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6.4% of CA Boys Have Autism Diagnosis Rates Continue to Climb

Autism, is the silent epidemic. Or should we say, the silenced epidemic. This is all on Anthony Fauci's watch. All of it.

From Safeminds:

December 02, 2021

California Surpasses New Jersey for Highest Rates, with 6.4% of the State’s Boys Holding a Diagnosis

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its latest prevalence estimates for autism. The center reports that 1 in 44 or 2.27% of American 8-year-olds have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This rate is a 23% increase from two years ago, when the figure was 1 in 54 children. The new prevalence reflects a 3.39 fold jump in numbers since the CDC began collecting data in 2000. 

The study, published in the December 3, 2021 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, uses the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network to estimate the number of children with ASD and other developmental disabilities living in different areas of the United States. These reports are typically released every two years. The current report studied a total of 5058 8-year-old children with ASD in: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin. Prevalence rates ranged from 1.6% in Missouri to 3.9% in California. 

SafeMinds reached out to Walter M. Zahorodny, Ph.D., to gain insights from this devastating new prevalence report. Dr. Zahorodny is the Principal Investigator of the New Jersey ADDM Network and has been involved with these prevalence reports since their inception in 2000. The following is a transcript of our discussion. 

This new ADDM Network report was released a little earlier compared to other reporting periods. Why did that happen? 

The new report was released four months earlier than the typical ADDM pattern. Usually, the ADDM reports come out in March or April in order to be linked with Autism Awareness Month. This report is the first time the Network used a different method of case finding. The new method is less comprehensive and less time consuming, which allowed for a quicker completion of the study activities.   

The new autism prevalence rate is 1 in 44 for 8-year-old children surveyed in 2018, up from 1 in 54 from the previous reporting period (2016). That rate seems to be a steeper increase compared to other reporting periods. Can you give us any insights on why this occurred?

The increase from 1 in 54 in 2016 to 1 in 44 in 2018 is steeper than in some earlier cycles.  I think that most of the 2018 increase may be due to the inclusion of California into the ADDM Network

We have spoken to you previously about the high reported rates of autism in New Jersey, but this report shows that California has the highest rate of autism in the country. Did this surprise you? Why do you think Californian showed the highest rate?

I am surprised that California has the highest rate of autism. New Jersey had been the leading indicator of autism prevalence for almost 20 years.  Since the ADDM Network never conducted autism surveillance in California, no one had an idea of what to expect. I think California showed a higher rate because autism is prevalent in the U.S. and when you look carefully in a metropolitan area with good levels of health care and education, you will find high rates of autism.   

Did the overall male to female autism ratio stay constant in this report compared to other reporting periods? What is the autism prevalence rate for boys? What is the rate for girls?

The ADDM average rate for boys was 3.6%, and the rate for girls was .8%.  Boys outnumber girls by about 4 to 1, as most previous surveillance shows.  I’d call your attention to the fact that the rate of autism among boys in California was 6.4%, however.  That is an unprecedented estimate and will call for continued monitoring and research.

Did the prevalence rate in this reporting period stay consistent across ethnicities and races? Were there any disparities or signals discovered?

In most ADDM states, autism prevalence is similar across races. In a few states, Hispanic children with autism were less likely to be identified.  It is gratifying that the race/ethnicity disparities in autism identification may be declining in many regions.  

Last October, we spoke to you about a New Jersey report which showed that middle income families showed a greater rate of autism compared to high income or low income families. Did this report look at socioeconomic status?

This is the first time an ADDM report provided information about socioeconomic status (SES).  In this regard, the distribution of autism seems to be shifting.  For the first ten years of surveillance in New Jersey and throughout the network, autism prevalence estimates were significantly higher in high SES communities.  This report no longer shows the positive association of wealth and autism prevalence.  In some states, prevalence is highest in low SES communities, while in New Jersey autism was most prevalent in the mid SES communities. It is too early to know whether this shifting continues and what it means.

