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Jump in Autism Prevalence A Mere Blip to Autism Society of America

ASA autism numbers 2021
Slight increase. 1 in 54 to 1 in 1 in 44 children is not a slight increase. 

We have ELEVEN cases of Omicron Covid in Connecticut and the state's hair is on fire. Everything is a matter of perspective - some things we are supposed to fear and fix and fight. Some things we are supposed to accept, acquiesce and simply be more aware.

Slight increase. My good God.....


Bully Gates


Jeanette; Then you are not talking about the common people around us that seems -t o be clueless.

That is what gets me.

You are talking about people in the upper part of society; steering this beast.

What is wrong with them, and it is hard for you to believe it is just stock profits, then then you finally say that that has to be it.

I thought that for years too.
But then it is more than that and you feel it;
There are those small things like the tetanus shot had birth control in it that was supplied to India, Philippines, and well known Kenya.

There is the speeches coming out of the Rockefellers at the Untied Nations, and Gates on TED Talk.
There is more I am sure that can be added to this list.

Perhaps we should start compiling a list. Why it is just about profits vs population control?

Let us see which list makes the most sense?

But there is with in the human soul the willingness to do ethnic cleansing, and you can think off the top of your head how often this has happened, and perhaps list just how many millions died from that. When a person finishes going through the list just over the last 100 years- less than that it is pretty amazing.

But back to why the common man is so clueless? for me that is the hardest to take. .

Jeannette Bishop

typo: thou shalt (not "though shalt")

Jeannette Bishop

Benedetta, sorry I wasn't clear. I was referring to the collective inaction on the chronic health epidemics, which maybe is due to a broadly voluntarily censored awareness of the vaccine link. I do think of vaccines every time I read the scripture about the idols going into crevices and holes and people no longer worshipping the works of their own hands.

In our culture, the biggest unwritten commandment seems to be though shalt not disturb the job/career or maybe really the stock profits of some pecking order, I guess (the job of mothering seems to be on the bottom or out of consideration altogether) even to the point of accepting mysterious suffering and life expectancy loss (even in children, even though we're supposed to be so much about "the children") and losing much progress (many health conditions could be remediated by autism prevention and treatments, etc) in protecting what looks like the staidness really of somebody's job (but might simply be not to disturb stock profits as I said already, which suggest that we all are sort of aware there is a powerful "they").

But it might just be pure reluctance to figure out or even see what is a major failing on the part of our entire society...human pride....or...

Anyway, I've been troubled by not understanding the broad collective inaction for a long time. It feels atypical, very atypical. If I'm wrong, I'm happy to shift my understanding of humanity (I probably can't be more disturbed), and hope, whatever the case, some way forward (for me, if not everyone) is more clear with better understanding.


Dr. Robert Malone came on War Room interviewed by Navarro, Steve Bannon was not there.
It was too short and they were trying to have to hurry through it all. It starts on this interview aout 2/3 of the way through.

It starts off with Francis Collins blaming the unvaccinated.

Malone mentions Glen Beck and his chalk board. I went over and saw it. Beck and Malone in this program says that Moderna and the NIH have got into a cat fight over patents for the new technology of the coronavirus vaccine. Because of that new documents have been released. It shows that the NIH and Moderna was cooking up biz deal agreements on this vaccine, back in late 2019 before president Trump was even informed there was a problem; before we knew there was an outbreak.

I think David Martin has gone even deeper into this with the patents and even further back in time that even late 2019. Much further back.

Another bomb shell is that the Omicrom though milder, and may act as a live attenuated vaccine for all-- is so divergent from all the other prior circulating corona virus that it is strange that it should emerge in a low rate vaccinated area and it may well be yet another lab release engineered event.

Another bomb shell is that Moderna stocks has dropped 5 and 1/2 points, and in doing so; caused disclosures to emerge from investment data about the same technology of mRNA flu vaccine..

