Fauci Calls Robert Kennedy Jr Pazzo (Crazy)
We Need a Little Christmas

Christmas Eve 2021

82ED868F-C27E-44FF-870F-BE226C1B3E95Twas the 17th month of COVID and all over town

Businesses still struggle
Profits are down

The masks still hang on each doorknob and chair
In the hopes that the vaccines the pandemic would repair

My wife on her Zoom call
And I on Webex
We hug via Facetime
We’re afraid to have sex

When out on the street I swore I heard chatter
I crept from my chair to see what was the matter

I waited a moment until I heard more
Then I cautiously opened my rusty front door

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a couple on my doorstep with smiles so clear

“Who are you?” to each in horror I asked.
“And tell me right now are you boosted and vaxxed?”

“Do you not know that the variant is here?
Where is your caution? Your worry? Your fear?”

They laughed and assured me that they were quite healthy
And talked of the past when I was still wealthy

My company thriving, my children in school
We dined out! We saw friends! We swam in the pool!

After giving a nod, down the drive they did walk
I turned to my wife and said, “We need to talk.”

Covid has changed us. We can’t live like this.
Then I hugged her and held her and gave her a kiss.

Written with a wink, by Kim Rossi



Thank you Emma; that was very nice.
I am sorry to hear that Avi is not well.



Yes. He left for health reasons. His replacement is very good, but no one could hit that low note like Avi. I listened to Pentatonix nonstop over the holidays. I discovered them on you tube when they first came out years ago. Dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling came out around the same time. The two collaborated on a fantastic cover of Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive." A winning combo:



Emma id Avi Kaplan quit Pentatonix? Dang


Merry Christmas.
Here is a bit of Christmas present for us all.
Francis Collins was really surprised that 60 million people refused the clot shot.
He said he should have spent more money on research into human behavior.

1 out of 44 now; and some of us humans might just have noticed, why. Darn that human behavior of not totally ignoring cause and effect - several times over in some cases.


Beautiful performance. The lyrics are for a time like this...

Pentatonix - Where Are You, Christmas?

Brian James

December 14, 2021 With Covid-19 a Century of International Crime Cabal Zeroes in on “One World Government Tyranny”

After only three months in office, a prophetic President John F. Kennedy was fully aware at the time of dark forces swirling around him and our nation, firmly entrenched in power and posing an alarming threat to the safety and well-being of both America’s last great leader as well as our democratic way of life.


Still with Trump

Thumb up Kim ! let's try

"Rudolph the un-vaccinated reindeer, had a very" / this is going to take a while, maybe next year.

susan welch

Great poem, Kim.

Wishing all the lovely people on AoA a very happy, carefree Christmas and here's hoping 2022 is a year of truth revealed.


A wonderful Covid Christmas poem Kim.
Thank you .

John Stone

Merry Christmas everyone!


Bravo Kim!

This should be on a Hallmark Covid Christmas card!
We enjoy watching A Muppet Christmas Carol every year.

Angus Files

As Covid Claus lock up vists us all.this Chritmas dont let them get us down.Live our life as we would normally do ,have your Christmas as you would normally do, keep your friends and community going as normal -its all about control and creation of a technocracy.Avoid the big shops that are allowed to stay open while small shops are forced to close...give them zero fxxxks as they try to give us.

Merry Christmas to all

Pharma For Prison



I love this one too, you have such a gift with words. Super excited, tomorrow is Jesus' birthday, and my son is coming home today to visit his old man.

Speaking of Jesus, my understanding is he spoke these words, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick".

Speaking of my son, I love him dearly and unconditionally.

Merry Christmas

Anne Dachel

Kim, a masterpiece!!


Love it! Merry Christmas!


Eccellente Kim! E, Buon Natale 🎄
- Marianna


Hahahaha, what a great, early Christmas gift!! Thanks for this KIm. Merry Christmas!!!!

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