This report was calculated and written during the pandemic. Did COVID affect data collection or any other parts to the reporting process?

It is very likely that COVID-19 restrictions affected data collection at some ADDM sites. It is hard to evaluate the overall effect of COVID-19 on our estimates, however.

Were there any surprises in this report? 

I am surprised that California has the highest rate of autism. New Jersey had been the leading indicator of autism prevalence for almost 20 years.  Since the ADDM Network never conducted autism surveillance in California, no one had an idea of what to expect. 

Is there any good news? 

The good news is that the ADDM Network now includes a region in California, which will be able to provide high quality prevalence findings going forward.   

What is your takeaway from this ADDM report?

This report shows that autism prevalence has increased continuously over twenty years in the U.S. and that autism affects as many as 4% of children born in 2010.  Autism rates have not plateaued and so future estimates are likely to continue upward. Since the revised ADDM method is faster, but less comprehensive. It is likely to underestimate the actual number of true cases and may miss children from underserved communities. If autism already affects 4-7% of 8-year-children in many New Jersey areas as shown in our recent study and 4% in California according to the new ADDM findings, understanding the factors driving the rise in ASD prevalence should be a public health priority. In addition, better strategies to improve early detection of autism are needed, as is novel research to identify environmental triggers and risk factors for ASD. 

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report


R's dad

I only came across the new 1-in-44 statistic this morning (Wed Dec 8), on a top mainstream news site, but it was impressive how soon the spin started - right in the opening sentence of the report:

"The rate of 8-year-olds in the United States diagnosed with autism rose in 2018, to about 1 in 44, according to data tracked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — an increase attributed to better access to early interventions that result in more comprehensive identification of the condition."

And this entirely evidence-free "attribution" goes on throughout the report, which ends on a self-congratulatory note: "“We’re doing a better job for the younger kids,” Shih said".

Just wow.

We're on our own.


So Kaiser gets all of our health records easily, no problem, and compiles them, using tax money that the CDC pays them.
It is claimed to be all down in some room at the CDC. Just in case two ordinary men that is suppose to have been given a job by our Congress; Mr. Geiger and Phd Geiger get into it, they can be controlled. Geiger and Geiger found old computers that just won't match up with copying machines/printers, or come up on line? Thus they had to get out paper and pencils - as the heat gets cranked up to 105, by (probably Fauci standing by the thermostat grinning) . Kennedy told Trump about this, then in walks Gates. .

So now we can all guess that some where else, in a brand new KAISER building sits tax funded data . Because they do want to know that numbers of children that will not be reproducing.

Do you think they have plans for them as some kind of slave labor? Or what? What are their plans? Just to have havoc over the masses if they can't kill then maim?


Autism Mom,

According to the CDC, VSD sites are: Kaiser Permanente Washington (state, not DC), Kaiser Permanente Northwest (in Oregon), Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Kaiser Permanente Colorado + Denver Health, HealthPartners (in Minnesota), Marshfield Clinic Research Institute (in Wisconsin), and Harvard Pilgrim (in Massachusetts).

I don't know if KP has any affiliation with the sites that don't have "KP" in their names. I'm sure it's convenient to use one massive health network for more than half of data collection, but it does pose potential sample bias issues. VSD shouldn't be about convenience; it should be about accuracy.



The ASD data sources included here do not all cover the same geographic areas. Some data sources include information from all states and territories. Others, such as CDC’s ADDM Network, include information from specific communities or populations.

Since the launch of the ADDM Network in 2000, CDC has funded 18 sites at various times. In 2018, ASD data were collected from 11 sites by obtaining the health and education records of children with behaviors consistent with ASD.


When reviewing ASD data and findings, it is important to consider where the data were collected and how each location might affect the data. Across the United States, each community has a unique population with different characteristics. There are also regional differences in healthcare and education systems, which can affect when and how children with ASD are identified, as well as the services they receive.

