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6.4% of CA Boys Have Autism Diagnosis Rates Continue to Climb

The Ghost of Special Education Future

UK sped photo
East Anglian Daily Times: Year 7 pupils outside the new 'Mulberry' SEND unit at Stowupland High School - Credit: John Milton Academy Trust

By Anne Dachel

Comparing the state of special education in Britain and in the U.S. leaves me mystified.

All a person has to do is look at the last hundred or so posts on Loss of Brain Trust  and it’s quite clear that special needs students are overwhelming the education system in the U.K. and it’s costing them dearly.  Yet, incredibly, at the same time officials seem happy about it.

Money seems to be no object.

Here’s what I posted over the past week.

Portland: (S. England)

A NEW school for children with additional needs in Weymouth and Portland has moved a step closer to reality - with a site and opening date now confirmed. …

It will provide up to 75 places for children and young people aged 14-19 years with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND)….

Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset, said: “I am delighted that this exciting and much-needed special free school is finally confirmed and will now go ahead.…

Alongside this investment by the DfE, Dorset Council is investing a £37.5 million [$50M] plan to improve the lives of Dorset children with SEND,

Gateshead: (NE England)

 Gateshead has a “new flagship state-of-the-art special school.”

Cost: $16M

Gibside is a primary school for pupils with a range of special needs (moderate learning disabilities (MLD), severe learning disabilities (SLD), profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and autism spectrum condition (ASC).

The new school accommodates 170 pupils,…

Plymouth: (SW England)

Plans for a new school so the most vulnerable children can have the education and care they deserve closer to their homes are being developed.

It aims to deliver a special school providing 120 places for children aged from 5 to 16, and the school will become a centre of educational excellence for pupils who have a significant level of ASD and Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs….

Devon County Council’s cabinet member for schools, Cllr Andrew Leadbetter, said: “This is part of a multi-million programme by the county council to open new special schools and increase the number of places in our existing special schools. …

Cllr Dave Downie, Plymouth City Council’s cabinet member for education, said: “We are delighted

Burgess Hill: (SE England)

There were smiles all round at Woodlands Meed College, in Burgess Hill– not to mention the opening of a bottle of bubbly – as contractor ISG started preparatory work on Monday (November 22).

Headteacher Adam Rowland said: “We are delighted to be working with ISG to build the new college and we are all incredibly happy to see them arrive on site today.

“It’s going to take a huge team effort to build this college adjacent to the current college, yet we are excited…

The school will cater for 100 children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Nigel Jupp, West Sussex County Council’s cabinet member for learning and skills, said: “Everybody at the county council is extremely pleased to see the work to rebuild the college now officially begin. This is an extremely exciting moment…

We are very happy to be working with them and are all eager to see the new college take shape.”

Wadsworth: (London borough)

Wandsworth councillors have approved proposals to expand support for schools for children with special education needs and disabilities (SEND). …

The funding will pay for 119 additional places at schools for children with a range of needs….

Over the past five years, the number of Wandsworth children and young people with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) has increased by 78%.

This figure is predicted to increase by a further 8.9% over the next decade….

The decision by councillors to expand school places follows hot on the heels of a £153,000 [$205K] council investment in improving the facilities at a playground on Wandsworth Common, designed for use by children with disabilities and special needs….

It supports profoundly disabled children with cerebral palsy, visual impairments, hearing impairments, severe developmental delay, children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, children with varying degrees of learning disability, children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, children with ADHD and also children who are still being diagnosed.

  1. Anglia: (E. England)

Two new special educational needs units at Stowupland High School and Mendlesham Primary School have taken in their first cohort of pupils. …

The two units will provide 18 school places at each school with potential to increase this to 24….

"They are part of our £45million [$60M] investment to create 870 new SEND places for children and young people across Suffolk."…

"We are delighted

Surrey: (SE of London)

This new Surrey school is specifically for children with complex social and communication needs, such as autism. It has started off with a small number of children in Reception, Year 3 and Year 7, but will grow to accommodate 152 students.

The school has been set up because many children require special school placements, but they often have to travel a long way from home to reach a suitable school. Fox Grove is now the fourth school in Surrey for children with autism,…

Scary as these stories are, they’re just one week’s worth of coverage on the downfall of education and the decline of children.

If local council members and educators would stop rejoicing over yet another special school and look at the big picture, they’d have to realize that something is very wrong with kids today.

Britain has had laws similar to those in the U.S. for the past 45 years requiring that special education be provided for disabled children.

So why are the numbers continuing to increase? Why is the demand constantly growing? Why is AUTISM a common feature of these stories?

