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Pfizer Transparency Rarer Than a Santa Sighting

Taking notesTranscribed by Anne Dachel. Update:The video has been removed. Anne faces suspension from Facebook for running it. 

Dec 16, 2021, (Australia) Kalkine Media Explosive revelations about the FDA and Pfizer's COVID vaccine [PART 1]

The highly confidential Pfizer documents, which have been synonymous with the extreme lack of transparency revealed by the actions of pivotal governmental agencies, over the past 20 months, lead critics of the official narrative to demand “show us the data,” is finally being revealed–well sort of, the first few hundred redacted pages out of a trove of 451,000.

What led to the disclosure?

The crack in Pfizer and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) iron dome-style data safeguarding, arrived in the form of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) release with the request filed on August 27, 2021, to access all the Pfizer documentation that the FDA had relied on to authorize the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use authorization. An agency that has received a FOIA request is required to ‘determine within 20 business days after the receipt of any such request whether to comply with such request,’ as set out by the 1967 FOIA law. It took the FDA though three months to release the first 91 redacted pages, on November 20.

Kalkine Media anchor, James Preston: With billions of COVID 19 shots having been mandated by various governments, the desire for more information surrounding the process of their creation and approval from governing bodies has reached fever pitch.

The FDA or Food and Drug Administration who is in charge of regulating the vaccine in the U.S. was recently hit with a freedom of information request from a group of 30 scientists and academics from across the globe wishing to get an insight into the approval process of the Pfizer vaccine.

The first 500 pages have been released from the drug manufacturer, and to talk us through the documentation is investigative journalist from TrialSite News, Sonia Elijah.

…Let’s talk about the insane response from the FDA and how long they actually want to make this information public.

Can you take us through the timeframe?

Sonia Elijah: Around August 23rd, the FDA licensed the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for individuals aged 16 and over. Then a large group of about 30 scientists and academics filed a Freedom of Information Act request a few days later, requesting to see all the documentation that the FDA relied on to license, to actually authorize the emergency use authorization of the vaccine.

Under FOIA law, Freedom of Information Act law, the 1967 law, an agency has up to 20 days, within 20 business days to determine whether they’re going to comply with the request.

It took the FDA, I think it was around November 20th when they did release the first batch of documents, and what they released with less than one percent of the actual documentation they have. They have up to 471,000 pages. They released just a few hundred.

They responded that they were going to release at a rate of 500 pages a month. That would take them to 2076 to release all the documentation.

They then came back and said, actually we’ve got additional pages, it’s going to take us up to 2096 to release all the information to the public. So it’s really shocking.

Preston: Given that this has been rolled out at such a large scale, we should be getting this information as soon as humanly possible, and for me, 70 years is nowhere near the kind of timeframe.

What’s the usual turnaround time for a Freedom of Information Act request?

Elijah: It’s about 20 business days that an agency determines whether to comply with the request, 20 business days.

Preston: In terms of the delivery of the actual documentation though, is that something that we can usually see for that size of information?

It’s probably not something we’ve dealt with too many times in the past in terms of the sheer volume of pages and documentation.

When we’re seeing such things as maybe like a hundred thousand pages, what’s typically the turnaround period? Is that maybe a month after that request has been lodged?

Elijah: Well I know they can do a lot better than 500 pages a month. So they’re literally at a snail pace.  They’re dragging their feet. They’re doing all they can to sort of prolong the time to do it. 

It’s really shocking. The people, you know, the public deserves to know, and the FDA needs to work a lot harder to facilitate the FOIA request.

Preston: Let’s look squarely at the first 500 pages itself. What generally is covered in this first release and what time period does it tend to focus on in terms of the approval process?

Elijah: So the analysis that I did, I targeted a specific document called The Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports of the Pfizer vaccine, and that covered the period from December 1, 2020, when it was given emergency use authorization, to February 28, 2021. That’s a 3 month period that we’re talking about.

There’s a lot you can actually glean from this document even though there are many unknowns. It is a redacted document, unfortunately.

Though we don’t know the number of total doses given, then we can’t calculate the incidence rate. But what we do know is that about 1,228 deaths were recorded in that three month time period.

[This] is very alarming because you have the former chief medical officer of Pfizer talking to the Washington Journal around April of this year saying that there’d been no deaths recorded directly because of the vaccine, and that no corners were cut.

That’s sort of quite shocking when we know that this document was produced—well the cutoff period was February 28th of this year.

Then we have the astounding number of adverse events. We’re talking about over 40,000 adverse events were recorded.