Because of these geographic differences, it may not be possible to directly compare data collected in one community to data from other communities. Take ADDM Network data collected from 11 sites in 2018, for example. In Missouri, ASD prevalence was 16.5 out of 1,000 kids, whereas in Minnesota, ASD prevalence was 27.5 out of 1,000 kids. There is a clear difference in the number of children identified with ASD in these two states, but without additional information, it is difficult to know why these differences exist. Therefore, it would not be correct to assume that the prevalence in one state will be the same as another state.

If you look on down lower on this link you will see that Arizona is picked almost every year. I don't now why?
They also pick New Jersey a lot. I think we finally found out that New Jersey had spent a lot of money and has a really good monitoring system of their own which makes it easy for the CDC to use.

Here is the link.


Maybe it was not by lottery, but which ever state had set up a monitoring system?
The CDC depended upon the charity of states, was that it?


Age of Autism had an article back 8 years ago?
About how the CDC picks the states.
I can't remember, was it by lottery?

And even though we have a group of eight year olds, every year; they still wait eight years. Am I remembering that right?

What year was it that they changed the psych book - DSM so that less of the PDD/NOS would be counted and instead put in language problems instead?

Autism Mom

I recently saw a video of Dr. Simone Gold saying 8 out of 9 Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) sites are Kaiser or have senior management in common with Kaiser. (the 9th VSD site is the CDC). I once got a letter from Kaiser (CA) saying they could not accept my son into their Health plan, because they don't cover his diagnosis - autism. So those numbers for California probably only include those born into the the Kaiser system, hence I believe the numbers from Kaiser are artificially low. Please write to the NIH/CDC and ask them to follow federal contracting law and DO NOT award millions of dollars of government contracts for VSD to a SOLE SOURCE!

susan welch

Bill, I am sure you do not mean to be offensive. Nevertheless your comments are very upsetting for many of us who have family members who were progressing normally before multiple, liability free shots, then reacted and ultimately regressed.

No, those families did not pretend their children were on the spectrum. Their children are not able to cope with day to day living.

Do please try to be more empathetic and, even more importantly, stop thinking the increase in autism is not real. It is.

Angus Files

Bill I never met one not one autistic who never merited the diagnosis the polar opposite in fact many slipping through the net undiagnosed.

Pharma For Prison



Bill is right!
I worked really hard to tell my son not to speak when he went into kindergarten so we could get those special education classes.

And to get him to stare into space like absentee seizures was not easy. Yeah, Bill the school said by the first grade he had PDD/NOS; of course at that time I did not know what that meant other than what each letter stood for. When I found out -- I said boy we hit the million dollar ticket, we got it made.

And -- cherry on top - there was that marvelous one semester at the end of his Sophomore year when the seizures were more than starring, but actually jerking, holding on to the walls, even at time falling down and doing what epileptics do. , But that was not the cherry it was just pure luck that
the special ed personal decided to put those special ed kids in with the behavior problem kids. NOW let me tell you Bill it was a GREAT YEAR!

Jeannette Bishop I thought you lived in Utah! Wow! California.
You might be right about Senator Pan's deal causing this.
But to never include California untill now.

The powers above us thought that they could include the numbers since the fix was in. Some body messed up and forgot to fix the numbers.


The original Vaccine Safety Datalink monitoring system was originally set up in two California HMO's- I think Kiser. This is where the data from the Verstraeten EIS report on Thimerosal in vaccines came from. Why has California never been included? Then again, what motivated them to just now add them?

"Since the revised ADDM method is faster, but less comprehensive, it is likely to underestimate the actual number of true cases and may miss children from underserved communities."

Could this be why?

Of course, California enforces their vaccine mandates for public and private schools. It is not surprising that their rates are the highest. Senator Pan owns this.

I wonder if the childhood vaccine rate dropped in 2020-2021 (Covid)? Would the autism rate also drop? Of course adding a Covid shot to the childhood schedule will throw a monkey wrench into the statistics.