It does not work well stopping the B type of flu it shows. But what is surprising is that it shows that 52% of the people taking this mRNA flu vaccine are having grade 2 adverse advents.
So it ay not all be about the spike protein causing the adverse reactions, but the technology of the mRNA itself has some problems.

Although Dr. Malone in this interview did state that the spike protein also was a big problem.

Which reminds me that Robert Kennedy Jr said in an interview with Corbett, or was it Del Bigtree? It is running together. But I did understand perfectly clear that when Harvard was hired by the CDC to see how far off VAERS reporting was; they made the "machine" to catch the real amounts of vaccine injuries. All those medical records, plugging in the symptoms of vaccine injuries, the time the vaccines were given, what vaccines were given . Wonder the HIPPA laws did not come into play to help the CDC out. But Robert Kennedy said that 1 out of 45 people are having adverse events. from vaccines.

Did you all get that? 1 out of 45 people that get any vaccine are having adverse events.

There are more than just autism going on here.

And still I have friends that my patience is wearing thin (if I might borrow that phrase from our President) my friends -are still copying and pasting that sill thing about: "I don't now what is in the vaccine --- and basically I don't care" Which I answer back - and I am going to face book jail again for; I am sure.

I don't know what it takes to destroy faith in some man made thing, but I plan on doing my best.


Jeannette Bishop I might not understand what you mean? What you are asking?
I think I do though, and it is a mystery to me too.

Maybe we are taught this from the time we are small. There was once small pox but vaccines took it away. Once there was polio, but vaccines took that a way.

And what we have here is propaganda.
And an idol worship.

The first commandment was about idol worship - it is the first one, isn't it?

The reason given was God is a jealous God.
so simple explanation, and not a full one.
Instead it was a commandment meant to protect us. We should never trust so deeply because this is what happens?


Here is Trump’s speech at the NWO WEF:

His claims that “America is flourishing and thriving” are absolute BS regardless of party. You think the USA was built on God’s side? Freedom for anyone besides murderous rich peoples? You still believe the USA is coming back or it will “heal” or that it’s an innocent victim that’s redeemable? The Imperial Japanese Empire played all of these same cards. Think about that.

To the millions of severely vaccine injured, deceased, and chronically ill children, is the USA flag one that represents freedom and happiness, as the CCP flag supposedly represents to kidnapped Uyghur and Tibetan children - and slaves of all races in China - under CCP authority?

Not defending equally evil communism, but the USA’s playing the same game as Imperial Japan. If not the same, very similar. The covid vaccine campaigns remind me of Unit 731.


With China taking over, what’s gonna happen when 98% of America’s youth cannot be enrolled into the military?


If Mothers of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, & 21 year old children are comfortable w/ the Omicron variant vaccine, they should absolutely be respected

Long Live Moms not giving a shot (yeah I went there) what their kids get injected w/.

Still with Trump

Nearly Two Million cases of Autism since 1986 with the end of any & all product liability of the vaccine industry.

The vaccine industry has NEVER been in Better Health. The endless search for the "mysterious Autism gene" continues.


Only 2% of 17-21 yo people are military able, let alone job able. 98% cannot serve.


No way is autism affecting a mere 1 in 44 youth, if 98% cannot serve military service or cannot be employed, I’m sure the autism rate has already surpassed 1 in 2 / at least 50% of U.S. youth.

And on an Ice Age Farmer video exposing the communist elites plans to create tiny humans to reduce carbon footprints (literally, not joking), meat allergies via GM ticks, and other whacked up stuff, I saw a photo confirming that Donald Trump is friends with the vaccine-loving, communist NWO organization, the World Economic Forum. The video is available on Odysee but apparently got censored on YouTube.

The autism epidemic isn’t overdiagnosed nor a fun quirky way of living, it’s a Rockefeller and White House orchestrated attack on America, and its winning against our rights to completely reject all vaccines for being pure bioweapons that will never serve any therapeutic medical purposes.

