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Help Continue the Autism One Legacy

Arrange memorialHello, friends. As many of you know, Autism One co-founder Ed Arranga passed away earlier this month. Autism One was the backbone of the biomed community for so many years - we learned how to help our kids when our mainstream doctors had nothing to offer. We made friends who understood our lives better than many of our own family. Funeral arrangements are as follows (if there is to be a live link, we'll let you know):

DATE: Saturday, December 18th at 3:00 pm
LOCATION: New Wine Church
1425 S. Brookhurst Rd. Fullerton, CA 92833

Time, and now Covid, has changed the landscape for autism conferences. Perhaps we can help Autism One continue.

To continue Ed’s legacy, please consider a tax-deductible donation to via PayPal IN LIEU OF FLOWERS. All of us have been touched by the tireless work and dedication of Ed, Teri and AutismOne. Please make a small donation so the hope and healing for our children will continue.



Thank you Hans for listing all involved in Autism One.
The thread that runs through history of science is that every discovery, every advancement be it actually knowledge or changing the minds, and political landscape - was accomplished by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Giants? I guess that is a good description considering they not only gained knowledge, was willing to follow facts, but most of all, be brave and struggle with human society.

Hans Litten

What a wonderful human being Ed Arranga was. London UK sends its respect. Tipping my hat.

Autism ONE was the very pinnacle of everything for me.
Brian Hooker, Stephanie Seneff, The Geiers .......astounding stuff

God Bless the Arranga family. Ed Arranga was a legend.

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