DON'T FORGET TO CALL YOUR SENATOR and tell them to vote "NO" on
H.R.550 - Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021

This will set up a vaccine tracking system- likely a framework for a vaccine passport.

Absolute Madness

Chemtrails, aluminum levels of epic proportions in autistic children’s brains, increased intestinal permeability/leaky gut syndrome, vaccines everywhere, glyphosate, genetic modification of the food supply, the push towards making everyone receive vaccines and eat lab grown meat and bugs…

Why are sales for gluten free, dairy free, even grain, sugar, soy, etc free foods and snacks much higher than in previous ages? Better allergy awareness, or increased ASD food intolerance prevalence - caused by vaccines, aluminum, chemtrails and glyphosate destroying the gut lining and beneficial gut flora?

Do politicians of any party in America (or the world in general) care that we’re destroying our children’s health and their futures?

Do they?

Almost all govt’s in the world are pushing for vaccinating everyone, digital currencies, and “sustainable/net carbon zero” living - airplanes burning literal garbage as fuel, everyone eating soy “meats”, upcycled waste foods and bugs, and vaccine passports. Almost all.

Almost all. We’re screwed.

Jeannette Bishop

California deployed S.M.A.R.T. meters in late 2011, spring 2012 in my area. I've heard they went in 2010 in some parts of the state. These meters are in constant query mode, in case they can communicate with any appliances and then send the data frequently. I understand the communication "hub" meters, if you are lucky to have one can be much more active than the others.

And I suppose that parents wanting to delay vaccines were often told "it's the law" after SB277, so we have infants pumped up with Al, some Hg, and irradiated in varying, but essentially unrelenting levels, all over the state...

I had to leave, early 2020, with the levels of early 5G tech and "smart" tech our neighbors and a family member had operating, especially all night long. I can't imagine what "home" conditions have been like there with the lockdowns and all the efforts to get people to work and shop online. Of course, this data won't reflect much of that impact yet, I suppose.


Just because you son has a mild speech delay and "poor social skills" and some mild physical chronic illness does not mean they have "autism". Mild ADHD and mild aphasia is not "autism" even so called high functioning "autism". I am so sick of the over diagnosis. They are people in high places like medical insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, education related companies and
even the US congress or some foreign country's parlement that profit politically and financially from autism's over-diagnosis. The label of "autism" allow parents to gain way more services from the school district disability services mental health or whom ever would provide autism services than an ADHD mild speech delay label.

Bob Moffit

'Is there any good news?

The good news is that the ADDM Network now includes a region in California, which will be able to provide high quality prevalence findings going forward.

In addition, better strategies to improve early detection of autism are needed, as is novel research to identify environmental triggers and risk factors for ASD.'

Ho Hum .. apparently .. we need better strategies to improve early detection of autism .. but .. the ADDM Network now includes a region in California.


Maurine Meleck

All you have to do is mandate vaccines. This is no surprise to me. Vaccines cause autism.


The TV cable system last year added on a box for a better picture.

Which means to me not much since I have been raised on snowy pictures, and going out and turning a rather long pole to an antenna to get - the only two stations.

At any rate, I do believe going out and turning the antenna would be easier than trying to constantly get both the TV and this box on and off at the same time. For the past couple of years I have had to operate two such TVS for two ninety plus year olds. It has been burden.

Once I get these two TVs on - there is that station the box always goes to first, that has the cycled program of Spectrum News .

You hear one news station now a days, it is just an echo, a repeat, carbon copy, duplicate of all the other news stations.

So, here goes. One expert that Spectrum news was able to find; says one 1 out of 44 with autism show Progress.

No, I am not kidding. I got to hear it again when it cycled back through.

We are now doing better at finding them earlier, and getting help for them earlier.

So now worries. Not even really hardly reporting.

Meanwhile prayers for mine that he will get a job and support himself.

Yeah; 1 out of 44 is progress

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