crimes were available to the Japanese public until 2002 due to massive historical censorship and cover ups.

In our upcoming history books, we might finally have chapters about the autism epidemic and it’s devastating impacts, as well as who created and distributed vaccines to America and the world. The public was hunky-dory with vaccines until COVID.


Thank you to all! I watched Mr Kennedy on comedian Theo Von’s podcast, “This Past Weekend”, a couple of days ago. Surprisingly, YouTube hasn’t pulled it yet (I thinking someone owes someone ten bucks). Jimmy Dore (another comedian) also announced that he was having Mr Kennedy on Rumble tomorrow (Wednesday 12-15). Mr Dore also features his program on YouTube, however, I believe he’s trying to usurp the censors. I don’t want to get too excited, however, could it be that after decades of censorship, the vaccine risk aware community, like the SARS COV-2, is breaking through? If so, it’s interesting that satirists are playing such a helpful role. Hopefully, Joe Rogan, will have Mr Kennedy on. Dr’s Heather Heying & Bret Weinstein have recommend Mr Kennedy’s book on their podcast Darkhorse, which is also wonderful. There’s a a lot of animosity toward the intelligence community right now, particularly with what’s going on with Julian Assange. As more awareness gets raised regarding how deeply entrenched Fauci is with the unaccountable, criminal, organizations that are the CIA, FBI, & the rest of the “Deep State” I hope Mr Kennedy gains more traction with sympathetic journalists. Max Blumenthal, of the Gray Zone, seems to be open to a discussion.

Thank you again, Ms Dachel & Mr Rhode for you never ending, intrepid, reporting over these many years!


I put this comment down on another past a few days ago.

Dr. Robert Malone came on War Room interviewed by Navarro, Steve Bannon was not there.

Malone mentions barely, but a real bomb shell is that Omicrom though milder, and may act as a live attenuated vaccine for all-- is so divergent from all the other prior circulating corona virus that it is strange that it should emerge in a low rate vaccinated area and it may well be yet another lab release engineered event.

Malone is back on "The War Room:" and this time it is Steve Bannon interviewing him about just that.
Mercola had it on his website this morning.

Malone is not backing down from that statement.


Thanks for the transcript from Robrrt Kennedy. It is alsways a lot of work to get this stuff written down, I have gone some what deaf and Robert Kennedy Jr has so much to say - but has that slight disability with his voice.


I'm so happy to see RFK's book is selling well in our downtrodden world. The chapter on the CIA and the manner they infiltrate and control the media was particularly grim, however, nothing surprises me for an oppressive government like the United States. Very happy as well to see some states like Florida and Tennessee are holding the line on the Feds, who look and act more like Hitler's party than I care to think about today.

Today I care about children receiving dangerous shots they don't need. It doesn't just apply to covid...measles, polio, meningitis and flu are all similarly overexaggerated and addressed with Fauci's vaccines rather than sensible medication delivered at the right time, if required at all. To convalesce naturally from a disease is usually the most sensible route. Minimize the intervention.

It's absolute absurd to think a vaccine is the best or only way to fight off a virus. Covid is just another money-making scam by Merck and Pfizer, led by their chief salesman and liar, Anthony Fauci MD. Prison stripes for that one.

susan welch

Huge thanks to Robet Kennedy, Wayne Rohde and, of course, to Anne (for her massive effort transcribing the interview. I read every word)

I live in the UK and pre ordered the book back in the summer. I am still awaiting delivery, with not even a date yet.

I've ordered one for a friend and, when available, will order more for family and I do hope this book infiltrates the population so that, despite media silence, it opens the whole 'can of worms' so that the lid can no longer be kept on what is happening to the health of the world.

Mostly, I would love to see the perpetrators brought to justice.

Bob Moffit


Please God may the day arrive when this heinous cretin is held ACCOUNTABLE for his CRIMES … that day cannot come soon enough.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! These transcripts are so helpful for an electrosensitive person.

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