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No Red Card for the Covid Vaccine Even As Footballers Are Collapsing

Red cardDaily Mail UK: Why Are So Many Footballers Collapsing?

Why are so many footballers collapsing? There has been a worrying spike in cardiac arrests and stars retiring with heart-related issues, but leading sports cardiologist insists it is NOT to do with Covid vaccine.

Simple question. Does the above look familiar? Replace cardiologists with pediatricians. Drop "Covid" and pluralize vaccines. Autism. Autism. Autism. Same playbook being used to gaslight, heck, to poison gas the population into disbelieving what is happening before their very eyes. Healthy men at the peak of fitness, men who have been required to get a Covid vaccine with heart issues as a side effect - required to work/play their sport - are collapsing. 

Nine years separated Marc-Vivien Foe's death from a heart attack on a pitch in Lyon to Fabrice Muamba's near-fatal collapse at Tottenham, and another nine passed before Christian Eriksen was brought back to life at Euro 2020 this summer.

Three of the most harrowing in-game episodes that football has seen were spread over more than 18 years, yet it feels that barely a week goes by at the moment without news of another cardiac-related incident in the game.

The sad confirmation on Wednesday that Sergio Aguero has been forced to retire at the age of 33 due to an arrhythmia followed news that Victor Lindelof has been wearing a heart monitor this week after leaving Manchester United's game at Norwich on Sunday clutching his chest.




Bully; Once again,
Trump was too late of a late comer, and was a bump in the road for them. They had to slow down.

they have had this all planned forever.
See HomeLand Security, CIA, spooks, and such down a the bottom of this article. Robert Kennedy is setting it all out for you -

Now was poor Bush the second a patsy as well? Who knows? Except Bush the Elder was head of the CIA. Whose your Daddy?

Oh the link. Down at the bottom if you are tired and just want to skp. IT is a GREAT READ!

Sonja Grear

It's great to see a high profile paper like the daily mail give a somewhat balanced treatment of the situation - and most importantly, let people know the extent of the situation.

Everyone should read the whole article and at least look at some of the comments.

Bully Gates

Vaccines forcing people to make toxic spike proteins leading to brain lesions, sterility, heart attacks... all vaccines are poison, but the MRNA vaccine is uniquely deadly, in that it turns bodies into toxic, life threatening spike protein factories attacking themselves, cutting lives short.

The U.N. and Donald Trump (co-creator of the Covid vaccines) need to be disbanded. Same with Biden (Trump loaded the gun, and Biden pulled the trigger) and all politicians. We don’t need politicians, our seemingly endless president worship and nation worship is apostate Christian idolatry, and with a 98% unable to serve military youth rate - the America you loved as a kid is gone and it is NOT coming back - we don’t need politicians, but they need our compliance and ignorance to fulfill Masonic, colonialist, and globalist prophecies.

The U.N. seems to have nailed its officially stated, ancient plans of eliminating 350,000 people a day to turn Earth into a freezing dead deserted Mars. India is publishing much more local autism school news, and soon countries once associated with the worlds greatest health and lifespans (such as Japan and mainland China) will soon publish same news to English websites. Not if, when.

Angus Files

25% of English Football League Chamionship (EFL) players refusing the clot shot...the blood must be thick to a stop compared to a non vaccinated player ..I`ve also noticed that there are a lot of teams with players who are so under par,and they must know the cause,but denial is a great thing,been there bought the T shirt.

EFL bosses speak out on Covid situation as 25% of players "do not intend to get vaccine"
They say that 25 per cent of players across its three divisions "don't intend to get the vaccine".

Pharma For Prison


Pharma For Prison


Two Cents

Maybe they are collapsing due to better autism diagnosing.


So is the doctor stating that he he doesn't vaccinate his players, or that none of the players that have been vaccinated have died from heart attacks?
Or, is he trying to say that there are no recently vaccinated players dying of heart attacks? I.e. because this player got his vaccine 6 months ago, this cannot be vaccine related?
Because, he blatantly stated that the player was not vaccinated.
"With Wyke's consent, Wigan also clarified that the player had not been vaccinated before his heart attack."

Gary Ogden

Mass murder in the name of greed. Let the tribunal begin. By the way, Kim, thanks for the book. I bought two, so this will be a second gift. I'm near the end, and continue to be horrified at how absolutely rotten our government has become. Depraved, they are.


So sad Manchester City mandated a covid vaccine that destroyed the career of one their best strikers, Sergio Aguero. His injury is one of many, his lost career one of many. His tears we all felt when our children were hurt, and we lost our primary careers. The difference is he was famous, our children were not. Children who die of SIDS never become strikers, kids with autism never know the feeling of scoring a winning goal...ripping off their shirts, sliding up to the crowd to receive a standing ovation from 60,000 adoring fans.

My friends across the pond can surely describe it better, but he was one of the best and I'm sorry to see what happened to him by his employer's hand, Manchester City. Below are some of his highlights, the man was full of life and had one of the strongest hearts in the world. Be afraid, for this can happen to anyone. Who's next ?

Sergio in better times:

Bob Moffit

Here is the explanation of why so many healthy .. in the prime of life .. a collapsing and dying during competition .. it is provided by the man who developed MRNA vaccines … wherein he WARNS of the dangers following vaccination with HIS TECHNOLOGY … it is MUST READ for all contemplating vaccinating their children .. as he WARNS .. ONCE THE VACCINE IS ADMINISTERED IT REMAINS ACTIVE THROUGHOUT ONE'S LIFE .. IT CANNOT BE REMOVED .. EVER … PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND READ THIS STUNNING WARNING:


But they are taking one for the herd. SMH. We need to take our money out of the stock market and back under our mattresses. Stop funding these millionaires billionaires and special interest groups and their games.

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