IF this were happening in the U.S. those of us in the autism community who’ve long tried to wake people up to the epidemic all around us, would be using these stories as evidence that something is very wrong with children in the 21st century.

Incredibly, no one in the U.K. is sounding even a timid alarm over this. It seems there are endless millions of pounds to meet the exploding demand that they’re so “delighted” about.

There was one more interesting story in the news in the U.S. last week. It was from my state of Wisconsin.

On Nov 22, PBS Wisconsin published the piece, A chasm between Wisconsin's special-ed needs and resources.

It seems the state and the feds aren’t coming through with all the funding that’s necessary to cover the cost of educating disabled students.  There were also some troubling comments that got my attention.

Jeff Spitzer-Resnick, “a civil rights lawyer who has sued multiple school districts on behalf of special education students in order to force schools to provide the services they need,” commenting on the failure of government to cover half the SPED cost said this: ‘The Legislature sooner or later, unless it's all going to crumble, needs to accept their responsibility to provide appropriate education for all our children.’

This ominous statement was followed by one from state Rep. Rob Swearingen from Rhinelander. He specifically talked about the impact of autism.

‘I'm not an expert on autism, I can tell you this: It's not going away. And the state better start addressing it more than what they're doing now.’

That’s an absolute that the British clearly understand as well. AUTISM IS NOT GOING AWAY. Be prepared to PAY AND PAY.




Trust in the Lord to provide:

19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

A tragic outcome.....

Obituary of mom who died from vaccine says she was coerced into receiving jab by gov't mandate
State health officials finally acknowledged shot killed her


My breadwinning husband has to be vaccinated for Covid-19 if he wants to keep winning bread, by Jan 4th.

Happy Christmas y’all! Don’t lose hope!


“Separate but equal”” makes me want to know what percentage of the new UK’s special needs children are fully vaccinated. In today’s world I want to know the definition of “fully” vaccinated means.


@ benedetta

I have no idea. Coincidence? Usually a company name has meaning. BlackRock seems to be a compilation of old wealth.

There is also this:

Story Of The Black Stone In Kaaba, Makkah

John Stone


Member of Parliament

Michael S.

@ anonymous - "All just better awareness, right? How about aluminum and mercury? Glyphosate and phytic acid? Pesticides and genetic engineering? Geoengineering? Vaccines?"


Thank you for posting the other "white elephant" that no one wants to recognize as a potential health disaster. Millions of tons of nano-particles of aluminum and coal-fly ash and other unidentified biological ingredients are dumped into our atmosphere on a nearly daily basis depending upon the weather currents. How can you discuss climate change in any realistic matter without addressing the major impact Geoengineering is having on our world and subsequently public health? It's like saying "we just don't have a clue about what's causing autism." Phooey!


What is an MP?


Emma are you saying taht Black Rock got it's name from the Barbados island?

Barbados- Was once an island of sugar, slaves, and pirates.
David Martin mentioned privateers and pirrates.

Angus Files

Well done Drymeadow spot on.They are in no rush to stop the pandemic of Autism and the scamdemic of the clot shot just grows bigger with a fourth and fith covid vaccine being talked about .I read that the top 4 Covid vaccine suppliers are making from the vaccine 48k GBP per minute profit not gross but profit.

Add to that and the Autism you can see why they can look forward to the future whilst the parents of the damaged dred the future.

Thanks Ann great work as always.

Pharma For Prison


Jeanne J


Thank you for all the work you do to compile this tapestry of data that shows the ever increasing autism disaster. Do you ever come across reports in Britain that give any information on what has happened to the beginning of the tsunami of adults that have aged out of the school system? I'm sure, just like here in the US, they will have to scramble to set up programs to provide for adults. And, just like here, I'm sure no one will question why a disorder that has supposedly ALWAYS BEEN WITH US, suddenly has no previously established support system for the adult end of the spectrum!!!


"Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset, said: “I am delighted that this exciting and much-needed special free school is finally confirmed and will now go ahead.…"

Ahhh, yes. The Globalist Drax family....

Dorothy, this isn't OZ:

"Opium poppies bloom on Conservative MP Richard Drax's land before they are used to produced morphine for the NHS
The incredible field of opium poppies is in South Dorset and is owned by the Conservative MP Richard Drax
Acres of the MP's land have been turned over to the poppies since 2011 to produce morphine for the NHS
Home Office granted a licence to a pharmaceutical company to grow and harvest poppy heads for medicine"

The Drax family seems to have an affinity for addictive agriculture. The Drax brothers were early investors in the SUGAR cane plantations of BARBADOS in the late 1600's. In fact, they are credited with bringing the Dutch cane processing technology to the island. The sugar produced was so lucrative it was called white gold and filled the coffers of the English Crown and financed many of the grand English manors. To supply workers for the plantations, Barbados also became the home of African chattel slavery-tapping into the pipeline already established by Spain and Portugal. England was about 100 years late to the sugar party, but quickly made up for lost time. The British East India Company continued the momentum.

