6.4% of CA Boys Have Autism Diagnosis Rates Continue to Climb
The Ups and Downs of Non-Verbal Autism

Provax Advice Allowed

515055A5-6408-4E93-8879-29B674A07DABI saw this post on Facebook yesterday. To start, I respect her choice and am happy he did not collapse at the mall or CVS or museum or wherever he got his jab.  We have never, ever wished injury on a child. Nor will we. Back to the photo of a darling boy sitting in a sleigh during the happiest season of year.  His Mom is for all intents and purposes giving medical advice that the C jab has minimal side effects and parents should not worry.  For many of us, this is akin to watching a Jackass movie and trying every single stunt - because Johnny Knoxville survived.

I'm on Mom Groups that say loud and clear in their description, NO VACCINE TALK!  Seems that's a one way street, as I've seen post after post from Moms crowing about how easy it was. No fact checker warning, no Facetime-out.  Show your happy child and tell others "follow us to the magical land of the vaccinated where  Santa will love you and bring you the very best toys."  The discrimination we face at a time when EVERY group has its say, its airing of the grievances, its respectful due, ONLY and I  mean ONLY one topic is vaxboten.

I've said this before, the autism vaccine injury topic shutdown of the last 30 years was the fertilizer for today's carefree environment vis a vis the Covid jab.  I'm not sure it wasn't completely intentional by Anthony Fauci.  Get folks to trust their kids lives with your product and you'll never have a push back. Safe enough for baby!

People wear their adverse effects like sack cloth and ashes on social media. "Knocked me for a loop! Thought I was going to die.  Horrible!  Can't wait to get my booster!" 

Please sir, may I have another?



Jeannette Bishop

Sharing just in case this actually promotes critical thinking, and open discussion:

(Warning, contains some PG13 stuff; and I know nothing about the product advert at the end, not endorsing!)



Not so cute for cats......


Microchip your cat or face fines, UK govt says

""The microchipping plan was unveiled by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs on Saturday. The measure is said to enjoy overwhelming public support, with “99% of people” backing the compulsory microchipping of pet cats, according to the government.

“Cats are much-loved parts of our families and making sure that they’re microchipped is the best possible way of making sure that you are reunited with them if they are ever lost or stolen,” Animal Welfare Minister Lord Goldsmith said in a statement."
The perfect Globalist creds...

Mark of the Beast Walgreens?


Meet the 4-Eared Cat Has Taken the Internet by Storm!

Do they now have Covid jabs for cats?



Kim, just post cute kitten pictures and sneak in a link to vaccine conspiracy facts. LOL!
It must be working:

New York Times Complains That Cat Videos Are Being Used to Spread “Misinformation”
Can’t we just enjoy cute kitties?

Morag Lyons

Thank you Kim , Canada gone full frontal totally bonkers ?
The Daily Sceptic News Round Up 5/12/2021
"Thousands facing heart problems due to post pandemic stress disorder"
Evening Standard article By Elly Blake 2 days ago .
Dark Persuasion -- The History of Brainwashing From Pavlov To Social Media YouTube
Or Book form By Joel E Dimsdale .

Xi Nao? spelling? meaning "Wash Brain"

Austria says mandatory mandates on the menu?
But der die und das nicht alle tassen im shrank haben -meaning that squad of forensic flunkies ain't working with a full set of teacups and saucers in their own kitchen teacups and saucers cupboards !

Rocky Horror Time Warp YouTube
"Wise Up Janet Wise " Scene . The Rocky Horror Picture Show .
Good God in Hinterglemm .
It's enough tae melt the snow "Off the Run!" on the high slopes . Aye Right off-it !
Ed Bernase and Hr Dr Goebbls hangers on ,will need tae get thrashed all over again " Happy Days ?"


Kim! You are one of the most brave and brilliant Moms out there standing up for vaccine injured children! Do you ever wonder how sexist, and unscientifically dystopian, it is to not let moms share the stories of their vaccine injured children? No one should give a shit what wine moms on facebook say you can or can not share.

