Pfizer Transparency Rarer Than a Santa Sighting
Pocket. Mobile Phone. Under the Skin.

Sneetch Meets Grinch

Sneetches money
Theodore Suess Geisel, known as Dr. Suess was a political cartoonist, ad man and of course, known best for having written many of the most beloved children's books ever published. The Sneetches is about a huckster who comes to town with a machine can that can put stars on the belly, so that the plain belly Sneetches can enjoy the benefits that the Star belly Sneetches have always had.  Once the plain belly Sneetches had stars, the Star Belly sneetches wanted their removed. It's a story about discrimination, relevant for the time. Relevant today, with a twist. Vaxxed versus unvaxxed is becoming a deep social divide. It used to be just an "autism thing." As CDC pushes boosters on top of the initial Covid vaccines, 2 doses for Pfizer and Moderna, 1 dose for J&J, Americans are headed toward the Sneetches ending. How many times must Americans run through the vaccination machine? What of those who never get vaccinated?  If you haven't read the story, here it is below.


Tell The Bell

The first story in the collection tells of a group of yellow bird-like creatures called the Sneetches, some of whom have a green star on their bellies. At the beginning of the story,


Wasn't Dr. Suess canceled last year?


Bob Moffit

A star on their belly is no different than a yellow star worn on their sleeves … it's a sign of tyranny.

Jeannette Bishop

How many is truly the question? Can they sort of ABA (or am I unkind to this method) the majority into accepting forced injections all the time?

I like JP Sears analogy also:

The ending where JP's compliant-but-rather-rational character seems to not just see what's going on but not be ok with it...I pray that's where most are at by now.

Sneech 7

I'm not an obedient sneetch and won't put a star on my belly. Not one, not two, and definitely not three. For you see, several of my colleagues and relatives have had career ending strokes and heart attacks. Nobody told them the side effects of getting a star on their belly.

It's true they receive more accolades than me, but I have my health, and that's the most important thing in my life. Without my health, I cannot support myself or my son who was terribly hurt when they put a star on his belly.

I learned my lesson 20 years ago. Roughly 65% of America is learning that lesson now.

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