Why is almost nobody writing comments on Anne Dachel’s Loss Of Brain Trust? Feel free to express your opinions on the outrageous and colossal decline of pediatric mental and physical well-being, no matter how old or how disturbing the articles are.

Creating more services and schools at public expense isn’t working, they’re all reaching full capacity, ASD students commonly display extremely violent, inappropriate, or even destructive behaviors (via painful gut issues, brain aluminum, certain stimuli, sensory overload, changes in schedule, etc) and might involuntarily and uncontrollably attack adult staff, scream for hours nonstop, and destroy property because of autism.

And the stuff they spray in the skies… aluminum fiberglass anyone?

If society thinks autism is some quirky gift like mild dyslexia with gifted creative talents, or like Albert Einstein’s mild autism (that is a far cry from violent and rage filled severe autism and PANDAS), they won’t understand why autism is a serious, growing, and colossal threat to America’s existence, and how it’s destroying not only America but also the entire world, starting with all Anglo Saxon nations (UK is collapsing due to exploding ASD rates and lack of special schools everywhere)/all schools at full capacity and being slammed for poor educational quality, limited spaces, high financial costs, and traumatic restraints being used).

The UK looks like a third world country due to autism, and now it’s green-lighting “sensory sensitive Christmas fun” for violent ASD and SPD youth who melt down, duck, and scream at traditional, bright, loud holiday festivities.

Jeanne J


We have been down this road before! I pray and hope that you receive all the medical help and support you need to manage your medical disabilities.

As an occupational therapist, having worked for over 36 years in special ed. schools, I have worked with students who have Neurofibromatosis, Tuberous Sclerosis, as well as Fragile X, with a co-morbid diagnosis of autism. That being said, I have worked with HUNDREDS of students who have real, severe to high functioning autism, of NO KNOWN MEDICAL/GENETIC cause. These children have had no language, minimal language, echolalic language, "cocktail language", to conversational language. They have had toe-walking, poor gait patterns, poor balance, to running like the wind (which we see when they elope). They have been unable to write, dress, read, all the way to drawing incredibly, beautiful pictures. They have had behaviors that range from self-stim, OCD, short attention spans leading to meltdowns (of every kind!!!), unable to change set or transition, to being too afraid to get help that they sit and cry. Medically, they have had difficulty potty training, inconsistent bowel and bladder control, seizures (requiring all staff to learn how to apply suppositories and call 911 if that doesn't help), food choking issues, food allergies of every kind, just to name a few. They have had every sensory challenge, including to light, to sound, to touch (both physical and food textures), to movement. And by the way, their racial/ethnic make-up has been black American, white American, Asian American, Hispanic American, as well as from every country, island, and continent you can name. Our staff has cheered at their successes, and cried at their regressions. As my own son with autism has moved into adulthood, I have been able to see many of my former students, now adults, attend some of the same programs and events. I ASSURE YOU, receiving SSI benefits and qualifying for the state's developmental disability services isn't some extra bonus you get because of having a cute, 6 letter label your parents slapped on you. The SSI process alone takes months of filling out forms with validation by 2 medical doctors, and the latest psychological, speech/language, OT, PT, assessment. The state's DD services require a VALID IEP that you transition with out of school or you will go on the YEARS long waiting lists for services.

Please, stop trying to minimize the actual need for services someone with autism has and the legitimate pain that their parents go through trying to navigate appropriating those services for them, just so that they can attain the same ...Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness that all Americans should have.

Please, stop playing the "my disability is more disabling than your disability is" game. You have no idea of the life-long effect that this cute, 6 letter disability, known as autism, means for the person, their family and really, the health of our nation.

Jeannette Bishop

Recently I heard someone point out, it might have been Dr. Palevsky, that the often quoted 54% chronic illness stat in our children comes from 2008 data published in 2011. Where are we at now 13 years later?

We do get autism numbers delayed by more than 10 years according to birth year, you know they make that 10 years behind effort every couple of years, or so, and then...