Not only that, so those are individual, actually—I make a mistake—40,000 individual cases, so for the individuals reporting, and then 150,000 events, meaning sort of symptoms.

In one case you could have various symptoms, three or four symptoms connected to an individual.

Preston: According to the document, how closely linked to the COVID vaccine from Pfizer are those actual adverse events?

Is there a direct correlation according to this report?

Elijah: What is interesting, because they give us some statistics, they talk about, they give us the medium value. So for a lot of these event outcomes, the median value is less than 24 hours.

So that’s from the time a person has taken that vaccine to the actual adverse event occurring is less than 24 hours.

Then you have, for example, the category of anaphylaxis, you have nine recorded deaths, and out of the nine deaths, four deaths occurred on the same day that the individuals took the vaccine. So that gives a very strong indication of vaccine death causality.

Preston: That’s a very close connection based on, especially as you say, four in the same day.

From this report as well, that I’ve seen with what you’ve done with TrialSite News, it also appears that women are actually disproportionately affected by the drug.

What can you tell us about that?

Elijah: It’s really alarming to see that literally across the board in all categories of adverse events, you’re seeing women three times more affected by these adverse events.

But what particularly stands out is the category of anaphylaxis. You have women eight times being more affected by that adverse event. That’s very alarming.

It sort of reveals there’s a gender specific vaccine safety risk going on here.

What is also very alarming is that throughout this document, Pfiser says there’s no new safety risks recorded.

So there’s like nothing new to report here. So it’s all sort of brushed under carpet.

Preston: I know one thing we’ve seen is that certainly here in Australia, there’s been a bit of hesitation from our GPs and other physicians who have suggested if you are looking to have children soon, if you are pregnant, then you shouldn’t be taking the vaccine.

What’s been the scenario over in the U.K., for example?  It that a similar situation?

Elijah:I think pregnant women are encouraged to take the vaccine here as sort of protect yourself, protect your unborn child.

It’s very concerning because in this document, there is a category called missing information…

It’s what was missing in the original package that was sent to the FDA.

What I have analyzed, what I’ve done report on, it’s sort of like an amended version of what Pfizer has given to the FDA. So they sort of include now the missing information which is to do with pregnancy and lactation.

You have adverse events happening there. You have spontaneous abortions and premature births and neonatal deaths.

Preston: Spontaneous abortions. Can you go into that in a bit more detail? What exactly does that entail? Is this pregnancies that were otherwise completely healthy until this point?

Elijah: Yes, so it’s sort of a pregnant mother having a miscarriage.  It’s very alarming.

Preston: This is sort of in that same 24 hour period? What’s the period we’re looking at for this data set?

Elijah: I’m actually just looking at, so for the pregnant—it’s quite a long report I wrote, so I don’t have the data basically for that, but I remember there were about 270 unusual pregnancies, and there were about 25 spontaneous abortions from what  I remember.

And we’re talking about a 3 month time period here, and as we know we are coming up to a year of the vaccine.
















Still with Trump

The two Kalkine Media clips are now on Rumble


why redact total no of doses distributed?

Morag Lyons

Thank you very good article,
Oh What !
Would you prefer salad cream or real mayonnaise with your crunchy green salad and person prepared roast potatoes?

The Scaffold - Lilly The Pink- YouTube 1970 ?
People get accepted as is their situation - no question about it !
Limits and Boundaries are .
Abuse of Power and Authority and doing stuff with children, vulnerable people, or animals .
We got our forensic training/lectures about this kind of stuff at Lennox Castle Hospital Glasgow , mid 1980's.

Spot The Training Deficiency /Defectives ?
Saajid Javid says the unvacinated are having a "Damaging Impact " on society
19 December 2021 .
This is the UK Health and Social Care Minister ?
Oh What!

Jeannette Bishop

Wow! The video lasted most of the day! I did catch some of the interview earlier. TY!

I've been thinking about the strange talk of 18 COVert-Interactive-Database "vaccine" lots having no VAERS reports (the assumptions perhaps being that they are probably saline and that TPTB actually want placebos--or reduced percentages of reactions--in testing these injections), and I'm wondering if there has ever been any other vaccine lot in use with the existence of VAERS with no VAERS reports of some kind or other?

If so, doesn't that suggest that these (lucky IMO, if just saline injected) recipients, many of them anyway, might be very concerned, if not upset, maybe livid even, that they have been defrauded in this way?


Who is this masked man threatening Americans with death??????

Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain Defends Threatening Unvaccinated Americans


What's old is new again......

"I Am The Last Surviving Prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials"

Still with Trump

Great clip, thanks Anne.