As always! Thank You So Much for everything You do!!!


In digital vaccine passports we Entrust?

Shocking! The money trail leads to.......



COVID Propaganda Roundup: Bill Gates, Inc. Rolls Out Latest Viral Terror Threat (Weaponized Smallpox)



Emergency Capitalism continues.....

FDA Expedites Review Process For Omicron Vaccines And Drugs

"And in that time, vaccine-makers have talked their book by sharing plans to produce new omicron-targeted vaccines, while others claim that there are no data suggesting the Pfizer-BioNTech jab is less effective against omicron.

Assuming the world still does care about omicron three months from now (the first cases of the variant have only just been confirmed in the US in recent days), the FDA and its advisors are reportedly working on an expedited approval process that will allow "tweaked" versions of extant vaccines and remedies to be shepherded through in a matter of weeks."
This wouldn't be for the smallpox variant, would it?
One step closer to Jacobson vs. Massachusetts

Donna L.

"the autism vaccine injury topic shutdown of the last 30 years was the fertilizer for today's carefree environment vis a vis the Covid jab. " This is so true, Kim. We/our kids were the warmup act. Now we get to watch the big show and nod, disgusted but completely unsurprised. What a world. :(


If Trump is/was so great and “America’s Savior” why didn’t he ban the extremely virulent “kids app” TikTok? Why did he praise vaccines? He had a giant envelope similar to 7 Seals of Revelation.

This is FACT: Australian Aborigines are being mass incarcerated in COVID quarantine camps, forcibly vaccinated, and slowly and painfully killed by the colonial Australian government: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/reignite-democracy-australia-childrens-health-defense-sos-from-australia/


If this is happening in “free and wonderful” Australia, it’s coming to “this great country” America and brutal COVID quarantine death camps are also coming to Native American reservations soon.

Biden claimed to care about Native Americans - by care, it’s obvious he truly cares about wanting them (and all us outside the Pentagon, WEF, and U.N.) dead.

Angus Files

We can all stop this Fuaci/Gates tomorrow all we all have to do is refuse .Austria of all places below marching in demonstration ...see you at the barriers folks!

Anti-lockdown protestors hit the streets in York, Austria and the Netherlands as Europe faces up to new Covid strain
No one has died of the new super mutant Omicron Covid variant despite it being spotted in 38 countries
World leaders have been taking a cautious approach and implemented extra measures including fines
In Austria thousands of people gathered in Vienna to match against a strict coronavirus lockdown
Hundreds gathered in York, UK, for a so-called 'freedom protest' outside the city's Minster
Another demonstration was held in the central Dutch town of Utrecht on Saturday to criticise restrictions


Pharma For Prison



So tragic to see that vaers report censored by ABC, NBC, and CBS.
It's possible other parents may wish to receive that information prior to vaccinating their children for covid...since it can lead to death in 4 days.
According to the report, the so-called physician admitted her to the hospital prior to covid vaccination as a "safeguard". This 5 year girl had cerebral palsy CP, was receiving oxygen CPAP at night, and had recently had a bout with pneumonia. After the shot, she looked okay for two nights so they sent her home. Two nights later, she was deceased. 4 days, rest in peace child

In retrospect, I don't think her frail little body benefited from becoming a spike protein factory. Also, her parents may be suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Clearly the doctor and hospital suffer from avarice, with a deadly result.

Bob Moffit

Sorry .. forgot to publish link to CHD article:


Bob Moffit

This from RFK's Children Health Defense … long but full of statistics of adverse events following Covid vaccines … well worth reading ..

Just yesterday a healthy young man completing his physical training to become a NYC Firefighter collapsed and died suddenly. We know he was healthy because all cadets are given physical exams upon entering cadet training .. and .. we also know he was vaccinated as mandated by Mayor DeBlasio.

CHD article reports NUMEROUS deaths among professional athletes following covid vaccinations .. men suddenly collapsing and dying during training or competition .. just like this tragic fireman cadet.


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