Is this how humans have treated things throughout time, when it should probably be obvious the environment somewhere is toxic (chemistry, wireless energy, toxic oft-related emotional fallout)? Is this how humanity deals with problems like this? Walk off in a busy-trance, glad that this is on someone else plate? White-washing perhaps in defense of some sacred job or other self-identity-propping activity or institution we identify with, we "own?" Or for now make a mental note, wait for somebody "in charge" of that particular type of problem to lead us into some effective group activity, or maybe get riled up to defend the hypnotic TV talking heads' proferred solutions to one particular probable-oligarchically-generated crisis that is supposed to ECLIPSE all else and nothing else is "their" fault, because "they" don't really have that magnitude of influence over our lives, and "they" finally give us something to do? Close eyes to how harmful that something or things are?

Are we grossly underdiagnosing some chronic problem (health related or tech induced hypnosis or ...) in ourselves, as adults, or is this how things generally go??? I (not wanting to forget the small percentage of amazing individuals that have impressively been active and hardworking for our children, etc. for some time now) feel I'm personally failing profounding to be an adult, or to be able to positively impact much of anything anyway, so I'm sincerely asking...

Autism Mom

Maureen, Earlier this week in a parking lot I saw a tired woman helping a teenage boy into a van. At first glance I assumed mom/son/sports injury. Upon second glance their way, I see the teen swinging a plastic hanger repetitively. The woman prepares to drive away she wipes tears from her eyes and the teen is now swinging three hangers in the back seat. My heart sank as I realized she is in the same boat as me. We are everywhere now. What major Autism organization has not been subverted? I hope everyone tells their well meaning family members to do donate to Autism Age instead.
According to this article only 2% of 17-21 years old are fit to serve in in the military... Young people are needed in all types of trades - there is a shortage of capable auto mechanics in California. When will it stop? When will the greedy bastards realize they have gone too far.


I am tired of autism over-diagnosis it is costing the economy billions and giving people unearned benefits that are as varied like SSI or even private educational tutors that were needed by much more significantly disabled people. Autism is over-diagnosed in misbehaving ADHD having middle class white boys. Another grossly over-diagnosed condition is schizophrenia especially over-diagnosed in drug addicted homeless ex convict people.
Neuro Fibromatosis sucks as does Tuberous Sclerosis life threatening tumor disorder the former of which I have these diseases cause so called autism like behavioral symptoms but the deadly tumors are often the bigger issues.


Listen to this, their address is Autism Society of America, 6110 Executive Place, Rockville, Maryland, 20852.

Of course, the FDA is right down street approving dangerous voodoo vaccines. They're at 1390 Picard Drive, Rockville, Maryland, 20850. They work hand-in-hand.

Guess who's on the Board at "Autism Society of America", Curt Warner MD, the allergy doc who had a nice row with Age of Autism a few years ago. Some will surely remember him from his spectacular blend of arrogance and stupidity.

What's more interesting is this so-called charity has evolved into nothing more than a website.
Originally founded by Bernie Rimland and Ivar Lovaas in 1965, they came out strongly against vaccines since Bernie knew the truth, that vaccines cause all kinds of autism. After Bernie passed in 2006 it looks like there's been a takeover of some sort and they "reversed their views". The medical mafia at the FDA put Warner et al in there to neutralize it. He must be one of Fauci's operatives...



David Weiner

Yes, that's about a 23% increase, huge.

Bob Moffit


Bully Gates

Disgusting. It’s time to boycott ASOA and other such autism-normalizing organizations.

The reason people aren’t alarmed about ASD is because the media deliberately refuses to report on violent and destructive ASD children and teens destroying families and schools.

Maureen McDonnell

And look at that photo they chose to accompany the release of this new statistic - If there was a dialogue bubble above the girl’s head it might read “Oh well- what are you going to do? These things happen...”

Another piece of great marketing propaganda discouraging the public from getting alarmed or God forbid questioning the causes.

Do they take us for complete fools? I believe they’re counting on that being the case!

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