Drax Hall Plantation
"Drax Hall, St. George, was originally owned by Colonel James Drax. It was constructed with the help of his brother William. Colonel James Drax may have been the first to cultivate sugar cane, the first to introduce the windmill to crush the canes and to own the largest and oldest plantation on the island.

Colonel James Drax arrived in Barbados sometime in the 1620s from London, England, where he was determined to make his fortune and he did!

Drax Hall is still owned by the Drax family and is a working plantation today."

So what else is on BARBADOS?

"Offshore Banking
There are many reasons why Barbados is regarded as a prime location for international banking activities. For several years, international banking and financial houses have been drawn to Barbados as a result of its attractive tax incentives, special exemptions, guarantees on future taxation, high quality of professional services and the reputation of Barbados as a reputable Offshore Banking Center."

There is also a Black Rock:

"Archives of Barbados
Yet another aspect of Barbados' heritage comes alive in the Department of Archives. Established by the Government of Barbados in 1963, this treasured entity of our heritage is housed in BLACK ROCK, St. Michael, formerly the Lazaretto. The Archives of Barbados is the official repository for Barbados' records of enduring legal, cultural and historical value.

The creation of the Department of Archives resulted from a survey conducted in 1961 by the first Archivist, Mr. Michael J. Chandler (1964 - 1976), whose "Guide to the Records in Barbados" was the basis for the development of the collection."

Coincidentally, the asset management firm at THE VERY TOP of the Globalist financial food chain is named BlackRock.

They have offices in the City of London:

WEALTH MANAGEMENT: BlackRock Joins $41 trillion Climate-change Investing Pact.

"BlackRock joins more than 370 global investors, including pension giant CalPERS and HSBC Global Asset Management, already participating in the initiative, which aims to sway companies ranging from fossil-fuel producers to consumer-product conglomerates to be carbon neutral by 2050. With BlackRock on board, total assets under management represented by Climate Action 100+ now top $41 trillion."

If the goal is to crash Western petro-dollar based economies and replace it with a digital currency/control system (with the Globalists in control) and simultaneously reduce the global population, then we can understand their DELIGHT at all the new construction for autism schools.
BTW, who is getting all the construction contracts?


So long, recess, PBJ sandwiches, science fairs, smart students, independent adult grads, and peaceful classrooms… hello deadly food allergies and digestive disorders, room clears, seclusion and scream rooms, entire autism schools, severe and violent autism rages and attacks, restraints, injections, drugs, mental hospitals, and guardianship papers signed at age 18.

All just better awareness, right? How about aluminum and mercury? Glyphosate and phytic acid? Pesticides and genetic engineering? Geoengineering? Vaccines?


I love the photograph, what a beautiful group of kids.
Thankful they have a place to go and study with their peers, have fun when the opportunity arises, and learn to be good citizens and neighbors.

Hopefully, they don't have to take covid vaccines or any vaccines for that matter. It could derail their progress.

One of my colleagues had stroke a couple months back, and he hasn't returned. Yes, he was vaccinated. No further information has been forthcoming. I think he's gone forever, probably learning how to walk and talk again, wondering why he trusted anyone to take a vaccine.
It affected me more than I thought. He had a stroke, and I was banished, now I have to work 100% remote. However, my work became critical after he left. Knowing this, I've been laying into management for their policy, it's a bit reckless but heck, they practically killed that man and I cared about him, so screw them. After a few more strokes and vicious accusations from people like me, they may change their draconian, harmful, stupid, self-serving, short-sighted policies. I'm not going to leave on my own, they'll have to fire me, and until then I will get in their face whenever the opportunity arises.

Bob Moffit

‘I'm not an expert on autism, I can tell you this: It's not going away. And the state better start addressing it more than what they're doing now.’

Wow .. who knew .. "autism is not going away"??? Duh .. not only is it not "GOING AWAY" it has been for DECADES .. it now affects 1 in 34 .. if trend continues .. it will soon be 1 in 2 by the decade of 2030.


Nah .. much easier pretending personal concern for our families while continuing to PROTECT THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY VACCINE PROFITS IN RETURN FOR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS.


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