Any idea on the amount of funds spent for the endless FREE covid testing around the United States?

It would seem many Americans have been tested dozens of times. At 30 - 50 dollars a test? This number is never, ever mentioned anywhere.

Angus Files

Easier to believe in Santa than to believe in any vaccine poison wonder cures.

Thanks AnnE great work.

Pharma For Prison


Anna Quandt

Seventy years?? I hate to mention this, but it’s beginning to sound like the release of documents on the JFK assassination.


Another riveting interview with Dr. Zelenko
Includes the name of a natural small pox inhibitor-- the latest threat?

Stop the U.N. and NWO
Stop the U.N. and NWO

The public seems to be only concerned about COVID/MRNA vaccines. No massive or even remotely noticeable outcry about vaccines causing severe and violent autism, PANDAS leading to barbaric mental hospitals and injections, unemployable young adults with serious chronic health problems, severe aka morbid obesity along with our fake and toxic food supply, painful sensory processing disorders and severe picky eating, etc.

A precious Colorado boy, Kreed, died in 2016 from severe and painful autism with extreme rages, numerous medical problems, even neuropathy. Atheist scumbags on KiwiFarms and other bullying websites claim his mom didn’t “truly care” for him. She literally switched up Kreed’s diet (eliminating gluten, dairy, soy, etc) to reduce his aggression and rages, she sent him to just about every doctor under the sun, and she even gave him so many AAC IPad lessons to help him communicate, cause Kreed was totally nonverbal after regressing into severe autism as a tot.

Anyone who studies the serious, often obscured histories of freemasonry, the U.N., White House and CIA documents, etc will know post-1492 “America” isn’t redeemable nor broken - it’s working exactly as planned.

Trump didn’t fire - or better yet, execute - the criminally insane, murderous Fauci for his lies and deadly psych and drug experiments on children and canines… because I learned that Trump is a Scottish Rite freemason, just another hardcore U.S. nationalist in power wanting to dominate the entire world, and that he has nothing against the masonic one world govt U.N. and WEF. If you don’t believe me, you need to see the White House articles about Trump’s meetings with the U.N., WEF, and other such organizations- before they censor it all again.


More on DIGET

DARPA Biosurveillance Project Pivots to Probe COVID-19
April 14, 2020


Testimony of the injured.

The hope of a new generation.

The Censored Joe Rogan Interview of Dr. Peter McCullough Exposing the COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracy
Watch all 3 hours!

"The Proposers Day will be held on December 11, 2019 from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, GA.

The DoD requires timely and comprehensive threat detection to support overall readiness, counter the spread of disease, and promote stabilization missions. The DIGET program aims to deliver this capability, leveraging advances in gene editing technologies to develop low-cost, high-trust, rapidly reconfigurable, and fieldable diagnostic (Dx) and biosurveillance (BSV) technologies to enable detection of any threat, anytime, anywhere."

Michael S.

I remember a Laura Hayes article from years ago titled "How Is This Legal" or something similar.
She was referring of course to vaccines. Now more than ever, the phrase "How is this legal?" has such a tremendous weight to it. Pfizer data is now available to the public which shows premeditated murder, but have we heard about a DOJ investigation? Oh right, they're busy creating policy to control those pesky domestic terrorists that keep showing up to protest at school board meetings. Nothing to see here.

Bob Moffit

God willing .. the day will SOON come when all the miscreants involved in this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY are publicly IDENTIFIED, PROSECUTED, FOUND GUILTY and receive the MAXIMUM penalty possible .. (LIFE SENTENCES WOULD BE COMPASSIONATE INSTEAD OF DEATH)



I guess evil companies hide their evil deeds, like lying about the safety and efficacy of their top selling drug. It should clear to anyone with a 6th grade education that Pfizer's vaccine doesn't work, it never has, that's why the so-called pandemic continues.

The disease itself can be fatal to a folks over age 65 with comorbidities but is mild to most of the population. The vaccine does nothing to reduce the severity of the disease since the disease has never been severe to begin with.

Every person who took the vaccine compromised their long-term health - men, women and children. The cyborgs on TV continue with their lies each night, selling dangerous vaccines and maiming the American public to fill their personal bank accounts. Bill Gates, Albert Bourla and their operative, Anthony Fauci have done enough damage and need to be removed.

Similar to the age of Carnegie, Rockefeller and Vanderbilt, we need a Teddy Roosevelt to break up the monopolies, reform the government, and restore democracy to America. Transparency has become a joke, there is no democracy in 2021.

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